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  1. World Setting: Undecided
    Genres: Action, Supernatural, Fantasy?, Drama, Etc
    Premise: A school for supernatural races and kids with powers to learn how to use their abilities and fight
    Plot Type: Make your own

    Like the title of the thread indicates, this would be a boarding school type of academy where people of all races and abilities come to learn how to fight and use their abilities. It's a very basic rp, sort of like your run-of-the-mill supernatural high school setting with the exception that students are allowed to fight each other, with certain limitations. Can't have students killing each other.

    But this rp would have no central storyline, plot or villain. Instead, people would be encouraged to create their own adventures and adversaries. A bit ideal for aggressive rpers, I'd guess. Though passive ones could have fun by joining into other people's conflicts and such.

    There'd also be few limitations on what sort of characters you can have, as long as they aren't mary sues or something. So, have a character you love but can't find a home for, then come on down, for we may have room for you.
  2. Sounds interesting. I'm surprised no one has replied yet.
  3. I would also be interested in joining, if I'm welcome ^^ What kind of post length would it be?
  4. I'm sure it's whatever length you want since it would be your own story but I don't know haha
  5. Well, though I don't like constant one liners, I don't really mind the length of the post. It's grammar that really grinds my gears. Punctuation, correct use of capitals, and basic knowledge of words. I've roleplayed with people before who never used question marks, even for questions, who didn't even capitalize their own name but did for random nouns, and one who used the word "hues" for "eyes". It may be nitpicky but that's the sort of stuff that makes me want to drop rps. Well, that and metagaming.

    Anyway, yay, interest. Once I find out what sort of world I want, I may put it up.
  6. I hear that! However, I've never heard of someone having grammar as bad as that in a RP. If I do misspell words please dont kill me, I'm usually on my mobile phone so it can be difficult haha. I hope you put it up soon, because I'm sure more people will join when you do!
  7. Well, they were 3 different people. And I don't mind a mistake every now and then as no one is perfect, but these people made them habits. Every single post had these in them. And after the 100th post of them, as kind and understanding as I like to pretend to be, I was ready to rip them a new one. Though they still weren't as bad as this one girl whom I shall not name.

    Anyway, for the rp, I was thinking of the modern world setting, but with supernatural kingdoms hidden away from human eye. Students could be learning to fight while also learning to live among normal humans. Either than, or a somewhat future setting where supernatural races had taken over the earth. In this setting, students would be learning together in an attempt to to calm down hostilities amongst the races. I'd like opinions on this please.

    Sort of hoping someone else could play the headmaster or kids of the founder or something like that. I never like playing those positions of power though we'd need them, wouldn't we?
  8. Ah I see. It's too bad people don't learn or think it's fun to do things like that. That honestly is why I'm worried about many of the current generation of kids. Anyway, I'm not much for headmaster roles so I hope someone else is. Besides that it is kind of a hard decision between the two settings. Would we students be human but have powers/abilites? Or maybe we are different looking, kind of like mutants?
  9. Well, you could be whatever you want. You could look human, be human or be as strange as you want. I just won't accept gods or mechs. I do not have good experience with mechs. Though now that I think about it, in both settings, there would only be a handful of humans within the school.

    But yeah, vampires, elves, demons, angels, werewolves, whatever you want. This rp is more about finding a place for those characters you've always wanted to use but could never find the right rp for. Though it'd also be a place to let your imagination run wild . . . except gods and mechs.
  10. I actually forgot that you stated that when you first posted this haha. I would hope no one is a god, but what do you mean by mechs? Like someone is an android? Or can transform into a giant robot? I've never played one as you can tell so don't worry about me being one haha. that case I would cast my vote for the modern day setting. Having to try and live in today's world would be quite challenging if I use the character I'm thinking of. Then again there are tons of characters I could choose from. Oh well I'll figure it out eventually.
  11. Yeah, people who can transform into giant robots. Cyborgs and androids are cool. And I'm okay with shapeshifters that can transform into giant beasts but you shouldn't be able to turn into a giant robot. I mean with shapeshifters, their bodies are speeding up the process of creating new cells to fill in the mass but you can't do that with metal, at least not to that extent.

    I'll put up the sign up tomorrow if I have time.
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  12. I have an interest. ~ ^-^