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Basically anything as long as it has a good story line.

Sooo, lately I was reading a book where the main characters are fighting a lot and I though that I would like to be able to describe what my character is doing while fighting as well. The thing is that I didn't come across many RP fights with weapons yet so I am not as experienced as I would like to be.

Because of that, I am searching for someone who is all crazy about RP fights and I would like to do a one on one RP with that person. The concept is as follows but changes can be made at any time:

Let's say that for some reason, some kingdom, suddenly starts to recruit new men to become soldiers. They take anyone. Those who don't want to are forced. My character could be a farmer who never held a weapon in his hands and suddenly he appears in army. For some of his aspects he would be asign to private lectures. Your character could be an experienced warrior that trains this farmer.

I do not search for romance! All I want is pure fight, blood and sweat. I want to be trained with my character and I want to reach a perfection.

So is there anyone who would be willing enough to handle my unexperienced character?
I can't say that I know anyone off the top of my head :/ , but I do have a suggestion!

While you're waiting on this thread, you can always request a fight-scene-training-mentor in the
Roleplay Academy and see how that goes! :)

Haha, this seems like shameless plugging, but you can take a look at the
Writing Workshop: Engaging Fight Scenes to get some idea of what different combat styles and views are! (:

In the meantime, I'll try to find some people who have good fight scenes in their post.
Hi Sakura!

I know I could go there but it is a little bit embarrassing as long as I am mentor there myself xD I know that Jensu is into such thing so I wrote him PM.

But thanks anyway ;)
Hell yeah I'm loving this already. I know what I'm doing and how I'm gonna do this. Just give me an era and I can come up with something right away. Won't keep ya waiting at all.
Thanks so much for this Jensu! So let me know when you're ready! ^^ Oh and would you be willing to include Sakura in the training as well? :)
Yep! ^^ Anyone is welcome. Well we can start tomorrow. What time period is it taking place? Medieval times?
Oki. Anyways, it will probably be in Medieval times as I need to learn how to use sword and other cold weapons. Should I make a thread?

As for Sakura, she might join us later with her mentor.
Yeah you should go ahead and make a thread. ^^ Got unexpectedly busy today. Sorry about that.
Ok Jensu! here is the link. The first post is a little bit longer so try to get through it ^^
Hurum? o.O What does that mean?
Let's see what he says when he's online ;) Anyways, I think we can carry on
I was interested originally. :O but I think I'm good for now actually. Might change my mind on a dime...
Ok. If you change your mind come back here and join us ;)