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  1. Mifune Nobunaga drew his katana slowly, facing his opponent. He lived to fight. He had longed to face an opponent worthy of defeating him, to stare headlong into the jaws of a warriors death. He welcomed it. So far, he had stood undefeated and had cut down every foe that had stood before him. He aimed to do the same this day.
  2. Reylof Zarakih roled back the cuffs of his robe and flicked his wrists swinging out two short blades attached by leather straps. He stepped back on his left foot, putting his weight on it and slightly rising his right. He had been waiting for this moment for many years, his chance to show who was the greatest assassin in the land.
  3. "So it comes to this?" said Mifune coldly. "Then you shall meet your death!" he said assuming his stance, his katana pointed toward his opponent, the tip gleaming in the light. A few people had gathered around them in in the town square in a wide enough radius to keep them from any immediate danger. He rushed forward, his katana held low, swinging it with great speed in an upward slash towards the robed man.
  4. Reylof lept back flinging himself into the air, the samaris blade missing him by milimeters and slicing through the tip of grey robe. He landed bearly a foot from the swordsmen and laughed, "Nice try old man" he taunted. He lent to his left and lunged at the man swinging up his arm in an attempt to slash the mans leg.
  5. Mifune had to react quickly. He slapped the bladed arm towards the floor with the side of his katana and ran the blade swiftly up the length of the young man's arm hovering just above the cloth, the blade careening towards his throat.
  6. Reylof knew tha whatever he did he was not going to get out of the way of his opponents blade without getting sliced. In the split second he had to think he rolled his body under the blade getting his throat out of the way. He tried to pull back the arm he had originaly thrus at the man with but was too slow. The katana slid across his wrist and took off his thumb and forfinger.
  7. Mifune came at the young man again. The sight of his opponent's blood was all the enouragement he needed. He stepped back and then came forward again, thrusting his katana forward toward the young man's chest.
  8. Reylof stood and saw the tip of the blade flying towards him. He used the blade on his right hand to temporarily blind the man with the reflection of the sun and took half a step forward using the remnents of his left hand to pushing the side of the blade away from him. Reylof thrust his shoulder into his oponents chest and and dashed behind him leaping over the crowd that had gathered to watch the fight.
  9. Mifune was shoved aside, the light blinding him for a split second allowing the young man to escape. He turned quickly and ran after him, hot on the young man's heels. He shoved his way violently throught the crowd that had gathered there and ran after him in full sprint. "Come back, insolent fool and finish your fight like a man!" he shouted after him.
  10. The young man sprinted down an ally full of merchants and a few customers trying to loose the swordsman in the small crowd. Reylof spotted a stall under a low balcony, instinctively he ran towards it launching himself off of the bench and onto the ledge above it. He hoisted his body onto the roof and looked for another escape lest he take another blow from the old man.
  11. Seeing the boy sprint down the alley making his way onto the roof, Mifune decided to take persuit. The alley was more than narrow enough. Using his powerful legs, he bounded off a merchant's stall counter, off a window sill and off the opposite wall, landing him on the same roof as his fleeing opponent. "Enough running, boy!" he shouted, coming at him again with the katana this time in a wide horizintal swing.
  12. Reylof turned, allerted by the cry of the old man. He saw the man charge at him once again but faster and more agressive this time. He knew this was his chance, the swordsman was angered and didn't think before attacking. Reylof ran back at the old man, sliding on his knees as he came into range of the blade, dodging it completely with ease. He then used his forearm to break the mans ballance by slamming it into the back of his shins and slicing across the back of his leg with the blade on his wrist.
  13. Mifune watched as the young man dodged the slice and felt the coldness of the blades press against his legs, drawing a slight amount of blood. Lets see how well his dexterity would serve him now! He thought as he span on the heel shunting the young man violently as he slid, sending him off the rooftop, Mifune jumping off after him.
  14. Reylof landed on landed on his feet but the shock of the landing went right through him and his wound bled more than it had before. He ignored the pain and ran leaving a trail of crimson spots behind him. He continued his way down the alley in the same direction he started, dodging merchants and customers. Reylof knew he couldn't keep running, he had to fight before his mind became clouded by pain and fear.
  15. Mifune landed, cracking the delicate paving blocks beneath his sandles. He turned to follow the young man, using the pathe he had already carved to move swiftly after him. He saw the boy in the street, running, dark red leaking from the knubs of the open wounds where his thumb and forefinger once were, and persued him. Not long until he drops... thought Mifune as he pelted after him.
  16. Reylof stopped running, finding himself outside the stall of a fish merchant. He spotted spied a knife on the bench reached for it and spun on his heals facing the direction of the old swordsman. He flung the knife towards his and sprinted at the man behind the flying blade ready to strike after he either blocked the flying knife or was brutaly impaled by it.
  17. Mifune had seen this trick before. He had the scar to prove it. Acting quickly, he ducked the knife the wheeled toward him, the tip grazing his kimono and brought his sword up into a thrust position as he ran forward, lashing out with the sleek, piercing tip.
  18. Reylof should have expected this to happen, he had mearly seconds to think before the tip of the blade would peirce his body and spill his blood on the street. He jumped to the right pushing off a wall with his hand and foot springing himself behind his oponent . Reaylof spun on his heals again and thrust the blade on his left hand under the old mans sword arm.
  19. Mifune missed his stab, seeing the young man bound behind him, the cold radiating off the blade that was bound to pierce him if he didn't act quick. He stepped to the side , bringing the back of the handle back, sharply connecting it with the boy's face. He turned around to face his opponent and the inevitable counterattack that would follow.
  20. The force of the blow to the face from the hilt of the old mans sword stunted his thoughts. Reylof saw the man prepare for a counter attack, this was no time to strike. He looked at his oponent carefully noticing that his guiard was high and decided what he needed to do. Reaylof raised his leg and drove the heal of his right shoe into the warriors knee bending it back with a light crunch then turning to run once again to clear his mind and avoid his instant demise.