Fight...Your Life Depends on it

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  1. The year is 2155 civilization is still alive and thriving wars have been done away with and the world is at peace,and while crimes may seem to be down as well, the under belly is still alive and kicking and whats more it's come up with even more vile and twisted attractions. One such creation is are their new death matches, and while you may think its just a bunch of lowlives fighting it out for street cred, the real fighters are merely teens pitted against each other just to stay alive. Whats worst is that they were raised this way, bought off the black market as kids they're conditioned to fighting at an early age. Both abused and malnourished their minds are almost completely broken by the strain and what's left after that is flushed down the toilet after their first fight these kids are turned into feral killing machines known as "Dogs". Broken, unstable, and bloodthirsty if even one of these kids got lose it would mean serious trouble for the unsuspecting population....even so the ones who run this twisted show don't much care about their prized dogs if they get hurt and rather then deal with the clean up they just throw back on the streets they were found on as kids to die, and while some do others survive long enough to lick their wounds. Now my friends you decide get to decide where you stand on this are you a mobster hoping your "Dog" wins out, a "dog" yourself, some spectator, police, or some bystander caught up in the chaos.

    Profile setup:

    Pic: (if any)
    discription: (what the picture doesn't show)
    Standing: (mobster, "dog", police, bystander etc.)
    weapons: (mobster, dog, and police only)
    bio: (needed please)
    Any special traits: (fighting style or anything else you can think of)

    open to anyone let me know what you think, also feel free to ask any questions that pop into your mind I want to make sure this is a great thread for everyone.
  2. Name: Brandon Carter


    Discription: Has tattoo's on his chest, left arm and on his right shoulder, He stands the height of 6'0 and has a scar on his lower stomach, right arm and back.

    Age: 20

    Birthplace: Bronx, NY

    Standing: Bystander

    Weapons: Mobster

    Bio: Brandon lived a tough life growing up with a drunk father and a mother who never seemed to care, he was basically left to do everything on his own. Including fighting. His father was abusive and always found a way to find something wrong so he could take his anger out on his mother or on him. Eventually tired of the abuse he trainned in boxing and wrestling and almost beat his father to death. Leaving his home he was own his own and leard the way of the streets cruel ways as it rubbed off on himself.

    Any special traits: He is a brawler but can also switch to a slugger dealing a great amout of damage and speed he can take alot of damage as also keeping his stamina and dealing a great amount of damage.