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    Original Concept by a friend known as ImportantNobody, from another site


    Welcome to New Peaks Academy, known simply as Fight School! Normal classes do exist, but I can assume that's not the main reason you're here. No, you're likely interested in the many fights to be had; officially sanctioned or otherwise, 1 vs. 1, team battles, and even tournaments... all taking place within the same continuity. Friendships and rivalries will be formed. Great victories and bitter defeats experienced. For better of for worse, the memories of your adventures while attending New Peaks High for these four years will last a lifetime. They will mold you from an unknown fighter to a champion worthy of worldwide recognition.

    English is the official language of communication at New Peaks. The high school is located on a private island in the Pacific Ocean, and was started by a wealthy group of investors from the United States. While English is the most commonly spoken language at the school, translators are on staff for any student who is not fluent in the language. As it is technically an international academy, any and all forms of martial arts are welcomed, if not already represented among the student body and staff.

    This thread's IC will be used for both the fights and the normal character interaction. That being said, and Player-versus-Player fight posts should have a title at the top that states _______ vs. _______.


    The Challenge Board

    Fights between students, from 1 vs. 1 to a team battle of any number of students, can be done at any time as long as someone submits a form to the Challenge Board, all student involved signs their name, and a stamp of approval is placed on the form. This will be represented in this OOC by the challenger posting something like this:

    "I, (insert here the name of the student you will be using as well as any other allies), challenge (name of any opposing students listed here) to a battle at Arena (insert the number here of any arena not being used at the same time in the storyline)." … or something similar that signifies your challenge to another player.

    Everyone involved must make it clear in the OOC that they will be participating, and then I or any other GM I may appoint will approve it. Once approved, data on the fight will be added to this opening post.



    There's a school-wide tournament taking place every year at midterms and finals. All students are required to attend. If you don't want to or are not able to, however, we can just assume your character fought an NPC off screen and lost. Otherwise I will talk with everyone, consider who they think they would each be a good match for or who they want to fight, and set up brackets based on that. Or, I could just have people roll dice to see who fights who or something.

    Special tournaments may be created through popular demand with specific attributes in mind. For example, MMA, kendo, and so on... so players can occasionally have different rule sets than normal. Not everyone has to attend these, but may submit their intention to do so.

    Tournaments will be announced ahead of time, giving players time to wrap up any personal plot or interesting developments that are occuring for them. During the tourney, non-tournament IC activity should be kept to a minimum


    Unsanctioned Fights

    This is always an option and you can ignore all the rules as long as everyone involved agrees on any deviations taking place. For example, you can agree on a fight to break out in the hallway, but if you want to pull a knife on them then make sure to ask for permission beforehand.

    However... unsanctioned fights will have consequences if they are not done properly or if a player gets caught by an instructor. These consequences vary in severity depending on the fight itself. If you are caught in an unsanctioned match that breaks very few rules, then they will be fairly trivial. If you're being a bully, you might get suspended. If you actively tried to kill a fellow student, you might just be expelled.


    Fighting System

    Player Vs. Player combat is decided by a roll of the dice, with the winner having the higher result. Click HERE for the dice mechanics and an example of how it works.

    That said, I don't want the person with the lower result to just half-ass it for the fight they get into. I WILL give rewards to people who can make a fight entertaining regardless of if they win or lose.

    Read if unfamiliar with Arena-Style combat (open)
    Every post besides the beginning three are comprised of first a reaction and then an action. The first two are introducing the characters to the battle where they cannot take any action against each other, then the third post is what starts the battle off, skipping the reaction step and jumping straight to the action.

    Reaction is going off of what your opponent has written in their latest post. If they are swinging their fist at you, for example, then you may use this opportunity to respond to this attack in any manner that you feel fit as long as it can reasonably occur. A reaction could also be receiving the hit, more then likely because you didn't have any other reasonable options available to you... or perhaps you like a more cinematic fight where everyone gets a bit beaten up and the winner only emerges victorious by a small margin. This reaction portion of the post does not exist in the first post because there is nothing to react to.

    Posts should be made as detailed as possible to avoid confusion. If you say something overly vague such as "I run up and attack him" then your opponent may ask you to clarify. If you refuse to do so for some reason, they can interpret your post however they see fit, assuming your attack can be a head butt to their shin and react accordingly if that's what they wish. That being said, the more you elaborate the less wiggle room they have..

    Judges/GMs watch over fights to make sure nobody is abusing the rules. If no disagreements are made or able to be resolved between the participants then the judges don't have to be brought up. However, if there is something that can't otherwise be resolved then up to 2 judges for normal matches and up to 4 for tournaments (not controlled by any participants) may take part officially and any disagreement between them can be brought to the attention of the head judge (me or anyone elected to substitute for me). Unofficial input can be given by any number of people within the OOC. Judges can end the fight if they believe too much serious damage is being done to the students.

    Read if familiar with Arena-Style combat (open)
    Don't be a jackass, use your brain, and get banned if you godmod or metagame.



    Students are ranked between E to S after showing their abilities through various tests encompassing every facet of what makes a skilled fighter. It's still possible for a rank E to beat a rank S, but that would be highly unlikely. E rank is for the average joe or below who has yet to receive much or any proper training. Every increase in rank is generally though of as being able to beat two of the rank below you. So a D3 could take on two E3 characters and generally win without taking serious damage.

    NPC Students are often rank E to D in their first year, D to C in their second year, C to B in their third year, and B or A in their forth year. Player Characters will likely scale higher than this, of course... they're player characters, after all. S-Rank are the exceptionally skilled, people who received additional training after graduation, and/or are instructors... so most NPC students never reach this rank.

    There's an additional 1 to 3 ranking after the letter for even more precise ranking, so a D1 would be close to C in rank while a C3 would be among the weakest of the C ranks.

    To increase in rank you must pass a test in a ceremony specifically designed to allow this. (that is to say, if you think your character can achieve a higher rank, PM me and we can talk about it) Even if you are as good as a C rank, for example, you'll stay a D1 until you pass. There's a ceremony every semester that you may take part in.



    This is just for fun, but may help explain why students fight more than just the giggles. They get 60 out of 100 points from their normal classes and 40 points put into the fighting portion. If they score a 70 in total... they pass, but if they want to fight as little as possible, that will require near perfect scores going into the 60 possible points out of 100 for the academic portion and at LEAST 10 points for fighting, ending them with a max of 10 if they had fought and scored 0 points in the tournaments.

    For every fight you participate in, you receive 1 point toward your final GPA. This ensures that everyone fights at least a couple dozen times throughout the year to ensure their grades are good. However, you can only earn a maximum of 50 points through fighting. This ensures that prolific fighters cannot neglect their studies.

    If your character ends up failing then they can make it up in a summer school training program. The lower your score is the more hard work you suffer through.


    Magic, Powers, and Martial Arts

    Characters will be of similar power to what can be seen from many fighting games such as Street Fighter, King of Fighters, Tekken, etc. There can be magical abilities of varying nature as long as it isn't powerful enough to give you a definitive advantage over fighters without magic. For example, Blanka from Street Fighter can shoot electricity out of his skin, but he's still able to be defeated by someone without any such magical powers. His electricity cannot instantly fry their heart, it's not always on, not so fast nobody can see it coming and not able to avoid it, etc. There must be considerable disadvantages either to the magic or other qualities of the fighter to balance things out. Magic should also follow a theme, so no "I can do everything" magic.

    As for non-magical fighting, it will involve some suspension of disbelief. The fighters will be able to act around peak human and not blatantly break the laws of physics, although may have some highly unlikely fighting ability being demonstrated. You can be knocked back dramatically and slam into walls and still keep fighting, do flip kicks, run along walls for brief moments, etc. Obviously, for someone without magic, they'd probably be better at this sort of fighting in exchange.

    Vital Spirit is the energy of the soul that every living creature has. This can be used to hand wave certain normally lethal damage as only incapacitating then to help avoid accidentally killing each other too often. Of course people can still die, it's just harder to do so if they have plot armor given to them by this excuse. The energy that provides for magic is called chi/ki/aura, and is the detectible energy felt resonating from a person, especially more powerful individuals. Examples being if a D-Rank character angers an S-Rank character, they will be able to “feel” the strength and power of that person to some extent.

    Martial Arts can be chosen from any of the hundreds of various styles that exist in the world today, made up (if described well enough), or hybridized styles like MMA or Kajukenbo. For a nice assortment of basic styles to choose from, click HERE.

    The Campus

    New Peaks Academy is a sprawling campus, with several buildings that house the various classrooms. In addition, off of the school grounds there are same-sex dorms where the students live. Sorry... no Co-Ed stuff here. The staff knows you're all a bunch of hormone-ridden teens. Other than the dorms, there are several restaurants that the students and faculty can stop at to eat, shops to get books and games and trinkets, a couple parks to relax in (complete with those charcoal grills you see in some parks, if you feel like having a cookout!), and a grocery store where you can buy foodstuffs to take back to your dorm.

    To this end, students are given a stipend of $200 USD per month to spend as they see fit. This means if you blow it all on that game console you wanted... you better have some way to get food for yourself. Students CAN take part-time jobs if they choose to.

    Click HERE for a map of the campus.

    Dorm Room Layouts

    Male Dorms 1: Single-Floor Building, spacious studio-style dorms. Click HERE for floor plan.

    Male Dorms 2: Used mainly for students attending on Scholarship or Outreach Programs. Two-Story building, Studio-style dorms. Click HERE for floor plan.

    Male Dorms 3: Single-Floor Building, Luxurious Studio-Style Dorms w/ small deck. Click HERE for floor plan.


    Female Dorms 1: Single-Floor Building, Studio-style dorms. Click HERE for floor plan.

    Female Dorms 2: Used mainly for students attending on Scholarship or Outreach Programs. Two-Story Building, Studio-style dorms. Click HERE for floor plan.

    Female Dorms 3: Single Floor building, Luxurious Studio-style Dorms w/ small ground-level deck Click HERE for floor plan.


    As with many schools, there are students who get together in like-minded groups. These are called "factions" at New Peaks Academy. There are four main factions, as well as a fifth sub-faction. They are as follows.

    #1: Imperius Gloria (open)
    Founded during the inaugural year of New Peaks Academy, Imperius Gloria is all about personal growth and development. Faction members only have a loose affiliation with one another, and are often found doing whatever they can to one-up members of other factions. This behavior extends to members of their own faction as well, but to a lesser extent. Many a member of Imperius Gloria has been reprimanded for rulebreaking on at least one occasion. It is known the faction undertakes less than fair methods of ensuring they attain only the highest honors at New Peaks, including bounties, bullying, and even serious physical harm, but thus far no solid evidence has been procured against the group as a whole. Faction mascot: A Gladiator. Current Faction Head: Shotaro Yanmei

    #2: The Janissaries (open)
    This faction arose shortly after Imperius Gloria rose to power, in a full-hearted attempt to usurp their iron grip on Twin Peaks' inner-school society. Their innate values are of polar opposite to the Imperius; group success and growth is far more important to the members of this group than solitary progress. To the people who call themselves Janissaries, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. While the Janissaries failed in their attempt to bring a more permanent peace amongst the factions, they are not one to give up, and continue pushing a way of peace with few listeners. They will often go out of their way to make new students feel welcome, assist those in need of tutoring, and organize and run many of the school's public events. Faction Mascot: A Beagle. Current Faction Head: Weiss LeBlanc

    #3: The Khuzos (open)
    For a few years, New Peaks maintained a two-faction system, the Imperius Gloria holding power, and the Janissaries futilely trying to stop them. One year, a young man by the name of Josef Sokolov asked a question that is still repeated by many a confused first-year student: "Why must we fight outside the battlefield?" Sokolov saw every battle as a new work of art, a new reason to keep living, for another story was about to be written as the competitors stared each other in the eyes before combat. Known for being a very artistic, poetic person, Sokolov seceded from the Janissaries with many like-minded individuals, forming the Khuzos. The Khuzos are far less competitive than the other factions, and prefer to only fight when absolutely necessary or instructed. They are best known for their grace, aptitude, and poise while performing in a fight, taking extra care that each and every one of their moves is exactly how it should be. A fight is not just a way to injure another, it is a way to bring beauty into the world, they say. Faction Mascot: A Water Strider.

    #4 Hijos de la Sabiduría (open)
    Founded only two years ago, Hijos de la Sabiduría does not generally concern itself with fighting. The average member fights as little as possible, often only participating in the bare minimum number of bouts and the exam tournament that takes place at the end of each semester.The reasoning for this is that they believe a sharp mind leads to a sharp body as well. As such, the Imperius Gloria particularly enjoy making examples of this faction with every opportunity they receive. Members of this faction are incredibly bright, and some are capable of quickly analyzing their opponents for errors or weaknesses. However, the lesser degree of focus on the physical aspect of fighting leads many of them to be unable to capitalize on what they figure out. Regardless, the group has grown significantly since being founded. Collaboration with the Khuzos is not unheard of for this faction, as the two seem to get along better than any other pairing. Faction Mascot: Horned Owl

    #5 Mendicants (open)
    Not so much a real faction as a catch-all for students attending New Peaks via the school's numerous outreach and low-income scholarship programs, Mendicants are only called such as an insult by the more financially-sound students of the school. Still, in recent years the lower-income students have begun to band together under this name and seem to wear it as a badge of honor, shoving it in the faces of their wealthy peers. Despite this recent mobilization, New Peaks has yet to officially recognize this group of less-fortunates as a true faction, a weapon Imperius Gloria holds over their heads daily. Mendicants can be members of the other four factions, though a Mendicant being accepted into Imperius Gloria is incredibly rare.


    Alternative Lifeforms

    Due to magical influences... or on rare occasions, genetic experiments, it's possible that some people have developed nonhuman features such as horns, tails, scales, etc. The term "Parahuman" is the politically correct one, but they can also be called things like half breeds, subhumans, beast folk, etc. Cases of alternative lifeforms are uncommon, but they are generally treated unfairly. Especially in "civilized" parts of the world. Just make sure they didn't get their abilities through drinking the blood of innocents, experimenting on unwilling test subjects, etc. and it should be fine. Well, legally fine, but you still might be treated poorly by other students.

    Some animals are given intelligence and humanoid qualities this way, but due to how silly it might make things if kung-fu ducks start appearing, I'm going to have to disallow stuff like this in most cases.



    I may or may not add more rules to this list as it comes to my attention. I may have forgotten some things.

    1. No weapons are allowed in standard battles with the exception of magically created/summoned weapons. You may bring out any sort of weapons in unofficial battles, but prepare yourself for the consequences when you are caught. There are a few special tournaments that allow certain qualified weapons, such as shinai for the kendo tournament, so if there are multiple characters who make use of the same weapon, ask me about it and I may organize a tournament or special event for them. The weapon cannot be overly lethal such as steel-blades swords, heavy maces, spears, etc. Such weapons will be blunted, wooden, etc.

    2. New Peaks Academy follows the rules of the country it was started by, this being the USA. As such, no student may consume alcohol or smoke tobacco. Staff members may do so, and can purchase such things at the stores on the island. Any STUDENT who is caught with this sort of contraband will be punished accordingly. There are also no drugs permitted on the island, and severe punishments are handed down to any student caught with narcotics or paraphernelia. This is in addition to the investigation that will commence to find out HOW they got it.

    3. No killing or severely damaging your opponents. This includes rupturing organs, splintering bones, snapping necks, severe burns, freezing, etc. If you carry out an attack with such a capability and have no intention of stopping, Any judge present can stop them without fail, no matter what. As a result, your character may suffer realistic punishments. If it was an accident and only something that would wound and not kill them then it will be pretty lenient, but if your character is intentionally trying to kill their fellow students then don't expect them to be around very long unless they're really good at covering this up. They can still take part in unofficial battles though. There will be a very talented school nurse on site who can pretty much magically heal wounds most people can't, but is not able to heal everything. Get kicked in the chest and crack your sternum, it's still going to take at least a few days to heal... magic or not.

    4. No other official rules exist in battle besides the first two rules and stopping when the judges say to. Granted, rule number 2 does encompass quite a bit of things that would be illegal. Other mid-fight rules are to be decided between the players who are fighting.

    5. Don't keep your opponent waiting on a post for more than three days unless you give proper warning beforehand. If not then your opponent can deal moderate damage to them, but not enough to incapacitate them. If three more days pass and they still haven't posted, you may then incapacitate them.

    6. Winning the battle can be stopping your foe from being able to fight, getting them to surrender, withholding what would have been a fatal blow but making it evident that you could have done so, or knocking them out. Unlike real life, suspension of disbelief allows people to be knocked unconscious for extended periods without suffering traumatic brain injury (unless that is your desired outcome). Therefore, knockouts are treated as perfectly normal, valid methods of winning.

    7. Put “First Rule of Fight School, don't fail Fight School” somewhere on your CS so that I know you read these rules.

    8. You may have up to two characters. If you want one to be an instructor/teacher, PM me and we can discuss it.

    9. You may have a student transfer to the school at any time or just pretend they were always there. It's a big school, so maybe your guy/girl just didn't get noticed too much before you made them into a Player Character. The RP will START on the first day of school for the year, but any characters brought in later are subject to this rule.

    10. Being a Private School, tuition at New Peaks is not cheap. Please note if your character is from a wealthy family, or at New Peaks on a Scholarship of some sort.

    11. Players don't have to post every day, but I expect at least one post per week per player in order to keep things moving at a steady pace.

    12. Cooperative posts are encouraged. If you do not know how to do a co-post or what a co-post even is, Just ask.

    13. This is not a place for those who make short posts. Posts will be two paragraphs or longer unless there is almost nothing for you to respond to. Violating this rule once will result in a warning. Repeat violations may result in removal from the RP.

    14. Players are free to come up with names for the various stores or restaurants on the island, as well as what KIND of stores they are. This is to be kept reasonable, of course. I am able to overturn the creation of any buildings that are too odd or don't fit the setting. Similarly, players may also make and control lesser NPCs to make their posts seem more interactive and realistic for a busy school setting. Major NPCs such as Teachers may not be made or controlled without prior GM permission.


    Fight School Fight Song


    Weekly Contests!!!

    Every week I will hold a contest between active players. The theme will vary, but will usually involve adding something to your character in some way. This is to encourage development and interaction, while keeping things fun and entertaining.

    Week 1 Contest: Character Theme Songs. Week 1 Winner: Greased Smitening.
    Week 2 Contest: Character Guilty Pleasure. Week 2 Winner: Greased Smitening
    Week 3 Contest: Character's Childhood Hero. Week 3 Winner: AudVis
    Week 4 Contest: Character Catchphrase. Week 4 Winner: Cheselth
    Week 5 Contest: Character Pet Peeves. Week 5 Winner: Asuras
    Week 6 Contest: Character's Strange Talent. Week 6 Winner: CFavano
    Week 7 and 8 Contest: Arena Creation. Week 7-8 Winner: AudVis


    School I.D. Cards and Background Checks

    The following I.D. is for students

    I.D. Number: (Come up with a random 8 digit number)
    Rank: (E3 to C1, please. NO 1st-Year student may start higher than C-Rank)
    Year: (I would like people to make 1st-year students, but if you PM me with a cool concept, I may allow 2nd or possibly 3rd year students)
    Age: (Keep it high school range, 13-16 area, although some young prodigies or people who had to retake years can get a slightly wider age range then normal... but no ten year olds or full-on adults)
    Appearance: (Picture preferred, but descriptions are fine)

    Fighting Style: (Students may have one martial arts style if they specialize in it, and be up to Black-Belt Level, or two styles if they want to have a broader skill-set, but may not be black-belt in either one)

    Powers: (Low-Tier neat powers. Nothing like “I can hurl fireballs that consume my foes” or “I can see attacks before they even happen, and react as fast as lightning”.)

    Personality:(At least one paragraph of detail, please. “Shy and timid” means “please send this character home to their family”)

    Background: (At least three paragraphs here, please.)


    You may also submit an I.D. for judges/instructors. Rather then "Grade", type in "Occupation", exclude Rank and I.D. number, and up their age limit to whatever. These guys and gals obviously don't fight under most circumstances. The instructors can be used for training students, to further plots between players, etc.


    Student Roster

    I will hyperlink everyone's accepted characters here.

    Accepted Students
    Vincento Sarconni de Palermo, played by Beta
    Junkiro Iwazuma, played by Greased Smitening
    Gerald Berry, played by LStorm
    Hikaru Tsukuda, played by ImportantNobody
    Kiyami Xiang Yi, played by RisingPhoenix
    Cyst Voltromvskey, played by Daws Combine
    Kairi Hisane, played by Detective Zero
    Troy F. Duncan, played by UnderstandableAtrocity
    Shotaro Yanmei, played by Beta

    Accepted Staff/Faculty
    Jacob Henderson, created by KiroAkira
    Weiss LeBlanc, NPC created by Beta

    Established Student NPCs

    Elias Palamara (open)


    Elias is a third-year student of B-1 Rank, a mid-ranking member of the Hijos de la Sabuduria faction, a veritable genius when it comes to computers, and has strong ties to the Imperius Gloria faction. Originally hailing from Greece, his family later moved to Thailand when he was only six years old after his father's business moved their headquarters there. Elias is a practitioner of Muay Lert Rit, and holds a Black Band in the style.

    Personality: Elias is a bit of a "snake-in-the-grass" kind of guy. He's polite enough in most circumstances, but there is always an ulterior motive behind it. Why? Simple. He loves to manipulate people and see how they respond.

    Power: Smokescreen - Elias can convert his aura/energy/chi into an opaque field similar to fog or smoke. This effect can fill an area as large as 2000 cubic feet (an area somewhat larger than there is within the back of a large U-Haul truck) at most before it thins drastically and is not as effective. He usually uses smaller and more concentrated bursts of smoke to directly obscure the vision of his foes by thrusting the smoke in their faces.

    Csenge Hajos (open)

    NPC Created by LStorm


    Csenge Hajós is a second-year student of B-2 rank, blue-orange cord in Capoeira and more recently, a sore spot for the Imperius Gloria. She is slowly turning into a force of influence that might end up upsetting the social order of New Peaks. While her first year has been reasonably quiet save for some flashy victories on her side, she has been involved in many rash happenings as of late. She and her circle of friends have been stirring up trouble by standing up for bullied students, especially Mendicants and non-human individuals, often engaging the bullies in unsanctioned fights. During these, she always claims that she is fighting for equality.

    Because of her upbringing, she can speak both English and Hungarian fluently, but she does not come from a wealthy family. She is a scholarship student, having caught the eye of New Peaks by winning a well-known tournament at the age of 14.

    Personality: Somehow managing to be reasonably polite but brash and challenging at the same time, those who earn Csenge's ire will quickly find themselves the targets of harsh, degrading insults that flow like finely-made poetry. She may use polite terms to refer to people, but she will not hesitate to challenge you if she thinks that your head is up your own ass, which happens more frequently than it should. She is never one to back off from a fight, even if she does not have a chance, which had earned her some begrudging respect from many factions. Her sense of camaderie is also very strong; she places a lot of trust in her friends and those who support her cause, not to mention that she speaks far more softly to them.

    It should also be noted that she always seems to respect authority, with the keyword being 'seems'.

    Power: Extraordinary balance. Hard to sweep her feet from under her, hardly gets dizzy or disoriented.

    Other: She wears fake cat ears firmly attached to her head as a sign of her protest against New Peaks' subtle forms of discrimination and refuses to take them off even during fights. Rumours say that she does not take them off at all, not even in the shower.

    Siu Zhenzhen Lei Fong (open)

    NPC Created by Cfavano


    Siu is a Second-year Student of Rank B-2, and a mid-ranking member of Imperius Gloria. She is a natural at the martial arts, trained since age five by People's Republic of China after her parents put her up for adoption. Already having one child, they had no choice but to do so according to local law. Shortly thereafter, Siu was 'adopted' and trained by government officials. She was tested daily in the physical and mental arts, and taught only to accept the best from herself. Years later she was sent off to New Peaks to show the Glory of the People's Republic. She is a practitioner of Nanshequan (Southern Snake) and is 2nd Dan Black Belt.

    Personality: Siu was mentally conditioned to love the Party and to take nothing less than victory. To that end, she will do all in her power to win, no matter the cost or the consequences. Noticeably, she lacks a self-preservation instinct, and has been sent to the infirmary many times, and usually wins fights through sheer ferocity.

    She is cunning and calculating, willing to exploit any weakness, stoop to any level to win. That is all there is in her mind, nothing else matters. Win, and bring glory to the Party. Anything less is failure, and failure is not acceptable.

    Power: Steel Keratin - Her hair and nails, while maintaining their lightness and flexibility, have taken on the durability of high-carbon steel, to the point where she needs to use power tools to cut her hair and nails. These, she uses as weapons. She keeps her nails sharp as a rule, but before sanctioned fights, she has them honed to a scalpel-sharp edge. She has also found a way to use her hair as a weapon, making many little whip-like braids that she can injure her opponent with.

    Because of this mutation, her fingers, toes, and their nailbeds have also strengthened, to prevent/reduce accidental injury.

    Dan Williams (open)


    Powerfully built and quicker than he appears, Dan Williams is a Second-Year C3-Rank student at New Peaks Academy who is not affiliated with any of the factions. Son of a wealthy land-owner in Texas, Dan was given everything a boy could want. But while his dad wanted him to go into football, Dan just couldn't keep out of fights in elementary school... so he started taking lessons in American Kickboxing. By the time he got into middle school, Dan's grades were on the rise again and he was on the fast track to stardom... until he heard about New Peaks Academy and pestered his dad to send him there for High School.

    Personality: Dan is as American as apple pie and as subtle as an Abrams tank. even his clothes show off how patriotic he is. Sure, there's no way he could have been in the armed forces... but that doesn't stop him from wearing a bomber jacket and decking it out with a bunch of fake medals... AND having his name stitched into it. Mess with Dan, and you mess with AMERICA.

    Power: None

    Miranda Walsh (open)


    Miranda Walsh is a fifteen year old 1st Year student at New Peaks Academy, Brown-Belt practitioner of Kajukenbo, and holds a rank of C3. An odd case, Miranda is a skilled young martial artist who was injured in a car accident last year and stuck in a coma. Her father was told she would likely never wake up. Not content to let his only daughter die, Mr. Walsh (owner of several profitable casinos in Las Vegas) paid for a highly experimental procedure with only a small chance of success. The procedure would replace over 75% of Miranda's body with robotic components.

    The procedure was a success, and Miranda came out of the coma shortly after it was finished. Only her head and upper torso remained from her original body. As a result, she has slightly enhanced strength, speed, and durability. While some might say it grants her an unfair advantage, her reaction times and range of motion are still very human. She also is not an artificial intelligence, as her mind is the same as before the accident.

    Personality: Miranda now believes she can survive anything. After enduring a terrible car wreck, a coma, and a series of experimental surgeries... why wouldn't she? Now that she can run faster, jump higher, and fight harder than before, Miranda has all the confidence in the world. However, this only applies to athletic endeavors. Socially, she feels like a freak. She doesn't think any boys will like her (because she can't do things other girls can), she thinks everyone stares at her, and she refuses to join any factions for fear of being singled out or picked on.

    Power: Cybernetic Body (Enhanced Strength, Speed, and Durability)
    DRAWBACKS: Needs connected to a 220v Power Supply for a minimum of 4hrs per day, receive nutrition intravenously, and undergo dialysis three times a week.

    Matt and Brett Elspeth (open)


    Matt is ranked at D1, Brett Elspeth is ranked at C2. Brett is one year Matt's senior, but waited to join New Peaks with his brother so that they could learn and develop together. After their mother died in Matt's childbirth, their father became the sole caretaker of the brothers. Unable to cope with her death, he began drinking heavily by the time Brett had turned six. As a result, much of their childhood was spent doing chores, being abused by a drunk father, and often caring for themselves when their dad went out drinking or passed out in a stupor. On Brett's thirteenth birthday, their father was admitted to the hospital after drinking far too much at his birthday party. He died of alcohol poisoning not six hours later.

    Left to fend for themselves on the streets for two years, Matt and Brett would often find themselves in seedy restaurants and bars to find their food and drink. One night, the two of them watched a kickboxing championship on grainy, low-definition television in a dive bar. Though the definition was low, their interest was high, and soon they returned every Saturday to watch the fights. Brett never got over the kickboxing championship, and soon went to the library every other day to watch videos and train himself in the art. Matt, however, couldn't really decide on a fighting style; in the end, he partially copied his brother and visited the library with him, though there are hints of boxing and karate thrown in his fighting style as well.

    The brothers got their chance in the spotlight when a New Peaks recruiter, already having completed his visit to London to interview a potential prodigy, spotted the brothers fighting off some rowdy hobos in an alley, sending them flying further than boys their age honestly should. Intrigued, he took the boys aside, offering them a chance to improve their lives at New Peaks if they could impress the instructors as they had impressed him. Leaping at the opportunity, the Elspeth brothers flew to New Peaks, showcasing their unique strengths to the judges. However, when asked to perform individually, both refused: They had decided two years ago that they would never fight alone, and they weren't going to change that rule just for the judges. This concerned them; after a controversial meeting, it was decided they would receive a 'young prodigy' scholarship to New Peaks. However, it is not a full scholarship; the boys are often pressed for money, and work shifts in the market area as often as possible to cover the remaining costs.

    Personalities: Brett's your typical jock. Overconfident in his own abilities, loves meat and working out. He's got a soft spot for classical music and has a love for anything deep-fried. Matt's a coward without Brett around. Tends to look to him for all his advice. Has a thing for Mexican food, and is a distance runner. He's arrogant when he has his brother for backup.

    Power: Brotherly Bond: When the Elspeths are within 2-3 meters of each other, their strength is increased a moderate amount. When separated, it decreases until they are close again.

    Marlene Torres (open)


    Marlene Torres

    She was born and raised in the Dominican Republic along with two other older siblings. Her parents founded and own an expensive business called Azure Waters Beachfront Resort, making them one of the wealthiest families in the country that sees many rich and famous individuals drop by while on a Caribbean vacation. They have plenty of connections, so plenty of advertisements to entice people from around the world. Her father, named Emmanuel Torres, was actually a champion heavyweight boxer, and her mother had been a martial arts superstar... a wrestler, in fact. La Tiburona, who always got crazy new ways to "dispatch" her opponents. With her wealth, partially thanks to a large sum of inheritance from her actress mother, the two built a resort that started out small but grew into the massive success it is today.

    As a child, Marlene enjoyed watching sports and emulating them, wanting to be the best there was who could crush all others beneath her heel like her mom and pop. Her father got an old boxing buddy named Lucas King to personally visit her and test out what she'd be good at so that she could find her true calling and take part in her dream. He noticed a strange wind pattern flowing around her legs when she kicked, if only ever so slightly, so tested her kick out more and more, advising her to become a kick boxer to take advantage of this possible magical power, however weak it was. It intrigued her that she could be so gifted and special so it helped motivate her even more, spending large portions of her down time kicking the air to try and bring out her powers, focusing on how the air felt around her skin and feet.

    Hearing about a school called New Peaks, she decided that this would be her final stepping stone on her path to further greatness. Perhaps they could even teach her how to properly harness her magical talent and hone all of her abilities to the max. She just had to say the word to her father and she was enrolled lickity-split as a first year student. Unfortunately, and surprisingly for her, she was given the rank of E3, barely passing the examinations. At first she thought this was a mistake and complained, but this didn't turn out well for her as they didn't budge on this issue, unlike how people would normally behave around her. She decided that the only way to fix their mistake was to prove them wrong and become the best warrior at the school, one of the legendary S rank.

    Personality: She has a loud, cocksure attitude, willing to jump in to dangerous situations without the slightest hesitation in order to prove herself to others that she has what it takes and that her low rank is a fluke. She believes herself to be a much harder worker than she truly is, wanting to get better without all of the actual hard work. She loves attention, being praised, and being the best. When she's proven to not be she can get flustered easily, lashing out and turning defensive and tsundere. Her losses are never her fault and there's always an excuse for any mishap, on the battlefield or off.

    Despite all of this she's still a decent person, just unaccustomed to the hardships of life and too spoiled for her own good, the root of most of her problems. Perhaps some sense could be beaten into her eventually.

    Power: She can generate wind around her feet that spirals up her legs if she concentrates enough. Just standing there the wind is strong enough to blow dirt and similarly light things around, even struggling to lift paper but you can see it fluttering a bit on the ground. With kicks she can direct this wind outward with enough force to knock over an empty can from around five feet away, the extent of her powers, which a normal human can brush off as an average breeze. Despite how weak it is she still calls herself "Marlene of the Tornado Kick". Coming from under the soles of her feet, she can increase her running speed by one mile an hour.

    Other Characteristics: She's only five feet tall. Her ponytail reaches mid back. She wears different clothing a lot but prefers exposed midriff shirts as a staple to her uniforms.​

    Kensley Hagebak (open)


    A First-Year student of D1-Ranking, Kensley is the son of a wealthy Danish stock-broker. Losing his father at a young age, his mother's high-paying career ensured the fact they wouldn't struggle despite the loss. As a son to a wealthy family, Kensley always got the best education, food, and toys that money could buy. Like many young children, he developed an interest in the martial arts after seeing it on television. Knowing that learning a martial art would help her son develop a healthy lifestyle, Kensley's mother paid for a master of Hwa Rang Do to be flown in from Korea to live on-site and train her son in the art.

    With frequent lessons and a strong interest in the art, Kensley reached "Cho-Dan" rank at the age of 14. It was then that he heard of New Peaks Academy. Knowing he wanted to learn even more about martial arts, he pestered his mother until she relented and agreed to send him to the prestigious school. To his amazement, many of the students were just as skilled or MORE skilled than he was. That cemented it in his mind... New Peaks was where he belonged. Now all that was left was to show everyone what he could do.

    Personality: Kensley is rather arrogant despite his relatively average ranking. While he knows he isn't the toughest or strongest, he always brushes off his failures and claims some circumstance had hindered the outcome. In addition to the fact he brushes off failures like a child, he has been known to resort to unfair tactics on occasion. His favorite is acting like he is more hurt than he really is to take his foes off-guard... then deliver a punishing kick or punch.

    Power: None

    Kyle Valouri (open)


    An eighteen year old Senior Student at New Peaks Academy, Kyle holds the advanced ranking of A1. Though asked to join several clubs at New Peaks, Kyle has always stayed independent. He has harnessed his gift and worked his way to be one of the top fighters in the school. Son of investment bankers of English and Filipino descent (father and mother, respectively), Kyle has slightly tanned skin which some describe as 'alluring' or 'dreamy'. Kyle is well aware of this fact, but does his best not to take advantage of it.

    But how did he come to be at New Peaks? Kyle would tell you it was destiny. It was by chance that he happened to stumble upon the information. He has always been a fighter even at a young age and when news of a school training fighters and being dedicated to fighting how could he not join? His parents didn't object, they knew their son wanted to learn from the best of the best, and they hoped this school would provide the best of the best.

    His dad feels very proud of his son and couldn't be happier about his success at school, but wishes that he wasn't quite so impulsive sometimes. After all, fines for the various times Kyle has been caught breaking school rules are not cheap. His mother is simply glad that her son is doing what makes him happiest in life, and has nothing but praise for her child.

    Personality: Kyle is an accepting individual who loves to have fun. Not one for rules, he loves going against the grain of social norms. His motto is "Fuck being normal". He has dated both females and males, and can be humble at times... despite the fact his parents are so wealthy they could buy a small country. Out of all the seniors at New Peaks, Kyle is the more approachable one as well as one of the most liked and well known. However, Kyle can be jealous around whomever he is in a relationship with, once breaking another student's nose for talking to his previous boyfriend.

    Power: None

    Sasha Nowak (open)


    An 18 year old Senior with a rank of S3, Sasha is a force to be reckoned with at New Peaks Academy. She is a 4th-Dan Black Belt in Byakuren Kaikan Karate, and one of the more upstanding members of the Janissaries at New Peaks. Born to a Turkish mother and Polish father, both highly devout Christians living in Czestochowa, Poland. As a result of her parents' strong faith, Sasha had to endure quite a sheltered upbringing. However, when her father was caught smuggling opium and her mother pegged as an accomplice, Sasha was sent to the United States to live with her aunt and uncle (both of whom are savvy stock traders) in New York City.

    From this point on, Sasha was given much more freedom. She was even allowed to attend public schools! At the age of 11, Sasha started to learn Byakuren Kaikan karate from a martial arts academy near her home. Why? Initially because she wanted to be like the Power Rangers, and keep her aunt and uncle safe from 'bad guys'. However, she soon learned that the martial arts were not for kicking ass, but for building oneself up physically, mentally, and spiritually. Since then, she has become an incredibly kind and benevolent young woman whose good manners and kindness are only rivaled by her martial prowess.

    At the age of 14, Sasha achieved her 1st-Dan Black Belt. That same week, she won a Junior City-Wide Kumite against 25 other teenage martial artists... and subsequently caught the eye of a New Peaks recruiter. Adamant about attending such an awesome school, Sasha pleaded with her aunt and uncle to let her go. They knew it would be beneficial for the young girl, so they gladly wrote the recruiter a check to cover her first year of tuition that very same day. The rest, as they say, is history.

    Personality: Sasha is a kind and forgiving young woman with a penchant for picking flowers in one of the two parks on the island. She will often spend time with New Peaks' less wealthy students, getting to know them and even buying things for them on occasion. When not in class or spending time with the Mendicants, Sasha enjoys listening to classical music and learning how to play it. She also takes part in tabletop gaming every weekend with a small circle of friends.

    Power: Chill Touch - Sasha can cool the air within a few centimeters of her body, and use it to accentuate her strikes. The coldest recorded temperature she has achieved is measured at -60 degrees centigrade, enough to cause frostbite very quickly to unprotected skin. However, this chilled air seems to have no effect on Sasha herself, who says she feels no cold from it at all.

    Other: Since turning 18, Sasha has picked up smoking. As it is not illegal for someone 18 years of age, she is allowed to do so while outdoors on campus.

    Established Staff/Faculty NPCs

    Anna Jacobson (open)


    Anna is a former New Peaks Academy Student and the current World History teacher. Before her graduation from New Peaks, she was the first of only six students in the school's twenty year history to reach the rank of S1. She was also one of the founding members of Imperius Gloria. Her father investing a large sum toward building Imperius Hall. Upon graduating with a teaching degree from San Diego State University, she returned to New Peaks and was hired into her current position. In addition to her teaching degree, she is ranked at 7th Degree Black Belt in Ba Ji Quan and licensed to teach the style to others.

    Personality: On the rare occasion she can be convinced to fight, Anna is a dangerous foe. While she was a student, no less than 40 fights were stopped by a judge due to her attempting to inflict severe damage to her opponent. Outside of combat, she is as tame as a nursing kitten. It is assumed she has a very deeply ingrained psychological problem that makes her behave differently under intense stress. Since graduation, she has been using medication to control her emotions, and it has worked wonders. However... she is still a force to be reckoned with if riled. As a teacher, she does not abide by goofing around. Many students have been fined or otherwise penalized for not paying attention or otherwise behaving improperly in her class.

    Power: Blood Control - Anna can control her blood as easily as she can breathe, generally forming claws and a thin armor over her hands and arms. This blood is then solidified and becomes as hard as the iron contained in her red blood cells. When severely pressed, she has been seen to redirect the blood from these claws into a very thin sheen of armor over her entire body, tinting her skin a faint red in the process.

    Layla Stritch (open)


    One of the staff members of New Peaks not to have graduated from the school herself. After having discovered at a young age that merely her touch could help with healing even the most injured, Layla was immediately placed into nurse training at a young age. She showed fantastic affinity for the subject, entering the University of Washington at the young age of 16 and easily passing all her medical courses. Upon graduation, she went out in search of work, finding that an offshore fighting school was in search of talented nurses for their constantly injured fighters. She decided to give them a try, and wowed her recruiters with her unique power. Now, she serves as the head of the New Peaks medical ward, serving her students as best she can.

    Personality: Layla is one of the sweetest people you will ever meet. She has a shy air about her, though she has no issues with talking to strangers. She takes personal enjoyment in seeing students heal and recover, which makes her job truly satisfying to her. Though she received little formal training, watching the students and teachers closely over the years here at New Peaks has taught her many things about martial arts, enough to earn her a purple belt in Taekwondo. However, she despises fighting herself despite enjoying watching it, and will avoid it at all costs if possible.

    Power: Clinical Hands
    Layla can channel her energy into her hands, causing them to glow with a faint blue aura. When touching another person, her energy seeks out injuries and illnesses in the body, and stimulates the appropriate cells to speed up their recovery process. Healing is not instantaneous, but will take considerably less time; a broken bone may take only a few days to heal under her power, as opposed to weeks otherwise. This sped up healing continues until the injury or sickness in question is defeated, even if she is not touching the person. Once the healing process is complete, the body's cells return to a normal state.

    Cameron Ballard (open)


    Cameron Ballard grew up in Washington D.C. and was a common sight at an assisted living center when he was younger. His grandfather was a resident, and between school and savate lessons, Cameron spent most of his free time there assisting his grandpa and other residents. After his grandfather passed away, Cameron began attending New Peaks Academy. His final rank at graduation was A-3, and he went on to pursue a teaching degree and return to New Peaks. While he was obtaining his teaching degree, he met his wife, Mia Sandoval; and the two married three years ago in a ceremony held at New Peaks Academy's "Bokator Beach". Cameron is a highly skilled practitioner of Savate and a holder of the rank of Professeur (Gold Gloves), as well as a licensed instructor of the art. He is currently a Chemistry Teacher at the Academy.

    Personality: Always worrying about others before worrying about himself, Cameron is a model teacher and role model. When he is not teaching or tending to his administrative duties, he can often be found tutoring students who are struggling; both academically as well as those who are struggling to win fights.

    Power: None

    Mia Ballard-Sandoval (open)


    Mia Ballard-Sandoval is a former New Peaks Academy student originally hailing from Minneapolis, Minnesota. She lost her right eye in a hunting accident when she was a child. Her rifle kicked back when she fired at a deer, causing the scope to hit her and dealing irreparable damage to the eye on impact. This did not affect her outlook on life, however. In fact, she showed that she was every bit as capable as anyone else. She obtained her Kadua (1st-Dan Black Belt) in Pencak Silat shortly after she began attending school at New Peaks Academy, reached the rank of A-2 before graduation, and has since returned after obtaining her teaching degree in advanced mathematics. In the process, she met her husband and fellow New Peaks Instructor; Cameron Ballard. Her skill in Silat also increased and she is now a Katalungan (4th-Dan Black Belt) in the art. She is currently the Calculus Teacher at New Peaks Academy.

    Personality: While Mia shares her husband's desire to help others, she is of the opinion that people should first show they can help themselves at least to SOME degree before they are worth the help of others. Her demeanor is described by some as cold, but by others as kind and motherly. This is likely because she simply refuses to help students who refuse to try resolving issues themselves and prefer to rely on others, but is more than happy to help those who have given their best effort and just need a helping hand.

    Power: None

    Timur "Tim" Leovich Zakharin (open)

    Name spelled as "Тимур Левич Захарьин" in Russian


    At 61 years old, many would think Timur to be insane for working as Head of Security at a huge Combat School. However, he is tough as nails and as serious as they come. In addition, he is an incredibly skilled practitioner of Systema, and a licensed instructor of the style.

    Born to a Military family, Timur followed his father's footsteps by becoming a soldier. After fighting in the Soviet-Afghan war, he became a hand-to-hand instructor for the Soviet Army. Some say he earned the position by engaging six hostiles in melee combat simultaneously... and winning. Regardless... as the Cold War raged, Timur grew more and more frustrated by the lack of decisive action.

    When the standoff ended, he was as relieved as he was frustrated. To make matters worse... the Soviet Union had collapsed and he was soon out of a job. Angered by this, he did something extreme... he sold his combat expertise to the Americans. For a few years, he was in the same position as he was in the USSR. A hand-to-hand instructor in the military. A few years after Operation Desert Storm, he was honorably discharged and approached by New Peaks Academy. He quickly agreed to work as their head of security, and has been in that position since 1999.

    Personality: No nonsense and uncompromising, Timur is an ideal man to head up the security at New Peaks Academy. The rules and regulations are treated as military doctrine to him, and anyone breaking it under his watch is likely going to spend time in the Detention Hall. Thankfully, he is often very busy coordinating security details and is rarely out on campus. He does not afford himself many pleasures, save singing the Russian National Anthem every morning, in honor of the country he still loves... despite it having let him down years ago.

    Timur speaks fluent Russian and English.

    Power: None

    Marie Giovinezza (open)


    The 33-year old manager of the high end Sicilian Restaurant called "Siciliano Plaza", Marie attended and graduated New Peaks for her entire high school career, having been put there by her rich franchise-owning parents as part of their deal opening their restaurant on campus. Marie worked there for her entire time in New Peaks, and once she graduated and her brothers took over the chain, she stayed there as the manager of this particular branch. She was never very good with fighting, attaining a maximum ranking of B3 and only earning her 2nd Dan after she had graduated from New Peaks. Her style of choice is Kun Gek Do.

    She has been managing the restaurant for a very long time, now, and has established a rather good standing with the other staff, as well as a wonderful reputation with the students. Despite being a little on the expensive side, her restaurant is one of the most popular places to eat in New Peaks, both with staff and students alike. Marie herself is known as one of the best service providers on the island, and is personal friends with much of the student body, as well as many of the staff members.

    However, she is particularly infamous for her rather explosive temper and her willingness to fight even other staff members over her restaurants honor, despite having a poor track record with physical combat. While few complaints make it to her (mostly for this reason), she is known to handle problems very seriously, often doing anything she can in order to make a single customer happy. She trains her staff as well as she can and prides herself in how well they do, no matter who they may be.

    Personality: Marie is a very kind and understanding individual, seeking only to please her customers as best she is able. She takes immense pride in her (rather successful) restaurant, and considers the other staff something close to family. While having her 2nd Dan in Kun Gek Do, she does not like to fight and actively discourages it while in her restaurant, though she does not mind it occurring outside. She will fight to defend her staff and her restaurant with her life, if necessary.

    Power: Empathy - Marie has a psychic understanding of peoples emotions and their feelings, allowing her to read both her opponents and customers. She is able to understand a piece of what makes her targets emotions what they currently are, and is also able to find out how to influence them. This manipulation is not air tight, however, and can backfire occasionally. However, it does not happen often, as Marie is very adept at psychological warfare, be it pleasing her customers or throwing her opponents off balance.
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  2. Here are my characters, for everyone to check out.

    Gym Teacher/Fight Judge
    Weiss LeBlanc (open)

    Name: Weiss LeBlanc
    Occupation: Judge/Gym Teacher/Wrestling Coach
    Nationality: French/Japanese
    Age: 34
    Gender: Male


    Fighting Style: Professional Wrestling, Jiu-Jitsu - 1st Dan Black Belt, Judo - 1st-Dan Black Belt, Tiger-Style Kung-Fu - 1st-Dan Black Belt.

    These styles of combat, when used in unison, lead the combatant to use an opponent's attacks against them and control the fight through counterattacks, grappling, and short but brutal bursts of offense. Weiss, being a large man already, can utilize HIS size in addition to the movements of his foe to produce very powerful throws and pressure holds. While not the fastest of the instructors by any means, he can take a hit just as well as he can dish them out.

    This is reflected in his teaching, as he focuses more on endurance training and improving his students' reaction times rather than teaching them how to mount an offensive and overwhelm their opponents.

    Additional Information: Weiss is a fluent speaker of French and English, and can speak enough Japanese to get by.

    Harnessed Ki (open)

    This does not mean that Weiss can attack with the laser blasts or energy waves that are popularized in many Shonen Manga/Anime such as Dragonball Z or Bleach. Instead, he may empower his hands, feet, knees, elbows, and even his head with an amount of Ki Energy. This somewhat increases the power of the blow or the speed of the counter-attack that he is empowering.

    There is, of course, a limit as to how much he can empower in a given time period. He is in the prime of his life, which is advantageous, and allows him a fair amount of ki usage before using the ability threatens his health. At his current age and fitness level, he can empower up to twenty-five strikes or counters a day before the risks begin to outweigh the benefits. Should he pass this safe limit, the effects are as follows, and compound upon each other the more he exceeds the limit.

    Stage 1 - 26-30: Severe Fatigue, Weiss becomes winded and less able to react to attacks, leading him to further rely on ki empowered counters. Three Days of bed rest will return him to normal.

    Stage 2 - 31-35: Minor Respiratory Damage: Weiss begins to cough fairly heavily as his excessive use of his life force begins to take its toll on his respiratory system. A tiny amount of blood accompanies the cough, but it is not life-threatening. One Week of bed rest will return him to Stage 1 Overexertion.

    Stage 3 - 35-40: Moderate Muscle Damage: Weiss' extended reliance on his Life Energy begins to rip and tear at his muscles. His skin bruises at various spots as the muscles bleed from the strain. While he can still fight at this point if he continues to rely on his Ki, the risks are immense. One Month of bed rest or Two Weeks of rest with daily medical attention and therapy will restore him to Stage 2 Overexertion

    Stage 4 - 41-50: Death Throes: His body overextended to its breaking point, Weiss no longer feels pain or fatigue. However... should he reach the upper limit of 50 Ki-Enhanced attacks or counters... he will rend the last bit of life force from his heart, and die. If he stops before then, he will be rendered comatose for a Three Month period. After such time, he awakens and returns to Stage 3 Overexertion.

    These recovery times stack, and should he ever reach the final level he will face a minimum recovery time of 3 Months, 3 Weeks, and 3 Days.

    Personality: Weiss is not a very serious person, and very kind hearted. When wrestling, he does not use his ki ability, and is even known to help opponents up after matches. When he used to wrestle 'professionally', this occasionally caused his foes to resume attacking him. But in the end, Weiss doesn't mind much. The matches were generally staged anyway. As long as the fans are entertained, he couldn't be more pleased. Similarly, Weiss treats and REAL fighting the same way. All serious, but never out to end life (any more than is needed, that is).

    He is known to bring his students and other faculty members food and drinks if he thinks someone did a particularly good job, or if something special/tragic happened to that person. This makes him a popular teacher, but also the subject of controversy. On at least one occasion, he has been accused of being in a physical relationship with a female student. He was very quickly found innocent of the accusation, but some at New Peaks still believe he is simply being nice to get into the skirts of young girls.

    Background: Standing at 6'11" and weighing in at 352lbs, Weiss is a giant among men.Thick-bodied, heavy-boned, and incredibly muscular, he is an intimidating figure to behold. As a child, many kids were afraid of him and didn't want to be his friend. This led him to focus instead on sports and hobbies. Very quickly, he became enamored with combative sports such as karate and wrestling. At the age of ten, he started taking classes in Tiger Style Kung-Fu. He loved the challenge of learning the stances and techniques, and went to the dojo as often as he was able to do so.

    At the age of 15, he achieved his Junior Black Belt. At 16, he was re-tested and allowed his Adult 1st-Dan Black Belt. However, rather than stick to the program and progress to a higher dan, Weiss chose to look at other styles of martial arts. As he liked wrestling, he thought Judo would be a good option, as it was about throws and using your foe's movements against them. This would prove challenging for Weiss, despite already being proficient in one art.

    Four years into his Judo training, he received a notice from All-Japan Pro Wrestling. This was his shot at the big time and he knew it. Temporarily putting his training on the shelf, he sat at the rank of 1st-Kyu for the next two years as he focused on his wrestling. The "French Tiger" was a hit sensation due to his size and strength. After those two years, he was sidelined by a contract dispute and decided to resume his training in Judo while the lawyers and company representatives ironed everything out. Nearly one year later, Weiss received his 1st-Dan Black Belt in Judo. Contract disputes were still being ironed out, and the man picked up Jiujutsu.

    Almost immediately upon receiving his Blue Belt in Jiu-Jitsu, six months after starting the style, the contract dispute was settled and Weiss returned to professional wrestling. Balancing his career and his martial arts hobby was incredibly difficult, and he progressed through the ranks at around half the speed that one would normally expect of an already accomplished martial artist. Nearly four years after receiving the Blue Belt, he finally achieved his Purple Belt. This was when he first heard of New Peaks Academy, and dropped his wrestling career to take up teaching. after all, one could not be expected to teach without a degree.

    Another three years passed, and Weiss was well on his way to a teaching degree. He wanted to teach physical education, of course... befitting of his great athleticism and ability. In this time, he also managed to go from Purple Belt to Brown Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. But something unexpected happened while training one day. Weiss was 'in the zone', as happens with many athletes... when he managed to block and counter an attack from his sensei that NO ONE expected him to defend against. Even the teacher was surprised by the burst of power and speed that Weiss showed.

    One year later, Weiss obtained his teaching degree from the Fukuoka University of Education. It was a very proud moment for the man, signalling a turning point in his life from professional entertainer to professional educator. It was then that he submitted his application to New Peaks Academy. He did not hear from them for some time, and took on a substitute teaching job in the meantime. Additionally, he continued his study of Jiu-Jitsu on the side.

    Two years passed from the time he submitted his application to New Peaks. He had given up and become content in his role as a substitute teacher. As an added bonus, he finally achieved the rank of Black Belt in Jiu-Jitsu. The journey to that point had taken him the longest of all the styles he had learned... just over ten years. Then the letter came that informed him of his acceptance as a faculty member at New Peaks Academy. Was this for real?! Indeed it was. And so he packed his things ad said farewell to his life as a substitute teacher.

    That was just over a year ago. Now he was the Gym Teacher of New Peaks. The short time he has been in the position has been filled with ups and downs, but he loves it all the same. Sure, students can get rough with each other... especially in his class... but disputes are usually solved without major incident. Only four times has he personally had to step in and stop a conflict personally. On top of teaching others, he has learned how more easily harness his ki energy like he had done in the training session with his sensei over a year prior. Life is good for Weiss, and he hopes that things will continue in that way for years to come.

    First Rule of Fight School, don't fail Fight School

    First-Year Student
    Vincento Sarconni de Palermo (open)

    Name: Vincento Sarconni de Palermo (Vincent for short)
    I.D. Number: 63984623
    Rank: B3
    Year: 1st Year
    Nationality: Italian
    Age: 15
    Gender: Male

    ID Card: [​IMG]

    Fighting Style: Hapkido, 2nd Degree Black Belt

    Powers: Focused Eidetic Memory*

    * Vincent's memory does not apply to the usual applications of a being with the ability to remember an incredible range of things that they witness, such as one who witnesses a car crash remembering the angle of the impact, speed, etc. Rather, Vincent's memory applies to motions of the human body. As such, he is able to memorize a person's movements and either exploit a weakness, or replicate them in a few attempts. However, replicating an entire fighting style is much more complex than a couple kicks or strikes, as such he cannot simply copy a foe's combat style.

    Thanks to this, he is not only an accomplished fighter... but an incredible dancer as well. He is as much a fan of fighting as he is of dancing. He can also play a piano with moderate skill, though remembering and imitating the fine movements of a person's fingers is much harder than a kick or punch or spin... so his musical skill is mostly learned from his mother's teachings. )

    Additional Information:
    - Vincent speaks both Italian and English fluently
    - His biggest pet peeve is people who can't take a joke, despite his own poor reactions to jokes at his expense.
    - His strangest talent is the ability to unwrap any piece of candy using only his mouth... without tearing the wrappers.

    Personality: Vincent is an intelligent kid, but not what most would call a genius by any means. His true gift isn't in the field of education, but of human bodies in motion. His skill in combat martial arts and dancing leads him to be highly confident in himself. He is polite of course, wanting to live up to the expectations of his family. But being away from them, he is also prone to an occasional fit of selfishness or immaturity.

    His pranks and self-indulgence rarely harm anyone, but he tends to forget that what comes around goes around. One day, someone might catch HIM in a prank or inconvenience him with their own selfishness. Still, he's generally a fun person to be around. He likes to sing, dance, play video games, and of course... flirt with girls.

    Background: Born to a wealthy family of vintners in Palermo, Vincent grew up having everything he could ever want. What he wanted was to be like the heroes he read about in comics and watched on cartoons. So, at the young age of eight, his parents enrolled him in martial arts classes. Choosing was the hardest part, but when the family went to the various dojos in the area... Vincento saw a man leaping over a bunch of other people and instantly thought of the cartoon heroes he wanted to emulate.

    That was the first time he witnessed the athleticism of a Hapkido practitioner. Even at this young age, it quickly became apparent that Vincento had a gift for learning the art. He progressed quickly through the belts in a time that many thought impossible for a child so young. New techniques were a snap to learn, as well. He watched diligently when the sensei showed a new technique to the students a few times... and generally had the move learned to the point of using it in combat by the end of class.

    So quickly did he advance through the belts, that he was a 2nd Dan Black Belt at the age of fourteen, a feat that was almost unheard of. His parents knew at that point that their son shouldn't be held back in something he was so skilled at... so much like a child entering a vocational program for something like an engineering trade, Vincent was enrolled in New Peaks Academy for his Freshman year of High-School.

    He was elated. He was intimidated. He was scared. He was excited. So many emotions surged through the teen as he sat at the port and awaited his ferry to the island. But this was an incredible opportunity for him. He could learn so much at New Peaks. Not just academically, but also in regard to his martial arts... and his unusual gift to learn new fighting techniques. As such, he finally calmed himself and was ready for what lay in store.

    … or so he thought, as he stepped off the boat at New Peaks Academy.

    First Rule of Fight School, don't fail Fight School
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  3. [​IMG]

    : Rani II
    I.D. Number: 65872599
    Rank: C3
    Year: 1st year
    Nationality: Egyptian
    Age: 13
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: As depicted above. About 1.65 metres in height.

    Fighting Style: Belly Dancing
    Belly Dancing is well... Belly Dancing. In addition to the usual rhythm that involves switch swerves and movements, she incorporates a few kicks, grabs and deflects into her fighting style.
    Belly Dancing, while initially for entertainment, has been improvised into an evasive combat style. Belly Dancing involves various swift movements, such as hip shakes and such. The agility of the dancer is fluid. Rani's style utilises various steps, turns and deflecting spins as well as kicks. In addition to deflection, there is also evasion.

    Powers: She has learnt a trait from her mentor - water walking, which allows her to move on the surface of water with her bare feet. However, she requires balance or she will trip and fall into the water.
    She can also walk on many other solid surfaces that regular people can't walk on due to her training. Said training has also enhanced the power of her legs, which are swift but strong.

    Personality: Rani is a hardworking individual who seems to be presistant. She finds it hard to get out of a situation once she's dragged into it, either because she will persist or she will feel bad for backing out.
    Despite determination, she knows how to relax and have fun her way. While she herself can be easily dragged into situations, she also finds no difficulty convincing others to join her leisurely moments.

    Background: As a child, this young one was but a street rat who survived on stealing and running about. It was a hard life, until someone came along, her mentor who went by the name of Rani. Rani was older than the child, and treated her like her own daughter. Her own kin. She taught the child many things, from the basics to the advanced. For very long, the child said that she 'didn't need a name'.

    One day, Rani decided to pass a skill on to the child - Belly Dancing. It was initially used by her for entertainment, but later improvised as a combat style. As such, she chose to teach the child this improvised combat style. She taught the child how to be swift, how to be elegant, and how to utilise it for combat. Final parts of the training involved teaching her how to remain elegant and balanced in all kinds of situations, from hot desert sand and fluid water to the grounds of a volcano.

    The child, after this training, was ready, but Rani thought she needed further, formal education. The child claimed that she now deserved a name, and named herself after her mentor and parent - Rani. As such, the child- or rather, Rani II was prepared to face the world before her. But before she faces the dangers of the outside world, she needed to face the basics. The basics of Fight School - New Peaks Academy.

    Others: She has learnt to fight in many kinds of environments, and thus, is very adaptable to combat situations.

    The first rule of fight school: do not fail fight school!​
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  4. School ID (open)


    Zen Akero
    I.D. Number:

    Fighting Style:
    Power:Shadow Boxing
    The shadow boxing ability takes on a copy stance. Zen can mimic attacks, the attacks are not as efficient or as fast as the opponents and Zen must keep eye contact with the opponent to keep the shadow movements going. If Zen loses eye contact then he is unable to continue mimicking the ability. If he maintains eye contact with an opponent for more then 5 minutes (3 posts) then Zen must break the eye contact and re focus the ability (3 minutes 2 posts) to begin it once more. When this transition time is occurring, his reaction time is slowed down.

    Zen is against larger groups but he found a single group he enjoys being around for company and prefers them over being alone. He's cocky and tends to think he's a bit better then everyone. He knows his limits but tries his best to push them until it's at breaking point. Due to this he ends up making everything a joking matter rather then take it seriously. He enjoys fighting and would rather fight then pass regular classes, due to this his grades in classes are rather moderate then excelling in most cases. When Zen is alone, he is either training alone working on a few of his techniques or reading a book about paranormal things. Although, when he ends up getting around the group of friends. Zen ends up calming a bit and interacting with everyone trying to make him as well as everyone else either have a good time or even laugh a little bit.

    Zen was born into a normal family. His father worked in a construction business as a Site manager for a construction company giving him a high income. His mother worked around the house and did a stay at home job as a book author so she could keep taking care of Zen and his younger brother while she worked. His mother made sure they had work done on time as well as homework finished before she would allow them to do anything they wished. The mother stayed on top of their grades, even went as far as making sure they didn't hang out with the wrong crowd. Zen and his brother's daily routine was, go to school, come home, do homework, play around for an hour, eat dinner, watch t.v. , then go to bed.

    Everything had been the same until Zen's father decided that Zen would be better off in a fighting school to learn self defense. So with this in mind, his father pushed towards the idea and started off by sending Zen to a martial arts class to learn Gwonbeop. It took Zen nearly half of an entire year before he finally became a novice at the Gwonbeop style. After learning the style, his father brought the idea to Zen and told him about his plans for Zen in a fighting based school. From there, he spent most of his time reading a book or practicing his abilities.
    The final year of middle school went by pretty simply and quiet for Zen, a few fights here and there due to people wanting to test his ability in fighting but simple and easy. The next year Zen turned fourteen and his father sent him off to the New Peaks Academy to enhance his abilities and learn how to become a better fighter. Zen, being new to the school decided he would straighten up his grades and do his best to pass the first year of school so he could get out the academy quicker.

    Contest Entries (open)

    Week 1: Theme song
    Theme song (open)

    Week 2: Guilty Pleasure
    Has a love for the half breeds through out the school. Although it's frowned upon, he thinks they're better then regular humans simply because of the distinct differences and uniqueness.

    Week 3: Favorite Childhood Hero

    Quicksilver from marvel Comics
    Why: Unlike "The Flash" Quicksilver was initially a antagonist rather then a hero. Zen could always picture him stealing things just for fun or causing some form of trouble without being seen then reappearing just to laugh at the situation.

    Week 4: Catch Phrase

    "Why? Cause Fuck you! Thats why."

    Week 5: Pet Peeve

    Students messing with the half-breed humans.

    First rule of Fight School? Don't fail Fight School.
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  5. Name: Greg Tram

    I.D. Number: 86701236

    Rank: E1

    Year: 1st Year

    Nationality: Australian

    Age: 15

    Sex/Gender: Male

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Fighting Style: Shoot-Fighting

    Powers: "Iron bones". Greg's bones, trained from repeatedly getting his ass kicked, can take more punishment than usual before straining or breaking.


    Kind and Compassionate, but is quite the smartmouth, he takes the majority of his fights with a major degree, usually talking shit or making bad jokes during fights, whether he is winning or losing. Greg enjoys fighting,
    not caring whether he wins or loses, it's not why he fights, he finds it fun, and will always try to get the most enjoyment out of his fights. Greg considers fights more as performances, if the crowd isn't being entertained, then there's a problem. That being said, if there is a good reason why he should be taking a fight seriously, such as an exam, or to protect someone, he will be determined to win, no matter what, he'll still be a smartmouth, but he's not trying to be funny any more.

    Outside of a fight, Greg is rather relaxed, sometimes bordering on lazy. As a student, he's quite smart, and quite imaginative, able to make up stories on the fly. But as a person, His relaxed nature and love of food could possibly tick off an uptight person, but he could easily befriend someone in 2 minutes just by being himself.

    Background: (At least three paragraphs here, please.)
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  6. Axel Von Brandt

    Axel Von Brandt.jpg

    Name: Axel Von Brandt
    I.D. Number: 81147647
    Rank: D-1
    Year: 1st
    Nationality: Austrian
    Age: 14
    Sex/Gender: Male
    Appearance: (As depicted above) Height - 5'10"
    Fighting Style: German Ju-Jutsu (Black belt - 1st Dan)

    Theme Song: Memo - Nine Lashes

    Gained through an extremely grueling (and quite probably illegal) form of endurance training, Axel has a nigh superhuman ability to fight through injuries that would greatly inhibit a normal martial artist's ability to fight under typical circumstances, in addition to having hyper-developed bone marrow, making his bones half as likely to break or fracture compared to most other martial artists.

    Being the strong silent type, Axel is usually a quiet and reserved individual. Belonging to him is a strongly-felt internal sense of duty, which lends him a serious air and the motivation to follow through on any tasks he takes up or is given. Axel was raised to be and is a very loyal, faithful, and dependable person. He personally places great importance on the values of honesty and integrity. He likes to believe he is one of the "good citizens" who can be depended on to do the right thing for their families and communities and likewise protect them. Although he does generally take things quite seriously, he has somewhat of an off-beat sense of humor and can be a lot of fun.

    Axel's guilty pleasure is writing and singing German rap songs.

    Axel was born the third son out of the three boys and two girls who make up the current generation of the "noble" house Von Brandt. Their father is Adolphus Von Brandt, Ex-Jagdkommando (Austrian special forces) operative turned head of the Innsbruck sub-offices of the EKO Cobra, the Austrian anti-terrorism police force operation. Given what his position within the Austrian military and police force, Adolphus decided it would be wise for his children to each take up some form of martial arts, which lead Axel to begin the practice and disciplines of German Ju-Jutsu, which his father, Adolphus, also practiced since he had been a Jagdkommando operative within the Austrian military.

    Being the youngest male and second youngest child overall, Axel has been seemingly destined to become the future guardian of House Von Brandt while his elder siblings, specifically his brothers, were to handle the affairs of the family and attempt to bring glory to the House Von Brandt. It is somewhat surprising to others that he has no apparent qualms with this role, on the contrary, Axel has embraced this role with open and accepting arms, constantly working to gain greater strength and fighting skill in the name of protecting his family.

    In this pursuit, Axel discovered a somewhat obscure and interesting sort of training and competition known as Unifight. The reason why Axel that the sport was rather interesting was because it was not purely a fighting sport, with the first round simply being an obstacle course in which competitors raced each other to the finish line, and once both competitors have completed the course, there would be a MMA-styled brawl in an arena. By the time Axel reached the age of ten, he was among the most elite competitors in the Unifight competition from all across the world, winning the European Youth Unifight championship, as well as the International Youth Unifight championship at the age of eleven. He would proceed to both the international and European Youth championships once again as a twelve year old, before moving up to the Teenage division the following year. In his first year competing in the teenage division Axel placed third in the European Championship, and placed fifth in the International championship.

    Disappointed in himself and unsatisfied by his performance in recent Unifight events, Axel searched for other potential training opportunities he had not yet experienced. While conducting this search, he subjected himself to some very questionable and experimental training methods. The most effective and truly notable method he found was injecting a mixture of hallucinogens and bone supplements, developed for him by one of his elder brothers, directly into the bone marrow, causing any red blood cells Axel produces to contain a very miniscule amount of hallucinogen, but enough to reduce his sense of pain in addition to the bone supplements granting his bones greater durability. It was also during this search that Axel discovered New Peaks Academy, a private school built for fighters just like himself. He the promptly requested that his father send him to this academy, this fight school, in order to improve his ability, to which Adolphus responded with enthusiasm, agreeing to send Axel off to New Peaks for the new semester.

    Miscellaneous Info: Axel Is fluent In Both the normal and Bavarian Dialects of German as well as English. I also can understand basic Italian

    What's the first rule of fight school, you ask? Don't fail fight school!
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  7. Only complete character I see so far is Zen. Aside from minor typos and such, only problem I see is the duration of his mimicry power. Make it for under a minute and you're good. Time goes very quickly in combat, so the "5 minutes or 3 posts" is contradictory. If I may make a suggestion, you could just say something like "This ability can only be used in short bursts. (3 post duration in-combat)" or something of the sort.

    Other than that, approved. Adding to the Active Roster.

    @Crow @Cactush @I.S. Zero

    For the most part, liking what I am seeing so far. Can't wait for the finished products.
  8. I've got you covered Beta, I'm here at last xD

    Name: Junkiro Iwazuma
    I.D. Number: 08061945
    Rank: C3
    Year: First Year
    Nationality: Japanese
    Age: 15
    Sex/Gender: Male
    Show Spoiler

    Fighting Style: Kyokushin Karate, 3rd Kyu; Professional Wrestling, Bugger-all if I know a belt level assigned to it

    Powers: Adhesion - Junkiro, like many of the gifted fighters at New Peaks Academy, has learned to tap into his aura. When he does so, he can make various parts of his body extremely sticky, allowing him to instantly adhere to objects. This can include walls, weapons, other long as it is not extremely wet, it is fair game. This can be turned on and off on various parts of his body at will, but cannot yet be transferred to other objects for more than a brief moment (in other words, a post at most).

    Personality: Junkiro`s family history has left him an extremely conflicted individual. Does he adhere to family values, or does he choose to listen to the outside world? This debate has consumed much of his thoughts outside of the field of battle. As such, he rarely will be found socializing actively; more likely, he will linger at the edge of a group or be on his lonesome, either brooding, studying, or snooping around for his family. This is not to say he is a social outcast, however. Should his mind clear or he have no choice in the matter, Junkiro can still interact with others in a healthy and normal manner; he just prefers not to.

    However clouded his outlook of the future may be, when in a fight, his objective is clear: Defeat the enemy using any methods available. Junkiro is a very perfectionistic individual and absolutely hates to lose, though, after he gets over himself, he usually does see the value in a loss. Nonetheless, he will size up to better opponents than himself with no fear (but will hesitate before challenging one), and also goes all out against weaker opponents. He does recognize and accept surrender, and will stop if and when a mismatch is obvious. He is the first in his family to see surrender as an honorable method of victory or defeat.

    Guilty Pleasure: Dragonball Evolution. Not only does Junkiro recognize the fact that it's a horrible movie, it also takes Dragonball Z, one of Japan's longest and greatest animes, and just shits all over it. Doubly insulting to him, and one of the few areas where Junkiro agrees with his family that America can be horrible at times. And matter how many times he sees it, it always sucks him in and he can't stop watching.

    Background: To tell the backstory of Junkiro, we must backtrack to an earlier time.

    August 6, 1945-Hiroshima
    The Iwazuma family has all gathered for a family reunion, one that they hold in Hiroshima each and every year. The family, having waited patiently all day, has just settled down to eat the family meal together. As food is served and the family digs in, a sudden silence seems to take over the area. The heaviness in the air is palpable; something bad is about to happen, and everyone knows it. A few uneasy seconds later, the house is thrown on its side from the force of a massive explosion from an atomic bomb. The United States has begun the final moments of the war by devastating the city of Hiroshima with mankind`s then-most deadly WMD. Furniture, food, and bodies have been thrown everywhere; blood and spare limbs have been scattered throughout the mess. Some bodies, however, have survived the impact. The several Iwazumas that survived were then rushed to the hospital for both grievous injuries and radiation poisoning. Once learning of what caused their family to lose more than half its total, the Iwazumas vowed revenge on the American populace, no matter how long it took.

    Three generations later, Junkiro Iwazuma was born to Oichi and Yoshihiro Iwazuma, the youngest of four children and the only boy. From birth, Junkiro was taught the family way-destroy the Americans. In fact, his first sentence, as with all the Iwazuma children, was 'Death to America'. Junkiro, in addition to his regular studies in school, was forced by his parents to learn English, for the reason of, according to them, 'to blend in with their kind' and deflect suspicion from the Americans. From an early age, Junkiro was also introduced to Kyokushin style Karate, of which he was found to have a natural talent for. This is not to say he was a prodigy-far from it. However, he was more than proficient enough to advance to some of the higher junior levels at a relatively young age. While most students focused more on all the fancy moves that cause a great amount of pain, Junkiro focused more proficiently on the strength aspect of the martial art, training his body to take as many blows as it could without giving. That way, he figured, taking a hit that might cause another to flinch or be thrown back can open other opportunities to attack. Of course, this is not to say he didn't work on his moves along with it.

    Most notable in the development of Junkiro as a freedom fighter was the day, at the age of nine, he got stuck to his family`s front door and required the jaws of life to free him. He was rushed to the hospital immediately afterward-while nothing was found to be 'wrong' with him per se, there was a strange viscousness of the air about him. It was known the Iwazuma family still suffered from radiation residue, even sixty years after the atomic bomb was dropped; a few of their clan had developed various mutations as well, but all were generally crippling and gruesome. Determined to turn this into a talent, Junkiro`s parents did all they could to help him control this strange mutation. It took four years, but he did eventually show signs of control over this power.

    Flash-forward to the present day. With the opening of an American-made Fight School just off the coast of Japan, the Iwazumas saw a perfect opportunity for Junkiro-not only would the Americans teach him how to be a fighting machine, he could even do some sabotage to its owner on the side, just to stick in the Americans' craw. Junkiro, however, was conflicted-he was now a well-educated child and knew America was an innovative, world-leading country whose contributions to world health and development were crucial to Japan and the rest of the world progressing to where they were now. But what could he do? His family had pooled together a very large chunk of their savings just for him to attend-would he just throw the money away? Conflicted, Junkiro agreed to attend the school, but did not guarantee that he would sabotage the owner. Junkiro, now on his way, hopes to find his identity away from his family for the first time.

    Theme song: Deceiver-Disturbed

    Catchphrase: *after defeating a foe* "Sorry you can't stick around!"

    Don't fail Fight School. That's the first rule, bruh.
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  9. So, uh....doublepost alert here, but.....

    Second rule of Fight School, don't abandon Fight School. So how come Kiro and I are the only two with finished sheets and this forum's been rather, well, dead? Come on guys, don't leave this hanging.
  10. Was kinda wondering this as well. Come on, everyone! Finish your characters!
  11. Will do soon sir.
    Been busy with assessments lately, haven't had a lot of time to do this :(
  12. Weekends are a free time. Weekends are soon.
  13. Ummmm.....

    Hey Cactush. Just a friendly thought from a fellow RPer...

    It looks like great endurance is already a power taken by another person. Do you think you could pick a different power to allow for some diversity? Just my two cents. :)
  14. Name: Bradley Johnson
    I.D. Number: 11235813
    Rank: C2
    Year: 1st
    Age: 16
    Sex/Gender: Male
    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Fighting Style: He is a Red Sash in Barititsu


    Tactile Ki Vampirism - Ever since he was born, he was blessed and cursed with the ability to feed off of the Ki of others. This nourishes him, not as food, but it does speed up healing, and bruises have been seen to vanish and swelling to go down while he feeds, although this cannot truly heal serious injuries. What it can do, however, is reduce his fatigue to the point where if he is constantly touching someone, he can go for a very long time without requiring rest.

    This does come with a drawback, however. Namely, the inability to shut it off. No matter what he is doing or what the person means to him, he will feed off of them as long as he is touching their skin with his bare hands. This does not mean he wants to, but that means little to the person getting drained. If he touches someone continuously, like over the course of the fight, they will begin to feel fatigue faster than normal. If contact continues, they could pass out, and if he still continues to touch them, he will eventually suck them dry, killing them.

    Personality: Bradley tries to be friendly to others, even though he has been hurt often in his past. He typically keeps his hand close to his chest, and rarely makes eye contact except when he is fighting. He's not really a joker, but something funny can make him laugh and smile, though many find his smile to be unsettling.

    His guilty pleasure is collecting and snuggling with stuffed animals.

    When fighting, he tries to get it over with as quickly as possible, to avoid hurting is opponent too badly. To his opponents, he appears to have a very predatory, almost hungry gaze.

    His childhood hero is Sherlock Holmes (novel version)

    His catchphrase is 'TALLY HO!'

    It really bugs him when someone uses silverware improperly

    His strange talent is that he can weave strands of grass together to make doilies


    It seemed almost from birth, Bradley was considered to be unlucky. Midway through the pregnancy, his mother took ill and had to be confined to a bed. She gave birth with few complications, and, almost being ironic to the withered and ill appearance his mother had, Bradley was the picture of perfect health. His parents were overjoyed. But to the mother's dismay, she was declared too weak to breastfeed. Surprisingly, a week after Bradley was born, her health took a 180 and she was back to her normal self. The doctors were baffled, and she was finally allowed to breastfeed. But then she got sick again.

    Over the next few years this cycle would repeat. Several doctors came to the conclusion that Bradley was making her sick, but the parents would hear none of it. Until it kept happening. It was not until kindergarten that they finally knew. Bradley had gotten in a fight with another child when then turned into grappling and wrestling. In front of the faces of the teachers and the children, the other boy became physically ill and passed out while Bradley only looked stronger, a black eye even healing before their very eyes. That was the end of it.

    Bradley's mother was hysterical with fear for her boy. She was afraid he'd be persecuted, and so she locked him in their house with her and she home-schooled him. Years went by, and Bradley grew up as boys do. To complement his studies, his father had him learn a martial art to hone his physicality, Bradley chose Barititsu, as at the time, he was a Sherlock Holmes fan. Then eventually his parents found a brochure for New Peaks. They saw it as a way for him to learn outside the home, and perhaps learn to control his 'gift', as they had come to call it. And this, he packed and was sent away.

    The first rule of fight school, is that you do not fail fight school.

    Sharp Dressed Man - ZZ Top
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  15. Spoiler

    Name: Diana Izzy Eagle (yes Eagle is an actual last name)
    I.D. Number: 55531208
    Rank: D-3
    Year: 1st year
    Nationality: American
    Age: 13
    Sex/Gender: Female

    Fighting Style: Shorin-Ryu Karate, yellow belt

    Powers: Inhanced hearing and smelling

    Personality: Diana can often be seen reading up on martial arts magazines and manga. She is usually kind but is short tempered, so if you tick her off, she won't hesitate to get confrontational. She always tends to talk to herself, and when she tries to motivate herself she will often say "First rule of fight school, don't fail fight school!" Aside from that, she is a fairly average teenage girl. She likes to practice her fighting on her free time. Though usually when she is alone, or thinks she is alone. She has a hard time making friends because she is socially awkward and slightly shy. She will often chase her tail around when she is, or thinks, she is alone as a guilty pleasure.

    Height: 4'11

    Catchphrases: "We're not done yet!" and "Fab-u-LOUS!"

    Pet peeve: People calling her a neko rather than being called by her name or nickname(s).

    Background: Diana was always picked on since the age of five and she had no friends because of the way she looked. She would always come home either beat up, or crying. And even though she dealt with it as much as she could, trying to fight back and even trying to hide... when the people who always picked on her, there was no escaping their torments

    At the age of eight, she was on her way home, and of course not allowed to be on the bus anymore both being parahuman and being the cause of fights on it, she was forced to walk since her father was at work and they desperately needed money. She became lost and found herself peering to the glass of a dojo, watching people practice martial arts. She was inspired, in awe and happy.

    At the age of nine, a stranger broke up a fight between her and the bullies, specifically by pushing the opposing kids away. After the kids decided they would rather fight than be on their way, the man used some of his martial arts to scare them, but caused little harm. This man went by the name of Blake. When he helped Diana up and explained who he was, she asked for his help. Due to being poor, she wouldn't be able to afford classes, so they had an agreement.If she impressed him by the end of that month, she would become an official student of Shorin-Ryu Karate.

    No matter what she did, Diana never felt like it was enough. Each time she did something, Blake told her to try harder, move faster, jump higher, and so forth.He was always pushing her to be her absolute best, and accepted nothing less. This kept up for about two weeks, until he decided she was good enough near the end of the month when she defended herself against another bully outside of school. Blake had been keeping an eye on her when possible, and was sufficiently impressed with Diana's practical application of what little he had taught her thus far.

    At age twelve, she was getting better, striking hits harder than she used to, dodging more and more of his attacks and enduring the ones that hit. Diana knew she could do a lot better, seeing as how she was still just a yellow belt. She had done searching in her library, until she overheard people talking about a school that teaches how to fight. She knew she had to go. She then sent letters to the school in hopes of being accepted. However, time and time again she was denied. Eventually she gave up and returned her focus to her everyday life.

    A year later, on her birthday, her father had shown up from work after Diana came home. He held something behind his back. When he handed Diana the surprise... there it was. Her acceptance. Her eyes widened and twinkled with joy and a smile quickly appearedon her face as she embraced her dad in a tight hug. "Daddy they finally let me in!" she exclaimed cheerfully. Ever since hearing of the school, she had dreamed of attending. As it turns out, Diana had been applying for the wrong program. Someone at New Peaks forwarded one of her applications to the "Parahuman Outreach Initiative" director, and he saw fit to accept the young girl for schooling.

    And so when the day came to leave, she started to get her things together. But what would she bring?! Diana was nervous, but eventually she got her clothes together and grabbed her lucky charm before heading out the door. On her way there, she was shaking with excitement and she couldn't stop smiling. In only a few short hours, she'd be on a plane and headed to New Peaks Academy. Little did she know the trials that she would face there, so far away from home.

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  16. Three things.

    First: Greased Smitening has been appointed as my Assistant GM.

    Second: Cfavano, your character passes and will be added to the roster.

    Third: Cheselth, there are issues with your character. First, she is somehow a C-Rank in her first year, yet you list no belt-ranking in Karate and her power takes a full thirty seconds to charge. I'm styling this as a realistic RP, and in all the fights I have experienced in my 27 years of life... most of them lasted a minute or less. A power that takes that long to charge would be relatively ineffective. Especially if concentration is also involved with the power.

    The personality section is acceptable. The background is not. The section for the CS states a three-paragraph minimum length for your backstory. I suggest looking at the backgrounds of the currently accepted characters if you need to get a feel for the level of detail that is expected for your CS. Don't COPY them, of course. But maybe use them to get your creative juices flowing.

    On a positive note, I am at least glad to see someone chose to play a parahuman, even if it is something as easy to create as a neko. +1 points for that.
  17. Uh... yeah sorry. I'm just really distracted at the moment and I'm not good at writing super long messages as it is. I'll fix that as much as possible, in the shortest amount of time possible.
  18. There is no need to rush. We're not starting the IC just yet.

    Even if we do, it is EXCEEDINGLY simple to integrate new characters into a School RP.

    So take your time. I'd rather have your best work and wait a bit than to have you rush and just slap things together.
  19. Alrighty then. But in the ID you did state it couldn't be higher than C, so I just assumed it had to be. I now realize my mistake and will fix that as well.
  20. Ok, Cheselth. I'm going to try and combine my usual blunt but honest demeanor with as much niceness as I can, because I don't want to scare you off or anger you... so here goes.

    First, you still don't list a belt level. Karate is a highly structured style that keeps track of your rank and skill level. Obscure things like the style Cfavano used often don't have rankings, but Karate does. To be acceptable, I would need a ranking.

    Second. Not having a power is fine. Not everyone NEEDS a power.

    Third, Karate is actually a fairly broad style with many sub-styles within. Kyokushin, Shotokan, Shorin-Ryu, and many more... are different forms within the style of Karate. Don't believe me? Click HERE. I'd need you to choose one of them specifically. The most common types in the USA are Shotokan and Shorin-Ryu, if you were wondering.

    Fourth, a twelve year old girl could in no way be better than a seasoned instructor. The minimum ranking for an instructor/sensei is 3rd-Dan. That's a 3rd-degree black belt. Even then, they are generally assistant instructors. Most teahers rank between 4th and 7th Dan, which is to say they are VERY skilled. So really, if you're saying you beat him then you're saying you rank at least at 4th Dan. No characters may be above 1st Dan without a reason. For example, my character has a power which lets him learn the movements of others after watching them for a short while. Thus he learned his style more quickly and is a 2nd Dan.

    Lastly, at the top of the CS... you dropped from C-Rank to E3. E3 is the absolute lowest ranking possible. You say that, then claim to beat your sensei who would be at least 3rd-Dan... yet my character is a 2nd-Dan and is a C2 Rank. And before you assume that means I am ok with you beating your sensei, I am not. I stand by what I said above about that not being possible. It takes a minimum of about eight years of training to acheive a legitimate Black Belt. Even then, teens are rarely issued their black belt until the ages of 15 or 16. In fact, they generally need to pass secondary tests to do so even at that age.

    Currently, I cannot accept the character. It is a decent try, but I think you should have done a bit more research into the martial arts before making your submission. Karate, and all other martial arts, aren't simply the fantastic things we see in movies, television, and anime.
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