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    People have talked of things such as angels and demons but, no one's really ever seen them. Do they exist or are they just fantasy?

    It is 2028 and the world has been plagued with god like beings, or that's what people think. No, the world's been plagued with angels and demons. The demons bringing horror and pain to the world and angels bringing love and kindness. People have caught demons in there true form but none have lived to tell, while many people have seen angels true form all living to tell the tale.

    In all this mess though, the angels and demons are at war. Much like they have been for years, but recently the war has gone to a whole new level. The demons are openly attacking angels the second they see them. No only this but, 'super human's' have been turning up and getting dragged into the mess with other humans. Though there is one town in this mess where the fighting is happening more often. 'Mackinac Island'. A large island city in Lake Huron.
    'Mackinac Island' is where it all began and hopefully will end as well. The only question is who will win?
    1.) Iwaku rules apply
    2.) No G-Modding. Metta Gaming, etc
    3.) No Marry/Gary Sue's
    4.) Swearing is allowed just use it in good taste
    5.) Post at least once a week
    6.) Please at least 10 sentences per post (Put Angel in a spoiler at the bottom of you CS)
    7.) No Drama in the OOC
    8.) You are allowed 2 character's if you want any more pm me
    9.) There will be violence so you don't like violence do not join
    10.) Love is allowed and pretty much encouraged by me, just any overly sexual stuff just fade to black
    11.) Please respect your GM (Me!)
    12.) Have fun and be creative (Put Demon in a spoiler at the bottom of your CS)


    Angel's are god like beings with no leader, unlike religion would suggest. Angel's are kind and bring love and kindness to the world. Often angels are known to be superior to humans in power and intelligent, which is true but, humans are able to kill angels. That is a long and hard process. Angels have two forms. The form there most commonly seen in is there 'Human Form'. There other form they are only seen in when fighting demons, it's there 'Angel Form'.

    - Most commonly angels are known to have healing powers but, there are a select few who have a different power instead of healing.
    - Angel's come in different forms, with different wings. There wings determine there job or 'class'.
    - Can have only one type of power


    Red - Warrior
    White(Most common) - Healer
    Black - Fallen Angel usually on demons side


    Healing - As it says they are able to heal people but, in more ways than one. They can heal both physical and emotional wounds.
    Fire Manipulation - Control over fire
    Light Manipulation - Control over light


    Much like angels, demons are seen a god like beings just evil ones. They being pain and sadness to the world making it so people's lives are full of misery. There are ways to kill demons, just like angels, but it's a long and hard process and only experienced demon hunters can kill them. Demons also have two forms. There common one is there 'Human Form' and there least common one is there 'Demon Form'.

    - Demons are not run by any ruler. They run by there own rules.
    - There are different types of demons
    - Can only have on type of power




    Fire Manipulation - Control over fire
    Shadow Manipulation - Control over Shadows
    Ice Manipulation - Control over Ice
    Destruction - Able to cause destruction as in, decay and destroy buildings
    Fear - Able to make peoples fears come to life
    Humans/Super Humans

    Regular humans have no special ability but, can kill demons and angels with proper training. They are known as Angel and Demon hunters.​

    Super Human's
    Super Humans are humans with none human abilities. Though they are not seen as god like people. Most of society views them as freaks and cast them into the shadows.

    - Super humans can only have on type of power
    - There are different 'classes' of super humans




    Telekinesis - Ability to move objects using the mind
    Super Strength - Enhanced Strength
    Super Speed - Enhanced Speed
    Enhanced Smell​

    Mackinac Island​

    Mackinac Island is a large island in between the upper and lower peninsula of Michigan. The Island has no cars on it and mode of transport are bikes or walking. The island is home of people with a large amount of money, and tourists.​
    Limited amount of spots

    1.) Taken (Pasi)
    2.) Azriel Lucas (Celestial)
    3.) Serena Hope Valentine (Unbound)
    4.) Josephine Ayla Eden (Mysty)

    1.) Alice Ann Juniper (Lulunopia)
    2.) Taken (Shayla)

    1.) Taken (Lulunopia)
    2.) Xena Hailey Rose (Brea)
    3.) Jack (Temet Nosce)

    Super Human's (No spots left)
    1.) Taken (Celestial)
    3.) kiara Darood (The Talentless)
    4.) Logan Reid O’Connor (SoleStride)

    Stuff Here

    Character Sheet

    (Picture Here)


    Name - <Full Name>
    Nicknames -
    Title - (Demon and Angel ONLY)
    Age - <15+>
    Gender -
    Species -
    Sexuality -
    Birthday -
    Astrological Sign -
    Power - (Demon, Angel, Super Human)
    Occupation -
    Type - (Angel and Demon Only(Warrior, Healer, ect.)


    Height -
    Weight -
    Build -
    Hair -
    Eye -
    Piercings -
    Markings - <Scars, Tattoos, Birthmarks>
    Complexion -
    Mode of Dress/Outfit -
    Weapon - (If you have any)
    Extra -
    Real Form - (Angel and Demon only)


    Personality -
    Likes -
    Dislikes -
    Strengths -
    Weaknesses -
    Hobbies/Talents -
    Health Ailments -


    Backstory - (Not required)
    Family -
    Friends -
    Significant Others -
    Enemies -
    Extra -

    Theme Song - (Not required)
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  2. →→→ Phobia's fuel Me - For I Am Fear ←←←

    ||Alice Ann Juniper||Looks to be 25||Demon||Lesbian||January 21||Capricorn||

    Title - 'Fearlight'
    Power - Fear
    Occupation - Bartender
    Type - Assassin

    Height - 5' 3"
    Weight - 120 lbs
    Build - Petite
    Hair - Pale blonde
    Eye - Lime Green
    Piercings - None
    Markings - Tattoo (Back, Leg)
    Complexion - Pale almost porcelain
    Mode of Dress/Outfit - Example
    Weapon - Sword
    Extra -
    Real Form - Demon Form

    As Human - Alice hates to see people sad. She will try everything she can just to make them happy again. Not to mention she's extremely nice, doing anything to help people, even if they are strangers. Most the time people are put off by her bubbly nature. They seem to always tell her she's too positive to be human, which only ends up in her laughing and telling them there being ridiculous.

    As Demon - Alice tends to flirt more than anything, flirting without even knowing it sometimes. Just don't be fulled by her loving smile, she'll turn her back on you in a second. She's a seductive demon who will do anything to get what she wants. If you see her in her demon form she will most likely try and get with you before she kills you.
    Likes -
    - Candy
    - Alcohol
    - Sex
    - Reading
    - The color red
    Dislikes -
    - Drugs
    - Football
    - The word panties
    - Loud places
    - Spicy things
    - Angels
    - Demon hunters
    Strengths -
    - Fear
    - Fast
    - Above Average Sword Skill
    - Agile
    Weaknesses -
    - Not Immortal
    - Not very strong
    - Flirty
    - Hot-Headed
    Hobbies/Talents -
    - Tormenting People
    - Running
    - Drawing
    Health Ailments - None

    History - Alice doesn't really remember her history. All she can remember is black. Her first real memory was her waking up in the middle of nowhere, knowing how to use her powers, but not where they came from.
    Family - She doesn't remember her family
    Friends - OPEN
    Significant Others - OPEN
    Enemies - OPEN
    Extra - Plays Piano

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  3. I am in.. can I have a fallen Angel?
  4. Yup!
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  6. A Warrior Angel and a Assassin Demon^^
  7. Thanks @Shayla for the tag. Love this. @Lulunopia can I get a warrior angel and a superhuman (Hunter with the power of super speed)?
  8. Of course! ^^
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  9. I'll get to working on them :)
  10. @Shayla Thank you for the tag :D

    @Lulunopia I would love to join this, is there any chance I could get a fallen angel?
  11. Of course! That means you take the last angel spot! ^^
  12. Lmao I used to go to Mackinac Island every summer as a kid. So just for that I'm in :P Can I get a hunter demon and a superhuman?
  13. I actually have been to Mackinac once on a field trip and sure! ^^
  14. I didn't even know that was a real place xD
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  15. It is! It smells like horses and fudge XD And don't forget about the daily canon fire!
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  16. The fudge is amazing but, expensive if they don't give you a discount for being a student.
  18. Love you too babe <3
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