Fight of the Elements

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  1. Thousands of years ago darkness covered the land. Armies lead by the lady of shadows conquered the planet until one day, a group rose to fight the darkness and her armies. The Warriors harnessed the powers of the five Elements, Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Lightning. With their elemental powers the warriors were able to defeat the armies but fell in battle against the lady of shadows. Before they fell the warriors were able to seal the Lady of Shadows away, but now the seal has weakened and she is now able to escape from her prison. Upon seeing the modern world, the lady saw that she needed new armies to conquer the new earth. Seeing as how she was sealed away by the warriors of the elements she set out to create her own warriors, warriors whose powers came from the same elements as the originals, but twisted by darkness. Now in this time of need, who will rise to save our world and who will try and conquer it.The choice is in your hands now.

    General Rules:
    1. No God Modding
    2. No Marry Sues
    3. No controlling another persons character unless given permission
    4. No more than 2 characters per person
    5. Have fun

    Air: Joseph Eagleheart

    Dark Elements:
    Shadow Fire:
    Shadow Earth:
    Shadow Water:
    Shadow Air:
    Shadow Lightning

    Character Bio:
    Age( 16-21):
    Weapons and Armor:
    Looks (real or anime I don't care):

    (here's my bio)
    Character Bio:
    Name: Joseph Eagleheart
    Age( 16-21): 20
    Element: Air
    Weapons and Armor:
    [​IMG] armor

    [​IMG] bow

    Looks: [​IMG]
    Other:Plays the guitar and sings
  2. Can I reserve Lightning and Shadow Water?
  3. (Sure)
  4. Can I reserve Fire?
  5. yes
  6. quick question, what time period is this RP? medival, modern? futuristic?
  7. modern setting with a lot of magic in it
  8. Character's Bio: (WIP)
    Name: Daniel Char
    Age: 17
    Element: Fire
    Weapons and Armor:
    What Armor?

  9. (armor that represents your element)
  10. I actually meant that Daniel doesn't wear any armor.
  11. ok
  12. [​IMG]
    Name: Misaki
    Age( 16-21): 16
    Element: Lightning
    Weapons and Armor: None necessary

    Name: Aoi
    Age( 16-21): 16
    Element: Dark Water
    Weapons and Armor: None necessary.
  13. Can I suggest one of those elements that are out of the box that no one would expect to be an element, as it would be taught or known by unusual means as an extra thing? If not I'm down with taking Dark Earth and Water as reservations.
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  14. no, sorry but I have the elements that I wanted, but you can have the reservations
  15. alright that sounds fine to me, I will set up the characters then
  16. Character Bio:
    Name: Amon Ahmose
    Age( 16-21): 18
    Element: Shadow Earth
    Weapons and Armor:


    Looks (real or anime I don't care):

    Other: Amon is Egyptian, but has left his religious ways to follow the Lady of the Shadows. He does speak English. His weapon is a dual sided fan ax, and he can split it apart to use as two pieces if need be. While on his venture throughout Egypt and far off countries, Amon has been searching for the other Shadow elements to come together. Control was his wish, and destruction is his tool.

    Character Bio:
    Name: Ashley Josephine
    Age( 16-21): 17
    Element: Water
    Weapons and Armor:

    Looks (real or anime I don't care):

    Other: At a young age Ashley had been working with her elemental powers, but also for the American government to keep an eye out for the time that the Lady of Shadow may come once again. The highly confidential file had been given to her along with shadow element protection armor that the government scientists designed. Her massive Odachi ready to go as well as any other tools needed to protect herself. It was time to send the Lady of Shadows back into her cage.
  17. is there an in Character thread by any chance yet
  18. I'd like to reserve Shadow Fire, please.
  19. okay
  20. Name(s): Firebrand (real name James Emberhart, unknown to all but himself.)
    Age( 16-21): 17
    Element: Shadow Fire
    Weapons and Armor:
    • Weapons:
      Weapons (open)
      Beretta Brick.jpg Hellblaze Dagger.jpg
    • Armor:
      Armor (open)
      What you see is what you get. Leather jacket, hoodie, t-shirt, jeans, and sneakers.

    Looks (real or anime I don't care):
    Igno-Terran Anarchist.jpg
    Other: Firebrand is a highly active anarchist and revolutionary, an elusive pyromancer that shows up at riots world-wide. Almost impossible to track due to having no fingerprints and no info on any database. He was raised by anarchists, and was revered almost as a god within the commune he was raised in for his power, and it got into his head. He considers himself more powerful and of greater importance than "mere mortals". As he grew up, he learned of eleven other beings with elemental powers, six of which fought for justice and light, five of which were on the side of darkness and chaos like he. He continues to travel the world, appearing at riots everywhere, hoping one day to run into a fellow Shadow Elemental. He is constantly listening to metal, punk, and rock music from a wide variety of bands.
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