Fight For Your Rights!

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  1. African Americans during this time period have been fighting for their rights. They have been known as slaves in earlier years, and even after they have still been mistreated.
    Throughout this time period you could see economic events, political events, and even social events that were influencial in changing Civil Rights in America during the 1950s and 1960s.
    If you were a white American in this time period, you tended to be hateful towards colored people.
    African Americans were not allowed to flirt, touch, or even go near their women. The schools were segrated along with the buses and other public locations.
    You could see more of these racist actions in the south compared to the north.
    If you were colored in the south you would know what to expect form white men and women. You would get beaten for treating white folks with disrepect. Hatred would be shown towards you, and there was nothing you could do about it, due to court always siding with white Americans.
    In the north, it was easier to get jobs as a colored male or female. Easier to live your life. But that doesn't mean you were completely free from racial hatred. You can't completely change a racist man's mind, even if the law tells you to put those thoughts behind you and treat everyone equally.

    The role-play will take place in 1960. Plenty of events has happened before then that helped move the Civil Rights movement along.

    1954: In Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka, Kansas, the supreme court rules unanimously against school segregation.

    1954: Death of Emmett Till. A young boy supposedly whistled at a white woman. It angered white men causing them to go after him that night. They said they just wanted to walk, and they have even said that was what they were truly going to do, but they ended up brutally murdering Emmett Till. He found in the river the next day, barely recognizable. His killers were not convicted, angering a lot of African Americans.

    1955: Rosa Parks refuses to give up her seat on a bus to a white person, resulting in a year-long boycott on the buses in Montgomery, Alabama.

    1957: Martin Luther King, jr founded the Southern Christian Leadership Conference to work for full equality of African Americans.

    1957: The federal government uses the military to uphold African Americans' civil rights, as soldiers escort nine African American students to desegregate a school in Little Rock, Arkansas. Daisy Bates, an NAACP leader, advised and assisted the students and eventually had a state holiday dedicated to her.

    It was February fourth, 1960, three days after the sit-in in Greensboro, North Carolina, where four black students from the North Carolina Agriculture and Technical State University. The four university students stayed until the store closed. The next day more than twenty students joined the sit-in.
    February fourth, the fourth day, more than three hundred people participated.

    Kalila and Kendall Wright For a RP 2.jpg For a RP 1.png
    The two twins were walking to school. They went to a school that was not segregated, located in Washington. It was hard for the both of them to make any friends due to them being biracial.
    "Race you to school!" Kendall called to his sister and the two immediatley began running off.
    "I win!" Kendall yelled after five minutes of running. It was a close call, but he did make it to the building first. The twins walked stood outside, looking in the direction of a group of white kids.
    "Pay no mind to them, Kendall," Kalila cautioned her brother before they walked to class.
    After a couple hours it was time for recess. All the kids ran out to play outside. Kendall made it to the swingset and sat on the only good swing left. Soon after, a white boy about the age of twelve came up to him.
    For RP 5.jpg
    "Get off the swing. It's my turn," the boy said.
    "I was here first, Benny," Kendall stated, slowing down to stop swinging.
    "Niggers aren't allowed on the swings," Benny said as he crossed his arms.
    "Watch your mouth, boy," Kendall warned as he stood from the swing, ready to defend himself. Benny always tended to mess with Kendall and Kalila the most due to being biracial. Based on what his parents told him, he thinks the twins' mother is white trash for marrying a black man.
    Benny pushed Kendall down before spitting at him and running away.
    Kendall angrily wiped his face and turned towards his sister, just now realizing she was besides him.
    He got up and straightened the baseball cap given to him by his dad. Kendall remained quiet and only walked back in the school building when the bell rang, sitting in class until school was over and the two could get away from anyone else.

    Richard Wright For a RP.jpg
    Richard straightened his bowtie as he kissed his wife, Matilda. He was preparing to head off to work just as the kids ran out for school. Matilda was a stay-at-home mom, so she would still be there when the children returned home.
    Richard worked as a cashier at a burger joint. He didn't get much, but it was still enough to feed his family and give a roof over their heads.
    "I'm heading out, honey," Richard said before leaving out the door. He walked to his 1957 Chevy 210 Sedan and started the car.
    Old car.jpg
    There were no problems on his way to work or through the door to the burger joint. He nodded to a couple of his coworkers before he went behind the counter, ready to work.

    Leonard Richmond For a RP 3.jpg
    Leonard was walking to his eighth job. It was hard to keep them when you had a temper like Leonard's, especially if you're working with white folks in the state of Alabama.
    His new job was as a janitor at a restaurant meant for only white people. So far he's kept it for a week. He was good as long as he kept his mouth shout and didn't look directly at anybody unless directed to. He was obedient unless he felt that something was not right, that is when he would get himself in trouble. Nobody likes when others go against their rules saying it wasn't right.
    Leonard used to be a sweet young boy before his brother was killed. From what he heard, it didn't seem like his brother deserved to be killed.
    "Ay nigger! You missed a spot!" One of Leonard's coworkers snapped at him and pointed at what appeared to be a decently clean table.
    "I don't see anything wrong with it," Leonard stated as he looked at the table. There was no dirty spot on the table. Leonard knew how to do his job right.
    "You calling my a liar?"
    "No sir," Leonard answered, knowing that that would have been the correct response. Even though the table looked clean to him, he still wiped it off.

    Kaleb Richmond For a RP 4.jpg
    Kaleb was outside the school building when a bigger kid pulled him over. "Do you have any lunch money?" the other kid would ask.
    "N-no. I don't have any money," Kaleb answer truthfully. Leonard didn't bring home much money, therefore, Kaleb couldn't always get three meals a day like some children.
    "Are you lying to me?"
    "Of course not." Kaleb's voice was quiet, but was still audible. The other kid only shoved Kaleb before walking away.
    Usually he would have hit him or something, thinking that he really was lying, but the bell rung and neither of them wanted to be late.

    Justin Bennard For a RP 6.jpg
    Justin was on his way to school.The school was located in Alabama, therefore only whites went to his school even though schools around the country are now trying to get rid of segregated schools.
    Justin had his hands jammed in his pockets and a toothpick placed between his top and bottom row of teeth as he walked. There was no interactions on his way to school due to him still being tired and lack of passerby's.
    As Justin entered the school building, the halls were seen as crowded. One scrawny kid walked by and brushed shoulders with Justin.
    "Hey! Watch it!" Justin warned before he turned back around with an annoyed eyeroll. Most students know Justin and either fear him, or are friends with him.

    Jennie Bennard For RP 7.jpg
    Jennie sat at the dining room table as she held a spoon filled with applesauce up to her daughter's mouth.
    As the baby opened her mouth to eat, Jennie's fiance, Jacob, walked into the room.
    "I will be heading off to work in a bit," he stated.
    Jacob and Jennie were planning to have their marriage in about a week from now. Jennie's family would be attending, including her racist brother who lives in Alabama. Jennie moved away from the state due to the amount of racial prejudice. Now she lived in Chicago.
    Jennie wasn't 100% sure her brother would make it. He always seemed to make fun of her as though he didn't care for her. Jennie would still like for him to come.
  2. [​IMG]

    For the Peaky Blinders, it was a typical busy day of illegal business for them. Teddy was away at a horse racing event watching a horse from afar which the Gang secretly owned, Barry was at a hidden location in which he secured and took note of all bets being made on their horse to win with other gang members. Whose job was trickier? Well, they were both even. Then there was Liatris, who had just finished getting ready in a suit before walking down into the luxurious living room. He seemed to be relaxing and not doing business unlike his brothers and sighed to himself. In fact, he was the one who planned the horse races when he wasn't supposed to and snuck one of his horses into the race. Surely he would be caught soon, but in the end would try to negotiate the man in charge of the races off. It was hard fixing up the races his way anyways. His horse was meant to win, and he planned it to win. To which it definitely would.

    The sound of paws against the floor -clacking and dragging noises almost- was heard. Trotting his way to be exact and Liatris slid on his shoes quietly as he looked up. Merlin seemed to wanna join his company and he bent down to give the dog a good petting."Morning bud." He grunted at the black and brown doberman."Wheres the rest of your friends?" He asked, standing up and reaching for a cigarette to light over the coffee table. The dog slightly whimpered in response, and Liatris looked far away down the halls, taking in a deep breath and whistling very loudly for his dogs.

    The male waited patiently as we walked to the front door quietly. A pure black doberman came, which was Nitro who walked around his master as a greeting to which Liatris pet then a brown one came, Fala. She sniffed Liatris and he petted her as well before he looked up from the ground, squatting there at the front door."Nikita." He called loudly before grinning when he saw the sight of the white Doberman, slowly trotting over him."There you are!~" He said very happily petting her. Liatris then left the large house, locking the door shut behind him and proceeded to walk as his four dobermans followed without the need of a leash. They were trained well enough anyways, and if a territory required no dogs allowed? The dogs would wait patiently outside the shop or something and avoid people or 'thieves'.

    Liatris took a taxi to drive him to town. He passed a nonsegregated school with his dogs, and turned to the next street over it. It was a 10 minute walk or so. Cause on the next street over from the school was an arcade on the left side, and a bar on the right side. Most of the area here wasn't segregated, but racial conflict still took place around of course. It was a funny street. Adult stops on one side, yet a school that was a street over and a arcade straight across the bar."Seriously, this isn't a proper street for kids." Liatris hissed to himself as he made it inside the bar. The bell chimed from the door, and he walked in taking a seat casually near the counter. His dogs surrounding him.

    "White whiskey. Any, Thomas." He stated at the owner of the bar. Today at the bar would be a typical day.