Fight for Xenithia: The Realm of Darkness.

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Akame No Kage

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Xenithia and Illumina have waged war. Illumina's god, Morror, has sent the Solmiir on a purge quest to kill off ever Akame demon that plagues the world. Thier king marches with 10, 000 man army to destroy Xenithia.

Meanwhile, Xenithia wishes to live. The Akame hold the defensive in search of allying with Defferan, Tharin, Azalea, or Zorona. While the king holds his ground in Xenithia with his army of 6,000 the Princess roams Quotin, searching for allies.

There are no humans in Quotin, the world of the elements, so the person who wishes to join should be a species native Quotin. Here are the species and a short description.

Akame-Demon/human. Half-blood demon that use their emotions to fight. Native element is shadows.

Solmiir-Angel/human. Half-blood angel that are masters at mimicking. Native element is light.

Tah-Riin-Golem/human. Half blood golems with rock hard skin and super strength. Native element is earth.

Zoronian-Cat/human. Half blooded cats that are adept in magic. Native element is water.

Khor-Elf/human. Half blooded elves that are amazing smithes and hunters. Native element is wind.

Hiess-Dwarve/human. Half blooded dawrves that are exception with all metal weapons. Native element is fire.

All races can use all magic types, but they are better with thier native element.

The roleplayers must fight for Xenithia, but can be any race, even Solmiir.
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