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  1. Name: Elliot Pierce.

    Age: 21

    Gender: Male

    Personality: He's cold, he absolutely hates talking unless it's needed. He's intimidating and very scary to most people who don't know him.

    Habits: He doesn't really have any.

    Likes: Reading.

    Dislikes: Weakness.

    History: He lost his family a long time ago by a pack of rogues, so that's the main reason why he's so cold.

    Human Appearance: [​IMG]

    Wolf Appearance: [​IMG]
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  2. Name: Jay Spence

    Age: 17

    Gender: Male

    Personality: To describe Jay would be a puppy, he's very warm and open to others, he's shy and hates to fight, but don't let that fool you just like all puppies he bites when you least expect it.

    Habits: He tends to be very clumsy and fall over his own feet.

    Likes: Snow, winter, music, books

    Dislikes: Warm weather, fighting, blood

    History: Jay comess from a very wealthy family, but that never got to his head, he has always been very normal and never thought much of himself. They're clan lived happily in one place for years until they were forced to move to another place, where Jay knows nothing.

    Human Appearance: [​IMG]

    Wolf Appearance: [​IMG] Jay's wolf body is naturally smaller than most, this makes people see him as fragile and unable to fight.
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  3. (( Sorry that I didn't give much information. He just. Doesn't have a whole lot to know. ACTUALLY NO. He has a ton. But will be explained later on. Also, I changed the Picture for Elliot. ))

    Elliot was very frustrated right now, he had to deal with Rogues running around AND a new Clan. Could things get any worse? He wasn't so sure but he hoped it wouldn't or else he'll explode.
    When he found out about the Clan, he instantly wanted to decline their stay. But he couldn't because he didn't own the land, since multiple Clans lived around them, just not as close as this new 'Clan'. He absolutely despised things like this.

    His Beta came running in a few seconds later, knocking softly. Elliot growled loudly before allowing him to come in. "They're here. The Alpha would like to meet you. Don't kill him." His Beta, 'Ronnie' muttered quietly, keeping his head low.

    Elliot sighed, standing up. He walks out of his office and out into the Open, which held the New Clan. He stared at everyone with an evil look in his eye, waiting for their Alpha to come forth and speak, stating as to why they decided to Trespass.
  4. Jay was no where to be found near his clan, he was to busy running around in the snow and his father's poor beta was running after him, trying to make sure that he didn't get hurt or cause any trouble "Jay!! Where the hell are you!!" Jack, his dad's beta yelled "Shit, Alpha's gonna kill me if I don't find him" Jack muttered to himself "JAY!!!" He kept searching but couldn't find anything.

    (With Jay)
    The place was huge, and Jay couldn't keep his excitement down anymore, he was just so excited to be living here sure he'll miss their old home a lot, but this place was just so amazing "wonder what Jack's up too" he wondered to himself as he turned to go back and find his dad's beta.

    (With the clan)
    It was buzzing among the wolf clan, there were whispers and many questions, but all went silent as the Alpha of the other clan stepped out of his office, many got shivers from the look he gave them, but their Alpha stepped out, he was very neatly dressed man, with blonde hair and green eyes "Elliot Pierce" he spoke offering his hand so that the other could shake it "I must apologize for the trespass on your lands, but we are in need of a place to stay due to... BANG!!!" Everything was cut of as a young boy slammed open the door "Come on Jack were la....te" Jay cut himself of as he saw everyone looking at him.
  5. Elliot didn't even bother trying to shake his hand as a young lad came running. He instantly glared and growled, his canines growing. "Who…. Who are you?!" He said loudly, his voice deep and held a ton of power.
    He was calm, but very agitated.

    (( Ronnie. ))
    Ronnie instantly came out "Sorry about that. Alpha Pierce doesn't like interruptions, or anything, for that matter. You all can go to your homes now." He yelled at everyone before grabbing Elliot's arm, pulling him inside. He sighed deeply "You're going to have to get used to this. Allow them to get to know you and the Pack. You can't be like this or they'll obviously try something." He states before walking away, making Elliot roll his eyes.

    (( Sorry that it's somewhat short. ))
  6. Jay's eyes widened as he saw the other Alpha immediately he felt the others dominance when he growled at him, Jay let his head drop and he want to stand behind Jack, the other pack members however, slightly barred their canines ready to defend their pack's most prized member if this other Alpha even thought about attacking. "Don't worry Jay its okay" Jack softly whispered to Jay to try and comfort the small wolf.

    They all relaxed when Ronnie, as they came to know him, spoke up and said that they could all go to their homes. Everyone was a bit confused, wasn't the Alpha supposed to talk to them and give them a "the right to stay"?
    But no one was complaining ether.

    "Let us go then" their Alpha Rowan spoke while walking to his son "what have I taught you, behaving like that in front of a complete stranger and an Alpha at that" Rowan softly hugged his small son. "Sorry dad" he spoke, still feeling that strange feeling in the pit of his stomach.
  7. Elliot sighed softly before changing his clothes, now looking like an actual person. He walks out of the Pack house and stuffs his hands into his pockets, walking to the Forest.
    Once he's deep enough in the Forest he quickly takes off his clothes and changes into his Large wolf. Everyone never really understood how he was so big, but it didn't bother him. It just made everything easier for him.
  8. It had been about 3 hours ago since Jay's little problem with the other Alpha, but now he couldn't even think about it, he was once again in the forest playing in the snow only this time in his wolf body, it was just so much more fun like this.

    Jay ran and pounced around in the snow, not caring much if it was cold or really remembering what his dad told him. They were living here now right? So he was free to go where he wanted right? Yes, that's how Jay saw it all.
  9. Elliot ran around in his wolf form, noticing another wolf's scent. He got curious so he quickly ran to where the other wolf was located, he hid behind a bush once he saw the Male.
    He didn't like the fact that they already lived on his Land, but now they're running in his forest? What the hell?. He growled softly and walked out from behind the bush, standing tall.

    Now he wasn't going to do anything, but if the young wolf tried anything he would be forced to hurt him.
  10. Lying down and rolling in the snow Jay never even realized the other presence until he heard the growl, swiftly Jay jumped to his paws, he was going to approach the other but decided against it when he saw how much bigger the other wolf.

    Jay tried not to look afraid and tried to keep his head high, but the other's scent just screamed for him to stand down and run away yet it held a softer side. Deciding to go with that he lied down on the slow covered ground and rolled onto his back, looking at the now upside down wolf he stretched his paws towards the other trying to get him to come closer.
  11. Elliot stopped growling and he tilted his head to the side, trying to figure the other wolf out. He changed back into his human form, now completely naked in front of the male.
    He kept his face expressionless "Why're you on my land, sir?" He kneels down a little ways away from the Wolf. He wasn't embarrassed about being naked in front of other people, it's not like they haven't seen people naked before.
  12. Jay was a little surprised to see who the wolf actually was, he quickly got up again and changed into his human form keeping his low, the last thing he wanted to do was upset the Alpha, he already hadn't made the best first impression "sorry...I'm just going to leave now" Jay whispered softly and changed back into his wolf form turing, with his head low to walk home.
  13. Elliot sighed quietly before growling, changing back into his Wolf form. He knew what it was like to be a child, yes, to him, the other male was a child. He caught up with the younger wolf and bit his tail, somewhat glaring.
    He shook his head, signaling that the male can stay before quickly running off. He checks the border, seeing that they were fine he went home. He may have a Small soft side, but it rarely comes out.

    Once he reaches the pack house, he walks into his office and starts finishing up his Paper work that he needs to do.
  14. Stopping in his tracks Jay looked back as he felt the other wolf bite his tail, he kept his ears down and didn't make any eye contact with the Alpha, he only fully looked up when he ran away.

    Jay was outside until the sun was just starting to set 'should probably get back home' he thought to himself as he started to run back home. Once home he spotted Jack and pounced him "how's your first day been" he asked not getting off, of the Beta "Pretty stressful" Jack answered from under the small teen "And dad...?" Asked Jay in an uncertain voice, his dad was so hard to keep happy "Well, he doesn't like the you Alpha, says he's arrogant...and that's pretty much it...bed time" he said and pushed Jay off "yeah see in the morning" jay smiled at Jack.

    ~time skip~ next morning~
    Jay woke up feeling fresh a feeling he hadn't had in a very long while, he want to his bedroom window and looked at the sun, it was still low so it couldn't be that late. Jay listened and heard no other sounds but his breathing "others must still be asleep" he said softly. Deciding to go get breakfast he went downstairs.
  15. Elliot didn't sleep at all, he hardly ever sleeps. Everyone secretly called him a Vampire, well they thought he didn't know about that nickname. He sighs quietly, walking around the pack house. He gets bored after a while so he walks out of the house, going to the Forest once again.

    He took off his clothes and changed into his wolf form. He howls happily before running around, checking on the Borders. Doing the same routine just like every other day. Sometimes he wishes things would change.
  16. After having his breakfast jay walked out of the house "let's go explore" he said to himself making a mental note not to stay out so late again and to try and avoid the other Alpha, the last he wanted to do was get on his bad side.

    Jay changed into his wolf for and started to run through the woods, admiring the sites and stopping every now and then to look more closely at some. Eventually he found himself on the border, it was really cool.

    Distracted by the sited Jay wasn't looking where he was running at all, so he never saw the fast approaching figure. Jay let out a moaning sound has he connected with something or someone sending them both to the ground. Jay's head hurt from the impact he lei on the ground his ears pulled back as he waited for the dizziness to pass.
  17. Elliot blinked, feeling something ram into him. Obviously he didn't move an inch but it still felt weird. He turned his head and looked down at the other wolf, curious as to why he was near the Border.
    He bit on the younger males ear before helping him up. He didn't know exactly what to do so for a while he just.. Stood there. For some unknown reason he felt a tad bit of happiness, which somewhat upset him. Since he didn't ever want to have emotions because they made him weak, he couldn't be weak for his pack.
  18. Jay felt teeth close around his ears and bite down, it wasn't a hard bite just hard enough for him to feel it. Jay blinked his eyes a bit and had to fight to keep himself up straight.
    When he got his focus back he saw just who he ran into 'oh no' he thought to himself as he looked down and let out a whine as to say sorry.

    This exactly what Jay had been trying to avoid, the Alpha, his dad already told him to stay away from him...but something made Jay feel a little happier when he was close to the other wolf.
  19. Elliot nods, accepting his apology. He licked the males ear where he bit him unintentionally. Once he realizes what he did, he growled, mad at himself. He quickly turns around and runs away, this can't happen again. It just can't.

    (( Major Brain Dead moment. I am so sorry. T_T ))
  20. The lick to his ear felt so warm and welcoming, that's when a knew that this Alpha couldn't be all that cold, he had something he was holding back. Jay decided that he was curious about the other now, and acting on his foolish curiosity he ran after the larger wolf.

    It didn't take him long to catch up to the other and in no time he was running right next to him, Jay had no idea why he was running 'he accepted the apology, didn't he' he questioned himself still running. After a moment Jay felt his lungs burning, sure he was fit, but man! How could this guy keep running. He slacked a bit and bit the other's tail to make him stop.