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  1. In my posts I like to use fieldboxes titled as my characters name, but lately when I try making a fieldbox (or a standard border for that matter) it automatically breaks it and continues the border in a second and sometimes third section. [See this post for a visual] At first I assumed the images were interfering with the code but right now I have an issue with the same breaking up happening with just text. When I try to edit the post to fix this I see that a nother set of [/ solid ] and [ solid ] or fieldbox codes have been added where the breaks can be seen and I try to remove these to prevent the problem but it automatically adds them back.

    Here is another example copied and pasted from a post I am writing right now...No need to read the post but just look ad the fieldbox. I have only typed code for one fieldbox.

    Belyavor OrminaiSeeing the massive dragoon take a set relaxed Belyavor, the grip on his sword loosened. The tension in the air was so thick he could feel it on his skin, tugging at his hairs begging him to leave, but he refused to leave. "Var," he whispered silently, "Any theories?" Shortly after he gave silent words, a massive Esper and what seemed to be another halfbreed walked in. Normally the sword the Esper carried would have bothered Belyavor, but he knew that Espers liked their weapons. Var was over there still holding his spear in his hand and pointing it to the ceiling. It was rare to see Var drop his spear unless he was tailoring. Belyavor had suggested many times in the past to Var that he should give himself legs, but Var always responded by saying that he couldn't do that, Espers may not modify or repair their own bodies. That was why they were suits of armor, the Esper were a durable race, possibly the hardest to kill.
    Belyavor Orminai

    Still, Beyavor sized up everyone in the room. So far the ones that would prove to be a threat were the Dragoon, the giant Esper, and perhaps the Kindred that came in. Dragoons as a species were ferocious, especially when angry, and this one in particular was a sizable foe. Sure, Belyavor could use wind magic, but nothing to blow over that much force. Judging from the sword he was extremely strong, a sword so large that Belyavor certainly would barely even get it off the ground. Comparatively it made his sword look like a glorified kitchen knife. He'd keep his eye on that one.

    The rather tall Esper had a decent sized sword as well, and as Espers don't fatigue it probably used the sword well. Espers were tough and sturdy, this one was not like Var in that it was a fully closed casing. He would be easier to strike but harder to break, and again his wind was not powerful enough to do anything to something of that size. Still, the menacing look of the Esper actually put Belyavor at ease as counter intuitive as it may have seemed. It was simple, the intimidating look of him made him certain that should anyone want to start a fight here then they would be turned off that idea by looking to the threats they would have to face. For now he released his drip from the handle of his sword and put it at his side.

    As for the Kindred that had just walked in, she did not look like much but that was the Kindreds biggest advantage. Physically they were not impressive, but if they wanted to they could sue their magic to devastate any opponents they may have. Thankfully his sword could cut magic, so he was not afraid.
  2. Did you check it in the rich text editor (the standard view) or the BB code editor? Sometimes the rich text editor messes things up, but it doesn't really show it. The BB code editor will for sure. If you want me to, I can take a look at your post myself, to see if I can find the thing that is causing rich text to think it needs to put in solid breaks.
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  3. Please do, because I have no idea how to work stuff like that xD If I know the problem and how to fix it then I will be happy.
  4. I had this happen frequently and as Peregrine said it seemed to be an issue with the Rich text editor breaking things. Now I always manually enter in the fieldbox code in the BB code editor and haven't had a problem since.
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  5. You know what, I think I worked it out. There's a size code exactly where each break occurs. On the link above I tried removing those and that seems to have fixed it...Thanks for the tips both of you, I never thought to look there!
  6. Found the problem. :D. I fixed it on Var, but left it on your other character so that you'll know how to clean it up yourself in the future. There's probably one of two flops, just because I'm on my phone rather than on my computer, but I know what you need to do.

    Rather than using the default font size, you wrote both character sheets in 3 pt. Rich text broke up the font resizing into several chunks, rather than doing it all in one block. However, because you have the size outside the solid in the BB code editor, it needed to end the solid before it could end the size. But you had told it you wanted the solid to continue, so it had to start a new one for you. :D

    BB code editor is the upper right button, just in case you don't know.

    To get it to look correctly, make sure the BB code is formatted like this
    [solid][size=3]Character sheet in here!!!![/size][/solid]
    That should take care of your problem. Let me know if it doesn't work, or if my explanation doesn't make sense.

    EDIT: lol. Well done. :D
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  7. Very helpful, thanks!
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