Field Guide Challenge: These feet were made for walking!


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Welcome to the Field Guide Challenge!

These challenges are linked with Cammyjag's Researcher's Field Guide, a blog dedicated to the advancement of knowledge, research, and better writing. At the end of each entry is a related challenge, a chance for you to use your knowledge in a creative writing style. Don't know if you need the Guide? Try this challenge and see!

TASK > Paint a word picture.

Using the following image prompt, describe a character ambulating across this terrain, but focus solely on the legs and feet. Try to be descriptive in what they look like, how they land on the ground, what their foot posture is, how their foot posture helps or hinders them, and even what kind of tracks they leave. Do you think you're up to the challenge? Feel free to post your descriptive paragraphs below.


Do you have a suggestion of a genre, writing style or topic you would like to see addressed in the Guide? Send me a PM and let me know!


Okay this went a bit over board and choose a wolf instead of a human and in the end I couldn't focus entirely on the legs and paws either.


The forest was quiet today, a few birds sang their melodic tunes, a breeze russled the leaves and a river flowed nearby leading to a small waterfall. The large grey wolf stalked through the undergrowth, his large paws whispered over the loose rocks, a low click the only sound whenever a large dark claw would accidentally hit a smooth rock. The bushes gently caressed the wolf's strong legs as he put down each paw with careful precission, every move carefully planned, the unknown territory deserved caution and the wolf's soft paws made no sounds. This winding roots, larger moss covered rocks and a small trickle of water tried to hinder him but nothing could change his posture, adjusting his gait without pause the wolf stepped over the roots, lifting his large paws high under his pale stomach, placing each paw on the moss he didn't slip even as the water made it slippery. Stopping by the small stream the large wolf lowered his head and lapped up some cool water, drops of the liquid spattered over his legs, the droplets glittering in the sun like diamonds, a slow current tugged at the short fur on his fore legs and tickled his toes, shaking one paw he shifted his massive weight to three legs, the small rocks moving under him. Continuing his stalk through the stream, its cool temperature sothing his paw pads after a long day of travel.

Stopping in surprise the wolf saw strange wood on a muddy slope, they smelled strange, like nothing in the woods the old wolf had ever seen, but they felt secure under his prodding with one paw and he stepped up on the first plank, his paw flattening slightly as his weight fell mostly on one fore leg. Following with his other fore leg the old wolf lifted up his hind legs as well, balancing on the strange contraptions with all four paws, shaking slightly in his tension as he carefully moved on leg at the time, his dark claws brusing slightly against the hard wood, his paw pads strong and hardened, not like a pup who'd have a risk to get splinters. His gait, though slow, took the wolf steadily up the slope, his legs strong yet it wasn't long left now, soon hispaws would hit familiar ground for sure, even if he forgot it his nose wouldn't nor would his paws, they could feel what was familiar or not even as his amber eyes dulled, glazed over with fog obscuring much of his sight. Silver grey fur dappled with black and beige with rippling muscles and strong bones, yet age was wearing him down, as the canopy got thicker ahead of him the old wolf's eyes failed to see ahead, his sensitive smell and physical memory would lead him the way home. His gait slowed slightly as the wolf placed each paw softly on the ground, feeling ahead for any obstruction before putting his weight on the leg, he was getting tired he knew it, his heart beat hard, he muscles ached and his paws fell to the soft ground shooting pain through his reumatism, yet his determination was absolute, either he'd get to his goal or he'd die trying, the wolf would continue until his legs failed him.

A breeze made it's way through the trees, brushing through his thick fur giving him hope of success, the ground beneath his sensitive paws stirred memories inside him, he was close there was still hope of his old limbs aiding him to the end. New strength seeped into his legs and he forgot his aching muscles, home, it was so close. His paws prodded the earth, seeking foothold, and finding it beside rocks and bushes and there it was, the winding path up the small wood covered mounatain. Stiffly he changed course, feeling the strength in his limbs seep away again as the slope took his breath away. His paw pads hit the sharp rocks, spreading small thin fissures over the dark, thick skin but he felt no pain anymore. Quickening his gait to a slow, stilted trot, ignoring the whips of branches on his legs and the rocks rolling beneath his weigth. There, he was at the top, the old wolf was sure of it the slope that evened out and the thick grass spreading out under his tired paws, the smell of flowers wafted through the air and the very air served to sooth his muscles. Walking forward his large paws hit stone again and then sand, the sunlight was shut out and the wind died down, his paws sank deep into the warm sand, leaving sand grains between his toes, delicate silver strands fell of him as the wolf shook his fur straight, his paws skidding in the sand, leaving large dents in it. Bending his legs under him the wolf lay down, his being at ease finally, the ache in his legs slowly faded away, even the dull pain in his cracke paw pads vanished in the dull cloud that filled his head. The old wolf lay down his head, resting it atop large paws, his pale throat fur mixing with the darker on his legs. At peace, at home, finally he could finally be at rest in a safe place, where aching muscles, tired bones and worn paws could feel young again. His amber eyes closed, shielding his view of his grey paws and black claws.