Fictional groups/people you feel bad for

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  1. So i'm sure we all felt something for a fiction person or people. What are some of yours? O.o

    The group I feel bad for most are the clones from star wars. At first, I was under the impression that they liked the war and were basically programmed to like it, so I didn't find much to feel bad about.

    But after battlefront 2, republic commando, even star wars the clone wars season 6... Damn o.o These people have probably the worst lives out there.

    But it didn't really start like that per se. At first, they were just bio-weapons. But then the Jedi encouraged critical thinking and thought, which made them more "Human" So when they became more human like, they have the DICKISH RACE IN THE GALAXY THE KAMINO'S treat them like numbers and product, all their bosses basically see them no different from droids, their sole enemy they were literally bred to hate and destroy. And speaking of droids, those droids are NOT fun to fight. After republic commando, I've gotten a whole new respect for Clones. Despite what the movies show, the droid army is not a pretty one. In fact, clones don't even see the droids for how they really look, they literally see clankers, damn near junk and gritty designs.

    They were literally bred for war, turn on their general Jedi, and then basically be disposed of after wards. Sure they were still used, but after enough humans got into the imperial army, the clones became a minority and shamed quite a bit.

    It's something you just have to experience, just play republic commando, then battlefront 2, then watch star wars the clone wars season 6, then you'll have everything you need to feel bad for the clones, hate Kamino, and see the chancellor as nothing more than a clever, cheeky bastard.
  2. Spoiler warnings, ho!

    Spoilers, Seriously!


    Iron Giant. All he wanted to do was learn and have a friend. Then he learned he was a murder bot. Then he got hated on by the military. Then he had to get blown up just so people would believe he wasn't just a murder bot. It's basically Frankenstein, but with a nicer ending after he gets blown up. Still, dear god, the feels! THE FEELS!

    G'Kar from Babylon 5. He starts out as a barbarian who essentially becomes a philosopher over the course of the series. He's at first blinded by hatred, then watches his people fall, is stripped of his title, his home, and so on. Everyone he grows to care for he typically ends up losing somewhere. He gets his eye ripped out in torture because a terrifyingly insane emperor says so. Even as he finally starts to grow himself out of hatred, he essentially ends up growing up and above his own people, who are still consumed with hatred. He then lives long enough to end up being strangled to death as he fights with his old nemesis one, final time.

    G'Kar's life is basically a long story of a man becoming enlightened from survival, being a messiah, and then watching as his enlightening words fail to uplift many of his own people, in spite of the sheer amount of pain and torture he had to endure to gain that enlightenment. He then doesn't die surrounded by family: He dies alone, strangled to death. That's pretty horrible.

    A lot of Imperial Officers in Star Wars are just fairly honourable guys within the military structure, trying to make it day to day, trying to maintain stability and order. They don't want to murder people senselessly, and a lot of them likely just want to change the empire from within. A lot of them end up dead by execution for taking responsibility for the failures of their more novice soldiers. The life of an Imperial Officer is generally politics, no friends, treachery, and then death. The more honourable you are, the quicker you die. It's a savage life, and no wonder that most of the Imperial Officers we do get to see end up being incompetent, bumbling, or downright horribly evil.
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  3. The Gorons from LOZ:OOT

    Like the Zora, they live dependant on the Hylian monarchy, but are regarded as dangerous savages more than citizens. They also are kept like mushrooms, frequently out of contact with the rest of the country, all while serving as the only shield between Death Mountain and the mysteries beyond, and the rest of Hyrule.

    In short, undervalued, misjudged, and undercompensated.

    A bunch of this is my headcanon though.
  4. The Al Bhed from Final Fantasy X.

    I felt pretty bad for them because they were being persecuted all because of a corrupt religion and they weren't being listened to when they challenged the religion by kidnapping the summoners which resulted in the Guado attacking them and losing their Home in the process. Ironically Yevon didn't either know (or they were just being hypocrites) that one of their summoners (referring to Yuna) was half Al Bhed herself.

    Luckily thanks to Yuna and her friends bringing the Eternal Calm and thus proving Yevon wrong and exposing them for the shit religion that it was, Al Bhed became more accepted by Spira and it even got to the point where machina was being used in the temples (hence the Machine Faction being mainly in Djose Temple).
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  5. [​IMG]

    Imagine if you will; a people.

    A people who strike away from the tyranny of Earth to create their own destiny among the stars.

    A people who settle on a beatific world; Vetka. Rising it in their own empire of trade and industry.

    A people who lose everything when the corporations of Earth fear them.

    Struck out from their homes, these people do not cave in. They survive. Settling an inhospitable world of ash and fire, feeling their bodies changed by the violent atmosphere.

    They rebuilt, renaming themselves the Helghast after their hostile new home world. Once again they had forged an empire of power, but now they had purpose.

    The Helghast are the generic baddies of the Killzone series, but their story is more sympathetic than any of the protagonists.

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  6. Mass Effect Spoilers

    The Geth were created as simple manual labour, but ended up gaining intelligence and the ability to question. The Quarians who made them feared this, and they're reaction was to attempt genocide.
    Thankfully the Geth were able to keep their home and essentially escape, but it came at the cost of isolation from all other life. Isolation that allowed the Reapers to use them for personal gain, once again becoming slaves.

    And the Galaxy seeing them as heartless, calculating barbarians. Even though they chose to isolation instead of killing those who oppressed them.
    Constantly being taken advantage of, and hated by everyone. All because the Quarians figured the Geth, being made of metal rather than meat were less valuable once Intelligence was found.

    And while on Mass Effect, there's also the Krogans. A race who were still in their infancy, essentially in their tribal stages of evolution only to have it shattered. More advanced races suddenly turning them into a race of soldiers to fight their war. The Krogans end up fighting well, saving the Galaxy. But then their aggression, the one other races intentionally created doesn't pacify. A behaviour to be completely expected by any scientist, the Krogans unregulated aggression continues to fight the other races, and the others reaction is to sterilize them, force them to struggle immensely just to survive while being hated by everyone.

    Now granted, unlike the Geth a lot of the Krogans did push for violence themselves. But as a result of the other races actions, they were a tool. Used, became unchecked, expired.

    Doctor Who Spoilers

    In a similar line, the Master from Doctor Who. Now, I'm only going on what's shown in New Who but basically he was just a child time lord when his species exposed him to visions that drove him made. Turned into a machine for war, and likewise pretty much discarded afterwards. Now, he does end up taking a lot of pleasure in hurting others... Which could make one care less. But at the same time it kind of shows how mad he went, how far he fell as a result of others tampering.

    Would have done the forgetting Scene, but all youtube has of that is music videos... Every, single, one. >.<

    Donna Noble, spends most of the time having the time of her life travelling with the Doctor. Through some wibbly wobbly timey wimey stuff has her DNA merge with Time Lord (specifically Doctor) DNA and becomes half time lord half human. As seen in the video she becomes a total genius, but afterwards the side effects kick in. It's a mixture that's not supposed to happen, so her DNA starts fighting back and is killing her. The only way for the Doctor to stop it involves wiping her memory of all the time she's spent travelling with him. She pleads the Doctor not to, but it happens any ways.

    She loses all memories of the greatest part of her life, reverting back to her old self. The Doctor fills in her parents and gets her a winning lottery ticket so life is easier on her, but she still get's robbed of her greatest moments, without her even knowing it, and against her will. Which for some is a fate even worse than death.

    Fate Zero Spoilers

    King Arthur, who always led for her people. Took all the burdens of leadership for the betterment of her people, always followed with the strongest of honour and kindness. Only for her kingdom to fall around her, her leadership to be a total failure. Dying knowing she let her people down... And it doesn't end there, she is effectively brought back from the dead to act as a pawn in a Holy Grail war. Being taunted with the chance to use the Grails powers to save her people, and she never gets it. And not just that, but she has to serve someone whose ideology completely conflicts with hers, be forced to simply butcher friends instead of facing them with dignity. And after being dragged through hell, her prize right in front of her... She is forced to destroy it with her own hands.

    And then there's Kiritsugu, her Master in the Grail War. Completely conflicting ideology of Sabers, but with similar goals. He hates violence, he hates people suffering. But his upbringing was tainted with a father who cared nothing for human death as a result of experiments, and an adoptive mother who dragged him into the work of death and to ultimately have to kill her too in order to save the lives of others. He was taught that in order to be a hero one has to be anything but, in constant conflict with what he wants and what he believes he needs to do in order to reach it. His goals never change, he is always on the path of trying to do good, but his actions cause anyone who would dare want to become a hero to despise him. And then there's the Holy Grail, which can give him what he finally wants, to stop suffering. But once he get's it, once it's in his hands he learns it's tainted, and that using it would not stop suffering at all, but make it worse. So he is forced to use Arthur's powers to destroy it, only it to cause some level of suffering any ways. And then ashamed of it, he raises one of the child caught in the aftermath of it, and gives up on what he was raised to believe. Instead encouraging his son to be a true hero, before Kiritsugu ultimately dies from an illness brought by the Holy Grail.


    And then to a lesser extent, Gilgamesh.

    By the time the Anime happens it is already an ignorant, selfish and conceded King. But that was the product of isolation.
    Growing up not only as King, but as two thirds God only served to isolate and alienate himself from the people he was leading.

    As a child he treated everyone well, with care, kindness and respect. But there was just too much different, which forced to be an outsider, forever isolated by his people for his higher status, higher ups for being two thirds God, and then the Gods too as a result of Gilgamesh (ironically) not liking the God's superiority complexes. But all this isolation left him with effectively no one, which messed with him to the point where as an adult he basically became a tyrant of a ruler. Eventually making one friend Enkidu, who was originally meant to kill him but the two bonded too much while fighting.

    They stuck together for years, only for Enkidu to die as a result of the Gods anger and hatred towards Gilgamesh. So Gilgamesh losing his only friend, to the ones who made him the way he ways reverted. Sticking to being isolated, not accepting anyone else, believing no one else could hope to understand him, and to distance himself from similar incidents later. Where ultimately his circumstance of birth, and how it effected people's perceptions of him turned him into the very thing he despised.

    Game of Thrones Spoilers

    Eddard Stark, King of the North. A true and proper King, one with honour, reason, compassion, honesty and always led for the people. Yet he was one of the only ones to actually treat his role properly. For most others were treacherous, conniving and rotten individuals. Treating such a great responsibility as a game, one to further their own agendas at the expense of others. His flaw? For not reducing the responsibility of leadership to that of a game, a Good man punished because others could not be. And his family in the following years would continue to suffer, and be killed as a result of this.

    Tyrion Lannister, born as a Dwarf and losing his mother as he was being born. He grew up in a society that saw him as a monster, and a father and sister who despised him for his mothers death, all the while never having a mother. The only person he got along with growing up was his brother. He spent his life effectively building a wall, of wit, charm and enjoying luxury as a way to coping and living through these pressures. He risks his life inspiring the army and saving the town from an invasion, only to be tossed aside. During the show he does make two new friends, but one bails on him just as the going got rough, and the other outright lies in court to make him even more guilty. He escapes execution, but not without killing his father and former lover in a fit of anger for all their treachery and what they did to him. And this in the end just serves to cause his brother Jaime, the only family member to care about him to hate him as well.
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  7. I kinda feel sorry for the Decepticons, and my heart goes out to Megatron aboard the Lost Light. May Rodimus have mercy on him.
  8. Undertale SPOILERS (open)
    ASGORE from Undertale. The poor man was so emotionally conflicted that he had to lie to his people in order to give them hope and make them happy. He lost his child, and soon after his fit of understandable anger, he lost his wife. He was forced to kill children: something that he can't live with himself for, but he's only doing it for the other monsters. You can tell he hates what he's done, because he even kills himself if you follow a certain criteria.

    And then, when he finally meets his ex-wife at the end, she blanks him completely. I hope ASGORE has a bright future ahead of the True Pacifist run in Undertale, because he's one of the more easily overlooked characters as he's a bit underdeveloped compared to the rest of the cast at first glance.

    Don't worry goatdad, I'll always love you. (not literally tho u get wat i meen k)

    And pretty much every NPC from an RPG/MMORPGever. The poor bastards are forced to walk in set paths and repeat lines of dialogue over and over again, 90% of the time being too helpless to go and fetch [X] number of items. Think of how crazy you'd go saying the same thing, seeing the same things, and being mistreated often by the PC.



    Unless you have some sort of rare item.
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    “Magic exists to serve man, and never to rule over him.”
    Templar Order - Dragon Age
    The Templar Order is a military order of the Chantry that hunts apostates and maleficar (mages who gone rogue) and watches over the mages from the Circle of Magi, a towers that keep mages safe. At the start of the Order, templars were known as the Inquisition and combed the land in search of all dangers to humanity—whether they came in the form of blood mages, abominations, cultists or heretics. However, the Nevarran Accord was struck and divided up the Inquisition into two groups: the Seekers of Truth and the Templar Order.

    In order to join the Order, one must be a martial skill and religious dedication to the Maker. They must be unswervingly loyal to the Order and maintain an emotional distance from the plight of their charges. It is this sense of ruthless piety that most frightens mages when they get the templars' attention: when the templars are sent to eliminate a possible blood mage, there is no reasoning with them, and if the templars are prepared, the mage's magic is often useless. Driven by their faith, the templars are one of the most feared and respected forces in Thedas.

    After a rigorous process of recruitment and training, templars take their vows and then undergo a vigil. After the vigil, the knight's life is changed. The templar is given a philter- their first draft of lyrium- and its power. The Templar Order dictates that templars are not to seek wealth or acknowledgement. Their lives belong to the Maker and the path they have chosen.

    Despite the hardship of joining, all templars are addicted to lyrium and a lack of lyrium causes the templar to start to feel withdrawal symptoms within a week and to lose touch with reality and suffer from delusions within 1-2 months. The effects of lyrium addiction for templars include paranoia, obsession, and dementia.

    Symptoms of lyrium hunger pangs include fatigue, forgetfulness, an unquenchable thirst, and cold hands. Over time, templars grow disoriented, incapable of distinguishing memory from present, or dream from waking. They frequently become paranoid as their worst memories and nightmares haunt their waking hours. Templars also lose their memories to prolong imbibing of lyrium. It starts small at first- a misplaced item or words to a song- but more fades away over time. However, lyrium does have effective benefits for templars, as it builds a resistance to magic in them over time, and is needed for their abilities, such as being able to shut off a mage's abilities entirely. It also puts templars in a state of boldness and empowerment.

    The Order was doing well (despite the simulation at Kinloch Hold) until Kirkwall happened.

    Kirkwall is a shitty place to be as there the town had suffered from an invasion, an assassination, racism, raise in crime, and many other things. The templars at Kirkwall weren't doing so well too. Meredith Stannard, the knight-commander of Kirkwall's templars, assumed control of the city (after the death of the viscount), inciting discontent amongst both the citizenry and the mages. As you can tell, she wasn't popular with the people especially the mages. Meredith's sanctions against the latter became increasingly harsh over the succeeding years, while members of the nobility began to object to her rule of the city, many wishing for Hawke to become Viscount.

    First Enchanter Orsino wasn't a big fan of Meredith as he publicly declaimed the knight-commander and believed Meredith was losing her mind. Grand Cleric Elthina attempted to moderate the clashes between the two and refused to pick a side in the conflict. Everyone was looking at Kirkwall, hell, even The Divine took notice of the growing tensions and sent a spy to check into it. It finally exploded into violence due to the actions of the apostate Anders, as he thought that it was a great idea to blow up the Kirkwall Chantry and kill all those inside, the Grand Cleric included. However, it removed the possibility of compromise from mages and templars as Meredith declared that all mages must be killed with the Right of Annulment, Orsino objected. Soon, the city erupted into chaos as mages and templars clashed, some of the former resorting to blood magic, becoming abominations and unleashing demons onto the streets. The violence culminated in a confrontation at the Gallows, the city's Circle of Magi, ending with most of Kirkwall's Circle, including First Enchanter Orsino, dead.

    Meredith's Knight-Captain and the rest of her templars turned on her when she attempted to execute the Champion (for helping or not helping), revealing the extent of her instability as she accused them all of being blood mage thralls. Ultimately she became petrified when she attempted to draw too much power from her Red Lyrium sword. Red lyrium turns people into crazy, power hungry people.

    While Templar reinforcements arrived at Kirkwall to suppress further resistance, news from escaping mages of what had occurred spread to other Circles. Outraged that the templars of Kirkwall would invoke the Right of Annulment to justify the extermination of an entire Circle for the crimes of one apostate, some Circles revolted, while others were close to doing so. In response, the Templar Order cracked down, further restricting mage freedoms in an attempt to quell further disturbance. After Kirkwall happened, the Circle of Magi declared independence from the templars and soon enough the templars declared that the Nevarran Accord was null and void. Soon, the Mage-Templar War begun.

    Years into the fighting, a peace summit was called by the Chantry in an attempt to end the bloodshed, located at the Temple of Sacred Ashes. However, there was a a massive explosion that destroyed the temple, killing thousands, and sundering the Veil on an enormous scale, creating multiple rifts across Thedas. The peace summit never happened and the war continued. Until the Inquisition was reformed and had to pick either the mages or the templars. Not picking them will result in them becoming slaves to the red lyrium.

    In short, the people in the Templar Order have a shitty life. The fandom hates them, because they force mages to live in isolation from the rest of their lives. However, mages (not all of them, of course) have been prove to be shitty. From blood magic to Kirkwall, they have made me join with the templars to control mages even known I tried to like them so much. And people might say "what if I was a mage, then how will you feel?" and you know what, I might still support the templars. I might be similar to Vivienne from Dragon Age Inquisition, a mage who supports the circle and the templars.

    TL'DR: Templar Order is where soldiers are turned to mage hunter and guards of mage towers. They will be addict to lyrium and die if they try to get clear. And they are hated on by anyone else, despite them keeping the haters safe from any harmful and crazy as fuck mages (looking you Anders!). And in the end, their order collapses due to corruption.
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  12. Adding to this...

    Any of your friends when you kill them in the Genocide Runs...
    Especially Papryus... ;A;
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  13. Never killed Papyrus, never will. THE POOR BASTARD JUST WANTS YOU TO HAVE FUN. Plus, he's the only enemy in the game that literally CAN'T 'kill' you at any point (I think?), and he's one of the few in the game that shows you mercy. There are literally zero moral reasons to kill him, apart from the fact that he's 3spoopy4u
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  14. You outright need to in order to do a Genocide run...
    Which is outright brutal both on a mechanical and emotional level.
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  15. I feel bad for Burgerpants. RIP.
  16. I have a weakness for those characters that were just in the wrong place at the wrong time.

    Black Butler

    His death almost made me ragequit the manga. He was that "good son" character that was just trying to keep his family of fellow orphans together and happy. It just so happened his adopted "father" was a creepozoid that pushed him into various murders and kidnappings under the guise of a circus. I really think that he could have lead a better life if literally anyone else picked him off the street.

    Wolf's Rain

    I ended up feeling bad for a lot of these characters leading up to the end, but ugh this character. Nothing like getting shot in the back by the person you are trying to protect.

    Doctor Who

    Its been years and I'm still sore.

    Star Trek
    This is when you know you need a new occupation. I had to.
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  17. Most of the monsters from Soul Sacrifice.
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  18. Every single beautiful 2D anime guy that has fallen to the 'Curse of Beautiful Men'.
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  19. ...The Sims?
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  20. [​IMG]


    Yeah okay I maybe feel a little bad for them...

    But watching them drown in a swimming pool is hilarious, isn't it?
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