Fictional crush?

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What made up characters do you crush on? XD

I <3

November 11- Darker than Black

Xellos- Slayers Revolution

Zuko- Avatar


EZIIIIIIIOOOOOOOOOO From Assassin's Creed! I love him even more than Altair! I never thought that possible!
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"Jackie" from that 70s show.
Hatsune Miku from Vocaloid (Would DESTROY her)

Samus Aran of Metriod

Asuka Langley Souryuu of Evangelion (I have a thing for redheads what can I say)
Blair from Soul Eater


Selina Kyle

Bruce Wayne


Alys Bragwin the Seven Stroke Warrior.
Rukia, Orihime, Yuroichi, Soi Fong, Rangiku all from Bleach

Carol Danvers (MS. Marvel), Power Girl, Supergirl, both Wondergirls (Donna Troy and Cassie Sandsmark), Raven, and... uh... A whole bunch of comic characters...
Seifer, from Final Fantasy 8.
Nikita- La Femme Nikita

Ziggy Stardust

Bishop 341-B- Aliens

Doo hoo hoo~
I have to say Tegan from Iwaku. She's got a weird love hate relationship with that one Asmo character and that's what makes her like so amusing. :cow:
Natsu Dragoneel ---> Fairy Tail
Syaoran --> Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles (the original clone D<)
FAI --> <33333333 Tsubasa Resevoir Chronicles: I think I love him more thaaan Syaoran O:

do dramas count ? they're fictional characters.
I love the actors, butbutt the characters of Ji-hoo/Rui (korean version/japanese version) WERE THE BEEESSSTTT <3
Ffufufu, see? Tegan is a tsundere and therefore a fictional character.
Dracula, Gary Oldman version. Don't always love that actor though.

The Doctor, Tennant series.

Zuko, Avatar.

And Link, LoZ: OoT and TP. Old crush, very old.
When I was 12 and saw Sailor Mercury for the first time I totally wanted to bone her.

Then I rewatched some early eps recently over 15 years later. And I still wanted to bone her. Though that'd get me a quick trip to the jail. It would be totally worth it.
Black Cat

Wonder Woman


Especially Huntress.

Oh my god Huntress.

I love Huntress so much.