Fictional Character Crushes

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    Books, movies, video games... they all present characters with wide ranges of skills, personalities, etc.
    Out of all of them, what's your biggest fictional character crush and why?
    No celebrities, no "I like Dean Corso because Johnny Depp".
    I'm entirely opposed to anyone mocking anyone's choice here, by the by. Don't push me!
  2. Han Solo was my first fictional character crush and I think will always have a sweet spot in my heart. What little girl wouldn't love a dashing rouge with THAT smile?
  3. All right I'll have to say this, I used to be a HUGE Beyblade fan. So being as that, I had a huge crush on Mr. Bad Boy, Kai Hiwatari. I think I might have a secret attraction for guys who are unsociable and serious (why I say secret is because I always go for the super duper nice guys), and reason being he fit that personnel so well.
  4. Elisa Maza from Gargoyles was most defiantly my first fictinal crush when I was little.

    Also, I adored Cat Woman. Not sure if it was a crush or just an admiration for the character...
  5. My very first character crush was Connor Macleod from Highlander. I loved him so much I also fell in love with the actor and stalked everything he made. But none of the characters were as awesome as Connor. It was always Connor.

    My CURRENT character crush. c___c; Oddly enough it's Jack Donaghy from 30 Rock. AND I HAVE NO IDEA WHY. I don't. Know. Why. But my brain is totally obsessed!
  6. Jackie from 'That 70s show'. Attitude and looks.
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    These two bug-fuckers ಠ_ಠ

    (Jamie Reyes/Blue beetle[DC] and Miles Morales/Spiderman[Marvel])
    They are by far and have some of my favorite heroes (Next to the green lanterns wow) and ugh. They're adorable babes who i wanna hug
    Cute superhero bug boys are my weakness.
  8. Thor. <3

    My very first though was Sesshoumaru, Inuyasha's brother... ~___~; I liked how pretty he looked and the fact he was evil was a plus. Rory would know better than anyone else; I have a weird attraction to 'bishies'. My animu craze isn't what it used to be, but there are parts of me that cling to what I once was.
  9. I have a huge girl crush on the character Thorin from the hobbit, there's just something about brooding, scorned and homeless dwarven leaders that make be all fluttery inside...That, and beards...I just...want to touch >////<
  10. Sailor Mercury. That water nymph introduced me to a whole new spectrum of tinglings during middle school.
    She was the fictional character that most defiantly made me question my sexuality.
    She was the first MASCULINE woman that made me heart throb <3__<3
    Now I have a heart for tomboy girls

    /slinkers off in slight embarassment that she had to come back and clear something.
  12. I have many crushes on fictional characters. -__-; Let's see, biggest one would be...

    I guess, as a current biggest crush, it would be:

    Video Games: either Leon Kennedy from Resident Evil 4 or Pyramid Head (mainly) from Silent Hill 2. Also, I have the biggest crush on Link from Zelda. Gawd, that man is sexy.

    Books: John from John Dies at the End by David Wong and Kvothe from The Name of the Wind by Patrick Rothfuss.

    Movies: Wesley from The Princess Bride or Jack Sparrow from Pirates.

    Anime/Manga: Tsume from Wolf's Rain and Krad from D.N Angel.

    << >>;; Eheh.
  13. This needs to be said. My first crush was Gadget from Chip and Dale Rescue Rangers. True story.
  14. I currently have several crushes on characters of fiction. Three include Damon, Elijah and Klaus from The Vampire diaries.. mainly because they are all bad boy's with a soft spot for something genuinely good.
  15. You're all going to make me look a royal nerd, but that's okay. You guys and your reasonable crushes and such.
    That's okay. There's no particular order here.
    Number One! Garrus. Don't question me.
    Two? Alistair.
    Actually, this is the first and the greatest. Seifer. Yeah. Yup.
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  16. Garrus? Really?

    Anyway I've got several. I'll give names but not where from for a few.

    Chieri: Adult Game
    Kahlan: Sword of Truth
    Min, Aviendha: Wheel of time
    Mikan: Adult Game a different one
  17. Haha, Owen Burnett (from gargoyles) was mine. When I was younger, I also had a huge crush on Kabuto and Kakashi from Naruto. Considering some of my fictional crushes now, (Eduard von Bock from Hetalia and Eridan from Homestuck) I think I might have a thing for smart guys with glasses! :D

    And Han Solo, who for some reason doesn't fit the pattern...
  18. I've had many crushes on fictional characters over the years, some of them weren't crushes as most would think but I realize now were actually me wanting to BE those characters.

    Early movie/tv crushes;
    Robin Hood from the Disney animated movie. He was awesome. He was Robin Hood! What more can you want?

    Peter Pan from the Disney animated movie. I wanted Peter Pan to come and get me and make me a lost boy and I wanted to fight pirates and go on grand adventures and bother mermaids.

    Michelangelo and Donatello from TMNT. I wanted to be their friend SO BAD. I always felt a connection to Mikey because he's such a clutzy goofball compared to his brother. Donny was everything I ever wanted to be, smart and sweetnatured and still badass. Also, he had a stick. Gotta love the bo staff.

    Dr. Alan Grant from Jurassic Park. That smile! HNG. Also, he was awesome. And he dug up dinosaurs and threatened children with raptor claws, what's not to love?

    Rufio from HOOK! Cocky bad boys are a weakness. I wanted to live with him and fight pirates and be in general totally awesome.

    Mamo-chan from Sailor Moon. He was so cool and he had a top hat. TOP HAT. Also, a cane. Who can fight against that?

    Haruka and Michiru from Sailor Moon. I know I had crushes on other ladies but Haruka and Michiru made me so happy, at the time I also thought I was leaning towards girls and I wanted to be Haruka and be this really butch lady and have a soft sweet wonderfully girly girlfriend...

    Book Crushes were a little more odd because I read so many books so fast I don't remember them anymore... I don't remember who I loved and who I didn't love.

    My current book crushes are a little easier;

    Sam Vimes, from Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Sam is more than a crush, he's an inspiration.

    Cheery Littlebottom, from Discworld series by Terry Pratchett. Cheery is an awesome little lady. With a beard.

    I also have random character crushes on characters who are meet and discarded in two paragraphs by Mercedes Lackey like Steelmind the Hawkbrother in Owlsight.

    Oh! I've also got crushes on Harry Potter characters. >>; Don't judge me.

    I sometimes develop crushes on other people's characters that I roleplay with. Like, if I'm RPing with you and I start gushing joyously over your character than I've not only gone off the deepend but I adore your character so much they are making me blush and wriggle around like an idiot.
  19. Anime crush most definitely goes to Harribel from bleach. I've always had an attraction for tan/ dark skinned and...well fairly busty women.
  20. My crushes in particular order.

    L from Death Note. I love his eccentric nature.

    The 10th incarnation of the Doctor. I basically have a crush on the celebrity David Tennant now. >.> I am watching that 50 year anniversary special damn it.

    Tiny, tiny crush on Numair from The Immortals Quartet by Tamora Pierce.

    Not sure if there's anymore off of the top of my head...