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  1. A soft wind blew through the trees, as the bird twittered out a melancholic song of icy beauty. The university quad was alive with students in the evening, clubs having late night sessions, or students readying themselves for drunk partying later that night. However Artem had different things to do. An investigation. However, he would need his crew.

    This crew consisted of many. Mary Lynn. Resident Camerawoman and sterotype-defying blonde. Gary Rivers, the Boom Mic Operator, a man whose muscles you could punch and feel a broken hand. Eliza Carmen, resident expert on the occult, and Risa Matthews, the woman who had discovered their desired location. Their task, was to unearth the secrets of a long forgotten manor and present their findings to obtain a passing grade in their last exam in university.

    Artem sat on the stone steps beneath the parking lot, gazing down at the space between his legs. Breathing softly, rhythmically, he prepared himself mentally for the project. He was ready to face whatever would face them in the oncoming storm that was their research. Now all he had to do was wait for Mary and the others.

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  2. The wind had an icy bite to it that caused the windows to fog up. Lynn dreamily dragged a finger across the surface of her dorm room window. As she cleared away a line of fog, her eyes focused on what was on the other side of the window. She could see the bench Artem was sitting on, waiting for her and the others. Lynn swallowed dryly, her throat contracting uncomfortably. She was both nervous, and excited. Even though she wasn't studying the supernatural, she had a deep interest in it, and had done enough research and experimentation to be a kind of connoisseur in the supernatural. She and Artem had had many long conversations over the subject, and both had a high level of interest and curiosity, and now, for the first time, they would test their theories. The first case that came up they had taken, rather eagerly. She was nervous of what they might find, but confident that if they did find something, they would be able to capture it. The thought of danger was also exciting. She had always been a kind of rebel troublemaker, loved breaking rules, the rush of sneaking around, and the thrill of getting away with something. This was kind of like that as well. The supernatural was something most people didn't think appropriate to mess with, but their goal tonight was to make contact with the most mysterious and unknown subject that had plagued the human mind with questions for millennia.

    Lynn dressed herself up in several warm layers. She let her light blond hair fall loosely around her shoulders. She stood in front of the mirror in her dorm room, running her fingers to pull out any knots that had accumulated during the day. She spread some chapstick around her lips, pressing them together. She looked down at the small silver cross that hung from her neck. She ran her fingers over the small charm. Perhaps it would provide at least some kind of protection, who knew? She tucked the necklace down underneath her sweater. Perhaps she should have thought about putting on actual makeup. Even though she was the cameraman, she would be in the picture several times. "Fuck it," she mumbled, tossing her hair out of her face and turning and packing several different boxed-up cameras into a large canvas bag that she pulled up to rest on one shoulder. She slipped her phone in her pocket, and checked the clock before heading out of her dorm room, switching the light off quickly before it slammed closed.

    Her ankle-length black boots crumpled dried leaves as she made her way across the campus to the bench where they had chosen to meet. Once she was in ear shot of Artem she lifted up a hand to wave, "Hey," she called, her breath coming up in foggy swirls. She didn't sit, but placed her bag on the bench beside him, "I really hope Gary remembered to bring the lights," she sighed, looking around to see if any of the others were nearby. She swept her hair over one shoulder, before starting. Her phone vibrated in her pocket and she pulled it out, "It's Rita," she said, pulling the phone up to her ear, "Hey. Yeah we're here. Oh great, thank god. Good. Yup, okay." She hung up, pushing the phone back in her pocket, "She's on her way, she says Gary got the lights from the photo lab and he's on his way, too."

    A few minutes passed before Lynn's eyes caught sight of Risa, who walked up to them and stood next to Lynn, "Alright, are we going to take my car? We've got a lot of shit to load," she said, her thick black pumps clopping loudly against the cement sidewalk beneath them. She wore a black pleated skirt that hung just above her knee, exposing her slender legs. She had her hands shoved in her pockets, wearing a dark green bomber jacket, the collar pulled up against the gentle but chilling wind.
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  3. The cold wind drove Artem to a fit of shivers as Mary Lynn and the filming gang made their way over to him. He was dressed in a long, knee length coat, with gloves and a black and grey patchwork scarf, smiling at his group. This project would be the key to future greatness for the group, he could feel it. They would become famous for this discovery, make the news, make the headlines, and become rich and influential in their chosen fields. He himself was fairly studious, but the night life university had brought to him presented him with neon-drenched, alcohol soaked nights of glorious, unmemorable times of happiness. He had a goal in his mind, to acquire knolwedge of this occult project, and then understand from the inside out. He would have to breathe it, feel it and live the sheer stature that was occult and often demonic activity.

    The gang had arrived, and Lynn and Risa were dressed for the chilliest of occasions, skimping on no layers to ensure insulation from the bitter cold. Gary, however, a hardy soul, had a shirt, and a hoodie, as well as jeans and sneakers. It was almost like it was summer and NBA season again. "Lynn! Risa! Love that you've prepared for the weather, unlike Gary-" he exclaimed, eliciting a huffing sigh from the bearded adonis. "We have business to take care of. I'll text Carmen and tell her to meet us at the location. She's been out doing rounds to the library to pick up any additional research to help us in this filming. Risa, we should take your car. At least it has enough space to load this gear." Artem explained, giving a side glance to Gary once more, who had tried to stuff a years salary worth of equipment into the back of a Mini.

    "I call shotgun!" Artem said with haste, as he caught Gary in the eye, and they both knew what he wanted. "On your marks....get set...go!" Artem explained, as the pair sprinted through the cold morning, Gary taking the lead due to his pure athleticism. However, Artem was crafty, and with a quick boost of speed, he nudged Gary off course and into a nearby hedge, as the man ran, unlocked the car, and jumped in the front seat. Giving the horn a quick honk, he laughed cheekily as he waited for the others to catch up.
  4. Risa watched as the two guys raced for her car. She rolled her eyes, "Come on--don't hurt yourself before we've even done anything!" she shouted, "Dumbasses," she added looking back at Lynn and shaking her head, "Honestly, if they break something..." she threatened under her breath, before trailing off and climbing into the front seat of the car, shoving the key into the ignition. She pressed the button to open the trunk, and Lynn opened it, starting to load the camera equipment. There was a nice compartment that would hold her bag without letting it slide all over the place and potentially damage rather expensive equipment.

    There was also enough room to hold the different kinds of lights that Lynn had asked Gary to pick up. She helped him load them into the back of Risa's car. The lights were distributed in several different padded boxes, and Lynn was confident that they would be safe. Once everything was loaded, Lynn reached up on her tiptoes to grab the handle to the trunk and close it. She clambered into the back seat with Gary and they set off. Rita didn't need a map or GPS since she'd been there before. Lynn leaned up between the two front seats to fiddle with the radio dial, looking for something to listen to. The first channel was the weather channel.

    Be careful on the roads tonight, folks, it's going to be a stormy one! And next we have an exclusive interview...

    Lynn switched the channel to a music one, and sat back down in her seat. She frowned, looking out the window as a few flecks of rain started to hit the windows. She wasn't too worried, they'd all driven in thunderstorms before. The smallest ounce of worry crept into her chest, but she brushed it off. They were going to be fine. This was going to be a success, and they would gather real, hard evidence.
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