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  1. Okay, so here you can find all the info you need, ask questions and talk about the thread without slowing down the actual RP once it gets started!


    Setting (open)
    The world map of Ivalice actually does not appear to cover the entire world. Instead it shows a large portion of Ivalice in the map. This map shows the area once under the control of the Dynast KingRaithwall, but now mostly under the control of the Archadian andRozarrian Empires.


    On the map are the kingdoms of Dalmasca, Archadia, Bhujerba and the area once controlled by the Kingdom of Nabradia includingNalbina Fortress. The player can also visit ancient temples like theStilshrine of Miriam, Mt. Bur-Omisace and the Tomb of Raithwall, as well as the village of indigenous people like the Garif and the Viera. Between all of these civilized locations are the zones patrolled and populated by various monsters. Each location is separated into zones, to allow players to elude monsters, and to allow for variations in terrain even in the same area.
    Both the Archadian Empire and Rozarrian Empire have poor political relations due to them competing with each other in terms of military and political influence. The Archadian Empire is the most known about throughout the Final Fantasy XII storyline. The Archadian Empire is governed by the ruling family House Solidor, with a Senate. However during the time of Final Fantasy XII the Senate has little power. This has caused the Archadian Judges to answer and serve the Emperor directly. The Judges command the Archadian Army, Archadian Imperial Fleets, Archadian Security and Police as well as the Archadian Intelligence. The Archadian Judges are to be feared as well as respected, because of their passion for the Empire and the defense of House Solidor from the corrupt political scene.
    Vayne Carudas Solidor almost causes the collapse of the Empire, attempting to initiate a war with the Rozarrian Empire. Vayne's quest for power causes splits within the Archadian Judges who fight among themselves, when the Emperor is assassinated by Vayne. Judge Bergan is a key follower of Vayne, however Judge Drace wants Vayne arrested and put on trial for High Treason. A fight occurs between Bergan and Drace with Drace being killed. Before she dies, however, she tells Judge Gabranth to protect Larsa Ferrinas Solidor, as if Vayne is arrested or killed, Larsa would be the last member of House Solidor. This would prevent the collapse of the Archadian Empire.

    Final Fantasy XII takes place mostly in the Kingdom of Dalmasca, a small city-state in the world of Ivalice. A neutral party in the past wars between the neighboring Empires of Archadia and Rozarria, Dalmasca was ultimately conquered by Archadia and reduced to the status of an occupied state under Archadian rule, when its King Raminas signed the city into Imperial rule.
    As a result, formerly-loyal knight Basch fon Ronsenburg murders his king for his betrayal. Witnessing the betrayal is the young knight Reks, who reveals Basch's betrayal in his last breaths. Marquis Ondore, head of the sky city Bhujerba, announces that the King's daughter, Ashe, has committed suicide after her newly-wed husband, Lord Rasler, was shot and killed with an arrow from an Archadian Imperial soldier during the Battle of Nalbina Fortress. He also announces Basch has been executed for high treason.

    Our Plot:
    Our characters will be going to try and free their city of the Archadian rule, in hopes of over throwing the Empire. We will all have travelled to the city of Rabanastre in Dalmasca in order to meet up.

    Character Sheets:
    Appearance: Can be photo or description, preferably a picture.
    Main Weapon: Can be a a description or photo.
    Background: (Must include reason for wanting to bring down the Empire)

    You can be any of these intelligent races in the game:

    -Nu Mou
    Please take careful note in the descriptions of each race, as there are some key details you may have to include in your Character Sheet.
    I will be adding more to this as we go on, but feel free to ask questions and provide some ideas!
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    All info was obtained here: http://finalfantasy.wikia.com/wiki/Final_Fantasy_Wiki
  2. :D I shall get to work on a bio. I already planned my character to be Viera so I'll be reading up on their back ground.
  3. I'll start brainstorming a character. :)
  4. Oooooooh. Mitts. :3. Final Fantasy RP. I wish you the best of luck!

    Sad to say I was never really into the world of FFXII. (Other than those freaking awesome airships!)
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