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  1. Hey everyone, I've been having a major craving for a FFVII Roleplay but I have no idea how to find people!

    So here's the deal. I'm looking to put together a group of FFVII rpers or if I cant find enough people just do one on ones (or I could do both if I end up putting together a group and you'd still like to do some one n one)

    We will be, of course, using characters from the entirety of the VII franchise (No OC's, sorry) and I'm really just looking for anybody.

    As for plot and such, I was hoping to discus that with the people who join so we can come up with something that suits everyone. However I do have some basics. It wont be following the complete set up of the cannon as this eliminates a lot of characters from use depending on what timeframe we put on it. How we get around this whether it be AU's or something else I will discus with anyone who wants to join.

    I've chosen to play Zack Fair from crisis core simply because I am better at portraying him than I am the others.
    You can play literally any character who isn't taken, that being said I'll put a taken characters list bellow.

    Taken Characters
    +Zack Fair (Myself)
    + Yuffie Kisaragi (@N/A )
    + Vincent Valentine (@Iatos )
    + Cloud Strife (@Kirisuna )
    + Reno (@Victor Markov )
    + Rude (@Victor Markov )

    Now I'll quickly just address the matters of one on one. I'm still open for any characters and any plot lines. Feel free to ask me to partake in any plot line you want to try. As for shipping I'm very easy going and so far have never turned down a ship so just ask!

    There is no character sheet or writing sample needed and characters are first come first serve so just let me know down bellow!
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  2. If this is a group rp (It seems so) ; I'd like to play Yuffie Kisaragi c:
    As for suggesting a plot ; To be honest i'm not so sure as of now! :o But i'll keep an eye on this thread.
  3. I could be interested in playing as Vincent valentine ^^
  4. If that's the case, I call dibs on Cloud Strife!
  5. Alright, I'll add you all to the list ASAP (I'm a it busy at the moment but thanks for your interest everyone!)
  6. Reno and Rude for me.
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  7. Going okay I think
  8. There we go!
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  9. awesome ^^
  10. I'm a huge Tifa fan and would like to play her :3
  11. Aeris...? ;u;
  12. Jenova! I wanna play Jenova!
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  13. Awesome sauce ^^

    And wow, which version of Jenova did you intend to play? xD
  14. Lets see... Probably Jenova's feminine form and doll form, along with SYNTHESIS, just not in Sephiroth's forms.
  15. I see xD
  16. Well she is under his control at that point, so I thought it would make more sense if the person playing Sephiroth were to play in those forms, it would make more sense xDD
  17. WEll Jenova and Sephiroth are two separate beings.

    So Jenova taking any of her forms except the one of Sephiroth, and her combined should work fine.
  18. ; - ; Can I be an OC.. or are we going strictly with the timeline and main characters?
  19. Strictly on Main Characters. Timeline, not so sure.
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