FFS: Flash Fiction Selections 2: February

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    Hello Iwakuans, welcome back to FFS!--short for Flash Fiction Selections!

    To refresh your memory and to introduce FFS to these who are new; Flash Fiction Selections is a challenge that focuses itself on short works that contain no more than 750 words and tells a complete story to the reader within a set time frame and theme. After that the submissions period is over the judges will make a selection of their favourite works. Focussing on completeness and quality the judges then announce the Finalists, or maybe even a Grand Finalist for these especially exceptional in their short work! Both Finalists and the Grand Finalist will have their work published in the FFS Hall of Fame and receive a special ribbon to flaunt underneath their username.

    Now without further ado I shall announce the second theme! Our February theme shall be:

    Birth of a Legend.

    Every legend has its origin. What is yours? Tell us how your legend came to be, but remember; keep it short and captivating. It has to stand through the test of time and fickle generations. To help you along the judges have provided you with four prompts. Choose one and use it in your work. You may change it a little, but it has to be recognisable!
    • "I was born for this"
    • "From ashes they rise”
    • "Legends aren't born, they are created.”
    • ”All know the end of this/his/her tale, but few know the beginning.”

    Now that you have the challenge and the theme you will need the guidelines and rules! Please read the information in the tabs carefully before starting on your entries and sending them off!

    • Two weeks are provided to complete the challenge, effective immediately. The deadline for submissions is the end of the day February 15th; as soon as the date rolls over into February 16th, entries are closed and late entries will not be accepted. Date rollover is based on the site's local time (North American Central/GMT-6). Send your entry via a single Inbox Conversation to all five FFS judges: @Turtle of Doom , @Nemopedia, @Dipper, @Elle Joyner, and @Holmishire.

      Please take note on the new word limit of 750 words as opposed to the 1000 words you got in the first FFS round.

      Once submitted, the entries will pass through a panel of five judges, who will review and nominate entries based on the quality of the storytelling, the narrative, and the editing. Following this, the panel will make a joint selection of the top entries to be awarded the title of Finalist. Each Finalist will receive a spot in the FFS Hall of Fame, as well as a shiny ribbon under their username!

      In each iteration of FFS, there is a chance for one entry of exceptional quality to be awarded the title of Grand Finalist (Due to its prestigious nature, a Grand Finalist may not always be awarded each iteration of FFS—so those who seek to ascend to the top of the top had better come prepared to work hard for it!)

      1. Entries must be completed and submitted to the judges prior to the stated deadline.
      2. Entries must be between 100 and 750 words in length.
      3. Entries must be written in prose, however, snippets of poetry or script may be included within entries so long as they are not the focus of the entry.
      4. Entries may contain sexual content, so long as none of the participants are under the age of thirteen.
      5. Entries written to harass, demean, or criticize Iwaku members and other persons living will be rejected.
      6. Entries must be written expressly for this iteration of the contest. Any entry found to be plagiarized from other works or written prior to the opening of the submission period will be disqualified, and the entrant may be banned from this and other future official contests at the judges' discretion.
      7. Entries may contain elements from other works, such as settings, events, themes, and public domain characters (such as from fairytales, myths, mythologies, or history), so long as they are sufficiently developed beyond the confines of the original representations. Settings, characters, events, and themes previously established by the entrant may also be used.
        • When using previously established elements in an entry, please keep in mind that the judges will only consider what is included in the story. Foreknowledge from other works or previous iterations of the contest should not be relied upon.
      8. Collaborative entries are not permitted. However, help from outsiders and fellow Iwaku members (excepting judges) in the form of feedback and editing is encouraged.
        • Please distribute drafts in private messages if posted on Iwaku. If seeking help offsite, ensure that authorship can be clearly linked back to Iwaku to prevent false accusations of plagiarism.
      9. Only one entry per entrant, per iteration of the contest.

      • Send completed entry in a single private conversation to all five contest managers with a subject-line that makes it clear that it is a FFS entry, as well as which iteration of FFS it has been written for.
        • For example: FFS #2: (insert entry title here).
      • At any time prior to the submission deadline, an entry may be edited or replaced in the same private conversation as the initial submission. Please bump the conversation informing the judges of this change to ensure it isn't missed when the discussion thread is created.
      • Please note whether the entry is to be kept anonymous. Anonymous entries will not be credited with the author's username in either the discussion thread or the Hall of Fame. Entrants may revoke their anonymity at any time; to make it official, please ping one of the judges.
        • When a preference is not stated, entries will default to being credited.
      • Please note if the entry is to be closed to public reviews. Closed entries will not be open to reviews from non-judges. Additionally, while all entries will be reviewed by the judges, entrants may opt to have these reviews posted publicly, privately, or not at all.
        • When a preference is not stated, entries will default to being open to public reviews from both judges and non-judges.
      • If the entry contains sexually explicit content, it must be marked as such in the subject-line of the private conversation submission.
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  2. Where there is a competition, there shall be Hype!

    :confetti: :confetti: :confetti:

    Does this mean fanfiction is allowed?
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  3. *challenge 8^)

    My answer would be yes, fanfiction is allowed. I don’t know how the rest of the judges feel about it.

    Though, if the piece is just a rewritten version of (for example) ‘how the avatar came to be’ I will also take away points, since that story has already been told. You can base it of your favourite fandoms, but your story still needs to be your own, if that makes sense?
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  4. I'm in agreement with Nemo. Fanfic is fine to me, but the more it FEELS like fanfic, the less likely I am to vote for it! Make it new and give it a shiny original feel and we're golden.
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  5. Oh hell yeah! :D I hope I can join this one! :3
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  6. Oooooooh yeeeeeees.

    I am excite.
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  7. This sounds really cool, I'll have to see if I can find time to write something for this.
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  8. I'm also in agreement with the other two judges that have weighed in. It would have to be super shiny fanfiction for me to vote for it. Something amazing and original despite being a fanfic.
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  9. We can use two+ of the suggested quotes, correct? Or must we choose only one?
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  10. You may use multiple, should you so wish!
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  11. Ooh, glad I popped back in to see this! (It's times like these I wish Iwaku had an app.) I'm super bogged down with school right now but I'd love to participate if I can figure out what to do ^^ At 750 words and with me having multiple OCs of high importance, I see that being entirely possible.
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    Deadline's coming up in twenty-six (edit: twenty-eight?) hours, so if you haven't started yet, you might want to. ;)

    We're all looking forward to reading what you've all come up with!
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  13. Well, I submitted mine -- here's hoping!
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  14. I submitted mine the first day again and hoped to edit it, but no more inspiration came. I'm not very happy with it but I suppose I'll let what's finished be finished and take it as it comes XD

    Good luck to all of you ^.^
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  15. [​IMG]
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