FFS Abu Hajar, ISIL Combat film captured in battle

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  1. Between the Batmobile, the barrle rolls, and the Constant fuck ups of Abu Hajar, who I'm willing to bet was the sole survivor of this, makes a great watch.


    *Video is largley safe for work, but contains violence, mostly poorly aimed unclear gunfire, no gore or blood however.

    But I have spoilered it for the sakes of those at work and the like. Regardless I found this hillarious. 10/10 needs sequel.

    (If this violates any rules please remove it, I seen nothing that seemed to go against it in the rules directory)​
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  2. He actually died. Hence the sudden video cut out. Or so I've heard.

    From a tactical standpoint there is so much wrong with what they're doing. From an ideological standpoint it's even worse.
  3. I don't know much about combat/military stuff, but these guys really didn't seem organized at all. I mean, stepping on ammo bags, struggling to find ammo (you know you're fucked when you can't find your own bullets), these all seem like incredibly rookie mistakes.
  4. When you're using religion to recruit anyone you can and lack the advantage of being a country to have organized funding and training (though their territory is getting big enough they could feasibly be a country) one can expect such disorganization.
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  5. I've never been in a live combat situation, but many of my friends have. I can confirm that the majority of Religious fighters in this region fight the same way as shown. My friends have fought the Taliban, but I can safely assume that ISIL fights with the same style. i.e.:

    -Failing to use covering fire.
    -Moving incoherently.
    -Firing from the hip.
    -No communication between units of fighters.
    -General recklessness.

    They don't usually have a controlled system of command on the battlefield, they have a mob mentality. The reason they are so much of a threat relys on a number of factors.

    -Sheer number of fighters.
    -Even a child can be taught how to fire an AK-47, remember that.
    -Religious zealously.
    -The more extreme fighters don't always fear death, this makes for some troubling moments.
    -Ambush tactics.
    -These fighters know they stand no chance against organised armies in an open battle, they have to choose the battlefield and involve as many non-combatants as possible.
    -No regulation.
    -Remember, the US and it's allies fight under the limitations of the Geneva Convention. We can'y shoot at anyone unless they shoot at us first. Also, if we shoot someone and they fall to the ground, our fighters will get charged with war crimes if we shoot them a second time to be sure they're dead.
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  6. Even knowing all that though, I'm still a bit shocked that they're so disorganized to constantly lose track of their Ammo.
  7. Remember. They got big quick over mainly desert territory. They got success trough fear and shock and fighting a army that would rather flee and abandon entire armys worth of weapons. Just look at what happened when they went up against Peshmerga, who are a much more diciplined and motivated opponent.
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  8. Is it wrong that I laughed?
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  9. you're laughing at the failure of "soldiers" who fight for a organization that murders kids and commit atrocities like it was nothing. I think you are safe from judgement here.
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  10. A guy meant to be fighting in a war losing his ammo several times in the span of 6 minutes is something to be laughing at. :P
    Plus, like Hellis said. Crazy terrorist whose killed people for ridiculous reasons.
  11. I still sort of felt a bit horrible over it. Mainly in my day-to-day job as a Firefighter, we strive to be a bit sensitive to the deceased, and no matter who they were in life to maintain decency in the treatment of their remains. But this was like watching a disaster getting ready to happen-- you knew that the punchline was going to be something with the sounds of 'boom'.
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  12. Reminds me of a video I saw where footage of an Al Qaeda cell were trying to run and hide in a compound while an A-10 Thunderbolt II is straffing them.

    It's very satisfying and kind of terrifying to watch a video where people are on the receiving end of a barrage of wine bottle sized depleted uranium rounds that are designed to rip apart tanks, let alone shitty mud huts while being accompanied by the signature BRRRRRRRRRRRAAAAAAP sound.
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  13. You have my admiration and respect. It is nice to see people who fight being jaded towards others death.
  14. I bet his comrades groaned and whined plenty for themselves when they learned they would be fighting with the infamous Abu Hajaar that day.
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  15. You'd think they'd have some sense of military tactics. :P
  16. Give illiterate farmers old Soviet rifles. Apply extremist religion that demands death of any and all non believers.

    A good soldier does not make.
  17. Still, they used to work for the Taliban.
    The Taliban being ran by Osama Bin Laden, who was trained by the Americans.

    You'd think that sort of knowledge from him +others who deserted into Terrorism would have passed down considering what a big game changer it is.
  18. They're still trained and supplied by the US. But that's another story.

    Why don't they share this tactical knowledge? Had an article from a military commander who worked with them and trained arabs in general.

    To summarize as best I can it basically boiled down to cultural differences and outright selfishness. What stood out was the idea (to Arabs) that when taught something for the purpose of teaching others, they'd keep it to themselves. It makes them important and useful to have around, securing their position, or something along those lines.

    If I find it I'll share it here. Not even sure if it was a real, but it worded things pretty spot-on.
  19. They clearly weren't taught that well then if what they got from military tactics was "Fuck the others, do what you want". :/
  20. It's cultural as far as I can tell from what I've read. India is sorta the same in that regard with the miliary and life in general. Except Indians literally have slaves working on their navy ships. Also they work in sandals.
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