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Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Iliana, May 13, 2012.


    I had an idea and here it goes.

    Marce Jove (open)

    There is a man that works for the government, mainly for a special ops team. He and his 4 other comrades are sent to find the 12 daughter of a missing high-Senate official. However, the girl has been missing for days and the only lead they have on him is someone named 'Reflection' on the computer. The man, Marce Jove, has been on the mission for a while and is in desperate need to find her for fear that another woman would die in his arms again. However, Reflection has been sending them on loops and worm holes without being point blank about her location, obviously trying to hide his identity.

    However, Reflection suddenly sends an address and Marce and his crew immediately races over there to find the girl injured by not killed. Marce thinks its over.

    But when he happens to get a call on his phone from his boss to find that Reflection had been found, he is not expected to find a woman of all people! Unfortunately, he wasn't the only one looking for Reflection...

  2. I want in!