FF8 Triple Triad

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  1. In Final Fantasy 8 there was a card game called Triple triad

    I have found it....on the Internets, as a flash game O.O

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  2. !!!

    I'm so excited. I love this dumb game.
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  3. Why would you even share a curse like this with us?

    I remember this. It seemed so complicated at first... Then, once I got to grips with the rules (and converted all the towns to my playing style) I used to play it more than I played the actual game. The music always makes me think of "Black Velvet" by Alannah Myles, too, but that's probably just me.
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    it's a low grade form of internet crack.​
  5. Gah, I HATED this minigame.

    In fact, I always hated the minigames in FF.

    Chocobo breeding, Triple Triad, Blitzball...

    I just want to save the damn world!
  6. Funnily enough Iwaku used to have it's own version of Triple Triad back in the day... with member specific cards, trading, challenges, prized tournaments and antes...
  7. There used to be a program, I forgot what it was called, that allowed you to play Triple Triad with other people. It wasn't flash based and was an actual standalone downloadable that had lobbies and a chat system and all that good stuff. It had custom cards and stuff too.

    I was really into it way back when. I doubt that it's still around though.

    Does this flash game version have the Triple Triad rules? Same/Plus/Combo is the only way to play xD
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