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  1. Hey guys,

    I'm looking to play my OC with either Cloud, Sephiroth or Kadaj. I would prefer Sephiroth or Kadaj, but I will also accept Cloud too. I would like to plan out our RP in advance and I have a place where we can play it(I have a forum I use for my RPs with people I know). So, I have my heart set on this. I have a pretty big backstory for my character and I would like to make a plan of how the story will flow in advance, so we have an idea on where to go in general.

    For Suikoden, I play a variety of characters. So, anyone who plays it, please let me know!

    Attack on Titan, I only play Annie, Petra & Eren. I am looking for an Armin, Levi or a Mikasa or something. :D!

    I would also like it if the person who replies has a form of insta-communication such as yahoo messenger, aim, kik or something. I want to have a friendship with you. These are all going to be shippy rps, so if you want to double some ships lemme know.

    Thanks :)!
  2. I'm interested. But one question. Do I have to play one of the selected FF7 characters? I'd like to do an OC myself in the FF7 world
  3. we can do doubles but yeah? for my character I am really looking for one of the three. I'd you wanna do doubless, I can play someone for you?
  4. Would honestly be my first time playing doubles but hey.. I'll give it a whirl.
  5. Who would you like to play your character with? do you have aim or some messenger?
  6. I have a Kik. Feel free to message me for the name. That's a hard choice...
Thread Status:
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