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I'm looking for someone to play Aerith Gainsborough or Tifa Lockheart For my original character Lucien Durand. Lucien's like Aerith and, in many ways, is tied to her destiny. He's a Cetra, an ancient people of the world that are long thought to be extinct. However, there are two remaining: Aerith Gainsborough and Lucien. An evil multi-national conglomerate thinks that Aerith is the only remaining Cetra left alive, unaware that another hides in their very midst.

Lucien, unlike Aerith, is a full-blooded Cetra. A being of remarkable qualities. What's more, he's what his people once called Ritari. Loosely translated it means "One who protects". But protects what, and how? There's another word known as "Prestaline" which translates as "The sacrifice". The Cetra held many secrets it seems. But the Ritari, as Lucien is being gifted extraordinarily well against physical aspects. In many respects, they are the pinnacle of what a human-like being could achieve. They are endowed with tremendous strength and endurance, empowered with the Planet's will they are extraordinarily fast and their stamina is such they could run for hours without exhaustion. Superbly acrobatic and athletic they are the protectors of the planet's will.

hey are greatly susceptible to magic, however. While not life-threatening per se, they leave the magical arts to the Prestaline. Aerith is a Prestaline but she's only half Cetra, so her abilities with magic, while astonishing, haven't yet awakened the true extent of her mystic powers.

Expectations from me:
  1. Long, detailed posts
  2. Courtesy & Respect
  3. Immense knowledge of the ins and out of the game's lore.
  4. Unique and adaptable ideas!
  5. I won't pester you about posting unless it's been a few days.
What I expect from you:
  1. Correct grammar and spelling that is at LEAST average. I don't expect Shakespearean posts.
  2. Post once a couple of days, life comes first.
  3. Tell me if you aren't interested in the RP anymore; don't ghost me, please.
  4. Have some knowledge of Remake at least! This is a Must!
  5. Have respect and courtesy for me.
While I have a story in mind for Aerith in particular, Tifa would be more difficult because of her strong affinity for Cloud, them having no shared or prior history. However, I still think it's possible and would be more than accomodating if given the right incentive to do so. I'd also like to state I am up for doubling characters; I will play Cloud, Vincent, Sephiroth, Zack, and Rufus.

***** Please note that this story will contain sexual acts and intense violence*****

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