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  1. So i've had a few ideas rolling around in my head, and an old one. I'm curious if anyone else is interested on going on a few ventures with me!

    So- The first two are new ideas i've had bouncing around my brain. They aren't totally fleshed out so I would love some collaboration, if the interest is garnered. Looking for about 4-5 other players... I'd be flattered if there were more.

    [EDIT: 11/3- updates to details]

    1.) "Post Apocalyptic". I hate this phrase- but I'm using it anyhow. But you get the picture. This would be more of a realistic setting. This would be some point after a catastrophic event [war, disease, solar flare, extra terrestrials, dunno]- and the story would revolve around a group of folks in a desert. Initially, I thought the American West, but it really doesn't matter at this point. I'm thinking dust-bowl like conditions. This is not going to be a zombie based story, but there will be the scattered mutated beast here and there [maybe terrifyingly OP aliens?]. The PCs will initially be living in a moderately sized makeshift town before it's unfortunate collapse/distruction due to some event [can't decide if it will be due to lawlessness, disease, fire, or an attack from a nearby town wanting their water source or something. Maybe even something mysterious having destroyed it?]... Would they look for another town to survive? Start their own? Become raiders? If revenge is able- seek it?

    They'd be travelling, and coming across other colonies, groups of Nomads, traders, etc. Mail carriers, wilderness survival....

    Again- I'd like to keep this fairly realistic. This means no super 'leet snipers, or samurai who can dodge bullets. This would be mostly normal people with a few specialties. Since this wasteland-ish thing has been going on for a few years, people would not be completely inept about survval. They might not be 'great', but they would know the very basics at least. Haven't had a lot fleshed out with this yet. Just want to do a wasteland kinda survival thing mixed with some action and thriller elements. Technology would have been slightly futuristic at the collapse of humanity.

    The time span between collapse and now would ensure that there aren't many vehicles that run on fossil fuels any more. Maybe one or two trucks in the town, the rest are bicycles, solar vehicles. Cars and things would be around, but since gasoline doesn't have a long shelf life- not very prominent. Transportation is largely by beasts of burden or by foot. Weapons are mostly modern- no lasers or anything. Ammunition is not abundant, but available. The nice ones are near impossible to come by. Medicine has taken a hit, but the known practitioners have adapted well.

    Food is scarce- potable water as well. Most small colonies farm their own stuff- and hunting is difficult. Colonies are more often than not at each others throats about food, because sharing means more starving. Radio communication is basic, and there isn't any wide spread internet. Society is connected by snail mail once again.

    More ideas to come. would also love to hear some ideas on this? Maybe if you like post apocalyptic, but rather it be in a different setting, or something...

    2.) I have this nagging urge to play in a Fantasy Universe- something akin to what you'd see in a few of the Final Fantasy series or something. Medieval type world but with some incredible technologies, and aviation or even space travel... Maybe some rudimentary guns- but i'd prefer to keep them out- or maybe only slightly better than a composite bow or something in it's use to make it so they aren't widely used... Shoot I may even drop chocobos in for fun... lol....

    Magic would be commonplace- but not available to everyone. Flying machines are in existence, and often used in warfare. elevators and other things of travelling convenience are sparse but they exist [public tram systems, etc]. Though beasts of burden would take up the rest. Mixtures of victorian, medieval, and future tech in architechture and machinery. Technology- maybe something akin to the mid 1940's as far as machines and industry goes? Maybe totally futuristic? But still wearing metal armor and the like...?

    Plot Ideas? Maybe one culture in this universe is capturing and enslaving entire colonies to preform their manual labor, or for some specific project. Or to kill them all to sacrifice them to their god/s or something... I really like medieval fantasy and Sci-Fi and want to bring them together somehow. I'm better at building universes and settings than I am plot ides :(

    3.) I have an epic fantasy written up that is fleshed out with a map and plenty of details....

    It's mostly low medieval fantasy. Not much personal magic- but there are magical creatures and mystic plots. A large continent just cleaning up after a war- when the sky opens up, and there's some LOTR style end of the world stuff going on. The beastly evil armies are razing towns, and all the countries are needing to band together to fight them off, figure out where they are coming from- and how to stop it. Prophecies abound. Each PC is a representative of the countries and volunteer to go country to country trying to gain support, and link armies of the rest of the countries. There's religion, mysticism, and politics involved, as well.... The first group of posts will be people sitting around a table talking- but it will only be to set the journey off right- and to introduce the main plot. The rest of the time the PCs will be journeying from country to country fighting off different kinds of beasts and trying to link all the armies together to push back the evil armies. It will involve a large religion, overarching politics, and a lot of action and exploring.

    If interested- I've got quite a bit of information on this and can flesh this out. Lore on each country on the continent and islands, the dominating religion [leaving room for other PC ones, as well], other races [though the PC's will sadly need to remain mostly human] in the world, and the state of affairs with this blight/evil invasion.


    Let me know what you think, if you have any ideas to push some details further into light, or if you have any questions at all! I'm interested in getting something rolling, or bouncing ideas back and forth to create something a group would enjoy playing :). I don't GM very often [maybe once or twice before- ever] so i'm interested in trying new things.
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  2. I feel cheap being so brief after you've been so detailed, but in short I am tempted by the prospects of all 3! I can't promise anything, but I'll keep an eye on the thread :)
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  3. Thank you!

    I'm also beginning to think less about idea #2. Or merging the genre of #2 [the added tech medieval fantasy] with the story of my last idea. Mostly because I'm struggling with plot ideas for it.

    Really trying to find a compelling story for a post apocalyptic world. Might even be survivors thrust between two warring factions of raiders or up-coming forms of government. hmm..
  4. I'm curious. What's so unlikable about the term "Post-apocalypse"? You can't really say it's inaccurate.

    I like the idea of a world with large-scale magic but not small-scale. It gives the feeling of a colossal class gap between those who can use magic and those who cant. Both the second ideas sound very much like they'd be a bunch of people sitting around a table discussing things though, which could get quite boring.
  5. Apocalypse, to me, insinuates everything and everybody is wiped out. I'm not huge on semantics, I just don't like the term myself.

    The point of having a low magic setting is to dissuade its use, and reliance upon it. It is a rarity, and its use is monitored both in game, and mechanically. The specific mechanics involved with the magic take a larger toll, and 'abilities' are used sparingly. More like plot devices and 'final' move kinda deals. You can see it as a class gap like a rpg video game I guess. But this is a story not bound to show off who is the most OP fighter or anything.
  6. Oh, by class gap I meant social class, so the upper class are the incredibly rich and the magicians, and far far below them are the lower class who get to be reminded just how weak they are every time they use/see a magical thing.
  7. Ooooh. Maybe I should start posting details about the setting. In most roleplays, that may be the case. So magic is really rare. Humanity is the #1 race, and are xenophobes. Magic isn't normal for humans, so its mistrusted and feared for the most part. The humans that can cast magic don't normally display their knowledge for fear of persecution.

    So there could be some small covens or a mage school or something. But its not like high society or rich and powerful people. Yes, the use of magic would insinuate power, but society as a whole would shun this for being unnatural.
    There are, however magical creatures and all that.
  8. I've made some edits to the three ideas above.
    Fleshing out some details a little, changing verbiage...

    1.) post apocalyptic RP- with world details, would love some plot suggestions
    2.) Medieval fantasy/sci-fi, with some world details- would love suggestions in both plot and world?
    3.) Medieval Fantsy [lower fantasy] with lots of existing details. If interest is garnered, i can edit the original post to include all the pertinent information on the RP setting/plot.
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