few ideas, interested?

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  1. Its been a good long while since ive been on iwaku and i got a cluster of ideas. There small ideas but we can work them out if your interested.

    1-modern rp- a handfull of crimals where taken out of prison for one thing only, to work for the police to get there names and sentance cleared.(it can be a group or oneXone)

    2-scifi rp- People have been dissapering but when finnaly found they are riped to shreads. police have been on the case for years but it will finnaly be solve by a rag tag team of bounty hunter that are looking to make money for solveing the case.(group or oneXone)- this one is like a mix of cowboy bebpop and ghost in the shell.

    3-Fantasy rp- Life is normal, everything is peaceful. exept for a world people cant see, a world where myth is realality.
    A secrect socity helps protect the secret of thses myths by doing cover ups for these cretures or protecting humans from these cretures. (this sounds more like a group rp)

    ill come out with more soon