Feuds and Fates [Danigirl and Riot]

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  1. "Thomas, it's too heavy," whined Kasandra, jutting out her chin and stomping her feet up the manicured driveway as if the feeble grocery bag were filled solid gold bars. As the youngest of the house, you'd expect her to get some form of special treatment, but their mother, Suzanne, continued up the driveway with a firm clicking of her glossy heels. His other younger siblings followed behind like a cluster of geese, glossy eyed and exhausted from settling into yet another day of being the new kids. That was how his parents ran things, on pure, unfiltered paranoia and enough strict discipline to have them trained like dogs. Thomas never understood the method behind her parenting, but stopped questioning it after his many attempts to confront her ended in nothing but misery and more work than he was dumped with in the first place. Sure, he understood the danger the feud with the Montoya's put them in, he'd experienced it first hand- but the moving, and the constant uprooting? Being vampires meant they could never truly integrate with society, but having another family breathing down their necks made it significantly worse. If it wasn't for his personal vendetta he'd developed over years of brawling, he'd think the whole dispute was trivial. It was doubtful if they even remembered what they began fighting about in the first place.

    "Here," he resigned with a sigh, plucking the bag from her gossamer, manicured fingers, "just go ahead and play, okay?" Kasandra nodded silently, her lips pressed together in almost triumphant appreciation, making him regret giving in so easily. Making it to the doorway, a faint buzzing in his pockets alerted him to a message from one of his rare longer lasting friends. -Are you still going to be able to make it tonight?-, it read, displaying a perfect example of unnervingly perfect Gabe's texting was. He 'd known the guy since elementary school, and despite his overbearing personality, he'd been a rock over the past few months as Thomas went through a breakup with his fickle girlfriend. -Idk, still pretty down about Hannah-, he replied, grimacing at the sight of her name. So much for true love, right? -More of a reason to go dude-, Gabe replied quickly, -get your mind off that bitch-. "Hey, buddy, you just going to stand there all day?" His father interrupted, grossly misunderstanding the social importance of phones. For him, it was just blank screen that had nothing- or nobody- behind it. Mumbling something reminiscent of an apology, he slugged the groceries on the counter and threw himself onto the hearest chair, cringing when he landed on a discarded toy. Digging the plastic dinosaur out from under his back, he stabbed out a reply. -Fine. I guess. It's at nine, right?- Waiting for a few minutes and not being granted a reply, he figured he'd been correct.

    Later that evening, when the sky had paled to a pleasant muted gray, he drove a few blocks to reach an equally spacious mansion owned by one of the smaller families that served theirs. Body guards of sorts. Though they never actually did much."So, I think I know a girl who's going to be there, you'll love her," Henry explained boisterously after they crashed on a sofa to watch whatever garbage caught their eye. He was probably recruited by Gabe because he lied and said Thomas was plunging into abysmal depression or something. What a sell-out. Giving the side of his friend's face a disapproving frown, he tried not to be irritated by their unjustified concern for his love life. Love's a sensitive topic right now, he retorted internally, but instead opted for something more amicable. Living with his upbringing at least had one perk, having thick skin. "Oh? Well, I guess I'll just have to see. I'm not sure I'm ready to go rushing into things though, y'know?" Thomas replied, giving a smile that was hardly committed to. Henry shrugged, probably at the end of the lines Gabe fed to him. "Anyways, we should probably leave in the next hour or so," Henry said lightly, dismissing the topic with visible relief and turing back to the rapidly flickering light of the TV.
  2. Isabelle was busy getting ready to go out, of course she was never allowed to get herself ready. She had someone doing her hair, someone doing her makeup of course she also had someone picking out her clothes. Finally settling on a black leather mini with a red halter, black leather bolero jacket , a pair of red high heals. Once her hair was done, her makeup was done the one that had chosen her clothing helped her get dressed then handed her a matching clutch which had her phone inside as well as a few other things a girl might need. '' You look Fabulous Miss Montoya!'' One of them said with a smile then added a few extra touches of sparkle with some jewelry, made sure she had everything she needed.

    Isabelle nodded, walked out of her room looking around she ran down the halls carefully so she didn't make to much noise. Once she was outside she climbed into her pink convertible, drove down the road with the address in her gps she arrived at the destination with no hassle then climbed out of her car gracefully. '' Izzy you came! '' One of her friends said with a smile as she was hugged, dragged inside holding her clutch at her side. She smiled at her friend once she was let go, walked over to the corner where she took a seat by the wall crossing her legs like a lady would cross them when wearing a short skirt. This wasn't her first party but it was the first time she'd really taken an effort to look nice, she was hoping to actually meet someone. She was glad her older brothers hadn't followed her because she couldn't go anywhere without them as her bodyguards, it got very annoying. But that's what you got when you were the only girl in a family of all boys, she opened her purse long enough to check her phone then jumped when she heard the door bell ring making it very obvious she hated loud noises.
  3. A few hours later, Thomas found himself staring at the gleaming knocker of a impressive mansion, finding himself strangely nervous about the situation. One way or another, he knew about the other rich kids populating the area, but he'd never stepped inside this home before. It was weird considering the lust for popularity and self-confirmation the higher class always seemed to hold. Trying not to fidget, but finding himself shifting anyways, he gingerly rang the bell, taking a step back to where Henry and Gabe stood with no signs of being even slightly uncomfortable. His nervousness doubled when he was met by an elegant, striking young woman with silky, dark hair, an an air of confidence. It was difficult to explain in words, but she held the air around her in a different manner, as if electricity leaked from her skin. "Hey," Gabe barked, attention focused now that he had some eye candy to take in. Feeling weirdly jealous, he quickly offered a greeting of his own. "Hi. I'm Thomas, and this is Gabe and Henry. We should be on the list, but if we're not, I can give you a number to call," he said lightly, throwing around his authority as if to show off. "Erm- yeah," Henry added in shyly.
  4. " I'm Margo.. This is my brother's party he said I could attend as long as I took care of the door." The girl said as she smiled crossing their names off the list she stepped aside ushering them in. Isabelle stood in the corner against the wall holding her purse at her waist she placed a strand of hair behind her ear, looked toward the people coming in. She gulped, instantly her eyes met with his, she felt a shiver run up her spine. Her body wouldn't let her move she was frozen in the corner, wanted to speak but he was to far away plus nothing would come out when she opened her mouth.
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