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  1. It was the middle of the day and Nakida was supposed to be training but then decided that a picnic with some demons was better. Damn annoying little pricks...

    The wolf demon growled as she dodged the biggest ugly bastard's attack. "What's the matter girlie~?" The fat bastard taunted at the wolf girl.

    All of them were too slow, Nakida could tell. She could outrun them all in mere seconds if she wanted to. But no, might as well use them for her training as that's all they were good for anyway. The she-wolf grinned evilly, a snarl at the back of her throat as she crouched, jumping over a couple of the smaller ones; no less ugly than the big fucker. She needed to take down the biggest one first.

    She stepped on another of the smaller demons, using it as a stepping stone as she launched at the tallest of the demon annoyances. Her arm pulled back for a punch to the face but she was grabbed from the air and pulled down.
    "Ghn!?" She glanced down to find the demon she stepped on actually had a hold of her leg. Her eyes narrowed into a glare and she growled menacingly.
    "Don't. Touch me." She snarled at the thing before flames
    erupted from her exposed skin, searing the demon. It screamed in pain as the flames caught onto his skin and he threw Nakida away from him, hoping the flames would disappear with the wolf's absence.

    Nakida smirked slightly, the flames completely engulfing the demon as her own settled and disappeared. She landed on her feet then lunged at the remaining demons. She slashed her claws at the smaller two, getting them out of her path as she made way towards the biggest.
    The she-wolf quickly changed her direction in a dodge as the demon banged his fists on the ground. The smaller two growled at Nakida, angry now as they bled from the wounds inflicted on them and
    leaped at her from behind. She allowed one of them to grab her, using it as leverage when she leaned back and kicked at the other, causing the demon to fly back into the trees.

    Nakida used all of her weight to crouch down, sending the demon to lift and flip over her and slam onto the ground. Her claws grasped the demon's head and tore it off, tossing it away. She jumped back when fatass tried to rush her with a roar; upon landing she lunged at it, dodging fat arms and piercing its chest with her arm, hand clenches its black heart and rips it out. The demon fell to its knees with a surprised look on its face and collapsed by the headless one. She crushed the heart in her grasp and set it aflame, tossing the burning lump and the two bodies. The dead demons caught fire, black smoke rising to the air.

    The she-wolf looked around, saw a burned carcass on the opposite side of the clearing, yet there was one missing. She glanced down at herself, finding her skin and clothes covered in demon blood. Her nose wrinkled in disgust. She mumbled to herself as her exposed skin set aflame once more.
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  2. DIBS (I'm the partner).
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  3. Three siblings, three halfbreeds, three beings mixed with human and dog demon blood rushed toward the noise and screaming coming from the miles ahead of them.

    Motoko, Hideki, and Kina could smell the blood and charred flesh as they ran faster and faster toward the stench.

    "Sister, that's not human blood. Should we go there even though it's just demon blood?" Kina asked her sister, trying to keep up.

    Motoko nodded in response "It's not just one demon. It's multiple. If something big is going down, we need to know." Motoko then turned her attention toward her brother.

    "Hideki," she said, giving him the signal to get behind Kina just in case it was too dangerous. She was still just a child. Twins Hideki and Motoko were responsible for Kina after their human father was killed. Motoko stayed in the front while Hideki got behind Kina to protect her.

    "We're coming up on them fast. Brace yourselves!" Hideki warned.

    The trio finally bore witness to the destruction. Burning. Death. Horror. Right in the center of the wreckage stood a female wolf demon with blood red hair and an even bloodier demon heart in her clutches, setting it afire and widening her eyes in awe at the flames. The crimson stains on her body and clothes were fresher than the skin of a newborn child. She looked insane.

    Motoko was more disturbed by the strange she-wolf than her siblings were. Kina didn't bat an eye and Hideki started drooling.

    "Oh, wow. She's hot. And I mean that in any possible sense. Like...the fire and her hair and her--oh my God her hips," Hideki mumbled.

    Motoko smacked her brother upside his curly-haired head.

    "Hey! What the hell happened here?" Motoko called out to Nakida.
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  4. The flames on her skin burned the demon blood but that seemed to only make the stench stronger. She sighed, knowing that Sisumi would get upset at her for fighting again. Her tail twitched, a new voice piercing her ears. She turned, tense, ready for another fight. Her purple eyes scanned the siblings. Her sense of smell was currently flooded with burning demon stench yet she could tell they were dogs...and half breeds judging from their ears.

    Her expression contorted into a sneer, "Mutts..." she grumbled. Her tension didn't falter, her muscles tight. "A fight, can't you tell, Dog."
  5. Motoko's orange dog-like ears flickered at the insults Nakida spewed toward them. "'A fight?' More like a slaughter. Apparently not for one demon though. One is missing. There are four separate scents and three bodies. Where's the fourth, Wolf?" Why not throw an insult back?

    Hideki, still favoring the back of his head with his hand, brought his free hand up and poked Motoko in the shoulder, whispering "Hey, she doesn't look like she wants to be provoked right now."

    Motoko responded, "she's a wolf. She always wants to be provoked."

    "That's racist," Hideki mumbled.

    Motoko's eyes rolled and she let out a heavy sigh. She turned her head slightly, glaring at her twin brother. He simply shrugged and brought his attention to the fiery lady several meters away.
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  6. Nakida knew the older female halfbreed was trying to insult her, but she'll have to try better than that. She had to keep herself from smirking, instead she glared. "Ran with its tail between its legs..." She didn't find it worth her time to hunt a demon, especially since she was trying to keep her fighting to a minimum as she promised.

    The she-wolf growled lowly, wiping at the charred marks the burned blood left on her skin. She really needed to bathe now.

    Her muscles twitched and tail slightly poof out, feeling the male's gaze on her. Her narrowed eyes lifted to meet his. "What." She questioned with a growl, feeling uneasy from his stare.
  7. Motoko glared at the unfamiliar wolf. Her brother could not. Hideki's mouth parted as his eyebrows raised. He was intrigued. Motoko knew it, unable to believe how her dog-blooded brother could possibly be interested at all.

    "Oh, you can't be serious," Motoko said to him.

    Kina simply shook her head and proceeded to lean against a boulder, preparing for boredom.

    Hideki sauntered forward, running his long, narrow fingers through his pigment-lacking hair but kept himself at a safe distance. Nakida was sexy. Dead sexy. But he knew she was dangerous.

    "Do you mean 'what' am I staring at? I know how you wolves prefer things straightforward, so I'll just say it: I'm staring at a very sexy--"

    His words stifled by the palm of Motoko's hand smushing his mouth and nose.

    "Forgive my brother. His filter probably burned up with those demons you killed. We'll be on our way!" Motoko called out to her.

    Motoko dragged Hideki by his shirt and began leading him away.
  8. Nakida tensed as the male drew closer. She took a step back, caution written all over her face with these unfamiliar dogs. She already knew of one half dog demon and as much as she hated to admit -and she never would to his face- he was strong even if he liked to yap her ears off.

    The woman frowned at the male's use of 'you wolves' like her race was all one and the same and grew offended. She was not like those dirty bastards.

    Her cheeks colored slightly anyway as she guessed the last part of his sentence and snorted at the way his sister silenced him. She couldn't help but retort, "I'm amazed that he even had one to begin with."

    She realized she started to smirk and quickly frowned, not believing that these halfbreeds had her almost laughing and she JUST met them. It's not like she has any problem with half demons, her best and only friend, Sisumi, was a half cat demon. Just something about dog demons that really grate on her nerves. ....Or maybe it's just Inuyasha.
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  9. A wide smile crossed Motoko's face at the she-wolf's remark. Her amusement forced her to turn around, Hideki and his shirt still in her fist.

    "Ya know, I've spent every day of my life with this idiot, and I don't think he had a filter either. I think I just say he lost it to people when he oversteps," Motoko replies.

    Hideki opened his mouth, "hey, I'm right here! Why are you lying to the pretty wolf lady about me? I'm a damn genius! I have--"

    Motoko stuffed his face with her hand again and finished his sentence for him, "--a massive ego, no shame, and a weird mole on your butt."

    Kina stood with her arms folded, letting her mind drift while the older ones spoke. Her stomach growled at the volume of thunder, and everyone seemed to notice but her.
  10. Nakida clenched her jaw to keep from laughing. Damn, again! Her tail swayed behind her, hinting at her amusement even if her face didn't.

    "Sounds like he oversteps often. You can assume his filter never existed." The she-wolf responded, finding the older female quite amusing. She ignored the male's compliment of her, not trusting the advances of a male. She glanced at the char marks on her skin -the need for a bath verging on desperate levels- the scent of the demons' blood faded slightly and she smelled their scents. Her suspicions correct: They were half dog demons like Inuyasha, and siblings.
  11. Motoko arched her brow at the wolf's tail but let the gesture go. It was clear the wolf had a past and didn't feel comfortable letting her guard down enough to laugh.

    She gave Nakida a gentle smile before Hideki ruined the moment.

    "We're twins! You have the same damn mole on the opposite cheek--don't even try to pretend like you don't because I've seen it!" Hideki snickered.

    Motoko's face grew hot with anger and embarrassment as she turned around and side-swiped him, knocking him to his ass.

    "Ow! Really?? The ground is hard. Only so much cushion can keep the ground from literally breaking my ass," he said.

    "Maybe the mole will protect you!" Motoko retorted.

    The siblings clearly loved to fight and insult each other, especially in front of new people. It was their own way of competing to see who the stranger would favor more.
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  12. Nakida watched as the woman analyze her. Her eyes widened slightly at the gentle smile, like the girl could read her mind.

    She frowned at the male's interruption then just about choked and coughed to hide her laughter. Her hands slapped over her mouth and she turned away, shoulders shaking at the comedy of the twin siblings. Her concentration on stifling her laughter gaining her focus more so than the stench on her hands.

    Her eyes glanced up at the strange light and she noticed the fires she set earlier started burning the ground and heading to the trees. "Shit!" She exclaimed and ran forward, stopping in the middle of the flames. Her hands moved and her body turned in an almost dance, the flames lifting from the grass and into the air, surrounding her. The flames dissipated and she lowered her arms in relief, not a burn mark on her, only the charred marks as before.
  13. The siblings watched Nakida in amazement, even Kina was entertained.

    Hideki opened his mouth, no doubt to mention how hot she was, but Motoko smacked his head before he could.

    "I'm Motoko. That's Kina over there and this is Hideki."

    Kina gave a subtle wave. Hideki gestured his attraction with his eyebrows like it was some weird dog mating call.

    "What's your name, Stranger? If you're traveling alone, you're welcome to come with us. We're heading east."
  14. Nakida walked back to her previous spot, dusting ashes off her furred vest. Now the blood on her clothes were char stains. She needed a bath AND wash her clothes.

    She looked up at the siblings, slightly uneasy at their stares. She nodded as the older female introduced herself and her siblings, ignoring Hideki as something was wrong with his face.

    "I'm Nakida. And technically not alone. My friend is back with another small group."
  15. Kina's stomach grumbled again as Nakida responded. She noticed this time and brought her hand to her stomach as if to calm it.

    "Her name is even hot," Hideki began, but Motoko wasn't listening. Her focus shifted to her sister's hunger.

    "Nakida, I don't suppose we could trouble you and your friends for a meal? We haven't eaten in a few days and my sister is still growing. We'll make it worth your while and help out in any way we can," Motoko suggested, knowing she was probably asking too much, but it never hurt to.

    Hideki made his weird dog mating display with his eyebrows again.
  16. Nakida heard Kina's stomach growl as well. Her head tilted, thinking of the path her small group was going. She watched the siblings for a bit as she thought. They're half demon so I'm sure they don't eat humans... I'm probably the only one who does... Let's see, we're near a village aren't we....Miroku's probably already conned them into thinking they need an exorcism...

    The she-wolf nods, making a decision. "I believe my group is staying in the nearest village... Probably at the nicest place there... We can go over there or I can hunt down a boar real quick..?" Her head tilts to the side to go with her questioning tone, leaving it up to the siblings.
  17. The twins and even Kina widened their eyes at the thought of actually staying in a village and sleeping worry-free. Motoko and Hideki seemed to be on the same page when they started speaking.

    "Oh, no! You don't have to hunt down a boar just for us!" Hideki began.

    "Yeah, a boar probably wouldn't be enough anyway!" Motoko continued.

    "Sleeping in a nice place sounds lovely!" Hideki said.

    "Oh yeah! Beds and hot meals are things we haven't been exposed to lately!" Motoko said.

    The twins said whatever they could to convince Nakida to bring them to the village. They knew they needed to sleep on actual beds every once in a while.

    Kina just watched her older brother and sister try to convince the stranger to take them with her with an agitated look on her face.
  18. She was hoping they wouldn't want to go to the village. Humans didn't like her and the feeling was mutual. She was a full demon after all. Now she'll have to play nice with the humans. Sigh. At least Sisumi will be happy at having new friends...

    Her lips twitched into a smile, amused at the twins antics. "Well, prepare for strange looks then." She paused, scrutinizing them again. "How fast can you run?"
  19. The so-called "village" wasn't a village at all, but a busy town full of life and wonder. Vendors shouted amongst the crowds of passersby in an attempt to sell their goods. Children giggled, weaving through the adults and chasing each other as they played Tag. Street performers banged on drums while dancers entertained the public. Women in tight-fitting, revealing kimonos flirted with potential clients. Some were giving men a quick peek as they walked by while others stuffed their payment in their coin bags, following their clients to a quiet place.

    Motoko, Hideki, and Kina followed Nakida through all the bustle. The half-demon siblings could smell various cooking foods, making their mouths water. The scents of roasted boar and steamed vegetables conquered the strong smell of the human crowd. Suddenly, their joy was ruined.

    "Mommy, look at their ears!" a small child said.
    "Get away from them, Akira. They're half-demons."
    The mother grabbed her child and walked away from the siblings.

    Various whispers among the crown spewed insults while others gasped in fear.
    "Filthy halfbreeds."
    "They look dangerous."
    "What abominations."

    They weren't so hungry anymore. Their bellies weren't empty though. Their hearts sank from their chests and landed right into their stomachs.
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