Festival of the Twin Moons {IC}

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  1. This shall be the continuation of a chatrp that started during the Big Update of Iwaku.

    Players in this thread will be:
    Rain of the Night as Elrithos Quicksilver
    thetuliplover as Tulip Ringolds
    The Silver Paladin as Romulus Aquilus
    DarkiusHeavenstein as Tehuri Blacmore

    For the OOC and Signup you can go here
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  2. I will copy past the other messages in here when I have more time

    Romulus Aquilus:
    Romulus adjusted his cape. "I am the head of the Order of Justice. I am a Half-Elf, and serve the world. We call ourselves Justiciaries, and we will not let injustice fall. If there is an issue, a Paladin or several will put their lives on the line for whoever it is. We have never broken our vows, and we are patrons of Justice, some say the embodiments. We must carry a glass sword with us for a ritual we perform at the end of the crusade." He sighed. "Now, tell me about yourself."

    Tulip Ringolds:
    Tulip giggled and blushed a bit at Elrithos's words. "Thanks! My father says that if I practice some spells around here, I'll be better prepared to make the fireworks." she said proudly. He seemed to be rather interested in her magic powers. "I assume you're a fan of magic and spells?" she asked curiously.

    Elrithos Quicksilver:
    “It is with practice we become better.”
    The desert elf replied, knowing this fully with his years of experience in the war. It was made the best soldiers on the field. He came to nod back to her question, finally receiving their drinks. He offered a mug of ale for the fairy as he took his own mug, though this one was filled with water. “Well, my kind doesn’t practice that much magic. It is extremely rare, and so, seeing it for our own eyes is special. At the same time, we fought dark mages, and to see it used for this kind of application is beautiful… So where do you plan to fire the fireworks from?” Elrithos asked

    Tehuri Blacmore:
    Tehuri listened with interest. "It is not an easy life, I suppose. To live so selfless" Her voice was soft as she could not imagine putting her life on the line for someone she didn't know. For her own people, for her friends, she would do that with no doubt, but for strangers? She smiled as he directed the conversation back to her being. "I already told you where I came from. However what I did not tell is that I am the Queen of Tenebris, the dark lands that are home to the oldest Vampire Clan, and if I may say so, the strongest vampires as well." Her emerald eyes flicked up to the male, watching him to see how this bit of information would settle
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