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    PLAYDATE: Tuesday October 15th @ 5pm Central time in the ROLEPLAY CATACOMBS


    Once a year, at the first Full Moon of Autumn, the local village of Rowanfel celebrates Reaper's Night with The Festival of the Damned. A tradition that goes back for a thousand years as a way to appease still-roaming spirits and prevent them from harming the living. Very few remember the origins of everyone's favorite traditions. Why endless sweet baked goods are shared. Why a stag is sacrificed and it's antlers burned in the bonfire with dried bushels of sage. Why you are only allowed to light orange candles. The festival is a fun day of spooky things and celebration! People are contented to be merry, celebrate with their friends and family, and enjoy this traditional heralding of the fall.

    But on this Reaper's Night, a group of troublemakers have decided to wander out to the cemetery and have their own party. And this may be the greatest terror of their lives! Someone will make a grave mistake and learn why superstitions and traditions are no laughing matter.

    You are a villager of Rowanfel. You are most likely one of these young people that are sneaking out to the cemetery, though you are not limited to that! You can play a human or magical creature. Magic is okay too! Bios are not required, but I would LOVE to see a quick blurb about your potential characters, because it could help me put together some plot points. >:3

    If you have any questions, ask! 8D
  2. Chi: *EVIL SMILE*
    Me: Chi please dont smile evily your scaring me and the children.
    Chi: *stops smileing and says* I dont smile *she pouts* Im a demon lord for crying out loud but if you place me here. Not puting that Im a lord and what not I bet daina would hate me if i said im a lord and shit so just put me this rp already.
    Me: alright alright. crazy demon in the house to day. and sure ill put you in with Lucifer. *evil smile*
    CHi: YOU B*been cover by Me*
    Me:children stupid children.
    Chi *moves the hand* well all the children can go F*cover by Lucifer this time which made CHi blush*
    Lucifer: Dont berude infrount of my Lovely Diana.
    Chi *mubbles a dark cures and bad words to Lucifur*
    Me:*hole time face pulm myself* sorry I think I'll, just me not them, just be joining alone I hope to bealive by then. ^^; *whispers to Diana*
  3. Oh my. O_____O So much wickedness!
  4. By the way, anyone who attended the Masquerade on Ice back in january, Rowenfel is the same village as that charp. >:3

    Because the forums are being an asshole at me, the rplogs aren't posted on the forum, but here are the temp logs to the old masquerade if anyone wants to see about their old charries!

    Chi: YOu stole that B*coverd by Luc again*
    Luc: watch your mouth Little one. *sighs*

    Oh yeah got to ask. do we tell people who we are or is it the mask party again because I suck at though with out giving hits of who I am. Like anyone who rps with me would know its me from a mile away. Or will they XD

    Chi: stupid.
    Luc: and for once I can agree
  6. This is just a short charp, and it's not anonymous! :D So you can post up a charrie sheet if you want to, or talk about the character you're playing.
  7. thanks love
  8. Just as a reminder, this roleplay is tomorrow afternoon! :D
  9. Another reminder! This roleplay starts TODAY at 5pm central time!


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