Festival of the Damned Charp Logs

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  1. bleergh! People!

    [Muris is a young lady who helps run the family fruit stand. She still has on her pineapple apron, of which she is using to wipe smudges off her glasses.] -04:59 Oct 15
    [Kit enters.] -05:01 Oct 15

    It is REAPER'S NIGHT and all over town, the people of Rowenfel are celebrating the Festival of the Damned. There are sweet treats, dance parties, costumes, and merriment. Few remember the real reasons behind Reaper's Night. And even fewer still like to tempt fate. Yet, here they were. A group of idiots villagers, heading towards the old graveyard to have a small party of their own. -Muris 05:02 Oct 15

    Muris: Muris was one of those delinquents. Only, she wasn't really a delinquent, she was a nutty girl who was trying to prove she could be brave and bad like the others. And that is why this graveyard plan was all HER idea! ...Sort of! She might have been talked in to thinking it was her idea. -05:05 Oct 15
    [Kit wasn't one for festivities but had been on his way to babysit a neighbor's child so they could go out and enjoy the festival, when he felt something bite him on his ankle. Sure he shouldn't have been walking through one of the small forested outcrops on a night such as this, but he wasn't one for superstition. A small brown and tan fox now stood in his place, ears twitching at all the amplified sounds as it glanced down at its...paws. With a disgruntled squeek he flopped his front onto the dirt, butt still in the air as his mind tried to come up with a reason he was suddenly a small pest and not a human. His eyes watched as several teens sauntered out towards the old graveyard. Huh? They shouldn't be going out there... Well, fox or not, he needed to make sure there wasn't any debauchery going on there, especially tonight of all nights! With a slightly more determined squeak he hopped up and bounded off towards the ground. Darn stubby fox legs...so slow! ] -05:08 Oct 15
    Muris: So far Muris was the only one she knew wandering to the graveyard. There seemed to be a couple others, probably the ones that intended to hang around in the mausoleum drinking booze. Muris herself had a big basket of OCCULT GOODIES. Candles, dried frogs, candy. A bunch of things that sounded as creepy as possible for a staged ritual sacrifice! ....That at this rate she was going to be doing all by herself. Was this a big joke to scare her? Ha! No one was going to scare Muris! She was ready for it! -05:17 Oct 15
    Kit: As his eyes adjusted to the dim glowing orange lights around the graves Kit could make out one of the teenagers, his ears pinning back in anger as he realized it was Muris. That girl wasn't one to disobey rules! Why was she out here when it was well known that the graveyard was off limits during the festival?? With a grunt he stalked over to the female, teeth promptly grabbing the back of one pant leg by her heel...and now said fox was being dragged. Perfect. Stop darnit!! Go back to the village! Of course that only came out as 'angry squeak, angry squeak, angry squeak'. -05:18 Oct 15
    Muris: Muris hardly noticed something was latched on to her leg, at least not until she nearly tripped and dropped her basket. Her goodies went rolling around on the ground as she shook her leg to see what it was caught on. A fox. .... Muris SHRIEKED! Because, egads! An angry attack fox! "AAAAAIIIIIIIIIIIIIEEEEEEEE~!" -05:20 Oct 15
    [Rohan ] -05:23 Oct 15
    Rohan: Rohan had decided to go to Rowenfel's Festival of the Damned because it sounded interesting. Much more interesting than his own town's harvest festival which was boring after seventeen years. Besides! He was a young man now and he could travel by himself. So the teen went to the festival, it was only a few days ride and honestly he didn't mind. This was exciting. Exciting and new! Plus, there were people his age! And they were going places! And that was totally where he was going too! So, of course, he followed them to the Graveyard. At least he didn't look too out of place. -05:26 Oct 15
    [Kit enters.] -05:26 Oct 15
    [Kit sighed mentally as she finally stopped, only to freak and try to shake him off. That action got him a prompt boot to the face, sending his minimized body sliding into the dirt a few feet away. Oh she was so getting grounded when he got back to his real form! For now though...Owwww! He jumped back up after a moment, shaking out his fur and letting out a low growl, making sure she knew that he would NOT tolerate her kicking him again! ] -05:28 Oct 15
    Muris: Free from the rabid fox, Muris gathered up all her scattered items from the ground and RAN. RAN LIKE HELL WAS ON HER HEELS. It was only a fox, but Muris was not exactly the most stout of heart. The girl didn't stop running until she was well through the gates of the graveyard and forced to slow down to keep from stumbling over tombstones. "Huff! It's okay, I can do this." By this she was meaning the little spooky ceremony she cooked up to look awesome and scare her peers. -05:31 Oct 15
    Kit: The fox easily kept up with her pace, snickering a bit to itself as he bounded along, finally getting the hang of these darn legs! When Muris finally stopped he sauntered over and hopped right up into the basket she was carrying. Rabit fox has something to say to you! "Squeak!" -05:33 Oct 15
    Muris: The fox was stalking her. Now that she was too out of breath to scream, Muris just glared at it. "Leave me alone! I'm busy and I have things to do." She dropped the basket containing the fox and all her goodies. This place was as good as any to set up. So Muris was very delicately trying to reach around the fox to pull out her candles. -05:38 Oct 15
    Rohan: There was a girl with a fox. Where had the rest of the people his age gone?! Was he all alone with the weird girl and her weird apron and her weird pet fox? Oh this really wasn't going well at all, was it? This wasn't at all more exciting than his own Harvest Festival! At least there he could steal some mead or ale and get drunk. Now he'd have to make a two day trip home, miss his own festival and all the treats and the dancing... and for what? -05:39 Oct 15
    [Jaiver was squating over a cobwebbed covered headstone, his moment of mute anamnesis interupted by boisterous hollo by local youths.] -05:41 Oct 15
    [Kit returned the glare right back, though he let out a surprised squeel when he was suddenly dropped with the basket. That wasn't very nice! As Muris started reaching into the basket he moved for the first few items, but then when she started trying to get some of the more dangerous things he began swatting at her hands, copying what he'd seen felines do to get you to leave them alone. No can has! ] -05:41 Oct 15
    Muris: "Get out of here!" Muris threw one of the candles at the irritating beast. Then resumed creating her scene. She lit candles to set on top of gravestones, ever so often peeking around to see if anyone had taken up her invitation for a graveyard party. The only one in her line of sight now was Rohan, who definitely wasn't someone from her village, so she didn't recognize him at all! "Heeelloooooo theeeereee." she croaked out, trying to sound as creepy as possible. She could totally scare him to death and start a new local legend! -05:45 Oct 15
    Jaiver: "Mind your manners." The man craned his neck towards the young lass creating the commotion. "The dead may not be able to hear you, but those paying their respects to them can." He didn't look too much older than the youths themselves, making his solemness somewhat queer in nature. -05:46 Oct 15
    [Kit bristled but quickly jumped out of the basket as a candle nimbly went soaring over his head. Tch! Fine! Wake the dead, see if he cared! With a grumble he sauntered over towards another person he'd seen arrive moments ago. Plopping his fuzzy butt in front of the gravestone he gave a quiet squeak up to the figure, curious as to who it was. Not quite sure if he was from the village or just some traveler. ] -05:48 Oct 15
    [Falcifer Noise surrounded the strange man, spoken words that sounded to him like senseless blabber, a string of meaningless characters without purpose, and no matter how much he tried, he could not lock them out. As such, he could think of but one thing, namely that the humans have broken the tradition again, which made him restless. Therefore, he rose from his position, from behind one of the graves, revealing himself to all humans in the area quite clearly. Wearing nothing but pure, immaculate white that reminded one of clean bones, Falcifer was definitely an impressive figure to behold with a ridiculously large statue. Though he was not built like a tank, he was definitely not a weakling and he knew that it showed. His robe-like clothes concealed most of his form, as well as his face from view, though, which was all for the better. Reaching out to his right, a truly massive scythe materialised in the hand of Falcifer, one that had an edge on the outside rather than on the inside, not to mention that the staff that held the blade consisted of two sections: the staff itself, and a large, half-circular blade with holes in it that connected to the scythe's blade itself. That was the armament of Falcifer, who now started making his way towards the source of the noise, both of his hands gripping his scythe firmly.] -05:49 Oct 15
    [(Timeout) Kit is pulled screaming into the shadows.] -05:53 Oct 15
    Rohan: The joy of joy, the crazy girl had decided to talk to him. Was there something wrong with her? She sounded like she had several frogs in her throat. Perhaps she had some terrible sickness? Rohan stared unsure with an expression of distaste. "Hello... " He murmured before the fox distracted him again and he watched the creature silently. It'd make a great muff. -05:53 Oct 15
    Muris: Muris was a little startled by Jaiver's sudden chatting. But he seemed no different than anyone else roaming around on Reaper's Night. Falcifer's sudden appearance, though.... that was... Too much for Muris' poor, mousey little heart! So the girl fainted dead away. Her basket rolling off as she hit the ground, and candles scattering everywhere! -05:54 Oct 15
    [The nearest tombstone was in shambles. Weathered over at least two centuries, the once beautiful monument to a deceased loved on was pock-marked and crumbling and covered in vines. The name and date was barely visible in broad daylight, never mind the shadows of the evening.] -06:00 Oct 15
    Jaiver: The night was much more animated than he expected in a cementary. Arms arched up, Jaiver gave a small groan as he stood back up, stretching himself out abit as he glance towards the small party of man, woman and woodland creature. "Should I equate this small gathering to the festival?" He placed his foot over a rolling candle, stopping it's momentum as he turned inspect the small band, -06:00 Oct 15
    Rohan: "She fainted..." Rohan looked towards the large man all in white and stared for a minute. Perhaps he was... a mourner? Or... He had a scythe. Unsure what the man could be, Rohan took a step back before remembering that he was a man and there was a lady of some sort laying prone on the ground... So he marched himself over to her. -06:02 Oct 15
    [Kit grumbled as he was ignored, moving quickly to run around and hop on Javier's feet. "Hey! Don' sqeak squeak!" Aw damn! He'd just gotten some words out but the fox-talking took over again! Well, at least he was figuring this out. Hopefully he'd be human again soon! ] -06:03 Oct 15
    Falcifer: And now the girl in front of him fainted. At least Falcifer would not have to worry about her causing problems anytime soon, but there was still the matter of the other humans at hand. Expertly placing his large scythe into the slot on the back of his robe, Falcifer's eyes under the hood went to Rohan, then in the universal gesture of silence, he put a finger to his lips. If these people have intruded on these sacred grounds at these times, they could at least give the dead the courtesy of not talking lest they awaken something terrible. After that, Falcifer pointed at Rohan which was followed by a clear pointing towards the direction of the graveyard's exit, finished off by him bending down to take Muris into his hands. He would deal with the rest of the humans later. -06:05 Oct 15
    Muris: Muris grooooaaaaned on the ground. Her little tumble had also made her glasses fall askew, so when she was picked up by a silent stranger, all she could see was a big blurry blob. "Huh? Hey...! You put me down, I am hosting a very scary party here!" And if her complaint wasn't enough, Muris started flailing. -06:06 Oct 15
    Jaiver: Jaiver gave the small creature who seemed to find residency on his feet a strange gaze, the strange bark of the animal was eerie enough to catch him off guard. "...Is it strange to wonder what noises the foxes makes?" -06:08 Oct 15
    Falcifer: Once again, a finger was raised to the lips of Falcifer, commanding Muris to be silent, then that very same finger pointed towards the exit. Really, humans were so troublesome when they broke tradition that existed for a reason, but he could at least minimise the damage. Or at least he hoped so. -06:10 Oct 15
    Rohan: The big man now had the girl in his hands. Rohan started forward but stopped as the girl woke up and struggled. Well. At least she was okay. Still. Rohan took a deep breath. "If you let her go, we'll leave and be quiet." Ro rested a hand on his belt, hand inching towards his short sword. -06:11 Oct 15
    [Kit puffed his chest out but lost his balance and promptly flopped onto his back in the dirt. His form shivered for a moment as it tried to get up, then suddenly a young man was sitting up in the dirt, shaking his head to clear the haziness. "Damn...that was weird!" His eyes rose to meet the others' eyes, offering a slight smile as he reached up. "Uh, hi. My name's...squeak." Yup. Fox is back. Grrrr!! ] -06:12 Oct 15
    [The nearest tombstone , though over run with weeds, also had a peculiar device next to it. Actually, all of the tombstones in this row had them, but this particular tombstone was important. The device was a simple one and for what would seem like a very silly reason in these times. It was a curved pipe jutting out from the ground and at the end was attached a bell. A wire ran from said bell down through the pipe. Anyone could guess as to where the wire ended...] -06:13 Oct 15
    Muris: "But I can't go yet, I haven't finished setting up my circle and no one else has arrived." Bother this. Muris fumbled until she righted her glasses again. Now she was peering at that stranger who appeared so suddenly, and apparently was holding her captive. Muris opened her mouth to scream, but seeing as she wasn't dead yet, she decided that would be unnecessary. "And why are there so many strangers hanging around the graveyard tonight! Don't any of you have any sense or a place to sleep?" -06:16 Oct 15
    Jaiver: He gave a back glance at the strangeness between the fainted woman and the younger man, only paying half attention to the situation until the the strange woodland creature became stranger. "..." Jaiver remained speechless as he dusted his pants. "...Perhaps I should have wondered what it would feel like to have a Sultan's riches instead..." -06:17 Oct 15
    Falcifer: A glance at Rohan told Falcifer that he needed not to fear from the young man, however, these people kept disturbing the peace of the graves. Putting Muris down so that he could use both of his hands, Falcifer made his gesture of silence, then he pointed at the exit. A pause followed that, which was punctuated by another pointing at the people in front of him, then putting his hands on his ears. Why would these humans not understand that roaming around this place was dangerous at this time? -06:20 Oct 15
    [Kit closed his eyes for a moment and tried to focus. Maybe if he could just think that he was a human then it would happen... A moment later and he looked up again, his human half back in control. "Phew. Whatever bit me sure has a strong shapeshift, little brat didn't wanna let me come back! And hey, I uh, guess I'm a werefox now, but nice to meet you anyways? I'm Kit." ] -06:25 Oct 15

    It might have been already too late. For the candles Muris had lit were not the traditional orange, but a hodgepodge of random colors. But, maybe nothing would happen, after all! It was only superstition? -Muris 06:25 Oct 15

    [The nearest tombstone drew attention then as the little bell over the grave rang. Just once. Then it was silent as it swung slowly from side to side until it fell still once more.] -06:28 Oct 15
    Jaiver: "The festival has quite a knack of give this place life." He then glanced around to notice the irony of such a line in a place of the resting dead. "Hopefully, just figuratively for now." -06:30 Oct 15
    Muris: Muris was giving Falcifer one very confused look. Her hands on her hips, her gaze completely skeptical. ...then the bell rung. Muris was a well educated young lady, she knew all the scary local stories. And bells in graveyards meant someone was buried alive! Or.. or... was undead. Her head turned slowly as her horrified gaze fell on the nearby tombstone. "D-did... did everyone hear that...?" -06:32 Oct 15
    Falcifer: It was starting. The humans refused to listen to him as they always did and they started to stir the ancient spirits that lurked within this place. Dropping his hands, Falcifer repeated his 'silence' gesture more forcefully then he held up one arm to bar the people near him from passage into the deeper ends of the graveyard before pointing towards the exit. He was not going to claim the lives of those who were already dead and if the humans did not listen to him still, then it was their fault. He would not protect them. -06:34 Oct 15
    [Kit tilted his head and pursed his lips. "You like talking to yourself?" That or the guy was deaf perhaps? Kit shrugged and hopped up to his feet, eying the man wearily. "Are you from around here? I don't recognize you." ] -06:35 Oct 15
    [The nearest tombstone is now known as: The] -06:36 Oct 15
    [The The bell rang again, springing to life and jerking around on the hook and wire. This time it rang louder, as if desperately trying to catch the attention of everyone and draw them closer.] -06:37 Oct 15
    Rohan: "I don't want to know what I think I heard..." Rohan muttered and edged towards the gate of the cemetery. He motioned at Muris for her to come along, after all the strange man in white with the scythe told them to scram. Why didn't the other two... Other two? Where had that second young man came from? Oh well, it didn't matter, but they all needed to get out of there. Disobeying strange people usually resulted in things like curses. Or death. -06:40 Oct 15
    Muris: She was going to faint again. Yep, the look was there on her face. Her eyes looking twice as huge through the lenses of her glasses. Muris' hands latched on to Rohan's arm, but she was making no movement to join him on the way out of the graveyard. She was frozen in to place by fear. "it... it's ringing again! What if someone is down?! How old is that grave...!" All of her plots about terrorizing hapless companions vanished. Muris was busy being terrified herself. -06:42 Oct 15
    Jaiver: He glanced over at the scene unfolding by the woman and man, the excitement seeming to have them on edge. "I didn't realize foxes minded the company they had." He pretty much ignored the other question that was posed at him. "Perhaps people would take the fox more seriously if it decided to wear clothing." -06:46 Oct 15
    [The bell rang again and this time it shook so violently that the hook broke and the bell tumbled into the grass below. Silence descended upon the grave then...] -06:48 Oct 15
    Falcifer: Again, they were not listening to his instructions, noticed Falcifer, so firmly, he grabbed the shoulders of Muris to turn her towards him, then he put a finger to his lip once again, after which he pointed towards the exit furiously. He wanted them to be gone from this place, to be safe out there with the other humans, but he could not end what had already ended. Were the dead to rise or the spirits to awaken, Falcifer would be forced to leave them alone. -06:49 Oct 15
    Kit: "C-C-C....?!" Looking down abruptly Kit shreaked and ducked behind a gravestone. "I had clothes on!!!!" God! Now the guy probably thought he was a streeker! And WHERE WERE HIS CLOTHES?! Kit's head jerked towards the fallen bell, not quite sure how it had even rung... -06:49 Oct 15
    Rohan: Rohan decided to be smart and hightail it right out of there while he still could. -06:50 Oct 15
    [(Logout) Rohan has been taken by the monster under the bed.] -((06:50 Oct 15))
    Muris: Rohan escaped, and surely Muris should do the same! In her head, it was just the thing she was telling herself to do. One should always listen to a silent stranger in a graveyard when the dead was rising, right? Oh, but her knees were all wobbly, and her bottom lip was quivering, and she probably looked about ready to cry. Worse, there was a NAKED MAN! Was that the fox? "Oh! OH this was an awful idea! I give! I give up! You all win, I am super scared!" Her hands were up covering her eyes, and she hadn't the sense to run away! -06:54 Oct 15
    Jaiver: Jaiver curiously examined the source of the girl's terror, a broken bell. "Hrrmm.." He picked up the noisemaker and studied it. "Hrmm... Bells were put in cemetaries so that those that were not quite dead could tell those who could hear that they didn't belong there." He glanced up at the boy and the woman. "Perhaps someone was calling for some assistance?" -06:58 Oct 15
    [Kit 's face flushed as he quickly shifted back to his fox form and bolted into the woods. He was NOT helping dig up zombies naked! ] -07:00 Oct 15
    [(Logout) Kit melts away.] -((07:00 Oct 15))
    Falcifer: A heavy shake of the head followed the question of Jaiver, then Falcifer started furiously pointing towards the exit, clearly motioning for these people to leave the premises. They were disturbing this place and he could feel it stir; it would not be long before it took everything into its own hands to chase the humans away on such a sacred day when it demanded to be treated with respect. -07:03 Oct 15
    [The tombstone, if one would look closer, did have a death date on it. Well, even if someone had been buried alive down there, they'd been there for at least two centuries.] -07:04 Oct 15
    [The n, all of a sudden, the wire grew tight and the bell tugged out of Jaiver's hand, hit the pipe with a loud CLANG! and cracked in two. That's when the grass and dirt over the grave began to lift and split. Slowly, the very tips of grey, bony fingers poked up into the night air.] -07:06 Oct 15
    Muris: Even the fox-man-person had streaked off in to the night! Now Muris was alone with strangers! Strangeeeers! This was clearly a setup to make a spectacle of her. Muris took in a deep breath, with every intention to give Jaiver a piece of her mind. ...and that's when fingers poked their way out of the ground. ...Muris hit the dirt like a sack of rocks once again in a dead faint. -07:07 Oct 15
    Jaiver: "Hrrmm.." A curious Murmur floated from his closed lips as he examine the headstone. "What a terrible fate has fallen on this fellow. It seems the occupant of this space was calling out for help for more than 2 milienia." He paused and nodded his head. "I must appluade him for his dilliegence. I would have given up on help A hundreded and five years ago." He seemed to ignore the hand reaching out from the grave as he stared at young woman falling over once again. "The dead don't like impersionations, dear. They find it quite rude." -07:09 Oct 15
    Falcifer: And now there was nothing he can do. Resignedly taking his scythe into his hand, Falcifer slowly inched away from the two humans, back to the place he knew he was safe. Whatever fate the spirits of this place had in mnd for these people, he did not know, but he knew that he could not interfere with it. -07:12 Oct 15
    [(Logout) Falcifer trick or...] -((07:13 Oct 15))
    [The fingers were followed by a hand, and then a full arm. Another hand was poking through now, then the crown of a head. Once silky black hair was now matted and mangled atop grey skin. Eyes were sunken in, lips thin and peeling. A large beetle skittered out of the girl's, for it was a girl, ear and down her shoulder to her arm and the grass below. The smell of rotting filled the air as she pulled herself up out of the grave and inched forward with mangled limbs. "So hungry..."] -07:17 Oct 15
    [Clara Decided to leave the boring part of the festival, having been drawn to the cemetery looking for entertainment. She'd snuck out of the house so many times, no one could count. As she stared at the weirdos partying or in some instances, running around being all scared, she decided to come in and investigate! Hey-- was that chick on the ground dead? Clara walked over to Muris and promptly kicked her in the ribs. "Wake up moron! You're gonna get ated!" ] -07:17 Oct 15
    Jaiver: Jaiver got up and causally walked towards the downed woman. He looked around and wonder if he would have to the luxury of a fresh plot to drop her in if things didn't fare out well for her. "I-"The sudden explosion of violence and noise took him by surprise. "Oh dear." And then the voice of another woman took his attention away. "Oh Double dears...." -07:19 Oct 15
    Muris: Muris was obviously not dead, she was groaning dramatically. Up until a sharp kick hit her, then she was groaning for real. She rolled and scooted up to her knees, giving a big frown towards Clara, who clearly showed up there tonight just to make Muris miserable. ...oh god there was a person crawling up out of the grave! "AIIIIIEEEEEEEEEE!!!" Her high pitched screaming was accompanied by her frantically pointing at the dead girl! -07:21 Oct 15
    [The long black, rotted fingernails of Alice Rosewell scraped at the ground as she clawed her way forward. The beautiful blue dress she'd been buried in was now a grossly hue of grey and tattered beyond repair. As she pulled her legs free of her crypt, she crouched low to the ground like a wild animal and inspected the three other people with wide eyes. "So...hungry..." her raspy voice confessed.] -07:26 Oct 15
    Jaiver: Jaiver cleared his throat. "Perhaps I should update you, madam, on the things you may have missed while you were on your sabbatical. Perhaps we should start somewhere easy first... Have you heard of the invention of the Toliet where you were at? Because if you have, our bases would be 75% covered on updating you on modern times." -07:27 Oct 15
    Clara: "I really think we should all run screaming for our lives.. Anyone have any good hiding places?" Clara asked, staring at Jaiver as he spoke. -07:29 Oct 15
    Muris: Muris had no intentions of being the one getting eaten. She crawled across the ground in a quick scramble until she found her basket. Then the first thing she did was throw muffins at the dead girl. "EAT THAT! EAT THAAAAT!!!" -07:30 Oct 15
    [The is now known as: Alice Rosewell] -07:30 Oct 15
    Alice Rosewell: There was a young man speaking to her and so Alice cocked her head to the side, wide eyes staring. She hadn't a clue what the man was talking about but then again, her hunger was horribly distracting her. Fwump. Something soft bounced off of her head but she didn't care. She was starting to drool at the man. -07:34 Oct 15
    Jaiver: Jaiver glanced over at the young lady. "Perhaps she's allergic, dear. Do you have something that is more hypoallegenic in that basket?" Jaiver started to causally reach into his pockets while still conversing with the girl. -07:36 Oct 15
    Clara: Clara kept noticing how -zombie- like the girl was and shimmied herself right up the nearest tree! If she had to, she'd use some sort of telekenisis or something to kill the creature with! This was getting scary! "She's going to eat you all!" Clara shrieked. -07:39 Oct 15

    To make matters worse, suddenly, there was more jingling in the graveyard. Not just one bell. Many bells. All ringing, ringing, ringing. Heralding a very bad hour to come. -Muris 07:41 Oct 15

    Alice Rosewell: Scurrying forward with surprising speed for a two hundred year old corpse with broken limbs, Alice reached out and grabbed hold of Jaiver's pantleg. "Feed meee..." The look in her eye was manic. She'd been starving for so long... -07:46 Oct 15
    Muris: Muris was in the process of grabbing a carrot to throw at the dead girl, when the whole graveyard erupted in to ringing. She froze, terrorized. "Th-there's more bells...!" Forget this silly idea of hers, Muris hopped to her feet and was frantically trying to collect all her stuff so she could flee. -07:47 Oct 15
    Clara: Oh hells Bells! Probably very a literal statement tonight! She gazed around frantically, wondering why everyone was still humoring zombie-girl! but Zombie girl wasn't exactly attacking. Maybe she really -was- hungry for... nah. The girl probably really wanted brains! Clara seemed unable to move, wondering what was going to happen next, and if any of them would leave here alive! -07:51 Oct 15
    Jaiver: Jaiver put a boot of his shoe to her face, already feeling the gnaw of her teeth on his sole. "I was already planning to before someone else beat me to the punch..." He gave a sharp sigh. He pulled a rather strange ripped piece of paper fromhis pocket and cleared his throat. "..." he stopped as he channeled him inner engery, honing in the dark arts that lurked in the electric synapses that traveled through grey mass. He inhaled, his entire body trembling as it itself knew of the dark powers he was invoking. "OBJECTION!" -07:53 Oct 15

    Meanwhile, Alice the Dead Girl was not the only thing rising from her grave. Several arms could be seen clawing their ways out of their resting place. Heads pushing through, half rotton, and all centuries years old and strangely well preserved. -Muris 07:56 Oct 15

    Alice Rosewell: There was a boot on her face and of course she looked royally pissed about it! But just then, the other bells began to ring and from underneath the footwear, her eyes shifted. That's when she saw the muffin and scrambled toward it, stuffing the whole thing in her mouth and chewing rabidly while eyes darted from one rising hand to another. -07:58 Oct 15
    Clara: Eeeee! too scary! Still in her tree, she uses her telekenetic power and knocked the tombstones over on the dead creature's hands! She threw lots of things that night with her mind, even a huge statue of mary went flying at the Alice creature! Her head was starting to hurt though... Using this much brain muscle never was good for her. "Can we all run now!" She yelled. -08:01 Oct 15
    Jaiver: "Hrrmmm..." He looked at the scribbed piece of paper he took out, studying it for a bit. "That's odd... The Infernal Supeona should have made them all start acting like their old selves..." Watches a bunch of the risen scrambling around, muttering stuff about "HUNGER" and "MEAT". "Hrrmmmm.." He studied the paper some more. "I think someone signed in the wrong place..." -08:01 Oct 15
    Muris: "I dunno what you're waiting for, I am already running!" Muris had all of her things stuff in her basket and was already trying to bottle. But then, like in any story of terror, she tripped over something stupid and her glasses went flying somewhere unseen. Along with her basket of occult stuff she brought to start the 'fake' ceremony in the first place. "My glasses!" she wailed! Unaware than now several of the undead were crawling out of their graves right towards her. -08:06 Oct 15
    [Alice Rosewell ducked as a statue came sailing at her! Scrambling after the girl who was running, Alice pushed herself up onto her feet and shambled along, reaching out her arms.] -08:08 Oct 15
    Jaiver: Jaiver was busy reading the document while the other two females were scrambling around. "...This clause shouldn't even be here! Sloppy! Just sloppy..." He started to pace around, still reading and avoid the hand of fresh risen hands reaching out from the earth. Suddenly, there was a distinctive CRUNCH noise from under his foot. "Uh... Dear... Can you see without your glasses?" -08:10 Oct 15
    Clara: "We need a safe place to hide in!" She yelled, flinging more tombstones and heavy trees at the dead zombies, trying to stall them. She managed to catch up with Javier and Muir. This was a really bad night! -08:12 Oct 15
    Muris: "My glasses...!" She wailed again. But egads, was that blurry figure running at her one of those zombies? Muris shrieked again, taking off running towards the trees. Where a very thick fog was already rolling in and casting weird shapes and shadows in the moonlight. -08:13 Oct 15
    Jaiver: Jaiver had a genuinely befuddled look on his face as he looked up from his document. "As poorly written as it is, this still should have worked." He glanced over at the first Risen to show up. "Madam, can you tell me how many piece of lumber a lumberbeast could beast if a lumberbeast could beast lumber?" -08:17 Oct 15
    Jaiver: He was hoping to incite any sort of reaction from the creature to see if any of the incantation worked at all -08:18 Oct 15
    Alice Rosewell: There was a corpse rising up right behind Jaiver, jaw unhinging and opening wide. Alice backed away into the rolling fog, swallowed whole by the milky white wall. "Run!" her voice called from inside. "The forest!" And then she was gone. -08:21 Oct 15

    "UUUUUGGHHHH MEEAAAAAT." Groaned the undead. Dozens and dozens of decaying bodies shuffling towards the deliciously smelling living. Eyes glowing red in the dark. -Muris 08:22 Oct 15

    Clara: She ran with Muris towards the woods! There didn't seem to be anywhere else to go and no way to get to their own homes safely! -08:25 Oct 15
    Muris: Muris couldn't see anything without her glasses, which meant several times she ran in to trees, tripped over bushes, and landed in stuff that didn't smell to great. Finally there was a small cropping of rocks nearby and she ducked behind them to catch her breath. "Mercy me!" -08:29 Oct 15
    Clara: Clara could see just fine for both of them! "I hope this is a safe place Muris. Jeez... Did you guys -have- to summon the dead?" She asked in a whisper. -08:32 Oct 15
    Jaiver: "The forest? That is one ambitious Lumber beast..." He took a step forward, just missing the hungry grab of the Risen behind him. "It worked! But why just on that one particular one?" he looked around to see the two women running about and rushed to catch up with them. "One of you is a virgin right?" He bluntly asked as he effortly dodge the hungry hands of the undead. -08:33 Oct 15
    Muris: "A virgin!" Muris squeaked out, her face gone crimson. "You're a crazy stranger! Maybe all of this is your fault, standing around being strange!" -08:35 Oct 15
    Clara: She just snickered. "Well, I'm a virgin.... but you better not be one of those creepers!" She added, balling a fist just in case Jaiver was asking to be punched in the stomach! -08:37 Oct 15
    [Alice Rosewell watched as the dead split off into two groups. One group shambled after the trio into the forest and the other group lumbered off through the graveyard gates and toward the town. She, herself was moving her legs as best she could, though it truly was difficult to walk normally when these gams of hers were so damaged and rotted. Through the fog she moved, stirring it up into swirling currents with the sweep of her old fashioned dress and tangled hair.] -08:38 Oct 15
    Jaiver: "I need to contact my consultant and I need the blood of a virgin to summon him...Her...it..."He quickly took out a small dagger and straight up stabbed Muris in the hand, using her her blood to draw a small Circle on the back of the paper. "I'll be back! Also, watch out, they are attracted to Blood": -08:42 Oct 15
    Jaiver: And he disappered in a cloud of sulfur anfd brimstone -08:43 Oct 15
    [(Logout) Clara trick or...] -((08:47 Oct 15))
    Alice Rosewell: Not five minutes after Jaiver's warning, there was movement outside of their little hiding spot. The shuffle of feet on a bed of leaves and twigs soaked through the muffling fog and called attention to nervous ears. A shadow moved at the opening to the little rock alcove and the figure struggled forward. The smell of rotting flesh filled the small room and Alice came to a stop just a few feet away from Clara and Muris. Then there was an awkward pause before she smiled and waved. "Hello!" -08:48 Oct 15
    Muris: Muris wailed long enough to wake the dead, which is safe to say had already happened. Immediately the dead girl came out of the shadows leaving Muris staring at her. "...H-hello...!" Well, what else could she say? It was good to be polite. -08:48 Oct 15
    Muris: (AND THEN EVERYONE DIED! THE END! 8D) -09:09 Oct 15