Festival of Science Fiction (April 2012)

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  1. Festival of Science Fiction

    Time to celebrate Science Fiction in its many forms! All through the month of April, Iwaku will be honoring this diverse genre with Sci-fi themed polls, challenges, and of course a great deal of Science Fiction Roleplay. Science fiction is not limited to space opera, but also encompasses post apocalypse, cyberpunk, cybergoth, gritty future war epics, stories of genetics, police procedurals with future tech, and morality plays set amongst the stars!

    We want everyone's help to make the upcoming month wonderful! Be creative and join in. Post a challenge, write a story, draw a picture, join or run a roleplay, or take part in any of the themed challenges and discussions that will be seen around the site! You can post in this thread if you need help to make your vision a reality, or even just to show support or join in the festivities! It all starts April 1st and runs til the end of the month!
  2. Want to help advertise for our festival? I made a few banners for people to put in their siggies. However this doesn't mean you can't do the same either!



  3. Awesome! I love Sci-Fi! :D

    I'll do some stuff to help (goes off)
  4. Here we go...hope they're not too bad haha.

  5. I shall wear Sci-fi only avatar pics during April!
    Just like the costume thing that happens during Halloween!
  6. Thank you everyone who is helping so far and everyone who plans to help and participate in the future!
  7. More banners!

    Also, totally going to do that avatar thing too, Selen. :]


  8. For those asking how they can help, I want to stress that probably the best way to help is to run or play in a science fiction roleplay. You can get them started now, even! They don't have to be short term. If you are wanting something else to do while waiting for an appealing RP or for players to join your RP, you can make icons, banners, post sci fi related topics all throughout April, etc.
  9. Would anyone who's read 'Dies the Fire' want to do a fanbased rp?
  10. Rokku, you may want to try putting up an interest check for that in the Roleplay Talk forum, if you haven't already! I wish you luck!
  11. I will be hosting Midnight ChatRP sessions On Wednesday! 12AM-6AM CENTRAL TIME. (Starting 10pm Tuesday PST)

    8D Each week will be a different Style of Sci-Fi!
  12. 1am EDST you mean.
  13. Oh yeah. O__O 1am EST, 12am CEN, 11PM Mountain, and 10PM Pacific. @_@
  14. People have made some gorgeous banners. If you aren't sure what to do to help but still want to lend a hand, sport a banner in your signature to get interest up!
  15. The Iwaku Mecha Universe?
  16. So we have a week to go! I'm loving hearing everyone's ideas! Keep them up!
  17. People, if you have anything planned for Science Fiction month, be it a roleplay you are running, a challenge, or anything, PM it to me so I can include mention of it the kick off post.
  18. Just a few days to go! We're getting closer!
  19. pssst sci fi lovers....in lieu of this themed month I am going to attempt to bring back my old Sci Fi rp that was a multi-fail but that i still love/d ....The Valiant!! Go check out the RP talk thanks >3 I'm looking for a crew!
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