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  1. Gregory paced around in the confines of the warehouse the meeting was to be held at. He was nervous. He felt like a caged animal, sure the space itself was big, but there were no windows, in consideration for those of the party allergic to sunlight. A low growl escaped his lips as his eyes flashed gold for a brief second, he could hear footsteps, barely audible even to his own senses. The lighting was dim, enough so that a human would be running around bumping into things. Whoever was approaching was probably one of the other parties. Gregory turned to look over at the people he had called with him. Both of his Beta’s and both of his children. Again, the urge to pace slammed into him. All of his instincts where telling him to take his people and get out of dodge before a trap was sprung on them.

    “Why did I go an’ agree to this again?” he growled under his breath as he came to another step between his two betas. He hated the thought of dragging the thought of any of his pack into this mess, it just made it worse that the people he was dumping into the middle of it happened to be close to him. Gregory’s eye wouldn’t stop their gold Blaze, every muscle in his body was sprung to leap into action if the smallest threat even hinted at coming into being.

    Marie skipped behind the two heads of the court, much to her father’s irritation. The girl couldn’t help but smirk as she picked up on the emotion. In her own opinion, the asshole needed more than just this annoyance, he needed a quick boot up his ass. But alas, she had promised her mother to at least try and play nice to the man who had impregnated the witch at 19 and then refused to have any association with either Storm or her daughter. Well, of course, until he wanted something from said daughter. And him being who he is, would not accept no for an answer….She had tried, multiple times in very ingenious and creative ways to squirm out of this. One of which included bee hives, bears, a bus with faulty brakes and a large bundle of iron construction pipes accidently falling onto the Oberon’s head. And if he wasn’t well, Oberon, at least one of the plans should have worked. But she’d be damned if he didn’t have a hell of a defense. But even after all of that, Oberon was still well enough to insist on her participation. Out of all of his offspring, and he had a good number, the fae lord was stubbornly set on Marie being the one to go to the coexist project as the ‘heir’.

    The halfing gave said Lord’s back a small glare before she skipped harder, making all of her jewelry make tinkling sounds. She had, of course, refused to dress formally for the very formal occasion; she had tried to tell the Jerk off that she’d need more time to dress the way he wanted her to. But of course, he wouldn’t bloody well listen to her. So now she stuck out like a sore thumb dressed in her ‘gypsy’ attire she wore at her establishment. On the bright side, the tinkling jewelry, which had iron in it, seemed to irritate the living Hell out of Oberon. Again, his irritation made her smile on the inside.

    She glanced vibrant green eyes at the other two representatives the court had picked out, and wondered again, for the umpteenth time who they were. She hadn’t had much time to talk to them. She’d been running late to get to the pre meeting, and so didn’t get any introductions, just a glare and a shove into the back of the vehicle they had used to get to the warehouse.

    From the darkest end of the warehouse, the feeders began to lurk towards the center of the building. Vladmir led the way, silently, his feet barely ghosting against the ground as he turned to give the crew behind him a glance. Honestly, he didn’t really much care who went to the project, well except for his daughter, and that wasn't much. He considered her old enough to be her own being, no need to be coddled by her father, who wasn't into coddling as it where anyways.

    All he needed from the project was for at least some of the humans to survive, at least enough for his people to feed from. The rest of the individuals in the city? Yea, they could burn in Hell for all the damn’s he gave. But of course, it would probably not be well for the other, his lip curled some, flashing a fang at the thought of the other two groups, to find out his feelings, so he’d officially handed over the Coexist project to one

    Mr.Witherstone. In his own opinion, as long as he didn’t have to deal with it, it would be an acceptable truce. He was just here for show, he would stand back and let Mr. Witherstone take the lead and be in charge of the introductions. He paused before he let his voice sound, just loud enough for his little flock to hear his voice.

    “Now, do be on your best behavior.” He spoke, at least trying to look like he might care a little bit. With that, he swept into the part of the room where the other two factions had gathered, one nervous werewolf alpha and two court heads glanced up at him as he came forward. He didn’t take notice of anyone else, only those he perceived to be in more or less equal power with himself.

    A tense silence fell over the room as the three groups took each other in silently.
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  2. Shadow took a deep breath, smelling the feelings of the mixed party. They weren't human, so she couldn't eat the massive dark cloud that hung in the room, but it did make her hungry. She was standing next to her father, a bit behind him. She didn't care what happened to the humans, they could move after all, and she wanted to leave, but her Father had specificly asked her to do this. She was an obedient child and she felt that her Father was kind to her. So she did as he asked, ignoring her own mixed feelings. She was floating a few inches off of the ground, holding on to a soft black teddy bear. She had found him today and had instantly claimed him.

    The smell of the other beings was unpleasant. She prefered the shadows by far. They didn't have a smell, but their coldness was...soothing. It curbed the dangerous other-self inside of her that wanted to destroy everything.
  3. "Times like this... Pays to be the strong silent type."
    In just a few hours, an important piece of history was soon to take place for Logain's people. Yet where was he? Somewhere, in a forest taking a stroll with his Ipod locked to his ears with music blasting in his head. This was a proud moment that required his presence. But in all honesty, if he had any reason to attend it was his half-sister, Mataya. At the moment, she was void of his guard... But he always has a good reason for vanishing, it's just his nature. He's a loyal soul, to his friends and his family. And his perfected skills to hunt, guard, and display signs of paragon are what keeps them to trust him when absent.
    He reached into his robes began surfing through his selection of music. There was no need for him to look at the screen since he new ever track, album, and band on his playlists. Those around him felt his fascination with modern technology is going to hurt him one day. Each band came and went in his head. Linkin Park, Three Days Grace, Breaking Benjamin, Skrillex Skillet, Paramour, Woodkid--the list went on. Just as he was about to switch off his device, his hearing heard the twitch of a twig in the brush. And directly after, he could smell hem hiding from his gaze. Smoothly his right hand drifted from its pocket and propped over Scarlet's grip. Logain could recognize the smell as vampire rebels: blood suckers who've broken off from the coven in order to preserve their prejudice lives.
    The shadowed forest soon lit up with nearly sixteen pairs of red eyes, before they all came crawling out from the bushes and surrounded him. Logain simply stood in place and watched them approach, his hand resting patiently over Scarlet.
    Stepping forward and drawing a sword, the activist leader aimed the tip at him. "Your people have poisoned the pure minds of ours, and shall pay dearly for it with your lives! But I am not without mercy. Tell us where the meeting is, and I'll let you live long enough to watch me bring and end to this mockery!", he announced with a snake-like smirk. His men cheered, but me was left in a halt when Logain did not react... he was unimpressed. The rebel balled his fist, "Hey! I'm talking to you, you damn mutt! Didn't your father teach you how to treat a superior!?", he growled, again to no answer. Logain leaned his head back and let out a soft yawn, which seemed to piss off his acquaintance. The bandit leader grit his teeth and tiwsted his sword as he charged in recklessly towards Logain, shouting "Don't you mock me, Bastard!". And almost like a switch went off in his head, Logain vanished to their eyes and reappeared three feet from his attacker, kneeling.

    After that, he vanished into thin air and made way for the gathering in an hour. The vampires merely stood in pause as they saw their leader frozen in place... then he was covered in cuts and leaking blood. A second later, he exploded into blood and body parts.
  4. Conrad Witherstone VI nodded at the command. "As always, milord." He had sort of a regal bearing about him, walking tall, dressing nice, a figure the exhibited his Romanian decent. He stood silently next to his superior, awaiting the beginning of the meeting. He had not done this too often, and it had been a while since the last meeting. He looked at how the human version of the coexist logo the was spray painted onto one of the nearby walls. The humans had adopted the idea rather well, twisting it to fit their society. Sadly for them, the didn't know where it originated from. He thought about this as he looked around at the other groups. He didn't care too much for the dogs, but the Fae he absolutely despised. Of course, this he kept well hidden, knowing that respect is a crucial component of making peace.
  5. Shadow shifted uncomfortably. Everyones' feelings were mixing together, and the smell was making her feel sick. Anger, hate, loathing, sadness, bloodlust, nervousness, and anything else you could imagine the wound up group was trying to smother. She tightened her hold on the black bear, drawing some comfort from it. She felt her impatience flair at the silence in the room.

    Her feet touched the floor and she called forth the shadows, molding them together with her mind until a black ferret rested in her hand. Nose twitching, the dark creature scurried up her long sleeved shirt until it sat on her shoulder. Squeaking quietly, it rubbed its furry head against her neck and she pet it softly, the ghost of a smile gracing her usually stoic face.
  6. Marcus stood further back just behind the heir, he had mixed feelings about the event, on one hand he would be living with the two fractions he and every other feeder hated, but on the other he would be one of the first to try and coexist with them. Something that had never happened before in their world and as record holder it was something he wanted very much to see unfold. The tension was almost palpable, each side obviously hated the other and the blood lust was beginning to surfacing for some; it was miracle in his opinion that the idea for coexistence had ever come up. Looking from the outside in it was doubtful that you could even tell they were here for a "peaceful" negotiation.

    Marcus was feeling impatient, he just wanted the meeting to be over so they could begin the experiment. But it was not his place to speak all he could do for now was wait patiently for this to be over and hope it didn't end in an all out war. He looked over the Shadow she'd just made herself a new friend a little black ferret. He could tell just how upset she was about all this if not more, he sighed this was definitely going to be a pain in the ass.
  7. Azale awoke still tired. He got up and got dressed in formal clothing. Some khaki pants,black shirt with a red coat. He opened up the window and cursed. "It's a little cold out today." Azale frowned looking over the burning plains of hell, he hated freeze overs. On his way downstairs he threw on a purple and blue bandana to cover his neck from the chill.

    He went to the bathroom and polished his light black horns. He took a comb and started to comb his Blue and black hair,along with his tail. He bared his fangs in the mirror and frowned. "Will my Fangs ever be as big as Papa's?" He shook his head in disappointment and sat at the kitchen table. A small dark red demon flew over and filled his glass with goat's blood.

    "Thanks Meti, Where's Ma and Pa?" The demon shrugged it's shoulders and pulled out a letter with Azale's name on it. Azale took it and smiled as he read it.

    Dear Azale
    You have been chosen to be a representative at the famous coexist profject. Your mom and I will be vacationing at Thailand. Represent us well and drink your goats blood it'll make you strong.

    Sincerely Azazel

    Azale leaped with excitement. He grabbed his goat's blood and gulped it. "See ya Meti" Azale disappeared leaving behind a small cluster of smoke and the smell of brimstone.Azale smiled looking up at the blue sky. He loved coming to the human world. He pulled out his Iphone and searched for the coexist project. All he needed was a picture of the building then he go there.

    Azale found it and focused hard. He soon found himself standing next a girl coughing on the smoke he created. He looked at her apologetically. He backed up slowly looking at her ferret. As he backed up he bumped into another person. He looked up at man. He had black hair with red eyes.

    The demon whispered to the man. "Sorry dude...The name's Azale"
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  8. Shadow coughed lightly, the ferret looking up at her curiously. The smoke was actually almost refreshing compared to the feelings she was sensing before an imp of a demon had appeared. "Are we going to start now?" She asked quietly, regaining her composure, "It's a waste of time to just sit here hating each other. It makes me feel sick to my stomach." Yes, her patience was running out, but, once again, her Father's request rooted her presence. She wanted to leave. The dark, lonely alleys of the city called to her.

    She didn't understand how anyone actually expected this to work. Even she had taken part in the war between them, killing werewolves and fae alike whenever they attacked her. She didn't hate them, she was too cold to feel something like that, but she definitely didn't like them. The werewolves always smelt of bloodlust, anger, and hate, like a walking fire to her. The Fae shifted moods so easily, it make her feel like she had motion sickness.
  9. It wasn't an easy task working for the elders but in many ways she enjoyed it. They had structure and a knowledge base that she longed to soak up like a sponge. As a race, the druid's were horrified by all the destruction of the natural order of things; global warming, chemical warfare, pollution...it was everywhere and the planet was dying much quicker than it should because of it. They wanted this project to work, although the elders did not have the hope filled heart and mind that Willow did which made her the best choice to be a representative for them. Willow however, for the first time, was not so sure they had made the right decision even though she was honored to be chosen.

    Her mind was filled with ponderings on how this initial meeting would go. Would the factions not be able to get past their differences to even get it started? She had met some of the higher ranked individuals through her work with the elders, but many of the representatives like herself would be just another face in the crowd for now. She entered the building quietly, her steps barely making any sound. Immediately she could feel the tension in the room but she noted she was one of the last to arrive or at least it appeared there were already several people in attendance. She took her place silently behind those of her faction with a calm, neutral look upon her features and giving a respectful bow of her head to the leader of their faction when they glanced back as she waited for the meeting to begin.
  10. Riley was tense. He felt like something was eating him out form the inside. How much more of this could he take. He used the strength of every being in his body to not doze off. His focus needed to be kept, even if there was nothing to focus on at the moment. He noticed Gregory. Must be nervous he thought to himself.0\

    "Gregory," he called in a raspy australian accent. "It'll be fine. Alright? I'm not really that much of a comforter, so the most I can say is 'It'll be fine' so you're going to have to work with that."

    Gregory didn't feel the need to call him self out on how nervous he was. He was second in command. Fear wasn't supposed to be shown in either of the two beasts. "What's the worse that could happen?" he asked, before pondering on what he just said. "Wait, don't answer that."
  11. Looking away from her nervous father Mataya gave a small some what comforting smile towards Riley, the poor man really couldn't comfort someone least not in an average way but in is own he wasn't so bad. She thought to her self as she looked away back at her father, she wanted to hug him and try her best to calm him but she didn't want his presence of alpha to be ruined with her being a pup, not that he would probably mind.. Leaving her trail of thought again Mataya began to wonder were her brother was, she wasn't all that worried about him considering he never does come to meeting and such but he did always do what he was needed to do. "father?" she asked quietly to get his attention "please calm down a little its not good for your health we will be fine I can take care of my self you've trained me and i'll have Riley and my brother to protect me....it'll be okay." she then walked over to him and put her hand on his shoulder, if she couldn't hug him this would be close enough for now.
  12. Marcus merely shrugged at the demon a little bump was no inconvenience to him, however he did need to be quite for the time being raising his hand he made a shushing gesture before pointing over to the rest of the group. This was taking too long they needed to get things started now otherwise they'd out here all night and Marcus really didn't want to turn into a pile of ash when the came up. The lord's heir was the same she didn't want to be here either, only deference was she could voice her opinion without fear of getting on the lord's bad side some thing Marcus had ever done once and would never do again.
  13. Gregory turned to look at Riley and stared at him for a moment before he paled somewhat. What's the worst that could happen? Immediately, different images of his daughter's gruesome death started to rush through his head. He felt sick. Mataya's voice made through the brief fog of instincts he was trying to fight off. He wanted to do nothing more than pack up his pack and head outside. But this needed to be done or they'd all get wiped out. He breathed through his nose once. He needed to take off his family face and put on his alpha face. He closed his eyes for a few seconds then straightened up, eyes gold and confidant and a smirk slid over his features. No one else looked like they where about to start and he could hear muttering through the room. He took a few steps forward.

    "Well, let's get this thing started." He tilted his head forward. "The housing was already decided in a preemptive meeting. It was decided to be held in the central point between the territories." He began.

    Oberons eyebrow rose as the wolf who had just been pacing seemed to straighten up and come forward first. He glanced over at the Morgana. Which of them would speak for their faction? The woman smirked, her eyes dark as she turned and sauntered her way towards the center of the room. Well, that made up their mind. Oberon hung back with the rest of his faction as his dark half went to speak.

    "Well, what do you know, a beast ahs a brain." Oberon cringed, okay maybe he shouldn't have let her speak. "But yes, and the billing will be cycled through the three factions." She repeated with a nose crinkle before her dark eyes turned to regard the feeders. She had noticed that their lord had finally decided to grace them with their presence, however, him she ignored, instead her eyes went to the vampire who had been the spokesperson thus far. "Do you have anything to repeat from the earlier meetings or should we get to the point of this one?" Then without waiting, she began. "We've chosen three, as per request, one of which is one of Oberson's bastard whores." Marie actually flinched a little bit at the woman's voice. She didn't like her much, she decided. "One of our leading specialists and a liaison from the elders." The Morgan jerked her thumb back to indicate the group behind the Oberon.

    The Feeder lord rolled his eyes. Really? She was going to be rude? how stero-typical of the Morgan. He turned crimson eyes back toward Mr. Witherstone.
    "As you can tell, I have been leaving Mr. Witherstone in charge of this sides cooperation of the project, and will continue to do so." He spoke to the room before he turned to look back at the Morgan. He flashes his fangs at her, in a smile or a warning? He had yet to guess himself. "Mr. Witherstone, proceed if you will?" With that, the man stepped to the side and gestured for the other vampire to take center stage.
  14. Conrad nodded at him as he was called to fulfill his appointed duty. "I say we should simply get to the point of this meeting. There is no point in dwelling on issues already resolved when there are other matters to which we need to attend." he stated. His head was held high and his voice was strong. He was proud to have been appointed Spokesman of the Feeder Council. His silk red silk robes ruffled gently in the breeze that was flowing by.
  15. Shadow disliked the woman who had stepped out from the fae group. She smelt like the corrupt human politician Shadow had caught a wiff of once. Vile, sickening, with a hint of dark amusement. Not exactly the feeder's first choice of a good meal. However, she was glad this was finally getting somewhere, even if Mr. Witherstone was taking forever to simply get with the program.