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    Portland, Oregon, the Rose City, Twenty-ninth most populated city in the United States, and home of a three way war since the time it was settled. The year is 2013 and the war still rages silently, right under the human’s nose. Feeders, Beasts, and the Wild folk, have never quite gotten along and their war has now shifted into a gang like scene. However, a couple years ago, a larger threat began to loom and now, it’s almost upon the Rose City, the humans won’t stand a chance by themselves and so the leaders of the three factions have come up with a solution.​
    Hatred is still too wide spread among the three groups. However, there is still hope that they can fight together. This is where project Coexist was brought into play. Three representatives from each of the three previously warring groups are being forced together to live under one roof and live as their own solitary community. Among these three representatives is the heir to each of the larger factions. Whatever comes out of this arrangement could quite literally mean the end or not of the cities people.​

    Feeders (open)
    The Feeders are those beings who feed off of humans. Mostly vampires make up this faction, but there are succubae and other types of demon and like creatures among them. To be a feeder, one must feed off of humans in one way or form.

    The Feeders government is set up with a ruler who shares the ruling power with a council of five.

    Strength: Silent and fast, more prone to magic arts.

    Weakness: Can’t live without humans, very rarely do any individuals possess natural magic ability

    Common Traits: Mostly nocturnal, can be detached, wealthy, usually live alone or in small families.

    Beasts (open)
    The Beasts are just that. They are were beast of many species. These species can range anywhere from bunnies, bears, the typical wolf, or any other animals. The Beasts have three main phases: fully human, partial shift and beast shift. The partial shift is considered anything between the two legged and four legged form. If a were calls out their claws and only their claws, that is a partial shift. If a were turns fully anthromporhic, that is a partial shift. Beast forms are always bigger in size than their mundane counter parts. For example, a were bunny would be much larger than a normal bunny.

    The Beasts follow a government similar to a wolf pack, they obey the Alpha and from their they go down the ranks.

    Strength: Physically fast and strong, have stronger senses than the other two factions.

    Weakness: Magic arts are near impossible for this faction, but sometimes an individual will possess a natural magic ability (referred to as Moon Kissed)

    Common Traits: Often travel in groups (packs), tend to be nearly loyal to a fault, can be very tense around strangers

    Wild Folk (open)
    The Wild Folk are anything considered natural. Wild Folk must be born, they cannot be turned. Examples of beings that make up this group are elves, fae and elementals.

    The Wild folk have a court that they use to govern themselves.

    Strength: Magic. Both natural ability and magical arts come easily to this faction.

    Weakness: This faction doesn’t have the strength or speed the other two factions possess.

    Common Traits: Down to earth, loves pranks, can’t lie.

    Main Characters/ Reservations

    Heir- Shadow Heart [ShadowHeart26]
    Rep- Marcus [Chronos]
    Rep- Azale [Lyle]

    Heir- Mataya [MissMaine]
    Rep- Riley Byrd [Master of War]
    Rep- Logain Willsaem [Tenchi]

    Wild Folk:
    Heir- Marie Ann Lyte [Silver]
    Rep- Siodorhan of Springwater Corridor [Lady Sabine]
    Rep- (Willow) Soltalina Toren [Aislin]

    Side Characters/Reservations:

    Lord: Vladimir Dragula (Bet no one saw that one coming)
    Council (5):
    Conrad Witherstone VI [Thomas McTavish ]
    [To be Filled in as introduced]

    [To be Filled in as introduced]

    Alpha male: Gregory Bane [Silver]
    Alpha Female: Deceased
    Beta Male: Riley Bryf [Master of War] -- inactive due to project participation
    Beta Female: Shai Nagi [Shaki]

    [To be Filled in as introduced]

    Wild Folk:
    Court Members:
    Oberon - Seelie (Sumemr) Head
    Morgana - Unseele (Winter) Head
    [To be Filled in as introduced]

    Darian [MissMaine]
    [To be Filled in as introduced]

    Main Character Sign Up (open)



    Faction and Race:

    Rank/Position in Faction:

    Day Job:


    Why you were chosen to be a rep:


    Weapon of Choice and Combat Style:



    Side Character Sign Up (open)



    Faction and Race:


    Players are encouraged to pick side characters if they so wish. No main character may be of any rank higher than heir. Any high rank that isn't claimed as a side character gets NPC'd​
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  2. Name: Mataya

    Age: 22

    Faction and Race: Beast/Wolf

    Rank/Position in Faction: Heir

    Day Job: Training to be Alpha


    Why you were chosen to be a rep: Alphas Daughter

    Abilities: Spirit Caller, (She can borrow the strength of ancestors and call them to her, if the spirits allows.)

    Weapon of Choice and Combat Style: Sword whip, Scythe

    Connections: Friends in High places (Military, Police Force ect.)
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  3. [​IMG]

    Marie Ann Lyte
    Looks to be roughly 22
    Faction and Race:​
    Wild Folk, Fae/witch hafling
    Rank/Position in Faction:​
    Bastard daughter of Oberon.
    Daughter of Storm, witch of the third order.
    Day Job:​
    Fortune Teller and owner of the Gypsy's Joy.
    She stands tall and her eyes often seem to change color between brown and bright, vibrant green of their own accord. She can't find a ryhme nor reason to the color shifts.
    Why you were chosen to be a rep:​
    She isn't allergic to cold iron and she's made quite the name for herself among the Wild Folk community when it comes to illusions.
    Strong illusion magic
    Green sight
    Occasional visions
    Can always find a door to Underhill.
    Weapon of Choice and Combat Style:​
    She uses her tarot deck as her favorite weapon by adding strong illusions to the cards and tricking the mind into being hurt by them.
    If all else fails, she is quite magically inclined, she'll figure something out.
    Several in the summer court and the neutrals, she even has a couple from the winter court. Then there's the witch side of her heritage and she has even more connections in the magic users community than the fae one. (She was raised by her mother)
    Can be heir for the Wild Folk, but will leave the spots open if someone else would like to be the heir.
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  4. Name: Gregory Bane

    Looks to be in thirties

    Faction and Race:
    Beasts, Alpha Wolf.


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  5. Name: Siodorhan of Springwater Corridor

    Age: Ageless, looks to be in his early twenties

    Faction and Race: Elf-Pixie hybrid of the Wild Folk

    Rank/Position in Faction: Renowned alchemist, often called Lord Irontouch

    Day Job: Pharmacist, specializes in fey drugs under the counter. Inventor of Nevermore, an experimental and highly addictive drug that increases iron resistance and glamour, enabling the Wild Folk to live among humans more easily. The unintended side effect is the ability to give anyone glamour, even humans, which has created quite a stir in the community.

    Appearance: Siodorhan is about as small and cute as you would imagine him. He's just under five feet with silver hair, violet eyes, and equally violet dragonfly-like wings. When glamoured he typically chooses to have black hair and eyes, and smoothes out his sharp features to appear more rounded and human, and sometimes to appear taller as well.

    Why you were chosen to be a rep: As the only person with the formula for Nevermore, he has a fairly powerful bargaining chip and is naturally curious, wanting to know everything. He's just clever and charming enough to be approved to join, and might prove useful in spite of himself.

    Abilities: Very skilled alchemist/pharmacist, and with the help of Nevermore, also in possession of very powerful glamour. While under the influence he's practically immune to iron; he can't ingest it but skin contact no longer harms him.

    Weapon of Choice and Combat Style: Sio prefers not to fight, but when he does, he fights dirty with a variety of razor-sharp blades, usually poisoned. He always has truesilver and pure iron blades on him as weapons against other supernatural beings.

    Connections: Very well connected in the medical community, he knows supernatural doctors and physicians with The Sight, so he's the guy to go to if you need medical treatment at a trusted facility. His great wealth has also means he's extended loans to many supernatural creatures looking to start up businesses, so there's a wide variety of people who owe him favors.
    Other: He's hoping to set up a lab as soon as he arrives so he can continue manufacturing Nevermore from home, but he's also suspicious that one of the other representatives will steal his secret recipe. He enjoys having a monopoly on the business and doesn't much like the idea of someone else learning the manufacturing process- though demand is high and he really needs an assistant.
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  6. Name: Riley Byrd

    Age: Seems to be in his late 20's

    Faction and Race: Beast/Sabertooth Tiger

    Rank/Position in Faction: Beta Male

    Day Job: Working to keep his rank.

    Appearance: [​IMG]

    Why you were chosen to be a rep: One of the most unique bestialities

    Abilities: Virtually indestructible claws and teeth. Enhanced senses more so like a cat than a human.

    Weapon of Choice and Combat Style: Claws.

    Connections: Alpha Male, of course, Military, and Police Force. Different cat/human groups.

    Other: Can and will use weapons if needed.

    (Hope this is okay)
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  7. Name: Logain Willsaem

    Age: 18

    Faction and Race: Beast/Werewolf

    Rank/Position in Faction: Royal Guard/Bastard Brother to Mataya

    Day Job: Standing Guard by his sister


    Why you were chosen to be a rep: Logan was born with the unnatural strength of a Super Lycan. His first turning was a blood-bath that proved his strength, as well as the danger. When he was old enough, he was assigned to guard his older sister with his life. The chains around his neck are blessed with a sealing spell from an ancient shaman to seal his full potential, allowing him to control his blood rage when transformed.

    Abilities: Naturally he can call wild wolves to his aid. His strength and speed exceeds that of his clan members.

    Weapon of Choice and Combat Style: His people range from many nationalities, in which he and his sister were both trained in each different fighting style. His weapon of choice, above all, is the Japanese Muramasa Katana; his combat style is Chinese Tiger Fist Kung-Fu. Both of these combined with his abilities make him a formidable opponent.

    Connections: Friends in low places (Smugglers, Thieves, Special Forces.)


    Scarlet :(Logain's blade)
    Werewolf Appearance:

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  8. Name: Shai Nagi

    Age:looks 18 but really is 40

    Faction and Race: Beast/ wearfox

    Rank/Position in Faction: Beta Female

    Day Job: Works in a kendo school as a teacher


    Why you were chosen to be a rep: When she was born she was blessed by the pakcs preistes, ever since then she has been able to weild anything that resembles a sword. This made her the best fighter in her pack, so she was apointed to become the rep from her fox clan and she honored it and took it as a compliment from the males in her clan.

    Abilities: Super speed, and to manipulate the sarrounding shadows to her will.

    Weapon of Choice and Combat Style: Sword fighter

    Connections: No one knows

    Other: [​IMG] this is her weapon, she had it enchanted so it is extremely hard to break.
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  9. Name: Shadow Heart (Usually called Shadow)

    Age: 16 (Seemingly)

    Faction and Race: Feeders/Demon

    Rank/Position in Faction: Heir

    Day Job: None

    Appearance: With skin as pale as the moon, she has medium length, ebony hair and sad, crimson eyes. She wears a black, long sleeve shirt with baggy black pants, the articles of clothing almost hanging off of her thin frame. Pearly white fangs match her pale lips, seldom used for her actual feeding. Her skin wields no scars or blemishes, looking as smooth as ivory.

    Why you were chosen to be a rep: Lord's daughter

    Abilities: She feeds off of the shadows of people's lives. Anything from sorrow to a faded memory. She understands real shadows and shapes them into what she wishes.

    Weapon of Choice and Combat Style: Daggers/Close Combat

    Connections: She is the demon lord's daughter, the offspring of his lordship and a pure-blooded vampire.

    Other: She distants herself from everyone else, enjoying a somewhat false solitude while hidden in her shadows. She rarely shows emotion, showing little mercy for the world's suffering around her. She doesn't really want to help the humans, but she does so because her father asked it of her.
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  10. Could I get like an estimated date of when this starts????
  11. working on mine probably be a feeder since no one else is yet
  12. Name: Marcus

    Age: appears to be in late 20's early 30's

    Faction and Race: Feeder- a form of vampire that feeds on both blood and/or spiritual energy

    Rank/Position in Faction: record holder of the faction

    Day Job: Bar Tender

    Appearance: Servant_by_Krimsonblood.jpg

    Why you were chosen to be a rep: respected member in the feeder community and one of the lead providers of blood to those who use it to feed

    Abilities: Charm, mind control, transformation (only in human appearance and only of the same sex)

    Weapon of Choice and Combat Style: gun and sword, Mix Martial Arts consisting of Muay Thai and Boxing

    Connections: Corporate Executives, Club members, and a few other less than questionable people
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  17. dont worry you all have time and arnt being rushed I think she is waiting til there is enough ppl and possible side characters before she starts and shes been baby sitting and busy more than usual so she hasnt been online for a while ill bugg her and see whats going on and if she has a guess of when she would like to start. oh and welcome i love your characters ^_^
  18. Thank ya'll for showin an interest and I apologize for the absence.

    A few notes though:

    [MENTION=3712]Master Of War[/MENTION] The only problem with being the Beta is the vacancy of your characters position while he's involved in the project. Who'll run his office while hes trying to be all peace-y? Or therte could be a temp fill in diercted to fill in while your charter is in the project.

    [MENTION=4112]shaki[/MENTION] the were positions are full with MissMaine, Master of War and Tenchi's characters. You could still keep the character you have up, but Id ask you to please turn her to a side character if possible and come up with a main character as well. Or maybe one of the other three could change out factions?

    [MENTION=2221]Chronos[/MENTION] same idea as I mentioned with Master of War's character, someone would need to fill the council position that you'd be leaving open by coming to the project.

    ....if anything didn't make sense, say something. I'm a little scatter brained right now.
  19. I'll get on that...thanks!