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  1. Kickoff

    Just like every other morning, he woke in a sweat. Another restless night, thanks to the nightmares. He had wondered many times, why had he lived? He had the more dangerous task, they were safe. He lived, they died. He was left to carry on, and in the process was robbed of peace and trust.

    The apartment he rented was most aptly described as one word, shitty. The manager catered to low income workers, and spent the income he earned on alcohol instead of his tenants. The unit was about, or less than, the size of a studio apartment. Had he been claustrophobic, Michael would have been a basket case by now. However small and roach infested the single room was, it was no longer his concern. A pair of duffle bags sat next to the door. One contained the few clothes and personal items he owned, the other the weapons paraphernalia he wouldn't be caught without. As usual, he slept fully clothed, and his weapon was on his chest. A bad habit from before, one that would not break.

    With the long rifle over his back, he brewed one last cup of coffee and drank it from a plastic cup he had washed out and reused for... the last two months. Crumpling it and dumping the trashcan, he gathered the duffels and opened the door. Most of the other tenants had triple locks, he only had one. Someone had tried to break in one night, and gotten eight incendiary Dust rounds in the chest for their trouble. They hadn't bled much, the heat cauterizing the wounds, but the ashes and streaks showed on the wall outside where the intruder had recoiled to.

    Now for the last time he would walk down the three flights of stairs and out into the bright world outside. He slipped his sunglasses over his eyes, not bothering with the left eye HUD, and walked. An hour of walking ended at the fortress of Beacon. A fitting name, he thought. Light for the world to follow, draw strength from. However, he did not put much stock into this fact. He had seen safe places fall, and this place was a hell of a target. Dozens, if not hundreds, of others were around him, their feelings easily discernable. Dread, anxiety, happiness. He felt a mix of these. Was he worried? Not really.

    Michael stayed on the fringe of the crowd whenever possible. He always had a way out. Big groups were big targets, and big targets meant big casualties. Some things never changed. He dropped off his bags at a collection point, thankfully ahead of some diva with a fourteen piece luggage kit. He was nervous about parting with his ammo stash, but he had a full basic load on him.

    Just having enough ammunition to raze a small town seemed like nothing. They were informed of the events that would be coming up, and told politely to wait while everyone checked in and parted with their bags. Michael stalked over to a column and leaned against it in the shadows, eyes peering out from behind his sunglasses as he waited, fiddling with a clip of high explosive Dust ammunition.
  2. Audrey stared up at the large building in front of her - Beacon academy. Really, the school literally looked like a beacon and perhaps it was. It was possible it might have been used as one so many years ago. But she wasn't worried about that right now. Well, she wasn't really worried about anything despite standing in the middle of a walkway and forcing everyone to walk around her. It was a nice feeling, having nothing to worry about, but it wasn't a feeling that would last.

    She had never been good at school and dropped out of three, so why would Beacon be any different? With a sigh, she stepped back to pick u a bag, only to bump into a larger man. She didn't recognise him, nor did he recognise her and for a moment, he stared down at her. Finally, he spoke "What where you're going, kitty," he growled, pushing her back. Kitty, such a common name for her. Too bad for the man before her she was a canine, not a feline.

    Growling lightly, she swung at his face and couldn't help but smile at the crunch her fist made when it came into contact with his jaw. He was down easily enough, too easily, and now she was worked up, itching for another fight. Taking a couple deep breaths she shook her head to clear her mind. Her brother would not approve if she got into a fight on her first day. "Fox, not Kitty," she muttered, "Take that as a warning." With that, she picked up her only bag and walked off, leaving the boy to weep on the ground. Surely she would get into trouble for such poor behaviour, but really, she was holding back. Normally she would have beaten the crap out of him.
  3. Kairav woke late, like he always did. The sun streaming into his room and suffusing the room in a comfortable, hazy warmth. Yawning, he turned on his side, deciding to go back to sleep when he was presented with a horrific, terrifying sight. Yelling fright, Kai scrambled backwards hastily, falling off his bed in the process and hitting his head on the corner of his night stand.

    Laying on the ground, his vision blurry and head aching. All Kairav could do was moan piteously as Remi stalked around his bed and began dragging him towards the bathroom, tossing him inside with a command to wake up and get ready.

    Grumbling at the unfairness of having to wake up at 10:00 AM, he shuffled around his bathroom, performing his morning routine. After 20 minutes, Kairav stumbled outside with a towel around his waist. Sitting at his desk, he leaned back as Remi bandaged his cut forehead so it wouldn't bleed too freely. After she'd finished, he received a swift smack to the back of his head and another order to be downstairs in 10.

    Mostly awake and dressed, Kairav ambled down the stairs and into the dining room where his family was seated. His father looked up as he took a seat and lazily began serving himself breakfast. Waiting until he'd began eating. His father cleared his throat, getting Kai's attention.

    "We've enrolled you in Beacon. Your bags have already been packed and placed in the car. You'll be dropped off directly after breakfast." Having finished his small announcement, his father turned back to his breakfast, while Kai sat there mildly stunned.

    Staring up at the school and toting his sword as his bag's were taken away by the schools vehicles. Kairav felt distinctly confused as to how everything had changed so abruptly and what exactly he was supposed to do now.
  4. Beep.


    With closed eyes and sluggish movements, Onyx blindly reached out towards the nightstand that his alarm sat on, aimlessly patting along the wooden surface. After what felt like centuries of endless beeping, the faunus forced his eyes opened and grabbed the alarm before flinging it against a nearby wall. With a quiet grumble of aggravation the teen rolled over in his bed, holding a pillow over his head as he attempted to hide himself from the rising sun and go back to sleep. Laying still for several minutes, he stared at nothing, his head still covered by the pillow as he sniffed at the air, a familiar scent filling his nostrils.

    With a sigh, he tossed the pillow across the room and slid out of bed. Rubbing his face, he stumbled around his room and lazily grabbed and put on whatever clothes he could find. Luckily for him, all of his clothes were identical. Why? Because.

    Staggering out of his room in the compact apartment, he made his way into the kitchen where he was met with the sight of Aracel brandishing a fire extinguisher against the villain known as a bowl of cereal. Sitting down at the table, he propped his head up on his palm, letting his elbow rest on the surface before mumbling.

    “Yeah, yeah, yeah. Shut up, kid. It’s not my fault cereal is fucking bullshit. No, I pour the cereal in the bowl, then I put the milk and then bam! Everything is on fire.” She said in exhaustion, setting the fire extinguisher on the table. Making her way over to the refrigerator, she let out a soft yawn. “So, first day. You excited? Oh, I’m sure you’ll be fine. Trust me, Beacon is like… The safest place in all of Vale. So long as you don’t fuck up and die during Initiation, you’ll be fine. So long as you don’t break any bones when you land you’ll be Okay. Huh? Oh, I thought I told you about this. You get flung off the side of a cliff.” She said offhandedly while grabbing a few plates of leftovers and Onyx’s eyes widened as he mumbled nervously.

    “Trust me, you’ll be fine. Just don’t die. Well, y’see, remember the papers that were sent you had to sign? In the fine print, you kind of agreed that Beacon can’t be blamed if you die, get maimed or disabled. Hey, hey, don’t take that attitude with me. I told you to read the fine print but no, you said I could just sign everything for you. That’s what you get for being lazy.” She laughed, grabbing the food from the microwave before sliding one of the plates to the now-too-nervous-to-actually-eat faunus. “Anyway, when I was a young fuckwit, only like…. 4 people died during Initiation, so I’m sure you’ll be fine. Trust me, it’s not that hard. So long as you don’t fuck up the landing, you’ll be a-okay.” She reassured him with a smile and he stared at her blankly, a tired sigh escaping him before he promptly buried his face in his food, attempting to just go back to sleep.

    “I’ll give you 5 minutes, then get your bags cause you gotta be there in like… 30 minutes.”


    Grunting when his face slammed against the dashboard of the car, the faunus rubbed his face and mumbled out several complaints. If only Aracel knew how to drive… Maybe he wouldn’t have such terrible heart problems. Being shoved out of the vehicle, he let out a ‘oof’ when he hit the ground and slowly forced himself up before being knocked back to the ground when Aracel tossed his bags at him carelessly.

    “Alright kid! Good luck and don’t die!” She shouted before slamming on the gas before the car sped off and the faunus laid on the ground, staring at the sky blankly.

    ‘Why am I doing this again? I really don’t want to die. Totally not cool. Eugh…’ Pushing himself off the ground, he picked up his suitcase and dufflebag, blinking when he took in the sight of Beacon Academy and all its glory. Several new arrivals walked past him to start their new lives of fame and glory, a noticeable confidence and bravado in their mannerisms and general attitudes, yet all Onyx could feel was his stomach begin to twist. ‘Right… To become a Huntsman. Like Aracel…’ He reminded himself as he forced himself to walk, each footstep feeling heavier than the last. Looking around, he could already see teams and friendships beginning to form and he felt himself growing more and more nervous. He’d have to find a team… join a team… talk to people… make friends…

    ‘I think I’ve made a grave mistake.’
  5. Detonation

    Michael's eyes swept the great commons in front of him, scanning over every student and face he could see. He saw a quick altercation between a... Fanus and a male student, and how badly it ended for the latter. He spun the clip through his fingers, like one would spin a pen.

    The male's two friends, abandoning his prone one would prone form and moving towards the Fanus, met the hidden gaze of Michael. He lowered his head, revealing his eyes for a split second, and the steel look in them. They hardly appeared human, more biological targeting system than eyes, or "windows to the soul" as he'd heard someone say.

    He fell into step next to the female, saying quietly, "his friends wanted some payback, and making a name by punching people isn't the best way to do things," he warned her, albiet in a friendly tone. "And before you punch me in the nose, as well, I'll have you know his buddies thought twice when they-" a body bumped into his, sending the clip flying from his hand.

    Someone bumped into him. Greater still, the block of cartridges went flying. Even greater still, Dust High Explosive rounds were not known for their stability. So, conclusion, he and the unobservant individual who had bumped him were now in danger of losing their feet.

    After a curse he looked down and cocked a foot back. Michael closed his eyes and focused. Time slowed as he activated his semblance. When his eyes opened, the freaky blue they were when he did this, they locked onto the falling clip. He looked off in the distance, away from the crowds. An unoccupied bench was far enough away, and that served as his aiming point. A male was close to the point, but far enough away he would be safe.... ish.

    Then he looked back at the falling clip. It was a little over a foot from the ground. He had to time it right, so his boot would hit the base of the cartridges and not the tip. Hit the former, and they would be okay. Hit the tip, and he would have to start his Beacon career off with losing a primo Atlas paratrooper boot, and the notoriety he would get from such an incident. Not to mention his foot.

    "Fire in the hole!" He called as he sent his foot into motion. His toe connected with the neck of the cartridge block and sent the clip flying towards the bench. Halfway into the flight, Michael deactivated his semblance and breathed shakily, having not expected to use his semblance this early.

    All ten rounds hit and the bottom two bounced off the edge of the bench before detonating. When the sound and fury faded, what was left was crumbled stone the two supports.

    "Well, shit. Didn't want to start my first few minutes at Beacon with the destruction of property," he observed as he looked at the damage. Then he looked at the two Fanus close to him, then at the human male near the blast site. "Everybody still has all their limbs and digits, right?"
  6. Walking away, Audrey smiled to herself, waiting for someone to run after her and try to fight her. And when Michael had appeared by her side, it took everything in her to stop from lashing out. He wasn't a friend of the man or a justice seeking creep. That was good. Until he started babbling about the man's friends and how they weren't going to try anything anymore. "I could take them," she muttered, crossing her arms in front of her.

    As he continued his speech, he managed to bump into someone else, sending the cartridge in his hand flying. She took a couple more steps before she stopped to see what was happening. Briefly she wondered how so many collisions had already happened in such a short time, but the thought passed quickly as the man kicked the cartridge away, causing it to explode near a bench rather than at their feet. Audrey blinked, looking between the three other males and scowled when the chatterbox spoke again. "Can I punch you now?" she asked him, reaching behind herself and brushing her fingers over the cool handle of Maverick.
  7. Kai stood there, covered in dust and debris from the bench that had exploded near him and stared blandly at the group of three where the explosive had come from. Two Faunus and a human. This looked like the start to a rose colored high school friendship, or rivalry, or something. Which sounded like work, sighing slightly. Kai just rubbed his face, before dusting off his clothes.

    Walking towards the group of three, he drew up and addressed the human who was the one that had kicked the clip over to him."Why are you carrying around explosives near a school building in the first place?"
  8. Onyx was confused.

    Like, super confused.

    Why did a bench explode? Why was he standing next to someone with a grudge against benches? Was he an accomplice? Oh boy, Aracel told him about this. This is how it starts - one second you're destroying public property, the next you're tossing corpses into a furnace to destroy the evidence.

    "I'm innocent." He mumbled inaudibly, practically shaking where he stood. He didn't ask for this. He was too young to go to jail. Aracel told him what happens to people that go to jail. One drop of the soap and you're fuckin' donezo. "I-I..." He stammered, anxiety evident in his posture.


    "Been here 2 hours and shit is exploding. That's grand." Azuro said before taking a swig from his flask, his eyes closing as he reveled in the burn from the liquor. Sitting lazily in a tree that overlooked most of the courtyard, he spied the four that seemed to be at the source of the explosion. Well, it was only the fault of one person, but...

    He chuckled.

    'Michael Bely. Onyx Norwyn. Kairav Deene. Audrey M. K. Ferrester.' He identified them all mentally, matching descriptions and names with faces. Very rarely were teams sorted based on their applications alone, but this was a rare case. He didn't understand the Headmaster's intentions, but he also didn't question them. 'Just gotta roll with it.'
  9. You're Welcome

    Everyone did seem to be okay? He could tell, because they were all either threatening him, asking him questions, or proclaiming their innocence. He adressed these complaints one at a time, first looking to the girl.

    "If that's how you say, 'you're welcome' where you come from, I'll respectfully decline," he said, before adding. "Though, you are free to use my face on any Grimm you want to kill." Michael stated. "Just pay me a royalty," he grinned before facing the next.

    "Better question is, why aren't you carrying explosives as well?" He asked the white haired male. "Ninety nine percent of things aren't exploding right now, that's bullshit." Michael shrugged, "I mean, at least the bench's family can buy a farm now."

    Finally, Michael looked to the snake fanus. "You didn't threaten to assault me, or accuse me. I have a feeling we'll get along," he said, before looking at the others. "Look, didn't want to blow something up already. But good enough to break the ice, right? I'm Michael," he introduced himself.
  10. Kai rolled his eyes at the boy.

    "Explosions are fun yet, but I like to be more than a foot from the explosive radius in general." Kai responded in a droll tone. "They are rather hazardous for your health, although I'm sure you've picked that up considering how many of the thing's you seem to be carrying, and I'm sure the benches family would rather have their father instead of the life insurance."

    Stepping back, he took stock of the individuals surrounding him. The twitchy boy seemed to be having a anxiety attack, the female seemed to be rather bloodthirsty, and the explosives expert just seemed to be...something. He couldn't quite tell, at least the boy had a wit about him. Rubbing the bridge of his nose, he could already feel a headache coming on. These guys were going to be trouble.

    All he'd wanted to do was sleep and eat. He figured without Ruri here, nobody would force him into anything, and he was sure the private lesson's would let him coast through classes..mostly. He hoped, instead he got exploding benches, and bothersome individuals.

    Turning back to the school, he rubbed the back of his neck, before gesturing toward's the school. Before starting to speak in a dry manner. "If we're going to have a conversation, we might as well walk while we talk. Otherwise we'll be late to the initiation ceremony. Which would be a stellar start to our career here."
  11. Audrey scowled at the man's response and the audacity he had to grin afterwards. Was he really so careless? He could have killed someone and now he acted like nothing happened. Sure, she wasn't a saint herself, but explosives could really cause a lot of damage. "I might just take you up on that offer," she growled, "Though you can forget the royalty."

    As he turned to the next, she shook her head and contemplated walking off. After all, the initiation ceremony would start soon. However, she noticed the others walk past, the ones who surely wanted revenge. She could take them, yes, but she had promised to stay out of trouble. Perhaps sticking with the man, no, Michael, would help her for now. She could easily ditch them later. "The sloth here has a point," she muttered, turning towards the building. "WE should get moving."
  12. "You didn't threaten to assault me, or accuse me. I have a feeling we'll get along."

    Onyx stood quietly, his eyes flickering between everyone that was speaking. He was out of his element. He didn't know what to say - should he even try to talk? Naw, he'd just go with the flow... Or something like that. He was nervous, that much he was sure about. He didn't want to be anyone's accomplice, but he had a feeling he was past that point.

    All he could do was hope he didn't get into any trouble.

    Rubbing his face, Onyx took a deep breath as he mentally decided he'd go with the group.

    He just hoped nothing else blew up.
  13. "Alright, squad, let's move," he told them, walking beside the others as they went to the location of the initiation ceremony. "So, squad, what do you think about... I don't know... Wu Tang Clan?" He said as an attempt to strike up conversation. "Personally, I think it's RZA, but a lot of people say it's Ghostface Killa," he stated as he looked around at the others.

    He did notice a figure in the trees, drinking something and watching them. It made him slightly nervous, as he wondered who the hell it was. Only the civilization around him kept him from speeding up his pace to get out of the line of sight.
  14. Kairav ambled along the other three, half a step ahead and lazily listened to the conversation. Staying a safe distance from the angry female, and the panicky faunus. Both had led to injuries for him before. He ignored the strange man sitting in the tree. Tree's were the best place to catch a nap after all.

    "What do I think about who now? The only music I listen to is The Razor Blades. I've got to stay loyal to the band that made me."

    Pausing for a second, he tapped the kid with the explosives on the shoulder, before pointing to a rock, then smirked slightly as he ground the rock into nothing. with seemingly just the air "I prefer obliteration to explosions myself honestly. Just makes for a more satisfying conclusion in my mind."

    Whistling a jaunty tune. Kai walked, in a distinctly more upbeat manner, inside the building.

    Squinting at the stage, he elbowed the person standing next to him. "So, any bet's on how boring the initiation speech is going to be?" Before he turned his head and realized he'd elbowed the still angry female. Chuckling nervously, he took a step back. Ready to fle- retreat strategically.
  15. As they walked Audrey zoned out from the conversation. Personally she preferred a different genre altogether, but didn't voice he thoughts. Rather, he concentrated more on memorising the area, trying to remember as much of it as she could for later reference. She hated the idea of getting lost. Once they had finally entered the hall, she looked up at the ceiling. It was rather high. Her concentration was interrupted, however, when the sloth elbowed her. It wasn't hard, but still, she froze out of instinct.

    Clearing her throat, she shrugged to loosen her muscles and looked ahead. "I don't know. It is Beacon after all. I will either be boring, spontaneous or outright weird."
  16. "RZA is the best." Onyx mumbled under his breath before cringing at the mention of The Razor Blades. He thought that, without Aracel around, he'd be free from that particular group... But apparently Aracel wasn't their only fan.

    Damn it.

    Folding his arms, he watched silently when the lazy-looking guy crushed a rock by doing... Nothing? Oh, of course there would be people with Semblances that were cooler than his. Why did he think otherwise? Onyx sighed softly. Rubbing his eyes, he hadn't even noticed there was someone at a podium talking to the student body.

    Wait, when had they even entered a building? Holy shit his map awareness was bad.

    Though, what caught his attention was when Mr. White-Hair-And-Chic-Green-Scarf addressed their group directly.

    "... Also, would Michael Bely, Onyx Norwyn, Kairav Deane and Audrey M. K. Ferrester exit through the western exit, please?"

    Being addressed directly caught Onyx off-guard and he immediately assumed the worst. Grabbing Michael by the shoulders, he shook him.

    "Why did you do it?! THAT BENCH HAD A FAMILY AND NOW WE'RE ACCOMPLICES TO MURDER I CAN BARELY HOLD BARS OF SOAP I DON'T WANNA GET FUCKED UP THE ASS!" Onyx exclaimed through a hushed mumble, clearly panicked.

    Sitting in the hall of the western exit, Azuro patiently ate a bag of chips as while using his scroll.

    Speedy-Boobs: it's not my fault i'm single guys are assholes.

    Zappyzap69: well when your dad threatens to kill them every time it's to be expected

    Speedy-Boobs: omfg dads are such bullshit smh
  17. Michael stood in the center of the group, listening to the opening speech. Not bad, a little enigmatic though. Then his heart just about stopped when he was called out by name. Him, and by the reactions of his impromtu squad, them too.

    Then Onyx gave him a muted explosion, shaking him and speaking in exclaimed mumbles. "Snake, don't worry. I'll take the fall for it if it's about the bench," he promised, shaking the snake fanus back once. He then looked at the other two. "If it's about the bench, just point at me and say you had no part of it. If it's not, and we got picked out to be some kind of super special A-Team..." he let his voice trail off as he led them towards the west exit.

    Well, no police, no SWAT team, no Rainbow team, no reporters. They were probably okay. There was a man eating chip engrossed in his scroll. A puzzled expression on his face, he looked at the solitary man. "Excuse me, we were asked to come out here, do you know what's going on?" He asked the white haired man respectfully.
  18. Raising an eyebrow in amusement at the girl. Kai chuckled dryly, and partially in relief as he noticed the tension leaving her. "You're certainly an optimistic individual." The conversation was cut short however when a man took the stage and started the speech, and he went back to zoning out.

    Focusing intently on the deformation that looked like a Sharknado on the floor, he heard his name being announced, snapping out of it, Kai simply stared when he realized it had been the...headmaster, he assumed addressed him and the other three directly. Grumbling, he rubbed his neck, while wondering if he could pretend to be lost somewhere else on campus. That had always worked for a while before Ruri or Xaevin found and dragged him back to class.

    Taking a step back, he tried to look as if he didn't know the Faunus having a panic attack about Prison Rape. Whistling innocently he slunk away toward's the eastern exit while the trigger finger attempted to reassure everyone, trying to stay unnoticed by his peers.

    Feigning geographical ignorance had always worked before.
  19. Audrey yawned, covering her mouth as she did so. The speech was short, thankfully, and rather... Candid. She tilted her head when her name was called out and couldn't help but laugh at the snake faunus when he began to panic. "Will someone calm him down?" she whispered, trying to ignore the stares that others were throwing their way. Though others may not have known them, it was obvious due to the boy's panicked action. "Come now, we'll get in trouble, but it's not something to go to jail for." Starting ahead, she ignored the sloth boy and instead followed the other two out of the Eastern exit.
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