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  1. [​IMG]

    "As the Pale Moon shatters and Dust rains from the sky, we must ask ourselves - was this fate?"​


    It's been 4 years since the exploits of Teams RWBY and JNPR, and even as they've graduated and gone on to become renowned Hunters and Huntresses in their own right, the threat of Grimm and the White Fang alike still exist. As such, Beacon continues to train and teach young men and women alike how to combat the persistent threat that are the Grimm, and the seemingly ever growing White Fang.

    Don't be a dick.

    Michael Bely
    Onyx Norwyn
    Kairav Deane
    Audrey M. K. Ferrester
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  3. Name: Michael Bely (Russian, "white")
    Color: White-silver
    Age: 18
    Race: Human
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    About 6' with short brown hair and dark blue eyes. His body is lean, made up of wiry muscle and a few scars from training and combat. In combat, he wears a white and grey combat outfit, and in colder environments wears a jacket over it. In more casual instances, he will wear a white, silver or grey button up shirt and blue jeans. He also wears a pair of sunglasses with a HUD in his left eye, helping with navigation, combat, and communications.

    Combat Outfit: [​IMG]

    HUD Sunglasses: [​IMG]

    Semblance: He is able to change his perception of time. So, for others it appears he is moving fast, while in his eyes he is moving normally, everything else is slowed. His weapons are still affected by normal time. This is a highly draining power, and he uses it sparingly. However, in extreme situations or near death scenarios, he can activate his Semblance with little penalty.

    Weapon: Silver Enforcer, a shifting battle rifle and longsword. In it's rifle form, it fires 30-06 caliber rounds from a ten round magazine. Effective to medium range. Dust charged rounds can also be fired through the weapon, providing those myriad effects. At a click of the fire selector switch, the rifle converts to a longsword.
    Rifle similar to: [​IMG]
    Sword form similar to: [​IMG]

    Personality: He is perceived as cold and distrusting, looking to every corner, shadow, and blur of movement for danger. Due to past experiences, he has certain triggers that will elicit a violent or abnormal reaction. A birthday surprise, for example, might lead to a few people making trips to the hospital. However, typically after only a battle, he opens up and warms to those around him. He can be quite caring, always willing to help his friends. In combat, he automatically takes charge, trying to preserve those he is commanding while inflicting as much damage as possible. It could be said he is reckless, since he always assigns himself the most dangerous tasks.

    (Brief) History: Michael is the bastard child of a famous arms manufacturer. Because of the controversy that would surely arise from the media learning of an illegitimate child, the manufacturer arranged for the child to be relocated far from Atlas, into an unstable area plagued by Grimm and White Fang attacks. Car bombings, shootings, and robberies were rampant. He learned to defend himself from an early age, and joined a militia at 12. The unit was a mix of both human and Fanus, and he grew up around the latter species, and never harbored the resentment that most humans do. They were just part of the landscape for him. With their area all but ignored by the military, police, and the Huntsmen, the militia was all that stood between the White Fang, the Grimm, and the common people. When most of the unit was killed in an ambush, Michael gathered supplies, and set off for Vale.
  4. [​IMG]

    Audrey Melinda Kristina Ferrester
    Melinda and Kristina were the names of her two grandmothers. Melinda on her mother's side and Kristina on her father's

    Dark purple
    It is natural, yes. Her ears and tail are also purple

    Born in the middle of the summer months

    Fox faunus
    Her father was a rare black fox while her mother was a normal fox

    • [​IMG]
      Long dark purple hair that she often has braided in two long plaits. These plaits are then rolled into buns at each side of her head. Her eyes are a dark shade of purple that in the right lighting seem blue. She has a pale complexion with a light sprinkle of freckles on her cheeks. She is often found wearing a variety of clothing that are usually black and purple and are what we would call Victorian styled. Other than her bust she is very slim making her look rather weak
    • Energy transfer:

      - Is able to steal the energy from her opponent through physical touch or if her opponent's semblance is used on her
      - Is able to transfer her own energy to another person through physical touch only
      - If someone was to touch her while she is physically exhausted, she could accidentally steal their energy
      - Isn't very good at using her power, however, she can control it to the point of steal small, almost undetectable amounts during battle
    • Maverick:

      Maverick is a weapon that can be used as a scythe, battle axe or spear. In the centre of the arrow pieces is an Alexandrite stone.

    • Audrey has a personality that changes depending on who she is around or what she is doing. For example, around her family and closest of friends she becomes a little crazy and weird. Though this is well hidden around strangers or acquaintances. However at all times she refuses to show any fear, where she can help it, and will always fight until she can no longer move. She has a love for animals and sometimes even Grimm, believing that not all are evil creatures trying to destroy the world.

      When she was little Audrey grew up on a farm with many siblings. Her parents were scientists who studied the Grimm in their natural habitat to try and see if there was a way to coexist with them. Of course, this little experiment didn't last long when the farm was attacked by a hoard of Beowolves. Luckily no one was hurt, but it was a big enough scare to cause their parents to move into the centre of Vale where they believed it would be safer. It was there that Audrey learnt how to fight and often got herself into trouble with street fights. As a way to give her a hobby her parents then sent her to school as a beginning huntress.

  5. Onyx Norwyn


    Name: Onyx Norwyn
    Color: #08378c/
    Race: Snake Faunus

    • A little over six feet in height - around 184 cm.
    • Mid-length and generally messy, black hair; bangs frame his face.
    • Red, snake-like iris.
    • Has noticeable scales around his eyes.
    • Pierced right ear.
    • Casual attire.
    • A sleeveless, slightly form-fitting bleached shirt with a skull motif on the chest.
    • Black jeans with red and purple faded legs.
    • Black denim jacket with a hood sewn into it.
    • A pair of converse.
    Parallel Convergence
    • Onyx's aura manifests in a 'wave' of black and gold flame - endlessly restless but always contained.
    • His semblance, Parallel Convergence, when activated allows him to create a time-delayed hologram of himself, with his aura. This hologram copies his movements an actions at a 5-second delay. When he chooses to, he can return to his holograms location or swap places with it entirely, giving him a wide range of ways to tackle an opponent.
    • Using Parallel Convergence repeatedly leaves Onyx with intense vertigo and motionsickness.
    Predawne - Sword/SMG/Middaye - Sword/Shotgun


    He is fond of utilizing Red and Light Blue Dust Crystals to empower his weapon.

    • He's somewhat of a recluse - having mild trust issues when it comes to interacting with others.
    • Onyx is resilient - he's a fighter through and through.
    • Resourceful - when push comes to shove, he's prepared to resort to irregular means if it can ensure the safety of himself or others.
    • Passive - Onyx is an introvert. He'll never start a conversation - only speaking when spoken to. Is never one to instigate or start a fight, to the point he's willing to turn the other cheek if it means avoiding unnecessary conflict.
    • Awkward - Onyx's social skills leave much to be desired. He doesn't really know how to talk to people, as the very thought of willingly talking to others is alien to him.
    Brief History
    • Born on the outskirts of Menagerie a few years prior to the Faunus Rights Revolution.
    • Was orphaned almost immediately and grew up taking care of himself, frequently finding shelter in abandoned buildings and dumpsters.
    • Wandered away from the shanty town that was his home into a forest. Was cornered by a grimm but was saved by a huntress name Aracel who took him in as her ward.
    • Being raised by the huntress, he frequently traveled with her all throughout Vale. Observing her deeds and action, being unbiased in who she helped, he began to idolize her work and skill.
    • Seeing Aracel more as his mother than caretaker, he asked her to help him to become a hunter so he could help people like she did. She soon began train him in combat.
    • Not long after, she sent him to Beacon Academy to further hone and polish his skills to become a Hunter.
    More of his in-depth history will be revealed in RP.
  6. Dank

    Name: Kairav Deane
    Color: #ffffff
    Race: Human

    • 183 cm tall.
    • Emerald eyes
    • Shoulder length silver hair, kept in a lose ponytail.
    • Maroon button-up shirt with the sleeves folded up and a plain white t-shirt underneath it
    • Dark cream, almost brown form-fitting corduroy pants.
    • Jet black Aviators jacket.
    Gravity Jurisdiction
    Kairav can manipulate gravity. He makes primary use of this by increasing someones personal gravity via physical contact, the degree of the gravity increase being dependent on how long he maintained contact. However he can also create an increase of Gravity in a large AOE field. He can also create small spheres with high gravity as deadly projectiles, as well as other stuff. The stronger the effect from his semblance, the more concentration is required from him, limiting his martial capabilities while using it.

    Avalon - Sword - Dual Swords - Dual Pistols


    Avalon is an enormous two-handed sword measuring 200 cm, designed to overpower Grimm at a medium and close range. The sword is actually two put together, and the silver center can be separated from the gunmetal border to allow dual wielding. The division of weight allows the two swords to be used in a much faster fighting style, than the power based style of the one-handed variation. The separated swords can also become a pair of dual over-sized pistols.

    • Awkward - Sometimes he doesn't know when to stop talking or how to read the mood.
    • Uncaring - Whether he fails or succeeds, he seems to care very little outwardly.
    • He works best under some form of duress, and very little when out of it.
    • When his head isn't in the clouds, he sports a rather dry manner of speech.
    Brief History
    He was born in an average household, to two average parents. The most remarkable thing about their family was that his mother and father were from different social classes. He grew up fairly above average in all aspects. He always grasped things a bit faster than his peers, but not fast enough to be out of the ordinary. Upon reaching his teenage years. He displayed an out of character interest and skill in being a hunter, so he was sent him to Beacon Academy.
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  7. Azuro Zaynesworth


    Name: Azuro Zaynesworth
    Color: 58d5f5
    Race: Human

    • 6'1".
    • Short blonde hair.
    • Icy blue iris.
    • Pierced ears.
    • Casual attire consists of a white and blue long-sleeve shirt beneath a black short sleeve shirt he leaves unbuttoned.
    • Black jeans and sneakers.
    • Azuro is capable of generating and manipulating electricity, encompassing such effects as altering electrical currents and enticing a wide variety and range of discharges. Azuro's body, inside and out, is a quintessential conduit of unnaturally high levels of electrical charge.
    • Azuro can perceive his surroundings in terms of the electromagnetic forces exerted innately by matter. The vision of this manner of sight appears similar to infrared, and can be used to see passed most physical obstructions.
    • Azuro can transport himself by electricity, lightning or electronics. This is achieved by either riding the flow of electrons or becoming electricity itself for travel. The distance at which he can travel is roughly equal to 2~ yards. Though, the more frequently he uses this, the more 'unstable' he becomes, inevitably resulting in him suffering a seizure.
    A modern masterpiece; Arc-Runner was designed by some of the brightest minds in Vacuo on behest of Nekros Valdur for Azuro Zaynesworth. It is a mesh of metal and dust; reality and fantasy. It has no firearm capabilities, which raised concerns by the group that forged the weapon.

    Forged of Orichalcum, it is sturdier and sharper than most metals.

    The raw Dust used in the forging of the weapon and melded into the actual blade itself is electricity. Being a raw crystal, its reaction to Azuro's semblance is quite devastating.

    When using his Semblance, Azuro can channel it through his sword and unleash its full potential. When this happens, the dust crystal reacts 'radically' and amplifies Azuro's semblance. The ridges in the blade allow the electricity to flow and surge, giving Azuro complete control of the weapon.

    Upon activating Bolt-Caster, the sword becomes somewhat like a railgun, to the point Azuro can 'throw' blades of high-impact electricity at his enemies with swings, making up for its lack of traditional firearm capabilities.

    • Azuro is a very friendly and sociable person, able to strike up a conversation with just about anyone.
    • Azuro's polite and friendly exterior should not be mistaken for weakness - one wrong word or action and he won't hesitate to show someone how unpleasant he can be.
    • He's a calm person who does his best to rationally assess a situation before acting.
    • Is lazy as shit.
    Brief History
    • Born in a Vacuo.
    • Graduated from Shade Academy.
    • Leader of Team SWRD.
    • Was assigned to Beacon to be a mentor to a select group of Hunters.
    More of his in-depth history will be revealed in RP.
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