Fen'Harel's Mistake (Solas x Inquisitor)

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    Andaran antish'an!
    MAKER, HELP ME. I've fallen headfirst into Solavellan hell and I can't get out. It's been over a month since this rotten egg came into my life and there's no way of escaping. I think my only hope at this point is to find some good, solid roleplaying to give my heart the satisfaction it so deserves. I have suffered at the hands of this elven asshole and I've earned some redemption. Would you assist me in a story before I completely lose it? ;o; (NOTE: I'm only looking for a partner or two! Or ten. I need egg time.)

    Annoying list of things I ask for:
    • YOU MUST HAVE PLAYED/WATCHED THE TRESPASSER DLC. This is so important, I can't stress it enough.​
    • NO SELF-INSERTION INQUISITORS. For the love of the Maker, make your character interesting? (Not that you're not interesting, I just...you get it, yeah?)​
    • YOU MUST be 16 years or older. Libertine is open to those 18+.
    • YOU MUST be dedicated. Don't reply here if you think you'll lose interest in our story, and if you do lose interest, please tell me!
    • YOU MUST put forth considerable effort into plot-building. Don't make me do most of the work. It should be 50/50.
    • PLEASE be adept/advanced or above in writing level. Bonus points if you send me a writing sample.
    • YOU MUST reply once a week at least, unless you notify me stating otherwise.
    • UNDERSTAND that I am a college student and may not reply for days at a time. Be patient. If I've lost interest, I will tell you.
    • YOU SHOULD give at least two-paragraph responses. I prefer longer, but I understand if it's a conversation or whatnot.
    • DO NOT reply here if you are only half-interested. I'm looking for people who aim for finishing roleplays instead of dropping them, and I need to nerd out hardcore.
    • YOU MUST be friendly! I don't enjoy writing with strangers. I don't bite, promise! Skype is optional.
    • YOU MUST have excellent grammar and spelling. Give this post a rating if you read these requirements.
    • PLEASE NOTE that I'm not trying to sound prudish at all! I just know what will keep me interested and what my personal roleplaying pet peeves are, and I hate turning people away, so I want to avoid those scenarios if possible. I'd hate to start only to realize too late that we're not a good match.

    What I Offer:

    Of course, it's not fair to ask so many things of you without telling you what I can offer in return! That would be ridiculous. Below I've compiled a list of things I can bring to the table, should you choose to roleplay with me.
    • I can play either Solas or the Inquisitor, depending on your preferences.
    • Friendliness. I'm very easy to get along with!
    • Plot cooperation. Plotting is my FAVORITE.
    • Advanced/Prestige writing level.
    • Solid, strong replies. I write 3-8 paragraphs per response, usually.
    • Hard work. I'll dedicate myself to our story.
    • Devotion. I won't want to just drop, unless I lose interest. But that rarely happens.
    • Excellent grammar and spelling, and good flow in my writing.
    • Photoshop skills. Ohhh yes, I love making things for my stories.

    For the sake of avoiding spoilers for people, I won't list my plots here. Please PM me if you're interested in seeing them. Thank you so much!

    Dareth shiral.
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