Femslash/Yuri ideas for romance roleplays (female partner preferred)

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Playing Your Melodious Heartstrings
All it took was a one night performance in a small bar for an aspiring guitarist, in her mid twenties, to enthralled the heart of a teenage girl in the small audience. The girl teenager relentlessly tries to win the affections of the female guitarist after that night. It could be said that the teenage girl becomes obsessed with the guitarist but isn't love just an affectionate obsession with the person you fancy? Deep within the guitarist is a flame of loving desire that yearns to be feed by the timber of the teenage girl's heart. However, the guitarist tries to disregard the teenager's affectionate advances but eventually finds her willpower fading.

Putting Stock in Love
A business woman finds that what stock she had, crashed in the Stock Market and on top of that she was fired from her executive job. Disheartened by this turn of events, she goes home to take pleasure in her lover's embrace. To her dismay, she finds her lover in bed with a man who happens to be the son of her previous boss. Sadden by this ill luck, she decides to spend what little money she had in her pocket at the local "gentleman's club." There she falls in love with a Latino dancer girl who at first is weary to perform privately for the business woman but she couldn't turn down the money l. The business woman finds her heart captivated by the dancer. Eventually the business woman spends what money she can find to visit the club to have the dancer perform for her. The dancer girl only danced for the business woman because of the money she paid but eventually she finds herself falling in love with her.

Beneath the Shadows of the Moon
In the small town of Havenport lives an ancient clan of vampires and a werewolf clan who are each other's bitter rivals. A century old feud keeps the two clans from seeking peace. However, things change when on one fateful night, the teenage daughter of the werewolf pack leader finds herself in the presence of another teenage girl who happens to be a vampire. It was love at first sight. A Romeo and Juliet love story between a werewolf and a vampire.

Feel free to pm me if you're interested in any of these scenarios or even post your interest here. ^^
Hit me up with a PM and we'll discuss? I'm really interested in the last one. But I could go for the other ones. Let me know what you're wanting to do currently. :) K thx.