Female Warriors of Feudal Japan (Yuri Rp)

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    Female Warriors of Feudal Japan

    Word on the street is that the Emperor of Japan is seeking the help of Japan's finest female warriors, boasting of never ending rewards if you succeed, and certain death if you fail. There's only one catch, though. No one knows for sure what he's asking, but a rumor managed to slip from the castle that it involves a highly sensitive escort mission across the country, to a place that...may not even exist anymore.

    The Roleplay

    First and foremost, I'm seeking active, long term, creative players with a love for feudal japan, yuri, and some serious adventuring. I have this story planned out in my head and it will be packed with action, hopefully some comedy, and yummy yuri romance. I'm likening this world to Inuyasha(complete with the demons), if you need something to picture. Your character can be almost anything you want. A simple merchant with some serious katana skills, a ronin, a samurai, a thief, or maybe even a hanyou? I'm not a history buff, so most of it won't be historically accurate.

    The Rules

    Post at least once a week. You'll have two weeks to get up a response without a heads up of your absence before you are booted. Absolutely no one liners, three sentences minimum with decent punctuation, grammar, and spelling. I'm not anal about this, but at least proof read before submitting. No godmodding, no auto-hitting, and respect your fellow roleplayers!

    Battle: Enemies
    Enemies marked in red are very difficult to land a hit on, and are more difficult to dodge. High magical and physical defense and attack. Boss level.
    Enemies marked in green are are easy to hit, and easy to dodge. Generally weak, like human bandits.
    Enemies marked in blue are resistant to magic, but especially susceptible to physical damage.
    Enemies marked in orange have weak magic defense, and high physical defense and attack.

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  2. Appearance: [​IMG]
    Quote: "The best place to hide something is out in the open. Nobody ever thinks to look there."
    Name: Goroshi Retsu (Retsu being her given name, Goroshi being her surname)
    Age: 19
    Height: 5' 7"
    • Humble / Insecure
    • Honest / Bad Liar
    • Hot-Blooded / Easily angered
    • Naive / Foolish
    • As strange as it is, Retsu is not good in duels. In group fights or even when she's outnumbered she's good about using her enemies against each other and creating chaos amongst them, but when it comes to a one-on-one match her ability to fight a single opponent who's more focused on her makes it hard for her ninja tricks to work.
    • Retsu is also reliant on having a weapon, even an improvised one. She lacks any decent hand-to-hand skills, and what she does know only helps her escape rather than hold her own.
    • Retsu simply lacks strength. She's a fast and tough girl, but she doesn't have the raw power to defeat her opponent with a single blow. She needs to whittle them down constantly with attacks or land a fatal strike. If her opponent is faster or tougher than she is, than all she can do is try to find an opening for an instantly lethal strike, because she lacks the power to try to break down their defenses.
    Retsu's father was a humble chef of a great samurai lord. When he married, he was unaware that his wife was a kunoichi, a ninja, though all she did was spy on the lord and his meetings when she served them their food. When Retsu was born her mother wanted to raise Retsu to become a kunoichi like her, sending her off at a young age to live with her sisters in a secret Shinobi village. It was there that Retsu learned most of her skills with "Improvised" weapons. Be it a length of cloth, a farmer's tool, or a large rock, Retsu had been taught how to kill with it. But she was also taught the ways of stealth and subterfuge, mainly because her brash personality made her unsuitable for persuasion and seduction. When she heard word of the Emperor wanting to employ strong female warriors, Retsu was eager to join up, but did so under the guise of a merchant. A bad merchant, which was why she was so "Desperate" for the riches the Emperor promises. In truth, Retsu was to figure out what the Emperor was doing, and how she could use that information to help her village back home.
    • Stealthy and agile
    • Skilled with "Improvised" weapons
    • A very good chef
    • Large network of informants across Japan
    • Very tough
    • Perspective
    • Kusarigama (Chain is typically unattached to be hidden separately)
    • Wakizashi (The only "Proper" weapon she knows how to use)
    • Bo Staff
    • Horse drawn wagon (To give her that "Merchant" image, but she doesn't have any products)
    • Decent amount of coin
    • Food supplies for herself and the horses
    • Two Horses
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  3. So, you're taking the carriage on the journey?
  4. I figured we need some sort of vehicle. Traveling on foot can get tiresome, and we need a place to store out gear.
  5. Yeah. Though, I can't guarantee the carriage will make it through the whole rp. Need more interestt.
  6. You know I'm joining. I'll have up some character sheets soon enough ^^
  7. [​IMG]
    "It's a pleasure to meet you!"
    Aki Yamata {Wakahisa}
    Shop Keeper {General Store~Co-Owned with her Adoptive Parents}
    Aki was born for one purpose and one purpose only, to kill. It did not matter if she didn't want to because it was the way of the Wakahisa Clan. The second child of the clan would become a protector to the first child. From a young age, Aki was taught how to use a wide range of weapons while her older sister, Mori, learned about politics and other various things. When she was ready, Aki was sent out to slaughter entire villages that opposed the Wakahisa clan. Of course, she thought nothing of it. It had been what she was raised to do. However, she and Mori were on their way to attend another meeting in a different village when they were raided. Mori was killed in the attack. Filled with grief and fear for her life, Aki took Mori's last advice and ran away from the crime. She was ten.
    A kind couple took her in and raised her as their own. She was happy and lived a peaceful life with them. For many years, she locked up the memory of her life before, but never truly forgot the past.
    ~Extensive knowledge of the human body {useful in killing, first aid, etc.}
    ~Quick Learner
    ~Efficient in hand-to-hand combat
    ~Katana {Usually carries two. She is efficient in using one or two at a time.}
    ~Tessen Fans {Once again, carries two. She uses them for shallow wounding.}
    ~Canteen of Water
    ~A Small Amount of Coins
    ~Food Supply for her and her dog
    ~Her Dog, Izumiko {Used for tracking, hunting, and companionship}
    ~Necklace {A gift from her sister}
    ~Medical Supplies​
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  9. @SailorMoon, you know I'm joining. Don't worry I won't make a Pandora type char for this one lol.
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  10. I'd like to join.

    Also, hello Lucius, I've seen you on Roleplayerguild often.
  11. @SailorMoon my Hanyou girl will be up tomorrow.
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  12. Awesome. Get a CS up.

    Hehe. Neeed to make my CS.
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  13. Hmm? I can't I'm familiar with you, but I'm glad to meet a fellow Guildmate! You seem like an alright bloke, I can't want to see what you create.
  14. Question with the setting involving demons can there be curses, not a 'this isn't even my final form' curse or 'look at this powerful skill' more of a debilitation.

    With that out there are you still acceping?
  15. Yes.
  16. Oh My Gosh, are you talking about how Inuyasha has to do whatever Kagome says, like when she tells him to sit and he hits the ground hard. I think it was because of the necklace that would be cool xD.
  17. I was just looking over everyone's CS again - I tend to skip the little details, but @Felilla samurai isn't an accurate label for your character based on the bio. I think ninja or kunoichi would be better for 'class'.
  18. Cool I'll have a CS up in a moment.

    Ah if only but I'm afraid not, that was hilarious though I loved it each time.
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  19. [​IMG]
    "Don't do that!"

    Matsunaga Chieko



    Shrine Maiden

    Easily Frightened | Humble | Modest | Honest | Indecisive | Timid | Gullible | Gentle

    Severely lacking in hand-to-hand combat, and close encounters. What's a punch?
    Relies heavily on her bow and arrow, without that, she is destined to fail in almost any battle.
    Aside from the basic human frailty, Chieko is a pretty big coward. She loathes demons, and fears them greatly. She, like the rest of the society, does not understand the creatures and would rather have nothing to do with them. She would probably rather jump off of a bridge than associate with any demons.
    As a Priestess, it's ingrained in Chieko to put others before herself. She often does this and winds up leaving little time and protection for herself, leaving her open for attack.
    Her moral compass is always set to do what is right.

    Chieko was born in a humble village to equally humble parents. As a child, she showed a prowess for spirit magic, and the head priestess in her village instantly took notice of the girl. At a very young age she began training with Kanade, who was almost like a second mother to Chieko, and was taken from her home with her parents consent to train to become a Miko.

    At the age of thirteen Chieko was already a fierce priestess, and an unrivaled Kyudoka. She was able to detect dark energy, seal away malign entities with ofuda, and purify hostile environments. After her mentor Kanade passed away, Chieko was suddenly left alone to train the rest of the Priestesses. Feeling that she didn't measure up, she left in favor of an adventure that would not only prove her worth, but also to spread the name of her village's shrine.

    Bless - Weapons imbued with Chieko's spirit energy, able to cut through dark energy, and seal away demonic entities. The ability to transfer Chieko's energy extends to anything, though she mainly uses this on her bow and arrow.
    Heal - A heal spell ranging on effectiveness based on the amount of energy used. Quite exhausting for Chieko as it directly pulls from her life pool.
    Minds Eye - By shutting her eyes and focusing, she is able to see the unseen.
    Astral Projection - During sleep or meditation, Chieko is able to leave her body and travel. Unfortunately, this is quite dangerous as her spirit can become trapped, and she is near defenseless from evil entities, while her body is completely vulnerable.
    Ofuda ~ Hand painted talisman with the ability to stun demons and dark spirits. Doesn't work against humans, but is effective at confusing them.
    Guiding Light - A warm light envelopes Chieko, brightening the surrounding area like a human flash light, and providing protection again the darkness.

    Kyudo Bow
    Hand crafted arrows

    Herb Pouch
    Coin Purse

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  20. Alright. Everyone I've updated the CSes to include weaknesses, and updated the personality section. I've decided to update it, because I don't want any 'perfect' characters, or the dreaded stues. Edit accordingly please. :D
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