Female Sperm is a Thing

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  3. From what I had read about the bone marrow method, you still need males to make more males. Not sure about the other method.
  4. The Bone Marrow Method requires male gonads to simulate the environment in which stem cells from the marrow differentiate into sperm cells. Further studies (given the issues they discussed), require a look into the effectiveness and defects potentially present in sperm cells engineered this way. Note also that embryonic stem cells and adult stem cells are not the same, and so the result of an adult stem cell-to-sperm cell will more than likely produce a different result than the sperm cells produced naturally by embryonic stem cells-turned-reproductive cell.

    Utilizing this method for insemination could very well result in severely disabled offspring.
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  5. Who wants a meatpole-injection for a free love-baby?!
  6. Wow you guys are way better then the discovery channel
  7. Welcome to Iwaku

    Where the today's strange becomes tomorrow's comedy
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  8. Male sperm is just alot more potent... and more abundant... and has a higher chance of actually being useful...

    It makes sense in hindsight. Some males can produce milk.
    It's probably just another one of those "before gender is determined" things.
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  9. Free you say? You give up all rights to your genetic material. Yeeees?
  10. And that usually due to cancer or some other trama. It's not a natural biproduct for an XY human.
  11. Men usually only produce milk if they have too much estrogen or have taken drugs that cause development of breasts as a side-effect... damn! I can't remember what that med was called.. I don't know if it's a product of breast cancer also.
  12. Well, that's not something I expected to read today.
    I want to say something about perpetuating homosexuality but at the same time, it is quite an interesting advance in the field dealing with matters such as stem cells, human reproduction and what I imagine must be other advances in the work done on the human genome and artificial human production. Hmmm, could this actually be something on the verge of human cloning? Not quite the entire grown in a tube kind of thing, but borderline that via the use of surrogates?

    Eh, I guess one of the first things my mind jumped to is the ramification upon the homosexual culture and the continued breakdown between what is morally just and morally obscure.
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  13. I can't comprehend how this would work. So it wouldn't be a clone necessarily, but... it kind of would?
  14. Uh... impregnating oneself? Cloning? In a way, I guess.

    Science is amazing.
  15. There'd be pretty clear defects if it actually worked. You wouldn't really get a clone, you'd just have a child... With defects.... And both the mother and father being you...

    Maybe they would be a clone... figuratively at least.

    And I guess you can consider children being just the fused clones of their parents o.o;...
  16. But a fused clone isn't really a clone, it's a child. It is so because the child gets half of a set of the mother's genes and half of a set of the father's genes. This is why two parents can have children that don't look exactly alike - they're not clones.

    But if a mother were to have her own child and was both the mother and father of that child, how do the alleles work?
  17. Through meiosis we get haploid cells with only a certain subset of the single parent's genes. If you took two haploid cells from a single individual and managed to create a zygote, the resulting genetic material would only ever contain the parent's gene "Minus X" amount of their original genes. It'd be like having your mother's genes but missing a number of them. You'd instead have duplicates of certain alleles.

    Take for example the presence of genes ABCDEFGH to simulate the parent's total genetic coding.
    When meiosis occurs, the resulting haploid cell will, for example, have only ACEH as its contained genes. This would be the mother's egg. Taking her marrow and turning it into a sperm cell, the new haploid cell (more than likely), will not have the all other genes (BDFG), but rather will more likely be a different combination, such as CEFG. If these inseminate one another, you get the resulting zygote genetic code of ACCEEFGH.

    Notice that both genes C and E are duplicated, and the zygote lacks the genes B and D entirely. Thus, it is not a clone.

    This would obviously create a problem, as duplicate alleles (being of the same dominance) would be expressed equally, which would certainly lead to an increase in the production of certain proteins.
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  18. Been there, done that. You filthy traitor.
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  19. Welp, that's cool and all.

    Damn ethics and morals getting in the way of creating living meat-puppets to harvest for organs..