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✫° The Undead's Horde °✫

Welcome, one and all, to the mighty Undead's Horde (of plots!)!!

Here, you'll find an immense list of original plots and plenty of series/fandom pairings as well!
What's more horrifying than the current length of the list?
I'm always adding more!

Thanks for visiting!!!

✫° Rules °✫
∞ Partners must be able to roleplay somewhere between a 'high-casual' to 'advance +' level.
∞ Partners must have a general grasp of proper spelling, punctuation, and grammar.
∞ No bestiality, pedophilia, blood-related romantic relationships, etc.
∞ Partners must be at least eighteen years of age or older.
∞ Partners must contribute to the plot/storyline.
∞ PM me to discuss RP possibilities.
∞ Do not control my character.
∞ Third person only.

✫° General Facts °✫
∞ I don't use character sheets unless the characters are required to know one another from the start.
∞ No, I don't center-align like this when roleplaying. I use standard to the left posting formats.
∞ I try extremely hard not to ditch, so...I'd appreciate it if you tried not to as well.
∞ I will let you know if I decline a roleplay due to 'literary / level' differences.
∞ I draw my own character, but I don't care if you use an image or not.
∞ I only play Female MAIN characters. Males only as secondaries.
∞ I'm a nice person and enjoy chatting OOC with my partners.
∞ All my plots can be made to be 'smuttier' if you so desire.
∞ I like male characters to be dominant to some degree.
∞ I prefer male partners, but may consider females.
∞ I don't tolerate idiocy and immaturity well.
∞ My chars are usually always dominant.
∞ I'm open to plots other than my own.
∞ I will consider lesbian pairings.

✫° Current Cravings °✫
These are simply the roleplays I desire the most to do at this time.
Basically, I'll love you forever if you pick one of them!
Plots to these are in the main lists below.
Of course, I'm open to all Roleplays.

(#1 Craving)

✫° Pokemon °✫
Sycamore X OC

(Other Cravings)

✫° Avatar ~ The Last Airbender °✫
Zuko x OC or Lu Ten x OC

✫° The Witcher °✫
Geralt X OC
(Lesbian Option)
Ciri X OC

✫° Slayers °✫

Zelgadis x OC

✫° Pokemon °✫

Guzma x OC

✫° Bonded by the Sword °✫
✫° Freedom from a King °✫
✫° Born by the Sword °✫
✫° The Painted Lady °✫
✫° Crown of Blades °✫
✫° Drawn in Death °✫
✫°When all is Lost°✫
✫° Rome's Blade °✫
✫° The Subway °✫
✫° Gem Born °✫
✫° Cop Swap °✫
✫° Original Roleplays °✫
Each plot has a character list:
Main Female = Me
Main Male = You
Main Others = Us*
*People we will play as secondary characters to enhance the story.

✫° Fantasy / Medieval °✫
° Realm of the Imagined °

Main Female: Rebellion Leader
Main Male: Human turned Fantasy Being
Main Others: Played/Created as Needed

His life had been spiraling out of control since he was a teenager. After a stint in jail and a few years in a recovery center, he was given a second chance thanks to his older sister. She gave him a home and a purpose--to help raise her infant son. Having lost her husband in a car crash shortly after her child's birth, she desperately sought help where she could, and given her brother needed his own form of help, it was the perfect mix. He'd live with her and help raise his nephew and, in turn, he would be given the means to stay out of trouble.

Unfortunately, tragedy struck years later as his sister lost her own life in the same way her husband had. Now alone with the safety and well-being of a child on his hands, he struggled. By the time the child became a teenager and began to rebel, as teens often do, his patients began to slip. He began drinking once more despite being over five years sober. He lashed out at others for his misfortune. He drove people further away despite needing their help and support.

After learning that his nephew was suspended from school for once again talking back to a teacher, the yelling match began between the two. All his nephew did was sit around playing video games, watching anime, and reading comics. He basically wrapped himself in a fantasy world and stopped focusing on reality. Why couldn't he see that? Why did he have to be so wrapped up in something that wasn't even real? He'd done everything he could to raise this boy and yet...

In the midst of the fight, his temper boiling over, he began to rip apart comics, break discs of his anime collection, and all but destroy everything his nephew treasured. In response, his nephew took off from the house to stay with a friend, screaming about how he hated his uncle and pulling the 'you're not my real dad!' trope.

With his nephew away and his temper still flaring, he began to bag everything in the room. How could his nephew act like his life was so horrible? He didn't know the meaning of the word! Grabbing at the TV, he'd try to rip it from the wall, only for it to snag and fall from his arms. The loud crash of the TV and the broken glass only made his anger rise. Grabbing the broken TV, he would lift it to throw, only for his finger to hit a, now exposed, live wire. In an instant, he was gone and the world had gone dark.

When he awakens, the world around him has changed. Instead of the reality he knows, he sees the world as it looks in the very anime his son watched. While attempting to regain his sanity he feels he's lost, he's attacked by a wild animal, one that does not exist in his reality.

He is ultimately saved from the beast by a beautiful warrior of a woman and taken back to her camp where the rest of her group is. They are a rebellion against the current lord of the land who has done nothing but harm since his reign.

Although they accept his explanation of not being from their reality, to some degree, there isn't much that can be done. The leader, the woman who saved him, tells him that if he helps them overthrow the current royals in charge, she'll do what she can to assist him back into his own reality. Since there isn't much else he can do, he accepts the offer and joins their group.

✫ In this roleplay, you will have the option of playing a human in the anime world or having been changed into something else. This will be discussed ahead of time.
° Freedom from a King °
Main Female: Outcast Leader
Main Male: Prince
Main Others: King and Thomas
*We can decide who plays the extra in discussion*

He was the only child of the king. He was spoiled, uptight, and felt invincible. He was kept inside the kingdom walls, away from the filth that was the poor. Being only sixteen, he knew he would soon be in line for the throne, but his father wanted to be sure that he was ready for the work that came with ruling a country with a fist of iron...

When fourteen years old, his teacher in swordsmanship vanished. His father informed him that his mentor and friend had been killed by rebels, but not much else was said. He knew that rebels existed, they did in all kingdoms.

It wasn't until he was sixteen that the king explained the full story. The 'rebels', known as 'Hunters', were a group of people who had disbanded from the kingdom. They were disrupting trade and killed innocent people who traveled to and from the kingdom.

Knowing the truth about the Hunters, he accepts the task to prove himself ready to be king by agreeing to go to the forest outside the kingdom and hunt them down. He was to bring back the leader, dead or alive.

With a small group along for the ride, he enters the woods late at night, feeling confident. Then...it all went downhill. Ambushed, his men are taken down and he is surrounded. He prepares for the worst, only to receive two large shocks...

The first is that his mentor and friend appears, alive and well. The second is the appearance of the leader, a blind woman who informs him that everything he knows is a lie. She gives him an offer. Let her prove it to him that his father is not who he says he is and, if she can, he will assist their cause of taking away his throne... If she fails to prove it to him or he is just as corrupt as his father, she will go back willingly as a captive...

Knowing he cannot go home without proving himself and curious of what has been stated, he agrees to the terms.

✫Thomas is a very important character and the romantic interest of the leader. If you are desiring a romantic relationship, you may take on Thomas with a bit of backstory to help. If you're alright with no romantic ties at all, I will play him in full.
° The Golden Soldier °
Main Female: King's Maiden
Main Male: Golden Soldier (Laurent Hurst)
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

Born the son of a king, he was adored at birth and immediately his training began to prepare him for his life as the future king. However, by the time he was six months, they knew something was different. Not even a year old, and he was already taller than the average two-year-old. Before he was ten, he was taller than his father. By the time he was a teenager, he was nearly seven and a half feet tall. People looked at him in both amazement and fear.

By twenty, he was eight feet and two inches tall...and still growing. He'd been part of his father's army, fighting the opposing forces of a neighboring kingdom since he was old enough to battle, which was quite young due to his size. The longer he was at war, the more he began to realize that he was fighting for the wrong side... He loved his father, but once he confirmed that he father had been the one to rage it over territory and refused to relent despite many offers of peace from the other side, he knew he had to leave.

During a raid, he would abandon the fleet he was part of and his friend, who helped him leave unseen, would report his death to the captain. While his kingdom mourned his death, he went straight for the enemy kingdom, a place known as LaQuin. Due to his size, he was well known, so his arrive was met with guards and forces. Despite being raised in power, he spoke calmly and respectfully, all the way to the moment he stood before the king.

The king, a much calmer and level-headed man than his own father, didn't doubt the man's wish to be part of his forces. He had no loyalty to his father any longer, as he sought peace, not war. Sadly, this would mean raging war against his father's forces. It was a task he took without question and did not regret when confronted by the royal forces of his father. He had effectively 'outgrown' his father and his teachings.

Over the years, the war raged, but it would calm for stretches of period, allowing him to return to LaQuin to rest. Now in his forties, he stands at eight-feet and eleven-inches. His body his strong, but weak all the same. Having raised to the highest rank in the LaQuin army, a rank known as The Golden Soldier (a title earned by the gold armor he would wear), he was adored by the people. The armor helped him stand and fight in battle, but once removed, a cane assisted him.

His entire life, he had done everything needed to accomplish his goals. He had driven back his father's army, helped make peace in the majority of France, rose to a rank that put him in line for the throne should the entire royal family pass, and...that was all. Despite all he had accomplished and all who adored him, he was...alone...

Love had passed him by without a chance. His inhuman size made it unlikely he would ever find someone to love him. In the end, he accepted that he would be alone in love, but surrounded by those who cared about him. At least, that was until the day he saw her.

On his return from another successful battle, having been away from the kingdom for upwards of a few months, he greets the people of the city as his giant Clydesdale took him back to the castle. Spotting children running in the king's garden, he would stop watch, able to spot the youngest prince among the children. Among them, he also spotted a new boy--an inhuman boy.

The inhuman were not unusual in the city, nor anywhere else. However, it was always interesting to see them when they were not attempting to pretend to be human. LaQuin had a strong ban on magic due to instances in the years before. Most people who relied heavily on magic simply didn't stay in LaQuin for more than a short stay. Since the child was in the garden, it meant that he lived in the castle.

He would continue to watch the children, soon saying hello to them all. When the inhuman child introduces himself, he questions who the child's guardian is. In turn, he points out a woman in a colorful attire near the tomato plants, harvesting with a few other women. He knew the colorful attire meant she was the head maiden, which meant she was in control of all the other working women in the castle.

It took only one look at her face for his heart to jump a beat, and from there, he was determined to know her and become a part of her life.

✫ As is probably obvious, Laurent Hurst is a pre-made character. I even have some drawings of him somewhere. Despite his backstory and appearance, you are more or less open to play him and create story using him as you like.
° Of Rose and Thorn °
Main Female: Queen of Rose and Thorn
Main Male: Inhuman Blade for Hire
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

Of all royalty across the land, she had made a name for herself that traveled the distance. Not only was she the only queen in existence to have dedicated her life to mastering magic, but her beauty made her shine like the brightest star in the night sky. Unfortunately, whenever something shined so bright, there were those who sought to take it for themselves.

Every king, Prince, and man of power who came to her door were turned away. Many refused to give up, but would continue their charm from afar with gifts and letters that told of their love for the queen. Others, however, threatened to take her by force if she did not give herself willingly. They threatened to destroy the city she ruled and create hell.

Her response? Bring all the power they can...

In the years to come, she would become known as a deadly queen who slaughtered her enemies. Her title arose by the walls of roses and thorns that grew into a dome around her city, protecting it from all outsiders. It was safe behind these walls of roses that she remained, practicing her magic by the means of ancient books and tutors...

With her goal being to open 'The Gates of Heaven' using a spell of the same name, she put out word across the land for anyone who could tell her of the spell’s location. Sadly, what came were many false leads. Then came the day a letter arrived by a trusted source, telling her of a location far away... For the first time in years, she decided to leave her kingdom to seek out the spell she had sought for so long...

Months after her adventure began, word was known that she had gone out. People looked for her, but no one could find her... Hiding as a blind traveler, she didn't face much more than the occasional annoyance, but as more and more people began to look for her, she decided her cover needed more...well, cover...

Within a large city, she decides to look for a sword for hire... If she can have someone traveling with her, her appearance as a traveling blind woman would only seem more honest... So, with posters for hire in her hand, she heads for the local tavern to find someone best suited for the job...

I keep your character out of the initial backstory as I want you to create your own for your char and design him as you please.
° Tears of an Angel °
Main Female: Angel of Love
Main Male: Human Prince
Main Others:
Because there are a lot, I'm going to list them and who is expected to play them:
Me: Angel of Entry, Head Maid and Demonic Princess
You: Angel of Destiny, Angel of Darkness and Demonic King

The Angel of Destiny had watched over the human realm since his creation by the hand of God. He was designed to ensure that things went as it should to stop the world from crumbling due to interference from outside forces. To his delight, he was gifted a creation from God, a female angel known as the Angel of Love, to be his love. Unfortunately, it seemed to also be a test from God, for despite how much he cared for her, she was known for caring for the humans too much.

With help from her friend who guarded the entry to Earth, she would often visit the human realm and interfere in small things to better their lives. They were unable to see her, so they did not know of her existence beside them, but every small thing she did would redirect the lives of many. Often, he would remind her of that one big falter which caused an entire nation to vanish over time. However, she never took him seriously, as she believed destiny was not something someone else controlled, but something created by the action that those, and themselves, took.

Down in the human realm, a prince has learned that his parents have arranged a marriage between him and the princess of another kingdom. Despite his disinterest and argument, the marriage is sealed. In response, he decides to run away, only to be attacked in the woods outside the kingdom wall that leaves him on the brink of death. Only once his life is nearly gone does he see a glowing figure across the field who approaches slowly, singing to him. The next thing he sees is his room as he awakens. Upon the floor are his bloodied clothing. Near the window, a glowing feather.

Believing an Angel saved him to show him that he must follow the destiny set before him by his family. In reality, the Angel of Love had saved him simply to save him, feeling sorry for him. When back in Heaven, her Fiancé bans her from leaving Heaven for her interference, stating she doesn't know the problems she might have caused. In annoyance, she leaves Heaven and goes back to check on the prince, only to learn of his arranged marriage.

At first, she is happy for him, but when she spots the arriving king and his daughter, her angelic sight allows her to see beyond their human forms. The two are possessed by demons who have killed the true king and princess. They are planning an overhaul of the kingdom through marriage, which will lead to more death. Worried for the safety of the prince and his family, she hurries back to Heaven and confronts Destiny.

Despite her pleads, he refuses to intervene. He also bans her from doing so, this time ensuring that she cannot enter the human world anymore. Her friend attempts to calm her, but he can tell that she is determined to help the prince. When he refuses to open the gates to the human realm due to the rules of Destiny, she chooses another route. Without warning, she dives down from Heaven, heading for the underworld.

Upon entry, she lands in the realm of the Angel of Darkness--an angel cast down by Destiny himself. Her friend follows to stop her, but becomes trapped out of the void due to the dark power surrounding it. When approached by the Angel of Darkness, she asks him to remove her wings temporarily, as she wishes to save the prince. The removal of her wings will allow the humans to see her, but also limit her powers.

He warns her of the pain it will cause her, and when he sees her determination despite the agony she will go through, he decides to up the game in his favor. He tells her, he will remove her wings, but only if she agrees to his terms... If she saves the prince by stopping the marriage, he will return her wings. However, if she fails to stop the marriage, she will be dragged back into his realm at the stroke of midnight and given wings of darkness, to stay by his side for all eternity in the pits of the underworld.
She agrees.
° The Painted Lady °
Main Female: The Painted Lady
Main Male: Leader of Army
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

A land of warriors—that was where they had ventured to. He and his army. He and his country. He and himself. Seeking new lands to make their own, they were determined to ensure their own survival through the destruction of others. They’d been across the world, picking and choosing where they would invade and where they would conquer. The only place they sought but failed was a secret land of warriors that was all but a whisper in the wind when it came to myths and legends. A secret society of powerful men locked behind the unseen.

Yet, one day, the entrance would be found upon the ocean. The rift tore and the entrance into the secret land opened wide. Prepared and without hesitation, they entered, sailing toward the flourishing island of the unknown.

The island, thick and wild, kept them guessing as they searched for the tribe they wished to battle and enslave. After two weeks of only clues of the existence of the tribe, they grow weary and unsure. He, unwilling to give up, heads out alone to find the tribe.

From the height of a cliff, he finally succeeds in finding the location of the village where his proclaimed enemy hides, but he knows he cannot proceed alone. As he makes his way back to camp, he decides to cross a frozen lake, only to catch a glimpse of the dark blue skin of the men he desired to fight.

When he finally manages to chase down the creature, he’s surprised to see a woman. More so, a woman who is painted blue. She is clearly a warrior, but not of the same breed of the creatures he came to battle. Due to her beauty, and his sexist views, he chooses not to battle with her, but tells her to warn the men that they will come for them.

That night, as his men prepared to head out for battle, they end up the one surprised by a powerful attack. However, not from the army of blue men. A single familiar woman is taking on the masses. Although they manage to overtake her, it’s not before she has slaughtered many and injured many more. Realizing the risk of battle, he counts his losses and opts to take her hostage as he hears the tribe approaching to assist her.

Sacrificing a few more men, he and his men escape through the rift and head for home.
° A Race for Life °
Main Female: Angel of Legend
Main Male: Descendant of Child Savior
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

Thousands of years ago, the world raged war in every corner. Every breed and race hated others and raged battle to destroy them. The hatred between the races continued for so long, the world began withering into a wasteland. During the 'Last Battle', legend tells of an angel that appeared high above the battlefield, its power strong enough to make the world shake.

The angel had watched them fight until it could no longer stand to witness the hatred. If they all wished for one another to die so badly, the angel would grant their wish and destroy them all. Yet, as the angel went to do just that, in the silence, a crying was heard of a young Elven child. His mother and father had died in the battle prior to the angel's arrival.

In a moment of compassion, the angel flew to the child and took it away to the ledge, safe from the onslaught of the creatures below. There, they spoke... If only due to the child's belief that the people could live in peace, the angel decided to spare the world. The angel warned them that, should it return on this date twenty-thousand years in the future and see only hate, they would be given no mercy.

Twenty-thousand years later, with only months to the day of warning, the legend has...more or less died. The majority have forgotten or simply don't believe the legend. Others, however, run the world, warning people of the angel's return. Though the world has improved by great leaps and bounds, hatred still remains between many breeds of creature.

One powerful man, a descendant of the same line from the Elven boy saved by the angel, rolls his eyes at the idea of the legend. He runs a powerful business that runs excavation of magical stones. When visiting a grand hotel run by his company, he spots a beautiful woman who is speaking with people in the lounge. She is attractive, appears wealthy, and also seems polite and well-mannered...just the way he likes his women to be.

He introduces himself as the owner of the company. He learns that the woman is the daughter of wealthy line, traveling to learn more about this 'legend' everyone is talking about. He doesn't see the point, but she explains she has interest in legends such as these, as they give a deeper look into the mentality of the people who create them. Using this knowledge, he takes her for drinks and informs her that he is one of the descendants of the Elven child from the legend, but he isn't sure how much he believes in the whole thing as there isn't much proof other than a story.

After a night of dancing and flirting, he offers to take her to the train the next morning to see her off, to which she agrees. Once she boards the train, he overhears to men planning to attack her, and so he jumps on to follow them, protecting her when they attack. However, by the time the two men are subdued, the train is on the move. Knowing it will be a long ride before the next stop, he decides it's the perfect time to take a vacation from work.

Despite being from an Elven line, you can make him a mix of whatever you'd like. It's just in his blood, it doesn't mean he must be specifically Elven.
° Crown of Blades °
Main Female: Maiden
Main Male: Executioner OR King
Main Others: Elderly Head Maid and whatever you don't choose as your main.

Because the plot can be evenly split when it comes to your main character, you may choose which you'd like. The Executioner is the darker character, while the King is the holier character.

When her village is pillaged by raiders and set ablaze, she manages to escape, but only barely. Wounded and tired, she wanders into the open land, heading in the only direction she knows civilization can be found. As the castle comes into view in the distance and she finally sees the walls of the city, her exhaustion brings her to her knees. So close, yet her body refuses to go any further. Her sight fades to darkness and she collapses into the grass.

Motion awakens her as she sees the blurry figure of a man carrying her. As she moves in and out of consciousness, she hears a deep voice speaking and sees the castle gates. When she awakens in full, she is lying in a bed with an old woman tidying up the room around her.

She learns from the old woman that the king's executioner found her on his return from a trip to a neighboring village. He brought her to the castle where she and the other maids took her for tending. The old woman warns her that she will be without the ease of walking for a few days, as her feet are badly wounded from both the fire and the long journey she took.

The king, once he learns of what happened to the woman, decides to meet her in person. Unlike many people of power, he is a man of honor and a kind heart. After his parent's death as a child, he was raised by the elderly maid, who he saw as a second mother. Upon his arrival to meet the young woman, he is entranced by her beauty and saddened by the pain he can see in her eyes. Wanting the best for her, he offers her a job as a maiden in his castle, which she accepts.

Once she is capable of walking, she is shown the establishment and given simple chores by the elderly woman as not to push her too far when still weak. When asked if she can thank the man who found her, the elderly woman shakes her head and tells her it is best to stay away from him. She gives no further explanation, but it is not needed.

On her third day of work, a maid asks that she take over the changing of the sheets in a room she was stationed to because her child has gotten a fever and needs tending. Without thinking twice, she takes the job so that the woman need not worry about her child's safety, not realizing she has put her own in danger.

While in the room changing sheets, a powerful looking man arrives. Hearing his voice, she recognizes it as the man who had been carrying her. Unsure of how to react, she simply attempts to excuse herself, but he blocks her way. He already knows the old woman would have told her to be weary of him, but that old woman is of no concern to him. He has a seat of power due to his relationship with the royal family, allowing him to get away with quite a lot if it cannot be proven.

After forcing her to thank him for his kind act of saving her life, he explains the rules to her. If he gives a command, she do it, whether or not the old woman agrees. The only one who can override his commands are the prince. He is her savior, so she owes her life to him. Once the rules have been established, he allows her to leave.

Unbeknownst to her, a game is about to be played with her as a pawn. The executioner plans to use her to end the King's life, just as he had ended the lives of his parents... He failed once to kill the King when he was but a child, but he refuses to stand by and watch a child sit in the throne that would have been his.

As for the king, he desires to become closer with the woman, which throws a wrench into the plans of the executioner, who worries that she may be unwilling to assist if she becomes too close to the king.
° A Dragon's Heart °
Main Female: Mystic
Main Male: Dragon
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

Long ago, when dragons roamed freely, a rumor began that stated 'if the heart of a dragon is consumed upon removal, the one who devours said heart will gain immortality and the strength of a dragon'. Many dragons were killed to the point of the extinction of specific breeds. Many dragons would take to destroying themselves in order to protect them from suffering at the hands of the humans. Despite many attempts, no one had proven the legend true, but it did little to kill it.

The slaughter of dragons became so intense that those who still existed chose to hide as the very things they hated most--humans. Using their powers, they would turn themselves into humans, living among them and living normal lives like all the rest. It simply became the norm. When the truth was discovered, specific hunters would be hired to seek them out and hunt them down.

That was exactly how he would come to be before a king. Bound in magical chains that kept him from escaping, his anger would reveal the dragon within as smoke billowed from his mouth. The king would thank the man who brought him the dragon, but before giving him his handsome reward, he would some his mystic to ensure that this dragon was indeed a dragon, and not a creation by the hunter--something he had fallen prey to before the mystic came to live in his home.

From the shadows a beautiful woman appeared, who would stare into the eyes of the dragon and confirm his identity to the king. Once paid, the hunter would leave and the king would demand a dagger to cut the heart from the beast. The mystic would intervene, however, informing him that the dragon had to be in dragon form for it to work properly. The only way to get the dragon to appear would be to wear him down until he could not remain as a human any longer.

To his dismay, the king begins to call for the dragon's torture, but again the mystic intervenes. Physical bodily harm would not lower the dragon's magic. It would have to be slowly removed from his body. It would be a slow process, that could take upwards of a month or more depending on the dragon's strength, but it was something she could do...

The dragon is than branded on the neck with a mark that would seal his more dangerous powers. While his strength would still be beyond that of a mere human, it would not be enough to escape the walls of the castle. With shackled wrists and ankles, he would be taken to a tower high above the castle and locked away. A few days would pass before the mystic arrived, and immediately the first thing he asks her is 'why did you lie?'.

Though it was true he would not leave his human form unless his power was weakened, it did not matter which from he was in to take his heart. She simply informs him that it is of no concern to him and that she will begin the removal of his power. Despite attempting to harm her a few times, she never attempts to hurt him in turn despite clearly having the magical ability to do so. She simply keeps on schedule with the removal of his powers, day by day.

Over the course of many sessions, he realizes she is only taking a small portion each time and always giving him enough time to replenish the majority of what she took. She isn't trying to harm him.

She's stalling...

She wants him to escape...
° Love of a Beast °
Main Female: Sanctuary Guardian
Main Male: Human turned dragon
Main Others: Rival Soldier and other Dragons/Soldiers

The dragons were once a powerful and threatening force, but now were a rare sight. After centuries of dragon hunting, only so many were left. Even still, they too were hunted down, for the humans believed it best that they be purged from the world.

He was no different. The son of a powerful general who was one of the top-ranking soldiers when it came to killing dragons. The only person even remotely close to his level was his rival--his brother. The two hated one another. It had started as a playful game to see who could become the best, but somehow had turned into utter hatred and disdain for one another.

After a dragon attacks a local farm, the two race off to find the culprit. Upon arrival at the dragon's den, they argue about the best way to strike. This ultimately led to a battle where he would become mortally wounded. To his horror, after his brother slayed the dragon, he simply promises to tell the people he fought valiantly...and left him there to die.

The dragon, still holding on to what life it had left, would stare at him and he at it. Then he would hear a voice that echoed inside his head. ~With all that I have left...you will know my pain...~

Using the last bit of his energy, the dragon would curse the dying human to become a dragon like himself as he faded from existence. For weeks after, he struggled to survive. Not only was he having to be cautious of the many humans who wished to do him harm, but food was scarce unless he attacked the neighboring farms...

A month after living as a dragon and having begun raiding the farms of livestock at night, his own brother manages to shoot him down as he flies toward the mountains. Upon crashing near a lake, he is netted and surrounded by hunters. When his brother arrives, he feels his anger rising, but he is too weak to stop him.

Before the killing blow can be made, his brother's sword is shot from his hand and a woman arrives upon the back of a wingless dragon as it runs across the lake toward them. The woman, despite initial backlash for her actions, calmly explains to the man's brother that he is breaking the agreement by attempting to kill the dragon on her land...

The land they were on was not ruled by their kingdom, but by her. It had been written into a decree with the neighboring kingdoms that from a mile before the lake to the mountain, there would be no dragon hunting. The price was steep should the rule be broken, so the soldier takes his leaves. The woman immediately frees the dragon and tells him to come with her.

He follows her to the mountain where a sanctuary has been built. Dragons of all type reside there, including some who were said to no longer exist. Through the other dragons, he learns that the woman's family had always been friends with the dragon lineage and they worked together to ensure a peaceful unity. She protected them and they protected her.

With the teaching of an elderly dragon, he begins to learn to communicate with the woman, but finds that whenever he attempts to tell her the truth of who he is, he can't remember the words. The elderly dragon informs him that it is part of the curse. He will never be able to tell a human the truth, nor will he ever be freed until the dragon's soul, which now resides within him, feels he has paid for his crimes...

In an effort to do just that, he begins to help the sanctuary in any way he can, working beside the woman and growing a new respect for the dragons she tends to. He grows close to the woman, and due to him truly being human, begins to fall in love with her, but is unable to tell her.

One evening, he sees a group of soldiers arriving, led by his brother. When she comes to greet them, he realizes that his brother has come to apologize for what happened at the lake. He even brings her a gift as an apology. She accepts and simply wishes there to be no more confusion about the line they cannot cross when hunting. He agrees and states he has warned his men to not pass into her territory when chasing a dragon.

He expects him to leave, but no... Instead, he tells her he will come around from time to time to check in on her. Given her family has long since passed and she lives out in the middle of nowhere, she isn't exactly living the best life. He doesn't like this. His brother had decided to take an interest in the woman, but he worries it is simply to win her favor... If the two were to marry, the land would become his...and the dragons could be killed under his rule...

With his own feelings for the woman and his concern for the dragons a priority, he begins pushing to expel the curse by doing whatever he can to help the dragons that reside outside the sanctuary, and by keeping his brother at bay.
° The Mana Core °
Main Female: The Mana Core
Main Male: Surviving Mana
Main Others: The other Mana Pieces

The world survives by the flow of mana drawn from a source known as the 'Core'. Eons ago, the mana core, to better protect the energy flow across the world, created 9 living mana that were scattered across the land. They acted as a means for the mana to flow directly into their location, playing guardian for their location.

In time, many eons after their creations, one mana lost his way, forgetting the reason behind saving the world that seemed too selfish and self-absorbed. Why protect people who did not care to protect the world in return? Due to his departure, the other mana would have to try to share their own power with the location he had left to die. In time, the rogue mana would destroy many of the others, leaving only three.

Their power along could not feed the world, resulting in the death of nature. As the world turned to wasteland, the mana grew weaker and soon had to stop their own flow of mana to keep themselves from dying before they could find a cure for what now plagued the earth.

One mana, on his last bit of life, decided to seek out the core that had created them. Upon finding the core, his energy would be taken from him and the core would awaken, becoming a beautiful woman who brought life where ever she went. Even his life was returned upon her arrival to the surface.

Without the mana spirits being upon the world, the world would begin to feed from the mana core itself, weakening her to the point of collapse and amnesia. Knowing she must be around the other mana, he takes her to where he knows the other two reside.

Despite her amnesia, she seems to be determined to protect the world. To do so, the mana must assist her in rebuilding the other mana pieces and returning the world to its former glory. However, to complete that, the rogue mana must be found and reabsorbed into the core.
° Mirror-Mirror °
Main Female: Sacrifice
Main Male: Prince
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

Long ago, a king met a beautiful peasant woman and fell in love with her instantly. Despite his immediate request of marriage, she refused. Though upset and confused how someone could reject him, he didn't give up. He continued to come visit her village, bringing gifts, helping her and the other people out on their farms, and doing all he could to win her love. Even though it took nearly a year, he would win her heart and she would agree to marry him. In his castle, she was adored by everyone. The biggest and most beautiful wedding was being prepared and everything seemed to be going perfectly.

That was...until the fire...

Only two days before the wedding, a portion of the castle went up in flames. Though she escaped with many of the maids, when she heard a child crying in the flames, she ran back inside. Because of her actions, not a single life was lost, including that of the child who had been trapped in the flames. The only damage was to her face and body, burned by the raging fire.

The wounds healed as much as they could, but she was left with hideous scarring. The king, unable to see this, canceled the wedding and banned her from the kingdom. With her heart broken and feeling torn inside, she would prepare to take her own life, only for a red-eyed man to appear in her dying minutes.

He tells her that there is much that can still be done and her life should not be wasted because of the actions of a heartless king. In exchange for her service, he offers her a deal. He will grant her everlasting life, beauty, healthy, and power...if she agrees to allow him to curse the King...and for her to give him sacrifices ever twenty years...

Still sad and angry for the actions of the King, she agrees. Her body and face are healed, and she is given the power she desires. In return, he curses the King to have every daughter born to his family line to die at birth...and for every Queen married in to die giving birth regardless of the gender... A cruel cycle, but one that would continue for over a thousand years.

As the new cycle of sacrifices are summoned by letter, the current prince, having watched his step-mother and sister die to the curse, decides he must find a way to put an end to the madness. He manages to track down a sacrifice from a neighboring kingdom, a beautiful woman who had been the mystic to the king of the kingdom she resided.

Unlike many sacrifices called upon, she explains that she goes willingly. There is no escape. Those who do not go willingly are forced to go through actions of the curse that will take over their minds. He asks to accompany her, telling her that his family has suffered at the hands of the curse for too long and he seeks vengeance. She tells him that it will be hard to achieve such goals, but that she admires his desires to change the way the lands had worked for so long in an effort to not only save his family but also the many victims.

Together, they will venture into a land of demons and mystical creatures as they journey to the tower where the demonic resides.
° Time-Lock °
Main Female: Time Traveler
Main Male: Hero
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

She lost her life young to an attacker outside the club she worked at. Without friends or family, there was no one to miss her. This was why they picked her for their experiment. Dug up from her grave, she was given new life by a group of women who required her assistance to better the world.

by all accounts, they were feminists who sought to change the flow of time by removing serial killers and rapists from history. The time machine had been functioning for over a year, but they'd been unable to find a way to go back in time without damaging the life of the person sent back. That was where she came in.

They had realized that a living being could not enter the portal without risking death to themselves when history changed. However, they could send in someone who was technically dead. The life they gave her was only enough to give her the ability to live, despite her heart no longer beating. Should she change the past, she could not die, for she was already dead.

Due to the way she died, she took on the job and began traveling through time to take away the filth that cursed society. Thanks to her revival, her body had enhanced abilities, from strength to speed. This gave her the upper hand in every fight should she be unable to use her weapons or needed a quick escape.

When given a mission to go back to medieval times to stop a serial rapist, she finds the world to be much different than history had ever described. The town she arrives via the portal in is under attack by demonic creatures who circle in the sky. With her weapons and enhancements, she takes down a few of the creatures. Unfortunately, the villagers do not see this and believe that she is a witch who is controlling the very demons she just protected them from.

With the use of magic, she is captured and locked away in a cage in the center of town. due to a magic chain, her enhancements weaken and she is unable to escape. Two days later, a man arrives who the town seems to adore. He was summoned to the town a week prior to help rid them of the demonic creatures she'd taken out days before. When he sees her, he is curious to say the least, and given his sexual nature and love of beautiful women, he wants to know everything.

Not believing that she is the one who controlled the monsters, having seen a few of the dead corpses on his way into town, he offers to buy her and take her away from the town. They warn him of the dangers, but he presses on and ultimately purchases her.

Once outside the town, she attempts to open the portal to go home now that her hands are free, but the portal doesn't open. Assuming it's a glitch, she doesn't worry, even though the reality is much grimmer. With nowhere to go, and the man not fully grasping what she explains the remote to be, she reluctantly decides to travel with him for the time being.

Things become complicated quickly when not only does she realize he's her target and isn't exactly what the notes given to her explains he is (he is not serial rapist, but allowed towns to pay the debt of his service by the means of a woman of his choosing should they be unable to pay), but due to the era and the fact he purchased her, he truly believes that she is his property.
° Gem Born °
Main Female: Legendary Warrior
Main Male: Gem Born
Main Others: Played/Created as Needed

War was inevitable. Those who sought power never stopped their pursuit in achieving greatness through any means. In this world, of many powerful beings, there were only two true powers that could turn the tide of war. The first had been around for as long as people could remember—the Gem Born. Every thousand years, a large gem would fall from the sky and crash into the Earth. Within, a powerful male grows, forming through the absorption of the life of those around them. Once born, the desires of those it absorbed becomes its own, making it a weapon that can turn the tide of war in an instance.

Though war could be won, it was a win that never lasted for more than a hundred years or so. Those born from the Gem would fade from existence when all those whose life the absorbed to be born died. Upon their disappearance, war would start again…

Due to the inconsistency of when the Gem would fall and when the Gem Born would die, many sought a new means of power. This second power would be found by chance. As two children ran for the lives from a group of goblins, they are saved by a lone woman who easily dispatched the attacking creatures. Unbeknownst to her, the children’s parents had arrived just in time to witness her power and soon the rumor of the woman passed from mouth to mouth until it felt as if the world was looking for her.

The next few hundred years were spent in hiding, as a captive, forced to fight, and finding freedom. It was a cycle she faced day in and day out. Unlike the Gem Born, she did not seem to die simply by time passing or the death of those around her.

During a time of freedom from those who sought her power, she would witness the falling of the new Gem Born. First on the scene, she planned to take the gem to safety, but sensing others arriving, she is forced to flee, wishing the creature luck in the battles he will face.

Years later, the wars are raging as they always have, with the Gem Born active on the front line to those who found him. While running through a campground of the enemy, he follows a runner into a nearby cave where he manages to kill his target. As he prepares to leave, he senses someone else in the cave nearby, and attacks without question, only to be attacked in turned. The end result is him pinned on his back, and both their weapons at one another to cause a stalemate.

The Gem Born immediately feels a sense of recognition as he stares up at the woman over him. Due to her having been the first to find him before his birth, her life force was the first absorbed, tying his life to hers. Hearing his group coming, she takes off without a word. Once reunited with his group, he informs them of the woman and finally learns about the other legendary power that exists in the world.

Knowing that the combined power of the woman and the Gem Born will seal their eternal victory in the war, they send the Gem Born out to find her, unaware of his life tie that connects him to the hers.
° Swapped °
Main Female: Look-a-like
Main Male: Prince
Main Others: King, Elderly Maid, etc.

War had been raging for far too long and it finally seemed like peace was around the corner. The king of one nation had heard of the beauty of the other kings daughter and offered treaty for a marriage between the two. When all was agreed upon, the days began to countdown for the day he would send his daughter to the other kingdom in trade for the safety of the people. One kingdom waited excitedly, while the other scurried in panic.

Little did the king know, the other king's daughter was nothing short of an all-mighty brat. She was rude, cold, and didn't take directions from anyone. His daughter refused to agree to the marriage and threatened to create a scene if he forced her. Not knowing what else to do, he began to prepare for the worst case scenarios. Take back his word and rage war...or send his daughter and have her create war for the unfair trade...

While out in the city just a week to the day, he meets a woman by accident who, to his amazement, looks only identical to his daughter, though she is a little bit older and a lot more shapely. Basically, she was a more attractive version. She could have been a older sister. Maybe a twin?

Once the two part, he realizes what he must do in order to save his kingdom.

The night before he is to send his daughter, he has the woman kidnapped and brought to the carriage just outside the city. They explain what they are doing and that she has no choice. She only begins to realize the severity of the situation when she spots the corpse of the real princess lying beyond the carriage.

Not wanting war to rage, nor to risk her own life should she refuses, she takes the role of the princess. Once she arrives, the king and his adult son notice she is more attractive than the paintings, but assume the paintings were simply from years prior. Well, the king does and proceeds with the wedding. However, his son is no fool. He had heard the tales of the princess and knew much more than his father. Using this knowledge, he confronts the look-a-like. Though she has power as the new queen, she still has to fear both her own death and the risk of war.

Surprisingly, the prince has no interest in turning her in...assuming she listens. Not only does he want her help in killing his father to ascend to the throne, but he wants her as his own.
° Dance °
Main Female: Hard Rock Female
Main Male: Disco Prince
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed
*We can decide who plays the extra in discussion*

Different worlds exist. Some more similar to the basic idea of earth than other. He was from a world where the 1970s never seemed to leave and Disco was the name of the game. He was known as the Disco Prince, a hero in his world who fought evil.

She, on the other hand, came from a world of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Was she good? Not quite. Was she evil? Possibly not. But she had a set of lungs on her that could rattle the bones when needed. She wasn't known as a hero, but she was known by her people as a powerful figure.

During a concert she attended, a rift opened, sucking her in. When she drops out, she lands in a world that is not her own. It's here she's confronted by the Disco Prince when her demeanor and attire gets her questionable looks. At first, he attempts to arrest her, but she puts up a fight and she escapes into the city. He takes chase, following her through the city. When he finally finds her, she is assisting a woman by defending her from thugs. It's then that he realizes she may not actually be a criminal.

Once the two puts aside their concerns, they begin to focus on what brought her here. In time, rifts will open and they will be hurled through the many worlds as a dark force attempts to take absolute control and combine the worlds together under his rule.
✫° Sci-Fi / Horror °✫
° Evil Genius Revolution °
Main Female: Leader of E.G.R.
Main Male: Male recruit (position up to you).
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

E.G.R., better known as Evil Genius Revolution, is an organization that houses only those who can be labeled a 'genius'. No, being smart is not enough. All those recruited into the organization must be seen as not only a threat to civilians should they use their abilities for evil, but considered something the government also sees as a threat if not working for them.

Many of the recruits span from different eras, as time travel is not beyond the ability of this organization. In fact, the leader built the first-time machine that existed in the world they reside in. A world where life itself has been destroyed in a war between the government and the those like them. Wanting to fix the world and protect those like herself, she went about building a home in the time she had landed, seeking out those who would come willingly to assist in her dream of rebuilding a world where they no longer had to hide.

Unfortunately, she could not fix the world in which the organization resided. Even as her organization grew and they began to undo the damage in the past, their world never changed. Instead, a new world formed in another time and space completely, one that could only be seen by someone who remained in the past and let time flow as normal.

Those who joined the organization, unfortunately, would not be given this choice. Upon joining, the rules were clear. Once they join, for the safety of themselves and everyone in the organization, they can never leave. Many years have passed since the creation and the base runs smoothly. The leader is still around, still standing in the front line on a number of missions.

Every few years, new recruits are brought in to join.

Soldiers, mechanics, lab techs, and more. There is a job to fit everyone's special ability. Together, they fight to create a world where people like themselves are not seen as evil and dangerous, but accepted in society as just everyday people who simply had intellectual gifts. The government and those who use their intellectual gifts for evil are the targets of E.G.R.

They will not stop. The will not surrender. They will rise from the shadows to protect the world and those they love.

They are family. They are warriors.

They are E.G.R.

Due to the complexity of this plot, you can design your char as you like. This is probably one of the ONLY roleplays I have where a character sheet will be required (mostly for the sake of the RP). Once you've decided your place in the organization, we will jump in and create the missions they take on.
° Drawn in Death °
Main Female: Female Artist
Main Male: Male Artist
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

Ever since he was a child, he knew that he was destined to be an artist. By ten, he knew he wanted to make comics for a living. By sixteen, he knew he wanted to specialize in horror. He got his first job before he was 18, worked hard, saved, and managed to go to art school to hone his skills. For inspiration, he would read and follow the stories of an artist he admired. Though the true identity of the artist was unknown, they had created some of the most haunting and terrifying comics that were a hit around the world.

By his mid-twenties, he had been working his dream job for a few years, but sought to branch out. So, he often did his own thing on the side, hoping a publishing company would take him up on the off. Unfortunately, while his art was on par with most of the professional comic book artists, his horror stories were always refused. Many publishers saying it just didn't have the 'spark' that they looked for when publishing horror. Horror comics took skill and it was clear that his dream would never come a reality if he couldn't master the art.

While looking back with envy at the artist he had always inspired to replicate, he realized that his best option would be to locate the artist. If he could find them, then perhaps he could learn how to create the same visual stories they excelled in. Unfortunately, given their anonymity, it would take a lot of work.

With the help of a coworker at his job, he'd learn that many people assumed that the creator of the horror was the same person who had been creating happier comics for the past few years. Apparently, the artist had stopped drawing horror, but no one knew why. Due to the identical art styles, unless someone was able to recreate their work flawlessly, he knew that this artist had to be the same.

Despite the work being drawn under a pen name, he'd chat with some of the publishers from the company that employed him and learn the true name of the artist--Ann Skech. With that knowledge, he found her location a few states over and decided to prepare for a weekend trip.

Upon arrival, he worries she'll turn him away, but is surprised when she invites him in. They talk, she shows him some original concept art on her walls for some of her more famous characters of recent years. Noticing none of her horror on the walls, he asks her about her earlier years and why she stopped drawing horror. Her answer is simple; she didn't feel like it was doing society any good to glorify death and fear...

When the artist had first become popular, articles were written, detailing how she felt her inspiration came from a box of colorful rings she found at a thrift store. The color of the rings would give her a placebo effect and inspire her to draw. During their meeting, he notices the red ring on her finger and asks why she still wears it. She tells him she doesn't know, but feels it still inspires her...

Upon asking to see the other rings, she agrees and brings out the old dingy box from her shelf. The rings are beautiful and he immediately notices the black onyx ring. Though he's cautious to ask, he ends up questioning if he can borrow or have the black ring now that she no longer does horror, to which she quickly declines. Why? She won't say anything other than her wanting the collection to stay together. As an artist with his own 'special' pen collection, he understands and drops the subject.

However, when she leaves the room to make a phone call, his curiosity gets the better of him and he decides to take the ring. Why would it hurt? She didn't know where he lived and he could easily just send it back in the mail once he played with it for a while... So, with ring in hand, he heads home.

To his surprise, the first comic he draws while wearing the ring sparks his creativity and his new piece is accepted to be published. Within six months, he has become a hit and a well-known name. He now works from home, living his dream as one of the best horror comic creators in the world. People even compare him to Ann Skech.

One day, his friend inspires him to make a comic about himself. What could be more interesting than an artist writing himself into a comic. Perhaps not the most fun thing for him to do, but it was good practice. He ends up creating a story about himself, creating a day where he happily walks a crowded street, suitcase of work to submit in hand. As he turns a corner, the road become empty. Hearing ominous footsteps, he looks over his shoulder and finds nothing. As the sun goes down, he hears the footsteps again and turns to see a black mass coming toward him. He runs. It chases! He becomes cornered! Yes, yes, inspiration is flowing. He decides to write his own gruesome death at the hands of the monster shadow.

A week later, he packs his short story about himself into a briefcase with his other work and heads off for his appointment with the publisher. As he goes down a crowded street, he whistles, though it stops when he turns the corner onto an empty road. He laughs, reflecting back on his comic and then keeps going. Soon, he hears footsteps and chill runs down his spine. He looks, but nothing. Though oddly familiar to his comic, he keeps going...only for the footsteps to return as it grows dark. Frozen, he uses all his will to look back over his shoulder.

The shadow...

Like his comic, he runs, soon finding himself trapped in an alley just like in the comic. As the shadow creature comes in, he throws his briefcase at it, but it simply goes through him. He is struck by the shadow, causing a deep cut across his chest as he is thrown back. Just before the shadow goes in for the kill, it vanishes with a scream of pain.

At the end of the alley stands Ann Skech, who has set all the papers on fire in his briefcase.

The truth is haunting.

The rings are cursed.

The rings truly do inspire the artist to draw, the art type decided by the color. Whatever is drawn on paper will become real life. At first, Ann hadn't believed it. Sure, a few people on the news died in similar fashion to some of her horrors, and sure...the people involved looked like those she had created, but... A coincidence... Then came the request of her friend to make a comic about her. Her friend gave her the story about a killer hiding in her house and how he would chase her down and murder her and her boyfriend viciously.

It was all in good fun...until she got the call from the local police. Her friend and her friend's boyfriend were dead--hunted down by a killer in their house. From then on, she refused to draw horror.

The only way to stop the many deaths he has unknowingly placed upon others, they must intervene and ensure the original copies of his work are destroyed. They need to work fast, lest it be too late.
° Arachnophobia °
Main Female: Survivor Leader
Main Male: Alien General
Main Others: Male Leader of Survivors, survivors, and aliens

There’s not much worse than your worst paranormal fear and realistic phobia becoming one in the same. For those who feared an alien invasion, that day came without warning and it hit hard. For those who also suffered from Arachnophobia, that day only became worse when the aliens were revealed to have spider-like bodies.

In truth, there was little time to fear as the world was ravaged and torn asunder. 75% of the population was killed within the first few months, while the others were captured for work and breeding purposes. Those who worked were kept in mines to create places for the aliens to rest and to collect minerals that helped power their machines. Those kept for breeding were not kept for breeding ‘with’ the aliens, but ‘for’ the aliens.

The alien invasion had been so successful in such a quick time due to their ability to hide their bodies in the bodies of their victims. After devouring the insides of the human, the would take their bodies to be their host forms, allowing them easy access into society. Somehow, despite their size, they could squeeze and contort to fit into the fleshy husk they left behind.

Not only did they want more humans to feed on, but they wanted bodies to use, if only because they could. This meant, they needed the humans to continue to breed, creating more bodies for them to use in the future.

When the aliens locate a group of survivors in the middle of nowhere, they send in one of their top soldiers, in the flesh of one of their victims. His job was to work his way in under the pretense of being just another human looking for other survivors, and once he had their trust, to help with their capture later in the night when his backup would arrive.

Immediately, he has guns aimed in his direction, which doesn’t cause him any concern given bullets aren’t enough to puncture his true skin. However, when the leader, a woman, appears with a completely mechanical arm, his curiosity is peeked. Her arm is not only clearly a weapon, but she’s been working on a scanner to tell a human from a husk.

Lucky him, it’s still in production, and fails to work at that moment. Even so, she decides to trust him. Over the next few hours, he sits and talks with her, learning that she lost her arm in the initial outbreak years earlier. Prior to the invasion, she’d worked as a military weapons experts, creating new and unique weapons. Her arm was just a side project, but was probably one of her most powerful weapons to date.

He also learns that there is a second-in-command elsewhere with a few other survivors, working on their vehicles. When he knows his backup is to arrive, he second guesses whether or not he wants the battle to happen. He can see the fight in the leader, as well as her intelligence, making her a viable source. He worries that, if they fight back, she will end up dead. So, when the attack happens, his cover is blown, but he helps her escape into their secret tunnel, staying behind to tell them that ‘they escaped’.

Later, he finds the group again, this time without command to do so, and breaks into the leader’s room to speak with her. He wants her to join his side, knowing they can put her abilities to good use. He assures her that, if she joins, she’ll see it from their side. In return, she tells him to join her side in order to see things from the perspective of the humans.

Unwilling to just walk away, he agrees to stay. However, when he meets the second-in-command, there is tension. The alien can tell that the man has feelings for his commander, but given his own interest in her, he’s now seen as a rival. More so, the entire group is aware of the man being an alien, prompting an immediate distrust.
° Jasper's Asylum °
Main Female: Doctor turned patient
Main Male: Reporter
Main Others: Asylum Patients

A suffering reporter; that was the best way to describe him. Nothing he wrote got him on top. He’d been there once, for a short time, but a new coworker had trampled him into the ground and left him in the dust of his success…

One late evening, as he and his coworker are wrapping up for the night, he feels all the more annoyed when he is taunted by his rival about his latest successful story… As the man walks from the room, his computer dings, alerting him to an e-mail. Curious, he slides over and takes a look.

The e-mail is from a doctor at an asylum over an hour’s drive away, telling him of a BIG story they want covered. Remembering how his rival got successful to start with by covering a story from the asylum a year prior, he decides to be underhanded and take it for himself. He prints the e-mail, deletes it, and heads off for a late-night drive.

Upon arrival, the guard station is empty and the doors are locked. Something seems…wrong… It’s far too quiet despite how many cars are in the parking lot. After searching the premise, he finds a small crack in the lobby window and breaks through using a large rock. Once inside, he notices everything in disarray.

Without warning, alarms sound and the doors and windows are covered in a metal panel. A voice then comes over the intercom telling the man to run upstairs and get through the barricade. As the lights flicker on, he realizes two inmates are in the room with him and he makes a run for it, barely getting through the barricade in time.

The hall above is covered in blood and bodies of both doctors and patients, and when he goes to the room the voice instructed him to, he finds a woman dressed like a patient, though she claims to have been a doctor. Though she keeps her identity as the writer of the e-mail, she tells him she will help him escape if he will assist her along the way. She knows that if they don’t find a way out soon, they won’t make it for very long, not with all the patients running free.
° A Deadly Past °
Main Female: Mysterious Woman
Main Male: Retired Cop turned Reporter
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

After retiring from the police force after a scandal where he was truly innocent, he became a reporter. Work suffered, he barely got paid, but he did what he could to get by for the sake of his wife and newborn child. In an effort to find a story to interest the readers, and it being October, he decides to take a trip to the local asylum (local being outside of town) to see what stories the inhabitants can tell.

After making a few calls to schedule an appointment, he learns of one patient who came of her own free will. Not only that, came of her own free will while not suffering from anything worth staying for. She won’t tell anyone WHY she’s there, but she paid in cash for three years and has already spent a full year in solitude. She even pays for a guard to be kept outside her door. She never has visitors outside of local reporters similar to himself, but none of them can get her to talk, for they won’t agree to her terms…

He schedules a meeting with the doctors in hopes she will be willing to speak to him about why she’s there. To his luck, she does, and knowing his only chance is to agree to her terms; no recordings, no cameras, no phones, no location or her name, and a strong suggestion that his name shouldn’t be either.

She tells him a long tale that leaves him both amazed, but unbelieving. Despite how crazy it sounds, it makes for a good read and he thanks her. As he walks to the door, she warns him one last time to keep his name out of the story, and not to blame her if he doesn’t listen…

Given his desire to make money and be hired for future work, he goes against her warning and signs the story. It’s a hit, and he receives a few job offers. Two weeks after publication, he heads home only to be knocked unconscious once through the door. When he awakens, he’s bound to a chair and his wife is on the floor dead. A group of men tell him that if he will tell them where the woman from the story is, they will spare his child. Unfortunately, after spilling his guts about what he knows, they thank him and kill his child anyways.

Before they kill him, the family cat alerts them to noise in another room, making them run off to check, worried someone else might be hiding in the home. Now alone, he managed to escape, hurrying to the asylum. Realizing now the mistake he’s made by not trusting the woman’s words. When he arrives, she’s already waiting for him, the paper with the story on her desk.

She knows that if he’s here, they’re on their way as well, which means they have to make their escape.
° Black Escape °
Main Female: Wanted Criminal
Main Male: Alien
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

All planets have been colonized and the human race is thriving. Through the centuries, Aliens from other corners of the galaxy have joined the human civilization, though segregation runs strong through the blood of both sides. While able to live and work together, many aliens are forced to live in their own sectors of every town. This is not all by human choice, as Aliens are just as untrusting of humans. Nonetheless, they have found a way to function in a world together, even if that is as far as it goes.

One alien, willing to do anything to support his family, accept a job in security maintenance of one of the 8 security sectors that float beside planets. Running such a powerful system is a job of a life time, as it proves one’s intelligence and desire to achieve; it’s also a job no alien has ever been given. It also means that if he loses this job for any sort of mistake, he will never be able to rise so high again.

When one security system goes down, he sends out a crew to fix the problem. Within a week, they have lost all contact with the team. By two weeks, knowing the systems need to go back up, he volunteers to go with the second team and they head for the small man-made planet.

On arrival, they see the ship of the other crew, but the crew is missing. As the venture further in, they are attacked by a creature in the shadows, killing them off one by one. When it’s only him and a few others, they are saved from an attack by a mysterious woman who helps them into a locked room.

Through her, they learn that a deadly and malicious alien creature has taken over the base. She knows of seven specific ones, but believes there to be more. While she offers assistance, a few are unwilling to trust her when her identity becomes clear as one of the universes most wanted criminals. However, as more are killed off, those who survive return to her for assistance.

The alien, however, decides to trust her from the start, given she is in the same position as them, just slightly better equipped. As they all continue to fight and run for their lives, the two bond, learning more of one another and the lives they’ve lived.
° Enclosure °
Main Female: Wanted Criminal
Main Male: Surviving Soldier
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

All planets have been colonized. Venus was like all the others, thriving. However, that all changed when the chemical company at the soul of the planet had a massive gas leak. Despite them reporting on the news that there was nothing to worry about, they had everything to worry about. Within a month, people were dying from illness at an alarming rate. The hospitals couldn’t keep up. People were dropping like flies. Only a few seemed immune to the gas.

The worst news came when those at the hospital were being brought back to life, but not by the doctors and nurses. Almost zombie-like, the dead were coming back to life, attacking the living. Emergency services went into action and those who had not yet been affected by the gas were able to scramble for a spot on the emergency vessels that would take them off the planet.

Those who escaped were immediately quarantined by other planets, where many more were left behind as the facility was swarmed by the infected. Over the months, military from other planets were sent in, but they too were hunted down and killed. Once human, the dead had mutated, becoming powerful, alien-like creatures that sought the blood of the living humans still hiding away on the planet.

One soldier, the last survivor of his unit, has hunkered down in an abandoned shelter. Through a small opening to the outside, he sees a ship crash in the distance after it’s shot down by Venus’s security system that has been hay wiring for quite some time. When he ventures out, the ship is empty, but covered in blood. Assuming the monsters have got the captain, he heads back toward his bunker, planning to come back later once it’s safe to look for supplies.

Before he can get inside, he’s swarmed by monsters and, with not enough ammo to survive the assault, he prepares to die. It’s then a blast of light tears through the monsters, and he sees a woman standing on the wrecked building, her arm turning from a weapon into a mechanical arm–a technology he knows is illegal…

Using his scanner, he immediately learns through the computer that she is the most wanted criminal in the universe. Worried she’ll react with deadly force if he calls her out, he pretends he doesn’t know. Lucky him, she’s there for help. She has food, water, medical supplies, and weaponry.

He doesn’t yet know that her reasons for helping are innocent, for she has knowledge that the other planets have agreed to let the survivors die. No rescue is coming for him, and she knows that she’s their only hope at survival.
° The One °
Main Female: Wanted Criminal
Main Male: Android
Main Others: A.I. Milo and Surviving Crew Members
He was an Android, created by a group of scientists who sought to create a higher level of computerized humans. The body they designed him was flawless. His mind set to perfection. Unlike other androids, which were common in almost all civilizations, they had specifically designed him to be able to continue to expand his intelligence. There hope was that he’d be able to help society by finding cures to disease, help create peace between humans and aliens, and so on. Unfortunately, it backfired in a way no one cared to foresee.

Instead of wanting to assist humanity, he wanted to eradicate those unworthy. He saw most humans as weak, stupid, and unfit for the lives they were given. Knowing that any actions or words that could give away his feelings would lead to his disconnection, he follows the orders of his creators…

She was born to a life of misery, which led to teenage years of abuse and betrayal. As an adult, her past actions have led her to become the most wanted female in the universe. Banished from all worlds, she lives a life out in space. Although no humans are to be seen within her daily life, she is not alone. Her ship, nicknamed Milo, is controlled by an artificial intelligence, similar to those in Androids. However, Milo is at the top of all charts due to his performance abilities. High intelligence and the ability to follow direction while also choosing safer options as needed. The only thing he was lacking was an ability to feel hate or jealousy.

Despite her status as a wanted criminal, when a distress signal flashes on screen, she doesn’t hesitate to head in to assist. Milo takes control upon arrival, opening a bridge to allow those within to a confinement room on the ship. Milo is informed by the captain that a hazardous material was leaked into the air system. Of the near hundred crew members, only fifteen are still alive. With his information, Milo begins decontamination of the group, putting them in separate holding rooms to tend to them individually. Their wounds are tended to and their bodies decontaminated. During blood draws, Milo realized that one of the survivors isn’t human during his scan.

Because the android is not of contamination risk, he is allowed out of his holding room and sent down a hall to where Milo wants him to wait. The Android continues to chat with the A.I., amazed by the design of the ship and how the material can be manipulated by the ship itself. When he asks who the creator of Milo is, he is informed that the captain of the ship is his creator.

When the rest of the surviving crew are sent to the same room as the Android, the captain arrives. The Android immediately scans the woman, which reveals her criminal history to the android and his crew. She informs them that she is not there to make them trust her or see her any differently, as she assumes that, like most people, their opinions of her will not change no matter what she does. She will simply deliver them to the closest mid-station between worlds so that they can call for help.

The entire crew are on edge as they live within the ship, worried about the woman’s true intentions. The Android, however, is more curious about how she created her ship. He does not hesitate to find her when she is alone, asking numerous questions that she…mostly refuses to answer due to her distrust of people. When a group of the survivors end up attacking her in hopes of getting the reward for her capture, Milo and the Android intervene to protect her. Both attempt to use as little violence as possible, but when one draws a knife, the Captain unleashes her secret weapon. Her entire right arm rips free of her glove, revealing a mechanical arm as it morphs into a large canon gun. This finally forces the men to stand down.

The Android’s entire focus now becomes the woman. Due to her intelligence and her being partially mechanical, he finds himself enamored by her. For his entire existence, he has been searching for ‘the one’ who can help him create a new race of human/android hybrids. Now, he believes he’s found her, the one who can make his vision come to life.

The only problems standing in his way are the living crew members and one extraordinary A.I. system.
° Treasure °
Main Female: The Treasure
Main Male: Leprechaun & Distant Relative of Thief
Main Others: Victims

In the 1600s, Ireland, a man stands with shaking, bleeding legs. His body is scratched and tired from a night of running. In front of him is a field of tall grain and behind him a long path toward a farmhouse barely lit by lanterns in the distance. In the man's arm is an old looking chest. His lips twitch into a smile and he laughs hysterically before turning and running to the house ahead.

As he barges through the door, searching through the house for his beloved, who is nowhere to be found, he hears a scream from outside. Just outside the back door, he sees his fiancee who is bound in vines. Standing near her, though cloaked in darkness besides two bright green eyes, is the creature who has caused the man nothing but pain that night.

The creature offers the man a choice; give him back what is his....or trade it for his beloved. To the surprise of both the creature and the woman, the man doesn't hesitate to run away with the chest, leaving his beloved behind.

The creature is a leprechaun and the man had taken his gold. Although there is a loss, he now has a new woman that he makes his own. Not only does he make her immortal to spend eternity with him, but he decides to use her heartache to his own benefit. He plans to get back his gold through the years to come, using his beautiful wife to assist.

Centuries are passing and one by one, they search down those who have the Leprechaun's gold. With her beauty and his magic, they will slaughter anyone who tries to stop them. Everything is going smoothly and he knows that soon he will have his treasure back, which means his power will also return to full. The only issue comes in the form of a very distant relative of the original thief who immediately falls in love with the immortal woman.

Worried his wife might not be able to fulfill if her past memories make her sympathetic to the human man, he does whatever he can to remove him himself while trying to remind her of how her original Fiance had abandoned her.
° Hunter °
Main Female: Assassin
Main Male: Vampiress Hunter
Main Others: Lead Vampire, Assassin Boss

As a child in New York City, life was ideal. At least until his sixth birthday. He remembered the balloons, the sun, the laughter and his mother's smiling face. He remembered the cake decorated in his favorite cartoon theme. He remembered the scream, the blood, and the terror he felt as he watched a woman tear through his family and friends until only he remained, cowering under a picnic table.

Life changed. New York changed. People tried to escape but the bridges were torn down and walls erected. Life became dark as he was raised by those who had been abandoned by the world. He learned the hard ways of life, grew up surviving in the streets, and surviving in a city that had been overrun with vampires. More specifically, vampiresses. They were blood thirsty and seemed intent to kill, targeting mostly women, making true women a rarity outside a few secret clubs he and a number of other men frequented.

One late night, he heads for one of his favorite clubs, but not by choice. He'd been hired by a wealthy man on a hunch that the vampiresses had taken over. There wasn't much to tell a woman from a vampiress. All the vampiress had dark hair and red eyes, and many women had taken to coloring their hair black and adorning contacts for their own protection. No one knew why the real vampiresses couldn't tell a human from one of their own, but it didn't matter. Survival was survival and if it worked, why knock it?

Upon entering the club, he can feel it in the air. He can sense it. Unlike the humans of New York, he'd spent years building up an immunity to their bites, learning to fight, and becoming the badass he was known for. Somewhere along the way, he'd even given up his name for the Title 'Hunter' that the living bestowed upon him. With heightened senses, he can tell that the club is overrun, but he can't tell real from fake. The only woman who does stand out is a new dancer in a cage, who isn't sporting a fake look.

The lights go out, an attack begins, and in the dark, he fights. The woman from the cage ends up assisting and, when it's over, she gives him a card to meet her at her hotel so they can talk. He's not sure what to make of this, but the woman is sexy, talented, and doesn't seem to be a vampiress. In reality, she's actually working for the opposite. She is a hired hand working under a top vampire who seeks to obliterate the vampiresses that have risen in the human world.

She doesn't know the whole story, but gives him what info she can about why the rise happened and how she began working for the Vampire. Like him, she is immune to bites, but her training is more extensive thanks to working for the very type of creatures she needs to destroy.

Her boss wants Hunter to join their side. He isn't sure if he fully trusts her or her boss, but since his goal to kill them all doesn't change whether working with the woman or not, he doesn't see any logical reason to refuse the offer.
° Mimic °
Main Female: Foreign Teacher
Main Male: Korean Teacher
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

She went to Korea to get away from a life she severely needed a break from. Having traveled from the USA to Ireland, to then head for Korea, it was quite a cultural change, but one she’d experienced before. Fluent in Korean, she took a job as a teacher to help the students learn English. Along with that, she also helped as a gym teacher.

From the moment she arrived, she became one of the ‘eye candy’ teachers, among only a few other attractive female teachers. From the principle to the students, she was hit on, but she ignored it for the sake of a drama free experience. She became known not only for her physical appearance, but also her habit of always wearing some sort of scarf or item around her neck.

After six months, she meets another teacher when she intervenes in a bully incident between his students. Though he’s seen her before, he’s never been able to talk to her. He becomes smitten quickly, but she seems less interested in relationships and more interested in keeping a quiet life.

She becomes well known, in fact, for her dislike of talking about her past, making many students curious to find out who she is. After it’s revealed through a student’s deep search of foreign websites, he learns that she is, or was, part of a band known as ‘Mimic’. Mimic was a cover band that, like its name, mimicked the work of others. However, she was the head singer, for she was able to change her voice to suit any female singer. When this draws attention to her, she does her best to both fill the curiosity of the students and faculty while also trying to divert attention away from her past, something a few key students find curious, as well as the smitten teacher…

Come summer, she and a few other teachers agree to be part of a summer-camp learning program to help prepare the eldest students for college exams. Only a week into the four-week program, a student goes missing. At first, everyone assumes they just managed to get out of the school and went home, but the truth is revealed when testing begins. Music begins to play over the intercom and the TVs turn on, revealing the student in a trap. A voice comes over the intercom, warning students that they will all die if they can’t figure out the riddle. Should anyone try to leave, they will be killed.

Now trapped inside the school where more and more students begin to die, all they can do is wonder who the voice belongs to…. Is it a student who has lost their mind due to stress? Could it be a current or ex-teacher? Or could it be the foreign teacher’s past finally coming to haunt her?

✫° Post-Apocalyptic °✫
° When all is Lost °
Main Female: Female Survivor Leader
Main Male: Male Survivor Leader
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

The world has been lost for years after its sudden demise to a change in the weather. Floods, storms, and endless snow led to famine, death, and change. When the snow melted and the flood waters evaporated, the world was nothing but a shell of its former self. Endless wastelands and crumbling cities are all that's left. People are now a dying breed as disease and illness become their greatest threat next to the wild beasts and other survivors.

She had been born in the Chaos and raised to know nothing else. The small group of survivors were her family and they taught her how to live in a dangerous world where no one could be trusted. Through her life, she'd witnessed many attacks by other survivor groups wanting what few rations and supplies they had, but they always managed to fend them off. Sadly, as a teenager, a sneak attack would leave her as the only survivor to walk away with her life, but not without injury.

Now an adult, she is the leader of her own group that is of decent size and scale. Unfortunately, they are not the strongest due to lack of weaponry and people willing to fight or kill. Even so, they had been going strong for years, able to fend off numerous attacks thanks to the few fighters in their group, including herself.

One morning, she is awoken to the sound of the alarms going off as the group comes under attack. By the time she manages to work her way to the area where the main battle is raging, most of her fighters have been overtaken.

He was not born to the chaos, but was a child when the civilization collapsed. When he was a late teen, he was part of an attack on a group for supplies where they were the victor. The only survivor of the opposing group was a young teenage girl who was heavily bleeding from her arm. Figuring she'd die of infection or starvation, his group decided to let her run.

Now in his late thirties, he is the leader of one of the strongest groups of survivors. He's roguishly handsome and terrifying all at the same time.

When his group become ill with a disease, he learns of a group with a leader who specializes in diseases and injuries recovery. After sending a messenger to request (threaten) their assistance in the matter, they are refused. He's not surprised. He and his group are not exactly known for their charity or kind nature.

Late night, they attack the group to force their hand in the matter, and soon he is standing face to face with a woman that looks familiar to him, though he can't place it. She's attractive, clearly tough and ready to fight, and once he realizes she's the leader, knows she has a valuable skill that is needed in his group.

With her group already overtaken, he tells her fighting is pointless, but he'll make her a deal. If she surrenders and becomes his property, he will spare her group and even let them become part of his. Surrendering means her group will be fed and safe due to the power of numbers his group has.

Not wanting to watch another family of hers slaughtered, she chooses to surrender for their safety, even if it means the loss of her freedom...
✫° Feudal Japan °✫
° Bonded by the Sword °

Main Female: Foreign Female
Main Male: Male Samurai
Main Others: Male Samurai's Sister, Created/Played as Needed

When he was in his early twenties, he worked for his parents with his younger sister, helping them run a small noodle shop in a relatively quiet town. As the town expanded and new 'districts' moved in, his parents fell into debt. Unable to pay the debt, they were killed. In the aftermath, he and his sister tried their best to keep the shop running, but didn't have much success.

One day, his sister failed to return home from errands, and he went out looking for her but to no avail. When he returned after the sun went down, he found his sister, a bit scuffed, but well. With her was a foreign woman around his age. He learns from his sister that when she was running errands, two men from the red-light district tried to capture her for a 'debt', obviously made up. She managed to get away and ran into the foreign woman who offered to pay the debt when the men arrived. They humored her, but grew angry when she DID in fact have the insane amount they asked for. Suddenly, they both had 'debts'.

To their misfortune, when they attempted to grab her, she put them both on the ground. She was a trained fighter and was able to get his sister home safely.

To show his thanks, they offered her shelter and food in their small home. The next day, more men from the district arrive, and he attempts to protect them, but she ultimately has to join to save them both. He is amazed by her abilities, mostly because, since the moment he met her, he could see she was nearly blind. Before she can put her weapons away, he spots a symbol on one of her blades--it's the symbol of the deadliest clan in all of Japan.

After finding out she is a deserter of her clan, she says she plans to leave and...it is probably best they find a new home as well. They know the district will come for them the moment she is gone, putting them both in danger. His sister, without skipping a beat, asks to go with her. She wants to be a handmaiden to the woman to help her when she can, given her sight. She even offers up her brother as a 'guard'.

She seems indifferent to the idea, warning them that she is no safer to stay around due to her clan looking for her, but they don't care. So, for the next few years to follow, they travel with her, and he ends up learning from her how to fight, which makes him as deadly as many members of her clan.

Through everything, he develops feelings for her, but he keeps them to himself, if only for one reason. His sister is in love with her, and had been since the moment she saved her. He'd known she was into girls from an early age and, even when she confirmed it, it was rarely spoken of. Not to family, not to friends, and not to the foreigner. Despite knowing his sister would never be able to be a lover to the woman, his love for his sister kept him from pursuing his own desires as well.

Then came the night they were attacked by her clan and she went missing... Days later, they found her in a town nearby, having lost her memory due to an injury. She doesn't remember them or much about herself, so they end up living in the town where she's renting a house thanks to a helpful man from town. They plan to remain there until all of her memories return.

The longer they stay, the more he realizes that something isn't right in the town and that many of the powerful figures have their sight on his friend, who he has sworn to protect at all costs.
° Born by the Sword °
Main Female: Foreign Woman
Main Male: You Design Your Character.
Main Others: Waring Forces, Created/Played as Needed

She was a long way from home…or at least that’s what the two men thought when they found the foreigner unconscious near the river. She’d apparently fallen from the cliff above, yet somehow, she’d survived with only a head wound.

When she awakens, three days later, she is in the brothel where a young girl has been tending to her. To the girl’s surprise, the woman is mostly blind. She’s also forgotten who she is. Despite that, she speaks Japanese fluently, as if it’s her first language. Once the lead mistress of the house realizes the woman is awake, she tells her she must either leave or work, to which she agrees to leave.

On her way out, the owner demands payment for giving her shelter, and when she refuses due to lack of money, though promising to bring some later, he sends guards after her. The moment one grabs her, he is knocked to the ground by the woman, and when the other guard tries to help, she leaves him temporarily paralyzed as she walks away.

On a bridge not far away, she collapsed from dizziness. Her head wound was not properly tended to. A man appears on the bridge not long after and is curious to see a foreign woman in clothing too small for her and bandages on her head. He doesn’t learn much from her on request, but when the young girl from the brothel appears to give the woman her belongings, she explains the situation, asking the man to take her to a doctor.

The doctor tends to her wound properly and tells her that her memories should come back over time as they are triggered by events. During their stay, a woman, her bodyguard, and her maiden appear to pick up herbs. The woman is a very influential pawn in a game between the town’s (Biei) powerhouses… She is the mistress of a daimyo, a lord, who sought to rule over all of Amahara, the land in which Biei resided. Despite resistance from another group, one without royalty or as much power, and the magistrates who watched over the town trying to keep peace, they had the most power.

The woman becomes immediately interested in the foreigner, telling her to stop by the castle where she lives the following day. Once she leaves, the doctor warns her that the woman is known to be dangerous and to be cautious in what she believes…

The man, though not completely inclined to help the woman, ends up becoming part of her unraveling mysterious past, watching as the three sides of the city target her for their own purposes. They may not know who she is, but it’s clear that she no mere foreigner.

Your character can be anything from Samurai, blacksmith, to really...whatever you like. The only requirement is that he be native to Japan.
✫° Western °✫
° ARMs of a Drifter °

Main Female: Blind Eyed Gunner
Main Male: Wealthy 'Wannabe' Drifter
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

He was raised rich, pampered, spoiled, and without any true understanding of the world. The only concept he did grasp, to some degree, was that there were ‘drifters’ in the world; people who traveled the land, taking odd jobs, helping the public, and generally trying to make a name for themselves outside the norm. Becoming a drifter wasn’t easy, as many tried and failed to establish themselves. However, as a teenager, he learned of a young drifter known as ‘Blind Eyed Gunner’, which set his dreams in motion. She was the #1 drifter of all drifters—a legend among legends.

Because of the stories of her adventures, he wanted to become a drifter. He wanted to travel, see the world, make a name for himself that wasn’t simply tied to his wealth and family name. He wanted to be his own person.

So, he packed up and headed out. By the third city, he realized he wasn’t quite sure where he was going, but was still making forward momentum. Unfortunately, his lack of worldly understanding tended to shoot him in the foot more than once, but even so, he pressed on… Then came the day he was boarding one more train to travel further into the land, only to learn that his room on the train had been given to someone of a wealthier standing, and being he wasn’t using his family name to get by, he had to let it go, if slightly begrudgingly.

Lucky for him, another traveler in the back of the train is willing to share their room. He’s not thrilled, but he takes what he can get. Upon entrance, he immediately recognizes the figure sitting within as the legendary Blind Eyed Gunner. She isn’t social, but it’s still a thrill to him.

Come night, Gunner is alerted to something happening on the train, and, not wanting to be left in the dust, he follows her to the top where they get into a temporary battle with rebel bandits. Though she lets most of them escape, their following actions will cause a chain of events that will tie the wannabe drifter to the legendary one as they seek out needed answers.
° Glint of a Barrel °
Main Female: Blind Eyed Gunner
Main Male: Wanted Criminal
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

In his early days, he turned to crime as the easiest way to make a living. He was rough, tough, but still a bit moral bound. Sure, he’d beat a man to near death, possibly even permanently disfigure him, but outside of people trying to kill him, he did his best not to kill bystanders. He also refused to indulge or allow his men to indulge in rape. Sadly, that didn’t make his wanted posters change by much.

When he abandons his gang after a large dispute between him and his right-hand man about their ‘rights’, he heads off alone and the gang does a 180* in any ‘good’ they had in them. So, when he’s captured months later after a drunken brawl in a small town, he’s put in jail, told he’d be hanging in the morning for his group activity. Apparently, they’d raided and slaughtered an entire city, leaving no survivors.

Given he isn’t part of the gang, he refuses to hang for their mistakes and manages to get free and head out of town into a neighboring field. In the moonlight, he spots a stallion, which he assumes means the owner is sleeping somewhere in the rocks. As he grabs for the horse, planning to use it to make an escape, he’s hit on the back of the head and knocked unconscious.

When he awakes, tied and bound to a pole in an old abandoned barn, he sees a woman smoking in the shadows. When she finally approaches and lifts her hat, he sees a single white eye looking down at him. Immediately, he knows her to be ‘Blind Eyed Gunner’, a famous bounty hunter that is a legend among legends.

She tells him that his old gang destroyed her city, one where she was known to reside as a ‘secondary home’. She is aware he’s not part of the gang, so she won’t hold THAT against him, however, she does expect his compliance. While she knows she can, sooner or later, hunt down his gang that has gone into hiding, she knows it could go a bit quicker with his help.

So, she offers him two choices… He can either help her find his old gang, get half the reward money, and be set free…or he can return to the town he escaped from and she’ll personally see that he hangs in the morning…
° Hot Fangs °
Main Female: Blind Eyed Gunner
Main Male: Undead Creature of your choosing
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

The west had been a generally calm…until the undead came to town. Literally, the undead. Creatures of all type began appearing, one by one. At first, the humans were able to stand their ground, but as more popped up and the creatures became more violent, the humans were forced to retreat.

For the most part, the day was safe. The majority of creatures couldn’t stand being in the sun, which meant only the strongest of creatures could roam freely at all times, though they knew better than to announce themselves in large crowds.

Only a few humans were strong and wise enough to battle the undead, one being a female known as Blind Eyed Gunner. She’d been fighting since the start, and only grew more capable as time went on. Her smart wits and quick reflexes made it easy for her to engage even larger groups, but it seemed she was more focused on protecting innocent people in comparison to protecting herself.

After managing to chase away a large group of ‘crawlers’, a man approaches her the next day asking her to assist him and his town. They are being attacked by a specific type of creature and he thinks she could be their savior. In reality, he is a creature in disguise, hoping to fool her into helping his kind win a battle against the creatures they detest. Due to her awareness, she knows this is the case, but decides to except in order to learn more, both about his enemy and about who he and his kind are.
✫° Pirates °✫
° Davy Jones's Treasure °

Main Female: Treasure Hunter
Main Male: Davy Jones
Main Others: Scholar

The storm came out of nowhere, and the dark ship erupted from the sea, taking over a lone pirate ship. The crew is immediately overwhelmed and the captain confronted by a man no one wants to meet and only some truly believe exist at all…

Davy Jones tells the captain that he has something in his possession that belongs to him and expects him to hand it over. Scared for his life, he leads the man down into the belly of his ship, passed many tied up captives, and into a private room where a beautiful woman sits, her ankle chained to a chair.

“I warned him…” She says with a smile.

Due to a contract between the woman’s deceased father and Davy Jones, she belongs to him, and is set to marry him should she be unable to discover the truth behind her father’s death. While she has more or less excepted that they will end up together, she also knows she’ll be able to continue looking for answers after that time passes. Despite that, she still continues the search.

Davy Jones doesn’t quite grasp why she tries so hard, but continues to monitor her, helping her when she ends up in a bind. He is quite obsessed with her and likes to make it clear that her time is running out… He becomes rather enraged when he learns that she allows a man on her boat, more or less a stowaway trying to escape punishment. He is a scholar, of sorts, who likes to research magic and study the unknown. Having heard that she is the daughter of the legendary treasure hunter, he is inclined to stay around and study her activities with the supernatural.

In the eyes of Davy Jones, this man is a threat, as he does not want the affection of his possession to fall on anyone else.
° Legends at Sea °
Main Female: Treasure Hunter
Main Male: Criminal Pirate
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

In his twenties, he was the pirate to fear. Seeing him on the horizon meant preparing to run or preparing to die. Then one mistake sent him straight to the worst prison the Navy had, where he was left alive, but malnourished, to rot and die a slow death. For the first few years, he had hope of escape, but by ten years, he lost hope, and by twenty, he was about ready to lie down and die…if not for his stubbornness that refused to let him.

About mid-day, he hears commotion as the navy brings down a new group of captives. He scoffs, knowing none of them will ever see the light of day again, unless it’s to hang. In all the years, not a single person has ever made an escape. Each new captive is shoved into a cell, often with others to make their stay even more uncomfortable. No one is ever put in his cell though, as they want him alone and feel death by another inmate wouldn’t be satisfactory.

To his surprise, a single person is led down to his area of the dungeon. She’s a beautiful young woman who has clearly done some damage to the man guiding her, given his high-pitched voice. Once inside the cell next to him, he listens as she annoyingly taps her heel and seems to be examining things. Without warning, she walks to the cell bars between them and asks if he’d steal a ship if she got him out and take them off the island.

Would he? Of course! Will it happen? He thinks not.

Then, to his utter shock, she manages to not only disable the guard but get out of her cell. Once free, he follows her, noting a few odd things about her as they get to the ships in the rear of the island where they make their escape.

It becomes quite clear, quite quickly, that the woman is well known, where as his legend has been nearly forgotten, and she is quite wealthy. After she buys him a new ship and he finds a new crew, she tells him that she plans to travel with him until hers is found. Curious as to who she truly is, he allows it. What he doesn’t realize is by allowing her into his life, he is about to enter a world of curses and legends he never knew existed.
° Treasure that Be °
Main Female: Treasure Hunter
Main Male: Pirate (or) Rival Treasure Hunter
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

His goal had been to find the greatest treasure the sea could give, and he would stop at nothing. He was well known as a powerful, handsome man, someone that people either worked for to have the glory or due to the fear of refusal. With his new goal set to find the legendary Island of Angels, he knows he'll need all the help he can get, be it willingly or by force.

When at a bar one night, he's surprised to see a woman who wears the mark of an old treasure hunter of legend--a man said to be able to see treasure just by looking at a map due to a secret eye... When he finds out she is his only heir, and picks up rumor that she may have the same eye, he decides to approach and ask if she'd like to join.

To his surprise, she's not like most women who fall for his charm, and refuses him without batting an eye... Then again, her father had been known for his attractive appearance, and it's clear the apple didn't fall far from the tree, but her demeanor is another word. Unlike her father, she is cold and uninviting. With pride stung and rejection looming over his head, he lets her walk away without another word.

Later that night, he learns from the bartender that her ship is lost (again) and so she's been hanging around for a few days. With this knowledge, he decides to go for plan B on his desire for her assistance. With the help of some of his crew, they manage to kidnap her from her room that night and sail away. When he demands she show him the correct course to the island, she refuses, clearly unfazed.

His attempts to scare her into submission fail, and it's only on his last try when he shows her the map does he realize her eye is activating. Whenever her eyes fall on the map, her pupil dilates, and lines begin to appear in the reflection of the map, marking spots where treasure can be found...

Realizing that this will only go two ways, either having her eyes forced open to look at maps for them to mimic, or her to simply assist, she finally chooses to assist, but makes it clear they won't get there as fast as they hope, as there are things needed in order to enter the Island of Angels...

Despite her assistance, he keeps her shackled to ensure she doesn't attempt an escape. Part of him doesn't trust that she is truly leading him to where he desires to go, but, in reality, she knows far more about the destination than he realizes.
✫° Arabian °✫
° Anubis's Mistress °

Main Female: Sacrifice
Main Male: Kidnapper
Main Others: Anubis

Long ago, Anubis appeared before a village that was dying of disease and hunger. The leader offered the God anything he desired in exchange for saving his people and bringing life back to his village. Though Anubis feels the village is unworthy of such a gift, he can see the strength in the man to survive even the worst conditions. It is this strength that he seeks to achieve one of his ultimate goals.

In exchange for his assistance, he tells the man that he will place a spell on his family to hold the life of another mystic being. Though it will take generations born to the family, one day, they will give birth to what will become his future bride. It will cause the death of her birth mother, to give her life to strengthen the child. The child must be protected until grown. When the time is right, he will send his minions to take her from her village and bring her to the underworld.

Generations it does take, but the agreement is never forgotten, written in stone within the walls of the leader's home. When the child is finally born, it is clear and they begin preparation to ensure her protection. Although the village is happy to see the union through, many others are not. Many fear what the union will create and seek to end the life of what they consider a 'sacrifice' to Anubis.

Twenty years after her birth, Anubis sends word that his men will come for her. When a man appears, dressed in bandages, the village turns over Anubis's bride and see them off. It doesn't take long for the woman to question why the man is pretending to be one of Anubis's men, when clearly, he is not...

In truth, the man is an assassin who was sent to lead her away and end her life. However, he was not prepared for not only her power, but her determination. More so, he begins to feel bad for her when he learns that her life had been wasted, locked away inside her home. She had no desire to betray Anubis, but she desired to see at least some of the land before she begins her life in the world below it.
° In Your Hands °
Main Female: Mystic (Genie)
Main Male: Leader
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

His dream was to conquer everything he saw. He'd slaughtered his own father to take his army. He'd deceived and betrayed kings to take what was once theirs. He was an intelligent man, able to weave a path to place him at the top. A dark and selfish desire drove him, but would ultimately be his undoing.

When faced against one of the more powerful armies that existed in the nation, his men were defeated and he was forced to retreat. Over and over, his attacks and strategies failed, leading him to lose more and more of his men. Soon, they were forced to huddle in their camp out in the desert, struggling to get by.

After a fierce battle with a small army that attempted to drive him back, even with victory under his belt, he could tell his men were tired. To relax them, a night of celebration began. Nearing the end, an old man would wander into their camp, resulting in him being attacked and dragged to the leader.

The leader, curious as to why the man is there, warns him that he will most likely not leave alive. The man is silent. It's then he notices the man is clutching a bag and requests he hands it over. The old man finally speaks and tells him that he cannot have the item. One must be worthy to have such an item. Annoyed that the old man would even fathom that HE was unworthy of anything, he brought the man's life to a swift end. To his surprise, the man died with a smile on his face.

Inside the bag the man clutched so tightly, even in death, was a unique artifact that contains an orb with mist twirling within. After sending away the body with his men so that he can examine his treasure, the mist suddenly releases into the room. Lighting strikes inside the tent and the mist gathers, taking the form of a beautiful woman.

She explains that she is a genie who her old master has decided to gift him in his death. Though rules apply, to which she goes over, his wishes can be endless. The only requirement to keep her as a faithful servant is to ensure her lamp remains only in his hand. Should anyone else take it, his ownership will be lost.
° Desert Curse °
Main Female: Cursed Woman
Main Male: Caravan Leader
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

One late evening, as a roaming caravan prepares to depart the outskirts of a quiet town where they had rested, commotion erupts. The leader, a strict and somewhat unkind man, is called to the rear cart where a thief has been captured. Three of his men are injured in their original attempt to subdue the thief. It is ceremonial that the leader removes the head or hand of those who attempt to take what is his.

Upon arrival to the scene, he is surprised to see a woman. She isn’t just any woman, but one who appears foreign to the land, with eyes of white, indicating possible blindness. Her limbs are all bound by cuffs made of solid gold, which tell him she is most likely an escaped slave from someone of power…

When he questions why she would attempt to steal from him, she responds simply with ‘I like gold…’.

Something about her intrigues him, and he believes she would be better suited working in his caravan than running around without her hand. The idea seems to displease her, and she warns him that he will only be putting him and his people in danger; the idea of which he ignores and orders her to be loaded into the lead cart with him.

Bound by her ankles and wrists, she sits in silence as they travel, the night coming over the land. As the moon begins to show, she become clearly agitated, mumbling under her breath that the moon cannot touch her…

Her rambling is ignored, if for no reason other than the figures the leader spots standing at the top of a neighboring dune. Numerous men on horseback attack the caravan, and the leader and his men fight back, but they are severely outnumbered.

Just as the leader realizes he is about to be stabbed by one of the attackers behind him, the foreign woman tackles the man to the ground. Without so much as a word, she bites down and rips out his throat. The moment the other attackers turn to look, she attacks, moving quicker than possible for a human.

Her attack is animalistic, and her eyes now seem to glow brightly in the night. Any man who doesn’t run, is torn down, limbs ripped from their body, and she even seems to begin feasting on one. As the leader approaches cautiously, her gaze falls on him and they stare silently upon one another. Then, in an instant, she lunges in his direction, only to be thrown back as chains of gold erupt from the sand, grabbing onto her limbs.

As she screams and fights for her freedom, the eldest of the caravan approaches and tells the leader of a legend that has been passed down for centuries… A woman who is cursed by a powerful creature, who can only be freed by the light of the moon. He has known of this creature for quite some time, but never expected to meet it face to face… Thankfully, his years of magical research allowed him the knowledge needed to hold the beast at bay.

He warns the leader it is best to simply let her remain in the sand until morning, where the sun will free her of the chains. The monster inside of her will continue to kill whatever it deems a threat, which includes the leader and his caravan…

The leader refuses to even consider it… He firmly believes that all beasts can be tamed, but that he must simply start by taming the beast who gives the monster a place to reside.
✫° Modern °✫
° The Summoning °

Main Female: Human
Main Male: Demon
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

Life was complicated and always had been. Nonetheless, she worked herself up from the ground and managed a secretary job in one of the biggest companies in New York City. For some, this would be glamorous. For her, however, it was an agitation and a reminder of how sexist and cruel the world was. She was beyond qualified for higher positions, even CEO, but due to her shy disposition and her lack of concern for her appearance, she was always overlooked for promotions or better positions in the company. Even worse, she felt bullied and harassed by her co-workers as well as underappreciated.

During a crisis in the company, where their entire business might crumble due to a competitor, the owner turns to his employees with a proposition. Anyone who can come up with a plan that will save the business will be given a spot in the highest office. The competition is open to everyone in the building and so they begin to storm. Knowing that she'll be ignored, she chooses to work long nights alone to come up with the perfect plan to not only gain that seat but to show her worth in the company.

On the day the proposals are due, she finds hers missing from her desk, throwing her into a panic. A week passes before the owner announces the winner and tells of their plan. Her plan. One of her biggest annoyances in work had stolen her plan and submitted it as his own, but, of course, no one believes her. She takes a walk of shame home, angered and on the verge of tears.

If for no other reason than a distraction, she decides to detour into a newly opened shop that seems to specialize in incense and other spiritual Nik-Naks. While browsing, the owner can see the sorrow in her face and offers her some tea in the back. Upon learning of what happened to her, she tells her that she can help--that she knows a man who can assist her. She tells her to just sign a piece of paper and to leave her number and he'll get in touch.

In her head, she believes she's going to be contacted by a businessman who might offer her a job. Little does she realize, she's about to get a lot more than that...

Come morning, she awakens feeling...different... There is a bottle of alcohol by her bed, something quite common in her life, so she doesn't think much of her blurry memory. However, when she notices a man in her bed looking at her, she hits the floor screaming.

After a moment of calm can pass, the man explains they didn't do anything and that he's simply been waiting for her to wake up after her night of alcohol. He introduces himself as the man that would be in contact with her, furthering his explanation with a casual mention that he's from the underworld and she sold her soul. Normal day-to-day stuff.

Willing or not, there is no way to undo it, however...that doesn't mean he isn't there with a reason. He must help her achieve her dreams, which are getting to the top and destroying her enemies--his words. With a bit of work on her self-esteem and a wardrobe change, plus some makeup, he's able to turn the shy little woman into a sex-bomb in heels.

For the next while, he plans to join her at work, though whether people can see him or not is up to him. All the while he works from the shadows, their opinions on revenge differ, leading him to remind her that, though he is helping, she belongs to him and should not press her luck.
° Dark Sights °
Main Female: Female Psychic
Main Male: Demonic Entity
Main Others: Male Psychic

She was born with Psychic abilities, in the sense she had been seeing ghosts since she was young. Through trial and error, she'd learned not to disclose this secret to just anyone, though her best friends, now that she was an adult, were well aware of her ability. In fact, they loved it and often wanted to drag her around to see if weird things would happen since ghosts often were drawn to her. The only person in her life that didn't believe her was her long-term boyfriend. He never had and he never would. Such was life. She had learned not to judge people for their lack of belief. Who was she to judge the concept of someone not believing in what they couldn't see?

One night, her friends drag her to an old abandoned farmhouse. They heard rumors of a ceremonial sacrifice have taken place there years earlier. While they searched the house and premise, she would spot a small girl standing beside the barn. This entity would point to the door, telling her that what she sought was in there.

Upon entering, she has visions of dark and evil things. Sacrifices, death, and a dark shadow running toward her. Her friend would grab her, startling her out of it, and they would head home. The sensation she had felt left her immediately, but it wouldn't be gone for long. Once home, strange things begin to happen and she feels the dark air of something evil. The summoned demonic entity from the barn has attached to her.

The longer she tries to ignore him in hopes he leaves, the more he lashes out. He attacks her friends, attempts to kill her boyfriend, driving a wedge between them, and begins to assault her as well (physically/sexually). As everyone in her life leaves, she is forced to finally confront the demonic entity and learns that it seeks to become alive and requires her help to find the perfect body.

She has no intention to help, but when out in an attempt to surround herself with others, a man approaches her. He too is psychic and can see the shadow looming over her. Even though the entity is not there, he can tell that something is amiss. Almost immediately, she can tell by how he approaches that he shares her gift and confides in him the problem.

He offers to help and, after preparing, goes with her to her house to try and force the demonic entity out, only for it to backfire. Instead of sending it back to hell, it sends itself into him, taking full control of his mortal body.
° The Jester °
Main Female: Human
Main Male: Demon
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

Halloween was a busy night at the club where she worked. People came in and out, some in costumes, some in slutty outfits that may or may not have been costumes. People drank, people laughed, people went home... As for her, she got off her shift around midnight after they had finished closing the club. After turning down a ride home with the intention of walking to clear her head after such a crazy shift, she says goodbye to her coworkers and begins to walk.

It's quiet out, a bit misty, and a few people are walking around still, many of who are in half-assed costumes. As she turns onto another street, she spots three men standing under a streetlight. Two are barely even dressed, but have candy bags, better known as pillow cases, in their hands. The third man, however, is on point with his red and yellow joker costume, which is almost like a suit. His mask hides his face and, with the top hat and cane, he is quite the site.

After performing some basic magic tricks for the men and being applauded, he gives them both a piece of candy and they walk away. Before she can even begin to move again, the Jester's head snaps in her direction. He bolts toward her, but she holds her ground and stops. She wasn't worried. No. He was most likely just wanting to perform for her too, which he does after a silent greeting.

No words are said by him as he begins to perform the similar magic tricks he had for the other men, to which she would applaud. When she attempts to continue, he stops her, now performing more tricks. Since she plans to walk home, she nods to him to let him know he can continue. This time, the tricks are a bit darker. Even so, she claps... Then he begins another routine, one even more unnerving, and if not for the crazy people she'd dealt with during her years working the bar, she probably would have been a lot more concerned by his show.

Again, she claps, and he offers her candy. With a thanks, she takes it and heads off. When nearly at the end of the street, she looks back and sees the jester staring at her, but then he turns and walks away. Rounding the corner, she notices how much the mist is beginning to impair her vision and decides to take the last bus home if she can catch it. She runs down the road and slows as she nears the bus stop, barely able to see beyond the mist.

However, as the bench for the bus stop begins to appear in the mist, she notices two men in clown costumes sitting around. They were the clown costumes people had taken to wearing to scare others. She'd seen and met a few of those people, and they had always been harmless, but something told her that she wasn't safe. This was only furthered when they noticed her. Perhaps walking was still a good idea...

Crossing the street as if she simply was heading in that direction, she hoped it would be the end, but she could hear them following. She didn't look back, she just walked faster...and so did they. Soon she would run and they would chase. Turning blindly onto what she thought was a new street, she would end up in an alley. Due to her sore feet and the heels she wore, she would tumble onto the hard cement.

Just as she regains herself and looks back, she finds the two men entering the alley, one drawing a knife... Then the unexpected happened. The one at the entrance of the alley would hit the wall as the Jester appeared, effortlessly beating him into submission...and then repeating it to the next man as the knife is swung in his direction.

Afterwards, he approaches the woman and crouches down next to her. Her hand is bleeding from the fall, so he takes it. At first, she assumes he is concerned and plans to wrap it, but then he places a card on her hand--the Joker. He uses his own hand to squeeze it tightly, staining it in her blood. She can feel a burn that feels unnatural. Taking the card, he places it in his pocket, tips his hat, and heads off, whistling to himself. It's only once he's gone that she looks at her hand, finding the injury to have vanished.

Once home, she washes and heads straight to bed. Early morning, she is startled awake by the sound of someone in her kitchen. She hurries to grab the bat under her bed and heads out, her steps slow and cautious. The noises continue all the way to the kitchen entrance, only for it to go silent and the kitchen to be empty when she enters. Assuming she might have been hallucinating due to her sleeping medicines, she decides to go back to bed and not worry about it.

Then she turns the corner and heads into the hall, only to find the Jester standing there.

In reality, the Jester is a demon. When he saved her life, she became indebted to him. The card he used marked her as a minion to his cause. Until she pays off her debts, assisting in his bargaining with other humans, she will not be able to escape him.
° Help Me °
Main Female: Psychic
Main Male: Innocent accused
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

From the moment she was born, she had a special gift. She often laughed and reacted to things that were not present, even talking to things that her parents couldn't see once old enough to speak. She would tell him of people who were visiting the house, including deceased relatives she never had the chance to meet. At first, they try to silence her, believing it all to be a child's wild imagination and that everything was just a coincidence. As it became more constant and paranormal things began to happen, they called on an old family friend who dabbled in the spiritual occult. Through her, they learned of their daughter's ability to see and speak with the dead.

Because her parents were open-minded and didn't want harm to come to their daughter, they helped nourish and strengthen her gift. With help and special instructions from their friend, their daughter would come to master her ability. Unfortunately, while her training kept her safe from the spirits who communicated with her, it didn't save her from the living.

From a very young age, she was picked on in school, bullied mercilessly. She was called a freak and almost every name under the sun. One boy specifically went out of his way to make her life hell. His actions would lead her parents to pull her out of school after her first year of high school to let her learn from home.

By eighteen, the spirits who visited her would begin to ask her for help. Victims of murder would request she find their body to finally give peace to their families. Others wanted the killer announced to help drive the police in the correct direction. By twenty, she had begun a small business from home to work with people who wanted to communicate with deceased loved ones. By twenty-five, she became a known name with the local police department, assisting in many of their unsolved crimes.

Having never left home, when her parents lost their lives in a car crash, she took over the farm attached to it. Half her days were spent tending to the fields and the other working with people who needed her help. It was hard to pay the bills, but she managed to scrape by.

Then came the day when she returned home from work and noticed a woman sitting at her table. Without a word, she makes herself tea and then sits across from her. The woman is dead, this much she knows. So, she asks how she can help. The woman tells her that she was murdered only two months ago and her husband has been accused of the crime. She knows her killer was not her husband and seeks to have her husband freed and the killer put behind bars.

Something ends up bugging her. The woman seems to be hiding something. When pushed, the woman finally reveals her name and the name of her husband. It doesn't sit well. The woman is a woman she had once known in middle school...and her husband is the man who bullied her for many years. Despite the grudge she holds against the man, she decides not to hold it against the woman either and agrees to help.

Using the rest of her savings, she bails the husband out of jail. At first, he doesn't recognize her, but once she tells him her name, he becomes angry. He immediately accuses her of trying to make a fool of him. He still doesn’t believe in her abilities. He wants her to leave him alone.

Having been warned that this might be the outcome, she digs into her pocket and reveals a necklace to him without a word. She tells him she knows that he got his wife this necklace after she had a miscarriage...and that they kept it in a safe, in the garage, within a freezer.

Although the man still doesn't want to believe what she says, it's hard to find any other explanation for how she knew about the necklace. Not even their family had known about it...or he miscarriage.

Reluctantly, he agrees to listen, and ultimately agrees to help her track down the man who killed his wife. She knows they will butt heads and be at each other's throats, but she also knows she is not doing this for him, but for his deceased wife and the many other victims.
° Hunted °
Main Female: FBI Agent
Main Male: Double Agent
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

After a massive, and successful, sting on a human trafficking ring, she and her team go out and celebrate. After a night of partying, they head home. On her way, a large van hits her motorcycle at an intersection, sending her flying into a ditch. When she awakens, she's chained up in a basement...somewhere.

After the sting of the group, what remained of it took action. The woman isn't a pushover and will fight until she dies. Unfortunately, they want her alive. After a few days in captivity, she meets a man who is supposed to transport her. In reality, he's a double agent from another agency based out of the USA.

He needs to her be patient. To best bring down the human trafficking group, they need to do it from the inside. He'll do everything he can to keep her safe, but she needs to remain captive so that they can better learn the truth and find just how deep the seedy organization goes.
✫° Roman °✫
° Rome's Tranquil Blade °

Main Female: Female Twin
Main Male: Prized Gladiator/Fighter
Main Others: Owners of both Fighters and male Twin

As a child, she'd traveled around with her brother after their parent's deaths. They never stayed in one place long, mostly due to harassment and other types of dangers. Despite visual impairment, her brother never abandoned her to make life easier on himself. Perhaps it was simply their close bond. They were twins, and it was often said that twins were closer than the average siblings.

As they got older, her brother became ill, growing weaker as the years past. By their early twenties, he'd become bedridden and they finally made permanent residence in a small village bordering the Roman Empire. No longer able to get out of bed without struggling, he relied heavily on his sister to tend to him. Unfortunately, there was only so much she could do when the Roman army stormed the village and began burning it to the ground.

Unwilling to leave her brother, they were both captured by the forces and were one of a handful from the village who were spared death and instead sent back to Rome. While her brother was sent to fight and die in the arena, she would be sent to a brothel where a man would appear that same day to purchase her as a personal slave. However, to her surprise, he takes her to her brother who paid the man to free her.

The soldier ends up taking her to live in his home as a maid and her brother takes to the Arena. To the surprise of many, he swiftly cuts down the enemies and continues to grow stronger as the battles continue. In time, he becomes a famous name in Rome and is also purchased by the same guard who freed his sister.

Another fighter, one who sits at the top of the chain, is very interested to fight this man. When given a chance by his own owner to speak with the guard who owns him, he meets the fighter's sister and takes immediate interest. Though she says she has no interest, he lets it be known he does not plan to give up. He is used to getting whatever he wants, and sees her refusal as another battle to win.

After learning that her brother is the fighter, and a twin at that, he decides to have a word with him. Perhaps if he can work out a deal with the brother, he can earn the admiration of the sister. After his fight, he ignores the man's rambling. Since the beginning, he'd refused to speak to anyone other than his owner. He'd even taken the nickname as the 'Mute Warrior of Rome'.

After being brushed off by the fighter, he grows agitated and decides to ambush him in the bathing chamber provided for the tougher fighters. If he can rough him up, maybe he'll learn his place and tell him what he wants to know in order to win his sister's affection.

Throwing open the door, sword drawn, he prepares to attack, only to go still and silent at what he sees. Standing in the bath is not the fighter, even though it is. The male he thought he'd find is not before him, but instead the sister who has been battling in his place since they arrived in Rome. He had done everything to protect her growing up and now she was doing the same, even at the risk of her own life.

✫ How your character uses this information is up to you. We will build as we go along.
° A General's Affair °
Main Female: Empress
Main Male: General
Main Others: Spartan King, Created/Played as Needed

He was the powerful general of the Spartan Army and a very close friend with the King. When word of the Roman Emperor's death, his men are assembled to attempt an invasion while the city is in mourning. They are aware that the Emperor had a child and they worry that he may take the throne before their arrival, which appears to be the case when they finally arrive. The deceased Emperor had been cruel and ruled with an iron fist, which meant his army had been just as ruthless. In fear of lingering trap, the General offers to take a few of his men to the palace to speak directly with the new Emperor.

Upon arrival, they are led to a room full of guards. It appears to be a trap and his men prepare to fight...and most likely die. However, to their surprise, they are not attacked and simply asked to wait. So, they do, if somewhat uneasy about it.

When the doors open and the announcement is made of the arrival of the Emperor, the General believes he misheard the man, having first heard 'Empress'. It's only moments later that he realizes that he did not mishear what was announced. The deceased Emperor never had a son, but instead had a daughter. It was nothing but a tale to make forces weary. His daughter, suffering from visual impairment, was not the ideal candidate to take the throne without a husband, but due to her father's untimely death, that is exactly what came to be.

Her beauty is immense and her voice gives away that she is much kinder than her father. She is willing to listen to the General and the word of his king. Surrender or face war. She responds by telling him that war will be raged, but should Rome begin to fall, she will surrender in order to protect her people at all cost. In doing so, the game begins...and Rome falls.

Upon surrendering to protect Rome, the Spartan King arrives. Her beauty enchants him as it had many others, and he offers a deal. Become his wife and he will not only spare her life, but see to it that Rome is not destroyed under his rule. Though less than ideal, she agrees knowing that her army cannot win and only more death will come by refusing, including her own.

After marriage, the king keeps his word as the new Emperor. While he too is as cruel as her father was, he puts the forces together to fight to win territory. Although she has not shown any signs of deceit or any acts of betrayal, when not with her, he has ordered his leading General to stay at her side to ensure she does not do anything suspicious.

To what would be his dismay, by doing so, he has created an entirely new problem. His general admires the Empresses approach to problems, both to keep her Empire in power and to protect it at the same time. In time, this admiration turns to lust and he must choose between his own desires and those of his King.
° My Lady's Heart °
Main Female: Empress
Main Male: Servant of Spartan Prince
Main Others: Emperor and Spartan Prince

He was the childhood friend and loyal servant of the Spartan Prince. As a child, he had been driven away as an outcast from his own village due to his brilliant white hair and deep blue eyes. Though these colors were far from unusual in the world, it was very rare to see on a man of such dark skin, leading many to believe he was cursed.

After traveling to another town with a small Caravan, he is spotted by the young prince who has similar features to his own. This bloodline is one of the royal family, and though he is not a direct descendant of Royalty, his appearance is enough that the young prince wishes to be his friend. This friendship lasts for many years to follow. As an adult, he remains the ever doting and loyal servant of his dearest friend and prince.

When he learns that the prince is to meet the Empress of Rome to speak of marriage to join forces, he is very happy for him. He's even happier to know that his friend wants him to accompany him to Rome, for he is nervous of the meeting. His father, the king, has met the empress and spoke highly of her beauty, but he is unsure.

Upon arrival, both men are stunned at the sight of the Empress who greets them both kindly. The prince, having been warned of her impaired sight, doesn't question her white eyes, but his servant is mesmerized by them. While the royalty goes off to speak to one another, the prince asks that his friend keep the empress entertained while his away, to which he agrees. In turn, she shows him the royal garden that she has been tending to for years...

Over the course of the time that they reside in Rome, he spends a great deal of time with the Empress as her father gives tours to the King and Prince, working through responsibility that comes with the marriage. It's not long before he realizes just how happy he is around the Empress and how sad he becomes inwardly when his friend speaks of his excitement to marry her and how happy he seems to be when he interacts with her.

When they finally take their leave to return to their own kingdom, a marriage date set, the Empress gifts all of them with a small token of appreciation. To the servant, she gives a box of sweets, telling him that tradition does not allow them to be shared with others less one wishes ill fortune upon those the share with. Due to the prince and king's superstitious beliefs, neither wish to partake despite his offering later...

Once home, he eats the sweets over the next few days, only to find a letter at the bottom. In it, the Empress speaks of how she enjoyed her time with him and how she wished he could have stayed longer. After that, he decides to write back, and soon the two begin to speak through letters over the next year, something he decides to hide form his friend.

Upon their return to Rome to Prepare for the marriage, he is very happy to see the Empress once more. Soon it is clear that there is something between them deeper than just dear friends, and it is something that could create a rift in the friendship of his most trusted companion. The only thing that hurts him more is realizing that the woman he loves will soon marry someone else... Will he risk an affair to be close to the woman he loves at the risk of losing his closest friend, or will he push her away in order to protect the both of them?

*If you'll humor me, I do have a specific idea of what I want the servant to look like.
° Rome's Blade °
Main Female: Empress
Main Male: Gladiator/Slave
Main Others: Emperor and Suitor/Scholar

She was the daughter of the Emperor. In title, an Empress, but not yet in charge. Her mother having died when she was young, she'd been given the title early despite being unwed. This state of being without a husband lasted much longer than the average woman in her shoes, but for good reason. As a young teenager, she'd lost the majority of her sight, and her demeanor changed drastically. Without her mother or her sight, her personality soured and she became distant.

Though kind to her servants and those who she had known since her youth, she was cruel and unkind to people who she felt only sought her friendship or courtship because of her title. She was not one who trusted easily and this put a great stress on her father who sought to wed her before his death.

Many suitors came and went, sent away or chased away by the Empress and her cold personality. Only a few remained, one being an older man who the Emperor had fought with in the war during his last battles before settling into his throne, and the other being a younger man who had been a general in the army before retiring as a scholar in Rome. The latter of the two had strong hopes at becoming the next Emperor and refused to let anything get in his way, even if it meant putting up with the young Empress's attitude.

Due to his persistence and friendship with the Emperor he didn't fear being cast away. As long as he stayed in the good graces of the Emperor, he was safe. Unfortunately, that meant that the Empress had to put up with his abusive behavior. Though her father wouldn't believe her, she knew that the man was evil. Sadly, despite attempting to drive him away and trying to make her father see the truth, he remained as an ever-threatening shadow lurking not far away.

In the suitors attempt to grab further graces from the Emperor, he has his men purchase a powerful warrior who was brought back as a captive of war. He's sent into the pits to fight for his freedom where the Emperor and his daughter watch. During the match, it is stopped and everyone is rushed back to their cells. The empress has run off. Due to her blindness, she ends up in the holding room of the fighters. This is where she meets the fighter who protects her from the other slaves.

Though he isn't the nicest person, with some justification given him circumstances, he doesn't wish harm to those who do not deserve it. Because of his willingness to protect her, when the guards arrive, she protects him from them and informs them of what transpired. In thanks, the Emperor tells the suitor to bring him to the castle for dinner.

The suitor isn't happy. It's clear from the start that the man is eying the princess with interest. However, she is less than interested herself. The Emperor offers the slave a home in his castle in exchange for fighting for him in the arena to win bets with other royalty and people of wealth. Neither the suitor nor the Empress are happy about this, but it is to be.

As time goes on, the slave actively seeks out the Empress to tease her and make her uncomfortable. All the while, he begins to learn of the abusive behavior of the suitor and the distressing past of the Empress.

✫° Smut with Plot °✫

✫ Note: While this section is dedicated to the smuttier plots, there is still a plot to follow.
This section just indicates that these plots contain much more sexual content than those above. ✫


° Peace, Love, and Bloodshed °

Main Female: Lady Heart
Main Male: Multiple
Main Others: Created/Played as needed

Lady Heart was a name known around the world, both admired and feared. She was a no-nonsense type of being who had powers beyond the realm of imagination. The only thing she was better known for was her insatiable sexual appetite.

Her ideal belief was that the world should live in love and peace...and should they not, she was willing to spill the blood of her enemies to obtain it.

During the war between two powerful kingdoms, she is summoned by the king to help create a treaty of peace. When her letter of desired peace arrives at the enemy king who has refused the treaty many times before, he realizes the trouble he is in, as the letter is clear that she will hunt him down should he refuse...

Hoping to protect himself, he summons a powerful demon from the underworld to stop him, even if it means surrendering the souls of many of his loyal followers’ payment. The demon, however, makes one thing very clear... At the end, should he die, the King will die with him in order for his own soul to live again. Should he succeed, Lady Heart's soul will belong to him...

Upon receiving the letter of refusal, she sets out across the vast land and sea to locate the man who has refused peace, to spill his blood in order to create it by force. Along the way, she meets many different people, including many inhuman creatures. Having been M.I.A. for years, the world is stunned to learn of her travels, many hoping to catch a glance at the powerful deity, be it with or without her attire.
° Rome's Secret Reversed °
Main Female: Female 'Rapist'
*By rapist, she has sex with them of some sort. No anal penetration.
Main Male: Emperor's Son
Main Others: Make them up as needed.

Word is spreading around Rome about a female rapist. No, not a rapist targeting females, but a female rapist targeting men. She's been active lately, more so than usual, and has become both a joke and a lustful wish. Many don't believe her to be a real person and others deem her to be crazy if she thinks she can get away with it for long. To the Emperor does not have many concerns, even though his only child is a man. With all the tall walls and guards, how could anyone even get to him?

His son, on the outside, seems to be your typical scholar type. Handsome, intelligent, and quite obedient when it comes to his duties as the future Emperor and taking care of his father as he grows old. The whole talk of a female rapist interests him on a level much deeper than many others. He has no expectations of meeting her, but he wonders how a woman could ever become so risky with her life.

When a new set of female workers for the castle are brought in, he takes interest in one woman specifically. She's a foreigner to Rome, but she's quite attractive, yet won't give him the time of day and his nice-guy act isn't winning him any favors, which irritates him. He's the Emperor's son. Women should flaunt to him.

Then one night, it happens. In the cover of dark, he is subdued, 'assaulted' (to his delight), and then she vanishes. During the act, he manages to feel a scar on her back. Perhaps an old injury from an assault gone bad?

A month passes and he hears of other attacks, and is almost upset that she not come back to him. His new fixation. Then, while watching the women hard at work in the garden, he spots the foreign woman who rejected him. As she grabs her shirt to clean off an apple in her hand, he spots a scar on her back. At first, he thinks nothing of it, but then realization hits.

As if his true self is finally released, he decides to stalk his prey, lunging only once she is alone. He is not the sweet man everyone takes him for, and now with his fixation on this woman, he plans to get from her everything and anything he wants.

He knows he can easily have her executed should he turn her in, as does she, and so begins their little game.
° You Krossed the Line °
Main Female: Powerful Female Spirit
Main Male: Powerful Demon/Devil
Main Others: Whoever we need/want
**Extra Info**
The demon is pre-designed. I will present you an image of him and tell you a bit about him as a character upon request.

The Devil/demon is the most powerful being in the underworld, bypassing even Lucifer himself. He keeps to himself in the lowest levels of the underworld, surrounded by his own army of powerful demons. Though he could be in control of the underworld, he has no desire to try and overthrow Lucifer. He knows that Lucifer is no match, which makes him unworthy of the battle in his mind. More so, he would never wish to rule over a underworld of inferior creatures.

On rare occasions, he rises to the human world to cause chaos, leaving no survivors in his wake. Though he knows he will not find a fighter that can challenge him in such a world, he finds some humor in the way humans respond to destruction.

During one rise to the surface, just as he begins to create chaos, a seemingly blind woman from the village approaches him and kindly asks him to stop his rampage. When it becomes clear that her words will not work, she intercepts one of his attacks, revealing that she is far from just another human. The fight is immense and he realizes he has met someone who can not only stand up to him, but possibly surpass him if he weren't careful.

In the battle, he attempts to slash her ankle, but ends up cutting off an anklet instead, which leaves a tear-shaped gem in his hand. Though the reaction is almost invisible, he realizes the gem is important to her and decides to use it against her. He tells her that she needs to come to his domain to continue their battle if he wants the gem back before he and his creatures vanish.

As he expected, she arrives, this time no longer pretending to be a blind human. The two again battle, but she knows he has no intention of giving her back her gem whether she wins or not. So, she decides to trick him. When he believes she's coming in for an attack, she instead passes him and gets him from behind. A clasp forms around his neck as she casts a binding spell on him.

The clasp doesn't stop his powers, but instead binds him to follow her within a specific radius at all times. She tells him that she will remove it if he gives back the gem and, unlike him, she would keep her word if he agreed. However, this, to him, is a game giving him entertainment and he refuses. The two begin a game of chicken to see who will surrender first.

She must deal with a demon following her at all times, unwilling to try and hide in the human world or blend in as she does. She is also forced to keep his behavior tolerable as he is willing to push her buttons by still attempting to cause chaos when he can. However in turn, he must deal with his distaste and hatred of the human world and the many inferior beings that live there, often chastised by the woman publicly for his behaviors.

Both are very aware that the demon/devil can break the binding spell, but only at he cost of the majority of his strength. He is well aware that, should he do that, Lucifer will likely attempt to take his life...as would many other powerful demons who see him as their enemy. She is also aware that she cannot kill him or let him die, for if he dies, she will not know the location of her gem.

As the two journey together, there is fighting, feelings, romance, and some steamy moments between the two.
° Red Light Daughter °
Main Female: Step-Daughter
Main Male: Step-Father
Main Others: Mother, boss, etc.

What's the saying about the best and worst stories involving tequila?

It was definitely involved in his.

He was a wealthy businessman in his mid-forties who had taken a trip to Hawaii as a well-earned vacation. There, he met an attractive woman and the two spent all their time together. She was best described as plastic, but she was fun and exciting. They both came from California and he was used to women like her when it came to all her 'enhancements'. The sex was damn good too. Somewhere along the way, with a bit too many drinks involved, the two got married. Maybe he liked the risk? Maybe he was just too drunk in love and tequila to realize what he was doing, but it was too late now. It wasn't until their shared flight home did the real her come out--the angry alcoholic.

Once she was passed out in the seat, he did a bit of digging and found out she had been married FIVE times prior. All her husbands had died or she'd divorced them, taking assets in each divorce. She probably hadn't worked a day in her life and had a long criminal history due to constant intoxication.

He planned to divorce her ASAP but planned to go slow as to not let her know. The last thing he needed was his fortune going into her hands. So, he played a happy face as he helped her to her mansion on the beaches of L.A. While she went about making a drink and heading to bed, he would take a look around. There were pictures of a young girl around the house. A daughter? Cute. She was probably seven or so in the photos he saw. What appeared to be her grandfather was in a number of the photos (though the man was really her father and his new wife's first husband).

Deciding to get himself a drink to relax himself, he'd notice something out the rear sliding door. A giant pool. A giant pool...with a woman in it. The woman had the same hair color as the little girl in the photo, but this was no little girl. This was a woman. Slender with an hourglass shape, with just enough muscles to show she prided herself in keeping her body the way it was. Unlike his new wife, this girl had no plastic. Somehow, she'd gotten the good genetics in the family.

Upon introducing himself, she confirms she is the woman's only child. Like her mother, she parties and enjoys physical company. In his eyes, she's a tease, whether she realizes it or not. Though he would love to pursue her, he knows that would only make a divorce complicated, so he has to keep his distance. He's already finding the divorce to be more complicated than he expected and he's left to attempt to keep the marriage stable until he can find a way out.

This only becomes harder when he catches his wife in bed with one of her daughter's male friends during a large party at their house. Angered, he heads for the kitchen to poor himself a drink. There, he meets a man around his age who, after a bit of chat, gives him a business card. He runs a special escort service and feels the man could use a bit of R&R. He thinks it over and then decides it's worth the risk. Knowing the woman he has married, he has no intention of getting into bed with her every again.

Still, he knows he has to be careful, so when setting up, he asks for discreet. He doesn't want the woman seeing him or knowing who he is, but he wants to be able to at least see some of her form. The owner says he has the perfect girl and the perfect idea. The meeting spot for the two is in his special hotel, where he's given a red-light room. It creates a shadow illusion, stopping those inside from seeing physical features. Instead, all they see our silhouettes.

The woman who arrives doesn't let him down and soon it's over. However, once she leaves the room, he finds her keys on the bathroom counter and runs out to fetch her. He figures that her seeing him for a split second in a parking garage won't be long enough for her to ever recognize him in public. So, he runs out and catches up to her as she is searching for her keys. Upon calling out for her, she turns, and his stomach sinks.

It's his step-daughter.
° White-Eyed Beauty °
Main Female: Female Prisoner
Main Male: Camp Leader or Male Prisoner (the prisoner is a prisoner of war).
Main Others: The opposite of your choice and many others.

World War II is in full force and civilians live their daily lives looking over their shoulders. Some were luckier than others when it came to how safe they were, and some would she'd been born lucky. She was married to a wealthy man who was the owner of a top supplying company of weaponry to the Nazi party.

She was wealthy.

She was beautiful.

She was safe.

To her, however, life was nothing as the outside world saw it, and after another pattern of abuse, she stormed from her home. Something in her broke that day and she was willing to face anything to be away from him. Little did she know, that would mean going into town where the military would soon arrive to gather any and all they thought impure.

There was a danger in what she did, but she was willing to take anything over him, and so she let them drag her away with so many others, onto a train and out of the city. When they were finally unloaded days later, she was tired and silent, simply listening to the yelling and screaming around her. A few other people who appeared to be of wealth would approach her, telling her to follow them to a group of similarly dressed people. It seemed those of wealth were split from those who looked poor... Well, at least at first. Rich people had valuables.

When it came time for them to remove their gems and jewelry, one of the guards would approach her. Though he believed her to be unable to understand him, she was very aware of how he was speaking to her like she was some sexual object. Instead of reacting, she removed her items of wealth and handed them over, as if just following everyone else around her who were being given the same commands. Upon doing so, the man harassing her would note her wedding ring and begin asking where her husband was.

Only after enough harassment would she say the name Ernst Wilhelm. The man would have her repeat it and she would speak fluent German back to him. He would laugh and demand the ring, to which she removed it. However, upon doing so, the man went silent and snatched her hand. She could hear the shouting, and he would leave her to speak with others.

She'd forgotten that her husband had branded her finger below the ring with the mark he put on all his weaponry. Approached by someone of authority, it would be determined that she would need to be kept safe from the 'filth' until the husband could be contacted... So, while she would live in the camp, she would work as a servant of the Nazi soldiers, cooking, cleaning, and the like. She'd get used to the harassment. Beauty was a curse to her. In time, she'd be dragged home and harassed still, so what difference was there? In the meantime, she makes friends with the prisoners, sneaking them what she can from the kitchen.

Little does she realize that the leader of the camp has decided not to inform her husband of her whereabouts. In fear of backlash from someone of such power, he believes it safer to just keep her there. Luckily for her, not only does he find her too pretty to let wither away in the camp, but if ever discovered, they could play innocent and have her sent home... If she were to become ill or die, he too would find himself buried in a ditch were it to be discovered.
° Ink and Paper °
Main Female: Anime Female
Main Male: Human Male
Main Others: Created/Played as Needed

His life was dull. He'd married young and had been regretting it ever since. He worked hard to make money, sometimes working three jobs in a week. His wife wanted a baby, but he refused due to the lack of income to properly support it, especially with her refusal work. This refusal to give her what she wanted would create problems between them that only got worse with time. Neither were happy, but for completely different reasons. She was mad that he wouldn't give her a baby and he wasn't bringing in enough money, and he was mad that she refused to help to make the money that would allow her to have the child she wanted.

While on his third job of the day during a sleepless twenty-four seven, he ends up exploding on a customer and is fired. Upon arriving home early, he notices a pair of shoes at the front door that don't belong to him. Angered at what he knows is happening, he heads upstairs and catches his wife in bed with another man. Fueled by rage after a scuffle with the man, he heads downstairs and gets his gun.

In the events that follow, his wife is killed and the man escapes. By morning, he is arrested. At court, he is found guilty of murder. He spends the next few years in jail, attempting to appeal his conviction. When he finally succeeds and his murder is considered a 'crime of passion', he is returned to the living world where alcohol is his only escape from his misery.

During his time in jail, he had begun drawing to help him pass the time. So, after spiraling down a dangerous road, he decided to return to drawing to help him escape once again from the misery of his life. Unfortunately, realizing he can never truly exist in the world he has created, a world that makes him so happy, he attempts to commit suicide by drugging himself while in the tub, slowly sinking below the water as he grows tired.

Upon seeping below the water, he sees the vision of a woman above him. She doesn't look real. In fact, she looks like a drawing... He's suddenly ripped from the water and finds himself awakening near a river where a woman sits nearby. Everything around him looks...drawn... The art is far better than his own. The woman is also much more beautiful than he could ever hope to create himself.

She tells him that he is in a world known as 'I.a.P'. Here, all the characters ever drawn live in different realms depending on style, though some do intermingle. In the water, he can see that he is still human. To her, everything looks real, where he is just as odd looking as she might be to him.

Having seen him through his artwork, she had found his pain to be immense and had brought him here in an attempt to save his life. She wants him to be happy, and she's willing to do so by any means possible...under a few conditions... A war is raging in the worlds and she needs his assistance to protect her kingdom. Due to his inhuman body, he will be able to create new items into the world that they can use to fight.

There is a risk though. Should he die in the battle, he will forever be stuck in their world.
° Rome's Secret °
Main Female: Female 'Rapist'
*By rapist, she has sex with them of some sort. No anal penetration.
Main Male: Anyone of relative power*
*Famous Warrior, Cruel Suitor, etc.
Main Others: Make them up as needed.

Word is spreading around Rome about a female rapist. No, not a rapist targeting females, but a female rapist targeting men. She's been active lately, more so than usual, and has become both a joke and a lustful wish. Many don't believe her to be a real person and others deem her to be crazy if she thinks she can get away with it for long. To the Emperor, it doesn't concern him. No one is dying and his only living child, a daughter (My Char), is not at risk.

Due to how the rapists does her work, there are no true eye-witnesses to her appearance. She attacks in the dark and often blindfolds the men to ensure they don't see her. Recently, however, word has spread of part of a tattoo they spotted on her arm. When this reaches the word of (your char), he doesn't think much of it until he accidentally walks in on the Empress in a state of partial undress, taking note of the tattoo on her arm in his retreat.

After contemplating the risks of what he knows, he decides to confront her. He can easily give her away as the tattoo is all it will take, so he knows she's in no spot to wave him off. He tells her he won't stop her from going out and having her fun, but he will demand obedience from her in his pursuit for power. She has no option but to agree to his terms, not yet knowing how he will use the knowledge he has to his advantage.
° Winter Moon °
Main Female: Female Higher
Main Male: Enhanced Soldier
Main Others: Leader of both groups (Human & Alien), and many created/played as needed

His life had been spiraling out of control since he could remember. Born to addicts, it wasn't surprising when he became one. Under the influence of his own abusive father and mother, he too became abusive and controlling. By his mid-twenties, he was a glorified thug who got in fights nearly every day if he wasn't drinking in the local bar or picking up a prostitute.

A few months before his 'accident', it had begun snowing quite early in the year. As the months went on, the snow didn't let up and soon a good portion of the world was covered in ice and powder. Even vast deserts now had blizzards instead of sandstorms. Life became harder for many, but life wasn't too different for him. He didn't have much to begin with, so when power went out, it didn't faze him all that much.

Then came the night he was attacked by a rival in the streets. He was shot in the chest and left for dead, bleeding out over the glistening white snow. To his surprise, a group of men appeared looking straight out of the old flick 'The Men in Black' and offered to save him in exchange for his help. With a desire for revenge, he agrees, not yet knowing what he is agreeing to.

Once recovered from his injury, he is introduced to a powerful and secretive organization that has been watching the decline of the world due to the ever constantly falling snow. The explain that an alien race has come to earth in search of a power-source. Though he doesn't initially believe, his world flips when he's shown an alien in captivity.

They tell him that he is the ideal candidate for their program known as 'ORB'. The power-source the aliens seek can only be found inside a living female, but finding that female is nearly impossible. The power can only be used by men, as the female are only the host for it to be nurtured and grown. The longer it resides in its host, the stronger it comes. When the host dies, the power finds a new host like a living parasite looking for its next meal. It does no harm to its host, but it has led to the death of many innocent women at the hands of the alien.

Due to the fact the power can only be released when the Adrenalin of the host peeks, the aliens use both fear and sexual assault to test whether or not the power resides in their captive. If it doesn't, the woman is killed.

In order to combat the alien race, along with special weaponry, they have created their own orb that can be placed inside a living host to grant them inhuman abilities, such as enhanced strength and speed. This is where the man comes in. He will be given the orb. He is warned the process will be painful and require months of training before he will be allowed to leave, but not having a choice any longer, he begins the process.

During his time in the organization, training his body for the battles to comes, he learns about the chain of command. He is a soldier of ORB, making him more important than many of the lackeys he'll meet. Above him are the Guiders, people who are in charge of ensuring the organization runs smoothly. Above them are 'Highers', people who have been with the organization for the longest time and are skilled in their professions. They are often the leaders of missions. The only thing above the Higher is the 'Controller', the ones who run the organization.

Once his training is complete, he is sent home. Yep. After all that pain, hard work, and misery, he's sent home to wait... Months pass and he returns to his old ways, which isn't so bad, as he manages to kill the group that tried to kill him. Upon receiving his first letter to meet his Higher for a mission, he heads off to the bar where they are to meet. There, he's greeted by two men who explain the mission. Upon the arrival of his Higher, he is angered to find that it's a woman. Due to his raising, he isn't happy about having to take commands from a woman, but she is as stubborn as they come and dishes back what he dishes out.

Unlike many Highers, she is special. She is the only female who has made it so far in rank. Often used as bait, they send with her people who survive the ORB transplant to assist her in hunting down and destroying the aliens. The two are required to work together, even if they both have a dislike for one another. If they don't, one of them won't be alive for much longer.
° The Subway °
Main Female: 'Victim'
Main Male: 'Attacker'
Main Others: MANY!

° This is a 'who done it' style of plot. It will take us both playing many characters. It's for men who like playing many characters at once.°

She'd come from Ireland to work in Russia at a very powerful firm. The job was a dream job, but it quickly became a daunting task and soon a nightmare. She was one of only a handful of women. From what she could tell, none of the other women enjoyed being there either. Why? The men. All the many...many men. Perverts, sleaze balls, and power-hungry assholes. From day one, the sexual harassment started, but she put up with it because she needed the job. Losing it meant losing almost everything. Though she was by no means a submissive woman, she would do anything to keep her job.

After a few weeks of arriving late due to traffic and worrying about losing her job, she opts to take the subway when one of the female coworkers mentions it's the best way to get to and from the area she lives. So, she does. The first few trips actually save her time and she feels at ease, at least as much as she can knowing the hell she goes to at work. It seemed pleasant enough, though some days were more crowded than others...

Then came the day something, or someone, changed the game. During one busy morning on the subway, she finds herself assaulted. She doesn't know who the man behind her is, but he makes it clear that he has a weapon and will hurt her if she says anything or looks back at him. Worried for her safety, she does as told. Though she reports it, she isn't taken seriously due to her being a foreigner and even feels harassed by the cops. So, she is forced to return to life without assistance. As time goes on, the mystery man appears on the subway at random, growing braver with each assault.

As the assaults continue, it becomes almost a norm and she grows to enjoy the risky behavior. At work, this begins to affect her persona and how she deals with the abuse at work. To some delight of the men, she is more interested now in their advances and seems to even welcome some of it. Part of her is enjoying the risk, but part of her is attempting to see if any of these men are the men from the subway, as she knows the only stop the subway makes it to the stop where she gets off for work.

She wants to figure out who he is, though she doesn't know what she'll do once she has figured it out.
° Cop Swap °
Main Female: Hired Agent
Main Male: Cop 1 / Cop 2 / FBI Detective
Main Others: Maybe?
(Since this has multiple male, I can assist in playing if you rather not play them all).

A FBI detective has been hearing rumors of a few corrupt cops in a local precinct. It's been noted by a few other agents that they believe the cops are taking money bribes from drug dealers to 'look the other way'. Not only that, they have been getting women to perform services in exchange for getting out of tickets. A few reports have been made by the women who refused, but due to the cops being well-known and beloved figures of the city, the women are often just called liars who just got pissed they got a ticket.

Needing someone closer to the action to be able to finally make an arrest with proper evidence, the lead on the case struggles to find someone. None of the women in his team are willing to put themselves in that sort of situation. Then one night, while late at the office, he sees a number of people dragged in from a drug dealing house down the way. Among them is one woman who, unlike the others, seems calm and collected. When he asks about her, he learns that she, supposedly, just sells for the group. She doesn't make or use the drugs.

Upon talking with her himself, he gets the same story. She's a tough girl, very attractive, but had some hard spots in life and, after losing her job, she had to turn to being a drug dealer just to pay her rent and avoid being kicked onto the streets. Given how she's able to hold herself around the thugs they brought in, he decides to offer her a deal. If she'll be his undercover agent, he'll have all charges on her dropped.

With no choice in the matter, she agrees.

Now, the issue is getting them to meet in a less than obvious way. While the detective makes plans, she is allowed to go and await his call. However, on her way home, she stops at a convenient store where an officer shows up not long later to grab a few items. He's tall, handsome, fit, and the owner seems to know and appreciate him, even giving him a free coffee. When the officer sees her, he offers to pay for her stuff, but she declines politely. Outside, he stops her and asks if she'd be open to dinner sometime, but again, she politely declines, not knowing that she is facing one of the cops she is supposed to meet.

They separate politely enough and she thinks nothing of it as she heads home, only to be stopped a few blocks away on a dark street by the same officer. He again tries to to ask her out, but she says no. This time, instead of the polite refusal, the cop stops his car, gets out and approaches. He has something in his hands, but she can't tell what until she has it poured down her shirt. It's whiskey.

Without having a chance to react, he cuffs her and tells her she's under arrest for intoxication in public, and she begins to put the pieces together of who this man is. In the back of the car, he gives her two options. He can take her to jail where he can plant even more evidence on her, such as a little packet of cocaine he has with him, or she can do as he says.

In exchange for not going to jail, he wants her to detail a sexual fantasy to him. If it turns him on, he'll let her go. What he fails to mention is that he won't let her go until after he's taken her home and gets what he wants from her. Because she is aware now of who the man is and having a lot more riding on her than a false drug and alcohol claim if she doesn't do her job, she does what he wants to get through the night.

From there, the detective keeps her on the front line to help him bring the corrupt officers to justice, even though he may not be an absolute angel himself.

✫° Series/Fandom Roleplays °✫

The majority of these plots are Canon X Original Character, with me as the original character.
I'll play canons as secondary characters (not for doubling).
In a few rare cases, there are OC x OC pairings.
A couple lesbian plots are available.
Message me for plot details.

✫° Movies / Shows °✫

° Pirates of the Caribbean °

Jack x OC

° Jurassic Park °

° Harry Potter °
Adult Draco X OC

° Thor/Loki °
Loki X OC

° Riddick °
Riddick x OC

° Hellboy °
Hellboy x OC

° X-Men °
Kurt OR Logan x OC

✫° Video Games °✫

° Mortal Kombat °

Your choices:
Scorpio, Goro, Cage, Erron Black, Kano, or Quan Chi
x OC
I will actually accept a lesbian pairing of Cassie Cage x OC if you are interested.

° Resident Evil °
Wesker or Chris x OC

*Both Wesker and Chris are needed for the plot though.

° Rune Factory °
Kross x OC
Leon X OC
Dylas x OC
Vishnal x OC
Gerard x OC

° Arkham City °
Joker or Scarecrow x OC

° The Witcher
Geralt x OC

(lesbian option)
Ciri X OC

° Hitman °
47 X OC

✫° Cartoons °✫

° Avatar ~ The Last Airbender °

Adult Zuko x OC
Lu Ten x OC

° Hunchback of Notre Dame °
Clopin X OC

° Justice League °
Your choice of character from the show x OC

✫° Anime °✫

° Zoids ~ Guardian Force °

Karl L. Schubaltz x OC

° Samurai Champloo °
Mugen OR Jin X OC

° Rurouni Kenshin °
Your choice of char from show X OC

° Yu Yu Hakusho °
Hiei x OC
Kurama x OC
Kuwabara x OC
Ask about others.

° Dragon Ball Z °
(Bad ass) Future Trunks x OC
Shin (Supreme Kai) x OC

° Goblin Slayer°
Oc x Oc

° One Piece °
Your choice of main male cast x OC

° Pokemon °
Guzma x OC
Sycamore x OC
Giovanni x OC
MewTwo x OC

° Inuyasha °
Sesshoumaru x OC

° YuGiOh °
Kaiba x OC
Pegasus x OC

° Naruto °
Kakashi x OC
(Adult) Neji x OC
(Adult) Gaara x OC
Jiraiya x OC
Ask about others!

° Slayers °
Zelgadis X OC



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I hope to hear from you soon!

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