Female Seeking Male - Trapped in a Fugue State

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Well hello fellow roleplayers! Thank you for stumbling across my thread and taking the time to read through it. I have a few roleplays going on already but I've been craving one plot in particular off and on throughout the past few months that I desperately want to expand upon with the right partner.

Before I dive into the details I would like to get a few things out of the way first. This roleplay will delve into some darker things in life including and definitely not limited to: rape, drug use, physical abuse, and neglect. Whether this be in the character's past or present. Therefore I would prefer it if you are fine reading as well as writing about these topics. I would also prefer my partners to be 18+ since this roleplay contains mature content.

I consider myself to be an advanced roleplay, my posts can range from 3 paragraphs to 11+ depending on the situation as well as effort being received from my partner. If you're not putting much effort into it then I won't either. On that same not, if you become bored with the roleplay let me know. I like it when I can have open conversations with my partners, it helps me become more comfortable writing with someone.

The last thing (for the time being) is that I prefer to roleplay through personal messages. I have nothing against threads, it's just easier for me to keep up with roleplays when they're in my inbox.

Some things you can expect from me: I'm online almost everyday therefore I will most likely reply everyday unless I'm mentally stuck on coming up with a reply. If something severe happens I will try to let you know.


The first timers coming for a night of fun in The 169 would most likely claim that the music was too loud, the dance floor was too packed, and the drinks were too expensive. It was all of these things that a rediscovered Eris didn't mind, she enjoyed the feel of the music thumping through the speakers so loud that it almost rattled your teeth and left you with a ringing in your ears that typically lasted for several days... until you got used to it of course. The more people there the better, there was nothing that she loved more than feeling the presence of others around her but being held to no obligation to actually interact with them. If their bodies crossed paths in the middle of a dance then so be it, but she would never force the interaction.

Growing up she had been shy, her voice often soft and being drowned out by the others around her but over the years she had grown a sense of confidence. Even if the confidence was artificial it was still a boost in her ego that she had desperately wanted for so long. She craved the presence of others and to an extent their acceptance. This craving pushed her to do things that she wouldn't have done in her past, she had to know that others were pleased with what she was doing or how she was doing it. Her best friend, Tracy, appeared from out of the crowd with a grin on her face. She easily recognized the glassy haze over the girl's eyes and her mouth began to water with the idea in her mind that she would be able to get a taste of whatever her friend was riding on.

"I brought something for you!" Tracy yelled over the music, holding her hand open to reveal a small blue pill.

"What is it?" Eris asked. Although in truth she didn't care about what it was, she would take it either way even if she knew that it would somehow kill her. Thin fingers took the pill and placed it on the tip of her tongue, mouth pulling it in and swallowing it with an ease that she learned through years of experience. It had certainly been a feat the first times she had tried it, the pill most often getting caught in the back of her throat and causing her to cough it back up. Now she was a seamless pro.

"Just trust me. You'll love it." Tracy yelled once again, giving her friend a thumbs up. The essence of time had all but been lost on the dance floor, eyelids sliding shut for what seemed like only a few seconds before opening to reveal that her friend was no longer standing in front of her. Had it been a hallucination? No, that was ridiculous. She had been here just a second ago, giving her a pill, a pill that was starting to kick in. Her tongue felt like it was slowly swelling in her mouth, a tingling starting in the bottom of her feet as she could feel the heat rising up in her belly.

The song changed to a beat that made her feel like she was going to somehow vibrate out of her skin, dark undertones taking her to a place deep in her mind that she loved to visit. The void. A small tongue slid over chapped lips, her head rolling on her neck as she allowed the music to take over her body. Hips swayed as her shoulders rocked back and forth, she could feel the crowd around her somehow folding in on itself, bodies pressing on either side of her swaying form. Hands trailed over the highs and lows of her body as she danced but nobody had a care in the world.

"You wanna get out of here?" A man whispered in her ear, his breath hot against her cheek as his hands placed themselves firmly on her hips as they danced. Her head turned to look at him slowly, dazed eyes looking over what she now considered her prize for the night before she nodded. She didn't dare open her mouth, taking a pill on an empty stomach was always a bad idea and she had already begun to feel the consequences. She felt that if she had opened her mouth the she would have lost whatever alcohol she had ingested in the past hour as well as a large chunk of her own dignity. A hand grabbed hers, leading her off of the dance floor and out into the cold night air.

The main female character of the roleplay is a long-time drug addict who is just trying to live her life. The role I'm looking for my partner to fill is the person who will sort of become her companion through this journey whether it be a childhood friend that she reconnects with later in life, her drug dealer, or someone who is trying to pull her from her addictions. Maybe even someone that she manages to corrupt and drag under her deviant wing. It's definitely something that can be discussed.

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Hi. I'd definitely be interested in your roleplay. I'll send you a PM in a moment
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