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  1. Hello, all. It wasn't that long ago that I made my last search thread. Thankfully now, I have a couple more... sensible suggestions. Like, actual ideas. So... yaaaaaay.


    Rules. I'm not crazy strict about rules. Sometimes I post from my phone, and my posts are kinda short. Sometimes when I post from my phone, my pages go on for days. Usually, they just say what I need them to. Just make sure that, long or short, you post more than like... two lines. And you give me /something/ to work with. I am online all the time, but I don't demand my partners to post constantly. I only usually play in a fantasy setting, unless you can really, REALLY impress me. Lastly, don't be a butt. If you have an issue with me or you wanna drop the rp or whatever, just tell me. I understand. Crap happens. It is what it is.

    I will play the same story with multiple partners, because no two stories are ever the same! I'm equally okay with posting in PMs and in the Forums, just tell me when you PM me to RP. I just ask that we please keep in and out of character posts in separate places, please.

    Onward, to plots!

    The Assassin's Kiss:
    A dark elf sneaks in one night, determined to murder the heir to the kingdom. Instead, she finds that she's been betrayed and ends up in a dungeon somewhere. Will the Heir save her? Is he cruel and torturous or kind and forgiving? Will he save her, or will he use her for his own personal gain? The choice is yours.

    The Loss of Innocence:
    In a musty cage in a dank slave trade, what looks to begin with like a normal young girl sits suffering. Up close, it is easy to realize she is not normal at all, but an angel. She's bound with thin gold bands that deny her ability to do magic, and her wings are clipped. When she's bought, she has no clue what's going on, but she feas for her safety. how will her new owner act towards her?

    Gift of the Goddess:
    A young Witch in training catches herself lost within the bowels of a dungeon far beyond her wildest ability to free herself from. She uses what little magic she can summon to fight her way through, but is unable to find her way. Running low on supplies, she begs the Gods to save her, and finds another adventurer. How will they escape the dungeon, or the horrifying secret that waits in the center of the labyrinth?

    The Dragon Slayer's Fury:
    A newly-graduated dragon slayer goes out, into the world, to search for her first Kill and finds herself injured. When she finds, instead, a Dragon with its Rider from a rival faction, she finds out much more than she bargained for. Her high empathy level accidentally connects her with a dragon as it hatches. Now, she must stay with the Riders and learn what is to become of her, now that she is forced to turn her back on everything she's ever known. What will her father, the Lord Commander over the Dragon Slayers, do when they find her betrayal? How will she rationalize her Slayer's mindset and learn to live with her newfound power? And what happens when she finds herself falling in love with the Rider who found her in the wilderness, the son of the Dragon Rider Lord?
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  2. These are all such lovely ideas! I am certainly going to send you a PM~
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  3. Mhmm, I am interested in this plot, I will send you a more detailed PM later (On mobile atm).
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  4. I like assassins kiss and dragon slayers fury.
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