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Hello fellow RPers,

So I have come to the wonderful world of Iwaku in search of RPing after my old RP site, *cough* gaia *cough* has seem to dwindle away from the RPing world. I did take a year break in between this so here's the thing, I'm really looking to just stretch my writing fingers back out and get to work on several different things. I am willing to try different plots here and there and do have quite a few up my sleeve if you yourself can't think of any you want to do. I am 21 and willing to do sexual themes but not just straight sex please, it tends to get rather boring for me without a plot line behind it and a little bit of action. I am sorry to the people wondering but I do struggle quite alot with playing a male character to the point where I don't feel comfortable saying yes to playing it most the time.

hmm.. well I just wanted to give a basic request so I believe that is all I can think of for now. If interested please send me a message and we can discuss it further. ^_^
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