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  1. Hi there and welcome to my request thread.
    I'm Anthony. No need for further details.
    Ill be fast , explaining the rules , likes - dislikes and more other below this.
    Hope you liked it ,
    To be noted and carefully reminded you guys: I will always be searching for partners , ill be happy to work together with you.
    Here goes.

    Seeking for female roleplayer
    1. No one liner, Libertine or any smut / romance vanilla is fine for me too
    2. Keep our roleplay clean, dont put any numbers like 1 or 2 , just put words on it like one or two.
    3. Punctuation and Spelling. Becareful when you type , put punctuation and fullstop everywhere.
    4. Be creative as you can, feel free to punch me with those ideas of yours, ill be happy to hear and swing around
    5. Im really bad at opening roleplays, please note this. But it depends if i have the plot, i might open it.
    6. IF you want to quit or drop the roleplay, please say so, dont keep me waiting.
    7. Submissive or Dominant, i will be happy to play the other way around , if you are a submissive lady, i would paly the dominant
    8. Every roleplay that we do will be followed up by Iwaku Roleplay's rule. It still applied to our roleplay
    9. If you want a vanilla ( No sex content base roleplay, but cuddling and snuggling on bed is different thing ) romance , you could request that too .
    10. tell me your Likes and Dislikes, i want to avoid any mistakes on our roleplay.
    11. PM or Thread, your choice.

    Lets hop on to my request list .
    Request: [ You can choose any side. ]
    Vampire x Human [not twilight]
    Mafia / Yakuza x normal person.
    Student x Exchange Student
    Student x Teacher
    Fox / Cat spirit x Human [ not a furries , no beastiality , ask me for more info on this]
    -- Will adding more --

    1. Gore, not extreme one.
    2. Erotic plot and structure
    3. Plot twist, neither i will go for a plot twist or you will go for it, its optional
    4.Scat and other stuff is fine for me.

    1. Quitters or dropper that lies , as i said before, if you want to drop just say you want to drop, dont keep me waiting.
    2. One liner.

    Needs to be noted / Warning:
    1. Im bad at opening a roleplay
    2. English is not my first language, so be patient. My grammar isnt that perfect enough.

    If you wanted to ask more about, shoot me with a PM or ask down below. Thanks !
    I use third person roleplay.​
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  2. Hi there~!

    Welcome to Iwaku; just so you know, we have some different rules about erotic content.

    We only allow members over 18 to roleplay erotic (sexy) content with other members who are over 18, and those under 18 with other teenagers.

    This protects us from legal trouble and keeps our members (especially our younger members) safe from predators online.

    Violation of these rules can and has gotten the site in serious legal trouble.

    So! If you want to do libertine, it has to be with another red-star member. A red star by the avatar indicates a member is over 18, and is okay for you to roleplay sexy scenes with!

    If your partner has a blue star (under 18) you MUST keep it clean or fade to black. No exceptions.

    This rule applies on-site, in private messages, and in off-site mediums like skype. If you hooked it up on Iwaku, you must follow the rules in this regard.

    Thanks for understanding, and best of luck in your search!
  3. my bad admin! , deleted ! Thanks !
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  4. Hello, I'm Nikita and I'm interested in your Mafia/Yakuza x Normal person role play. I love plot twists, gore and seeing the report I won't mention erotic role plays. However, seeing the report I was just curious if you were still interested. If not that's fine, pm me as soon as you get this. Thanks.
  5. Pm-ed =)

    Added some note for my partners .
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