Female in Search of Male

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  1. Hello Gents,

    So I have come to realize I have much more time for more role plays and I'm dying for more! So lets start off with a little about myself first I suppose...

    I am a female and I only enjoy playing female characters
    I would love it for my partner to be male or at least play male comfortably.
    I am very submissive so please understand that, I enjoy my partner to be somewhat dominating but they can be sensitive as well.

    I am willing to try anything one.
    I am someone who really enjoys well thought out replies, they don't have to be long but you need to give me something to work with if you're going to have short replies.

    I have no plots or twists...though there are many things that I enjoy. Please if you have a plot you want to try out with someone let me know, I am more than willing to help you build on the plot.

    Things that I will NOT do:
    No Plot Smut (I enjoy when the characters create their own romance.)
    certain fandom, but that is usually because I have no seen them or just do not like them.

    Please if you are still interested after all that stuff you just read, feel free to Private message me! <3 Thanks for reading and I can't wait to role play with you if you are interested.

    Much love,
    Lilian Evans
  2. It might help if you had some ideas...I'm not even sure what kind of roleplays you want to do
  3. Apocytic Hogwarts themed roleplay miss Evans? :) using main characters from the series (book/movies), I'm happy to be Dom and would really enjoy a PM discussion for plot basis and so forth :)
  4. Please pm me if interested in doing a role play. I got ideas and I don't mind doing the role of a Dominate Male. I can easily do that.