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    Deep within the ashwood wilderness; a small town rest. Persecuted by the elves who are like tribals by day and ghost by night prey on those who dare take the road. However within the shadows of the woods a deeper and more insidious evil is said to dwell. A man and beast formed into one. Death incarnate whose cries pierce the orchestra of the night. When moon is full it comes from foliage deep. Devouring live stock and harassing the local farmers. Financially the town is suffering. Barely able to hold it's own.

    And so on horseback they sent a plea for help. The messenger bearing a sealed letter. However he would not make his intended destination. For the elves would flank him and rain arrow from the heavens. Blotting out the sky. The messengers corpse littered with arrows which pierced deep into his flesh. However the parchment remained untouched. By chance a wandering traveler would come across the corpse. Taking note of the letter as he broke it's seal. This traveler was no mere human; rather something far less natural. A being most refer to as a silver eyed demon. A monster hunter which travels the land and helps communities suffering from various blights. Though he did so for little coin.

    Little could he fathom; this man who went by Ulfric of Ironwood. That he had just stumbled on a job which may very well alter his life. With bi-colored feral hues he would read the letters. His eyes galloping from one sentance to the next. As a growl built itself up within his throat. "So much for my day off..." He would state before standing upright.

    The song of the birds provided him with comfort as the sun's rays peered through the gaps within the wild branches. The mating call of various insects beat rhythmically in tune with the ribbing of poison arrow frogs. Proof of various things...firstly there was much life in this forest. And plenty of hiding spots for any beast. Secondly the sounds of the wild assured Ulfric that the savage elves had yet become aware of his presence. For though they be light on their feet; they could not elude the near omnipotent senses that is the wild.

    "Rest in peace knowing your death was not for naught." These words would part from Ulfrics lips as he intertwined his fingers, pulling his hands to his chest. Offering but a single silent prayer.

    If one were to ask Ulfric...the real monsters slumbered not in that of a feral beast. Rather within the hearts of sentient beings. Such as dwarves, elves and man. With a soft sight he would carry onward. His leather clad right hand scratching his shaved sides as drops of sweat traversed his rugged, scarred and animal like face. His brown pony tail shifted with his stride. As the two sheathed blades which rested on his back bounced against his dark brown leather armor. Which much like his body served as proof. A testament that he was a man who saw many battles...each scar and torn fabric a story and memory of his adventures. It was a lonely existence, but a necessary one.

    There was no need to approach the elder of the town. For the letter and Ulfric's own keen senses would serve as enough intelligence to track down such a beast. Drifting from the road to a river Ulfric would follow it minding the various tracks until he stumbled across that of the anthropomorphic tracks. Follow the trail into the lush foliage as various snapped branches and crushed wild flowers provided him with enough of a guide until such a time as he picked up on the creature's scent. Which stained the wind; however it wasn't revolting. Not compared to some of the beings he had hunted lately.

    This epiphany struck him as odd. However the note did state that this creature so far has strayed from human flesh. Minus one case...however this one case went against it's trend. Which caused Ulfric to deduce that another monster was responsible. For animals and humans alike are creatures of habit.

    Ulfric could tell he was closing on in his target as the scent and tracks led to a moist cave. The mouth of which was obscured by moss. The hoarse whisper of steel rubbing against steel would cause goosebumps to manifest on most peoples skin. However it was a bitter tune that the silver eyed demon grew to stomach and perhaps in a sick twisted way love. Cautiously he would enter the dark cave. His feral eyes adjusting to the poor light. Granting him perfect sight despite the situation. One of many benefits of being a mutant forged from vile sorcery and alchemical research and experiments.

    Finally after traverse the shadows and dripping ceiling he found himself within line of sight of the monstrosity. However it seemed that the intel was off...for the culprit was not a man. Rather that of a female...
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    The ashwood wilderness was a dangerous place, at least for humans anyway. Creatures that could hold their own or even strike fear into the hearts of the elves were more than likely able to thrive in the woody area, taking advantage of the heavy tree cover and the forests bounty. Also, it did not hurt that the town that resided within ashwood also more clumsy enough to leave their livestock alone and unguarded. Of course, even the strongest of creatures needed to take shelter from the world around them for no living being could handle a constant battle.

    One creature in question was making her way back to her home right at that moment. Step after step, her large anthropomorphic feet left light indentations into the buddy earth, her smooth moves showing no signs of rush. With a large catch of fish from a river to the south, the large beast made her way towards her den, the entrance hidden by moss. Pausing in the entrance, she shook out of think and heavy fur, water spraying out everywhere and leaving her looking a bit wild. Of course, it was rather befitting of her, especially considering she was a werewolf.

    Without a second thought she slipped deeper into her cave, walking along in the darkness with no trouble at all, stumbling upon a dim fire that was barely alive thanks to its ember. After setting the fish upon a piece of deer skin, the wolf maiden went about her business giving the flame rebirth. She tossed some dried hay into the embers, bringing back the flame before placing a few sticks into the first and then a few logs. Once it was going again the cavern was bright and glowing, those without good eye sight finally able to see what it was like.

    Off to one wall was a makeshift bed, really just a few laid out furs and a simple blanket to go over that. On there other wall was small beat up baskets, obviously having been used and wore out. They held onto fruits and nuts meant to stretch out her meal of whatever she had been able to catch that day. Next to her baskets were her weapons and tools. A bow and arrow for hunting fast game and soon a simple fishing nest would join them as she placed it there. The last weapon was a knife, though its purpose was more for gutting food than killing others.

    Taking a seat near the fire, she began to gut the fish one by one, placing each upon a stick once cleaned out and cooking them over the hot flames. She hummed to herself, oblivious to the guest that had wandered in of his own accord and was now stalking her like his prey. She did not notice him at all, instead more focused on getting her meal prepared and ready to eat so she could make her stomach stop aching in hunger.
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    Ulfric watched closely as this beast expressed clear signs of intelligence. A makeshift resting place; baskets used to store food. The humming of a melody as she remained ignorant of his proximity or location within the cloak of darkness. This called into question a great deal of things for the silver eyed demon. Their code clearly state they weren't allowed to kill benevolent beings. Regardless of race or affiliation. To violate this could would result in death...no matter the circumstances. A troubled look now plastered itself upon his scarred face. His hand rattling as he pondered his options. However in the end he'd resort to his moral compass.

    From his nested position within the security of the darkness he would make his approach. closing the distance between them as he stepped into the light. His Amethyst and silver eyes barreling it's gaze on the creature. No doubt by now she'd become aware of his presence. However he kept his blade drawn as security. For he knew not how she would react to his intrusion. Nor could he say with absolution which side of the fence she sat on. The vicarious or the more benevolent spectrum.

    "They said it was a werewolf. But you are no such things. Werewolves can't control when they transform. And even if they could they loose control to their feral side. Driven by blood lust and blood lust alone like savage predator. Yet here you display intelligence greater then that of a mere pup. I wonder if you can speak as well?" Ulfric declared his deductions and even posed his question without any trace of fear.

    His body language and aura almost demanding respect and inspiring fear on the weak of heart and mind. He wondered if she even knew what he was? Or why he was even inside of her lair? Though such idle questions would soon be known. There was no need to ask.
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    The moment she heard him speak her ears perked up, her body tensing as he let himself be know. It a flash of a moment she was on her feet, her stance spread out as she held up the knife in defense. The fish she had been gutting being left upon her work area as she glared at the intruder, her body stiff and ready to strike or defend, depending upon his first move of course. However, though she had responded to his appearance in a defensive way and even lifted her blade to him, it showed one thing.

    She had a fighting style.

    This meant that she truly was not some simply beast, if that had been the case then nothing should have stopped her from pouncing upon the man and attempting to dig her fangs into his neck. She growled lightly in her through though, his words a bit of an insult to her kind and intelligence. She may have looked like a beast but that didn't mean she wasn't one.

    "Of course I can speak, if I could not speak nothing would have stopped me from pouncing upon you and digging my fangs into your skin or clawing out your eyes...Though I might just do those anyway unless you explain to me why you have entered into my home and hold up a blade at me while I have caused you no harm at all." She snapped at him, her tone light but deep, hinting that she was was not young lady and this was not her first run through the forest.

    Her tail swayed back and forth slowly, her arms still holding the blade out towards him.
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    Such hostility was to be expected; though it did not bode well for her cause. For even though Ulfric intruded by entering her sanctuary without permission. He still had to discern her alignment before allowing his blade to taste her blood. With a smirk now plastered on his animal like face he would chuckle. Her word's amused him and were quite presumptuous. It was now flamboyantly clear that this wolf never dealt with a silver eyed demon before. Which was to be expected considering that they were a dying breed these days. Still for the moment he would refrain from engaging it with his silver blade. Instead he would use his sharp tongue and wit until such a time as the circumstances changed.

    "You assume much; still I'd rather not kill you needlessly. I do hope you feel the same..." He spoke as he twirled his blade within the palm of his hand. An exercise he often did as a warmup before the kill.

    "Still I suppose such venomous word's are warranted. You see the village whose livestock you killed sent an errand boy. Good news is her died before reaching the destination by the elven archers which creep in the shadows and foliage. The bad new's...I just so happen to come across this letter. However you don't cross me as a insidious demon nor a feral animal. So I am beginning to feel as if the details in the letter might be a bit...off." He spoke as those feral amethyst and silver eyes attempted to lock with her own.

    "Am I wrong in my deduction's thus far?' He'd inquire into; fully aware of the answer.

    Despite his efforts to avoid the more tribal native's it would seem that the local populace was trailing him the entire time. For outside of the cave's mouth twenty elven soldier's convened. And though they tried their damnest to mask their presence...Ulfric could still smell their elven tree hugging stenches as the wind whistled through the damp cave.

    "It seem's others hunt you. Elves if I am not mistaken. That or they want to kill me so you continue to harass and impact the town. Either way this doesn't look good for me...Wouldn't you agree? So tell me wolf...what is your name?" He asked as his grin shifted to a smile. As if the recent event's amused him.

    At this point in time the elves would set up their tactical position. Aiming their arrows at the mouth of the cave. Foolishly assuming that their location and plans had not been compromised.

    "Where are my manners? The name is Ulfric of Ironwood...and I am a silver eyed demon." He doubted very much the latter would eman much to her...and perhaps the same could be said for the former. Still a bow and proper social etiquette he offered this one nonetheless.
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    His chuckle and smirk were unnerving to say the least and they certainly did not instill any feelings of safety our kindness towards the strange man that had wandered into her home. Her eyes slipped to the blade in his hand as he twirled it around as if it was second nature to do so. His words did not fit the situation either, he claimed to not want to kill her but his body seemed more than ready to strike. However, she did wish to live and in comparison to his weapon, she was very out matched.

    Her expression changed a bit as he mentioned live stock, one of confusion. She had not attacked live stock, only large herds she found wandering in the forest. Though, there had been some animals with human markings but she had left those alone, assuming them to be stock that had wandered off and joined a wild herd in its grazing. After thinking she looked back to him, her deep chocolate eyes looking into his as a mix of a glare and also sizing him up.

    "I have attacked no live stock, and if so then I was unaware of my actions. I have only park here because of the bounty of wild herds that seemed to frolic in the forest and graze the grasses. I have never attacked any humanly labeled animals though, I know better than to bring attention to myself willingly. It is possible the herds that I assumed were wild were domestic...but when they had no shepard or herder what can you expect me to think of a bunch of animals wondering around in a forest such as this?" She said, beginning to defend herself.

    "I can not say you are wrong, though I can say that it is possible the situation is developed around plenty of misunderstanding and misinterpretation."

    At the mention of elves though she glanced towards the entrance, not seeing anything but easily smelling the scent on the wind. So it seemed that she was just getting more and more unwanted guests this day. Of course, she knew that they were not coming to her cave of all time just to do her in, not after she had been living in their forest for so long. If they had wanted to gone they would have acted upon their dislike a lot sooner.

    "Elves? I have no enemies amongst them. They have left me alone and I do the same for them. Besides...Though they are skilled in the bow and arrow, I am quicker than their fastest archer by far...though I do know that I would not be facing off just one archer if they decided to attack me. So, with each side knowing the others strength, we have some to a unsaid treaty. If anything...They are here for you stranger."

    She gave him a strange look when he asked for her name but she decided to humor him, mostly because he still had his blade in hand. Without a word she watched him smile, finding that it was a bit insulting that he had come in here to attack her only to start acting as if they were meeting normally. She did listen to his name though, finding that it had little meaning to her.

    "I am Avvila of Ashwood, A high breed lycan."
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    The elves gathered; twenty archers in all; with three mages who made a late approach. Though this Lycan made no enemies with their kind; the savage elves seldom tolerated other sentient species wandering within their wooden domain. In truth they convened not for her sake; rather that of the silver eyed demon.

    Just as they finished conspiring their attack; a stranger with blonde hair and cerulean eyes would waltz into the scene. His muscular frame clad in a black robe with white trimming as well as sandles. In his hand rested a wooden walking stick. A straw fedora blocking the rays of the sun as his left hand rubbed itself against his rugged face.

    And though his body appeared to be human; his aura and scent was anything but that of a mortal. The amount of confidence which littered his stride as he made his way toward that moss covered mouth startled the elves. They could tell he was aware of their presence. However he seemed unburdened by this epiphany. as if they posed no threat. A daunting tale regarding the extent of his arrogance or perhaps his sheer prowess. The air around him seemed to thicken; becoming quite heavy making breathing far more of a choir.

    Turning to face them the stranger would offer them but a simple smile. "Why what a lovely afternoon isn't it?" Casually conversing with them as the savages glanced at one another.

    No word's would be exchanged from that point further. Without clemency or hesitation the elven archers would draw their bows; sending a blanket of poisoned arrows his way. With a heavy sigh the man would tap his walking stick on the ground three times. As snow white tendrils erupted from the belly of the earth. Blossom's of ice would twirl about him as the whirlwind their dance generated deflected their attack. A elegant yet subtle defense.

    "Please no need for pointless bloodshed. You needn't worry...the silver eyed demon has no interest in killing this one. Otherwise he would of attempted to have done so by now. So I must kindly request your withdrawal from this scene." Boldly he would humbly state such words. Posed with an intoxicating almost delusional venom like that of a serpentine.

    Seeing how their arrows had no effect the elves would reluctantly withdraw into the shadows and foliage. Vanishing from his sight as if they were apparitions as oppose to physical beings. With a playful grin the blonde hair stranger would turn and make his way into the belly of the cave. Much like the silver eyed demon the darkness seemed to impede his progress with no effect.

    Ulfric listened to her word's which seemed to emitt a sense of honesty and sincerity for such a beast. Clearly she was sentient and benevolent for the most part. Once more proving that one should never fully rely on intel alone. For information was only as accurate as the one's who gather it. Without so much of a regret in his movements the silver eyed demon would sheathe his blade. Once more the hoarse whisper of steel rubbing against steel would reverberate and echo off the walls of the damp cave.

    It was about this time that Ulfric felt the presence of a familiar entity. His mentor...a being unlike any other. And unlike this woman his mentors actions were seldom black and white. he was the sort which embraced the lure of mystery and uncertainty.

    "A pleasure to meet you. I have no interest in slaying you. Such thoughts have long since faded. However it would seem we have another guest. Who knew a cave could become such a popular social spot?" Ulfric would state as his eyes galloped from the lycan toward the cerulean eyed stranger who now stepped forth into the light. Though stranger was a term which need not apply in this case.

    "It has been awhile Kirk...What brings you here?' Ulfric would coldly inquire into. A stern look plastering itself upon his animal like face.

    The stranger; who went by Kirk would offer a bow as he boyishly chuckled at Ulfric's response to his sudden appearance. Standing upright as he began to play innocent as well as ignorant. An illusion which even a child could see through. However it was abundantly apparent that Kirk had no interest in disguising things. Rather he would make light of the situation.

    "Me Ulfric? I just happen to be on a stroll when I sensed your presence. It's not like I sensed the elves outside and saw fit to peaceably disperse them or anything. No, not possible. I am incapable of such deductions or compassion. What a beautiful afternoon isn't it?" with a wide smile Kirk would jest and divert the flow of conversation. His gaze gracing the Lycan who seemed to be a woman.

    "You're a terrible liar...you know that right Kirk? whatever I suppose it doesn't even matter. I suppose I should thank you..." Ulfric would reply as he face palmed his forehead out of frustration.

    "What can I say? I'm an honest fellow?" Kirk retorted as he abruptly ceased chuckling. However he still clearly possessed a laid back attitude regarding his arrival and the situation.

    "My what a beautiful young maiden. Kirk is the name...Avvila is it? Such a ravishing name if I do say so myself?" Kirk flirtatiously spoke before clearing his throat.

    "Truthfully I am here to tell you the monster which slew the villages is obviously not her. However it still lurks within the foliage. whatever it is I am sure you can sense it's power. I believe all three of us may be needed to stop it's reign of blood lust and terror." Truthfully Ulfric couldn't sense this entity. However he could tell that Avvila strayed from man slaughter.

    For the moment Ulfric would ponder over this epiphany as his arms folded across his chest. Ulfric knew that Kirk was aware that he'd be willing to help. So no words needed to be uttered.

    "how about you Lady Avvila? Care to help us clear your name?" Kirk inquired into as a serious expression and aura replaced his once carefree spirit. Meanwhile Kirk would pull his straw fedora down as if to obscure his eyes.
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    Avvila watched him put away his sword, her eyes following the blade for a moment before she disarmed herself as well. Her fishing knife was returned to it's work surface, the leather that contained the half gutted fish as well as the rest of her large catch. It seemed that had found a grounds for peace, or at least a weaponless stand off. She was still cautious of the man though, he was more than he was trying to let on, she could smell it on him. However, now that she was more alert she was able to sense the addition of another being just as he had, her ears folding back with dislike as another unwelcome stranger entered her cave. Would there ever be an end to this interruption?

    Upon looking over the second man she noticed that his looks were more human that the others, though his smell was just as strange. It seemed this one had a better disguise...or was better at taking care of himself. Either way, she seemed to tense as the first knew him personally, she did not like the idea of have two against one, even if it was in her own cave. She only listened to the men's conversation at this point, more of a bystander now than anything else. Avvila was pulled back into it quickly though as the second man, officially known as Kirk, addressed her, commenting on her name and looks. Only a light glare was returned to his smile, the lycan woman not at all alright with the flirtatious attitude of the man.

    Her own interest seemed to perk though as the man mentioned the true monster was still loose, roaming the forest still as they spoke in the cave. She knew not where the beast was, but she did know of it's existence. It is very hard to ignore the many human bodies that she had stumbled upon more than once while on a hunt. If she cleared her name, she'd be able to live in peace...hopefully. If men would enter her cave like this then maybe it would be a good idea into looking into a new location. She crossed her arms over her chest, her fur having puffed out as she thought. If there was any insurance, it would be that she would not be dieing alone...if these men could die at all.

    "If it brings me peace, I suppose I could assist. I know of the beast you speak, the bodies and remains it has left behind are in the hundreds easily. I have stumbled upon the remains many times before...It is very unsettling. Sadly, that is the only thing I have seen of the creature...for the damage it creates it is also surprisingly elusive. I have never even heard it...I must either not be an interesting meal...or I have been blessed with the luck of never running into it." She said softly as she crouched down near her catch, taking a seat upon the ground and picking up her fish and knife.

    "Your best bet for now is to rest, for as we speak the day out there is coming to an end. If we are to face this beast, I would prefer to face it on as level a playing field as possible, that meaning in the light. Also, I have my own things to be doing at the moment, such as making my meal, I have no obligation to go searching in the dark for a monster right now, even if it will clean my name of the blame."

    She looked up at the men, her expression plain as she finished gutting the fish and set it with the others' her clawed hand reaching out for another one as the fire flickered slowly.

    "If you are smart you will rest here and now...for if you leave now you will be sleeping in the forest by yourself."
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    A party of three; whose fate had become inter woven through what appeared to be fate. Or was it luck and misfortune? Kirk often had trouble discerning between the two. Still her willingness to lend a hand proved more then satisfactory. Though truthfully only Kirk understood what manner of creature they sought. Ulfric wasn't observant when it came to sense subtle auras. And the Lycan's mind was incapable of registering the insidious extent of there vicarious threat. However Kirk found at the moment ignorance and blind optimism would serve as their most potent arms.

    "I am glad to hear you're so willing to lend a hand...or paw." Kirk stated with an overabundant sense of joy and enthusiasm as he snapped his fingers together.

    "We can wait till day; but this manner of beast will hunt again. If we rest then innocents will die because of our willing slothfulness. If you can live with that type of blood on your hands then I see no need to rush." Kirk spoke with sincerity. Hoping to alter her stance. However if he failed to sway her mind then so be it. Wait they shall.

    Still Ulfric seemed bothered by this news. How could he not sense this second beast? More importantly if Kirk was involved then Ulfric could be certain of one thing...this was not your typical monster stalking the night. It had to be something far more grand and monolithic then let's say a troll. Coldly Ulfric would stare at Kirk as if demanding answers. However he knew this would prove little to no effect. For Kirk was a man who loved his secrets.

    "I see...Thank you for your hospitality Avvila. You grace us with such kindness despite our initial impression." Ulfric would reply; averting his attention from Kirk.

    "May I ask you a question Lady Avvila?" Kirk stated as he attempted to lock eyes with her. "Are you the only one of your kind within these parts?" Boldly he would pose his inquiry as he dropped to the floor. Sitting Indian style as he placed his walking stick on his lap.

    Meanwhile Ulfric would simply peer into the crackling fire. His soul troubled. After all this time he still was behind his master. And it would seem his detective skills have weaken over the seasons. A harrowing sign for his kind. Hinting to an inner tribulation which more times then often birthed a silver eyed demons end.
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    Avvila was no fool, she knew that he was trying to guilt her into earlier movement, but nothing would budge her. Why should she feel guilt over the blood of humans that were so willing to put blame upon her kind for every little thing? If they lost a sheep, it was a lycan. If a cow had died, it was a lycan. If their daughter decided to run away, a lycan made her do it. No, she had not guilt in her mind for such a race. She would help, but only for her own advantage and benefit...nothing more. Yes, it was selfish and even possibly heartless, but when a races standards and judgements forced you to live in a cave then you might be bitter as well.

    "You speak about humans as if they are complete fools, Mister Kirk. Certainly you have a little more faith in them? They must understand the threat this monster poses and what to do to avoid such a terrible demise. Besides, you asked for my assistance...If I do not rest now then I shall be as much use to you as if I was never there." She said as she finally finished the gutting and started to put the fish onto sticks.

    "And there is no need for thanks, Mister Ulfric. Even though you rudely barged into my home, I am no fool when it comes to the needs of all creatures. Of course...with these strange smells that hover around you I am not even sure if you need rest, much like myself."

    She looked to Kirk only after the fish were in place, the smell of the cooking slowly starting to fill the cave. She stood, moving over to a basket as she wiped clean the knife on her fur, pulling out some fruits and setting them out for the men to pick from while they waited for the meat. The topic was sensitive, but not something she would avoid. After all, lycans naturally ran in packs, to be a lone wolf was not only dangerous, but a sign of possible weakness or betrayal

    "I am the only on of my kind here, though not by choice...Long ago in my childhood lycans controlled forest. There was no strange beast hunting the humans and the elves mostly stayed hidden. We were much more of a threat at the time than they were anyway, even with there skilled poisons. However, This forest is a hard place to thrive, and when herds lightened one winter, the lycan clan was forced to leave. I was left behind, a male with me in hopes of spawning another clan here so that the lycan's would have two strong hunting grounds. Sadly, the male had gone out hunting one day...and never returned. I cannot tell you if it was because of his death or because he ran, there had never been anything to hint at what went down that day." She said finishing up as she gave the fish a turn.
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    Rest was something that both Ulfric and Kirk knew little about. Their vocations and dedication to the cause which justified their lives proved far too taxing. Serenity though tempting; was simply not an option. Forever they would tread a dangerous path; riddled with many dangers which elude those normal folk which inhabit our world regardless of race. This Lycan seemed to be no different. She spoke as if a mere mortal could defeat such a beast. a beast Kirk and Ulfric knew as a vicarious soul gobbler.

    Still there was little need to explain the situation; such things words failed to illuminate. and so in due time through experience she would see but fragments of the truth which both Ulfric and Kirk were more then aware of. That in our world exist beings that are supernatural by nature; unnatural and utterly revolting. Some are feral and others are sentient. But one thing ringed true between both classes. They sought nothing more then to utterly devour lost souls chained to this world.

    However a vicarious soul gobbler had a rather unique taste. They sought to devour the flesh of their victims...and just as they give up the ghost. Devour their soul as well; hence killing them twice and denying them their rightful passage. But how could they blame her for such ignorance? For this was a truth even they found disturbing if not hard to swallow.

    Kirk would stare as her words echoed in the back of his mind. However he showed no anger, pity nor understanding toward her subjective value. Yet it was void of disinterest as well. He simply digested each and every syllable which she uttered. Pondering to himself how to most tactfully reply.

    "To be blunt; I am shocked the village is still around. The type of monster we face is more then capable of burning the settlement to the ground. And I can assure you it will show no clemency toward the elderly, sick, young or even woman. It cares not for human loves or their interest. In this regard it is selfish...for it cares only for it's self. Self preservation by any cost. A self destructive tendency which if left unchecked could lead to the void of all sentient life within these woods." Kirk stated with a cold sense of sincerity. His eyes almost harrowing by nature as they seemed to pierce her corporeal shell. An unintentional effect.

    "By the end of this hunt I assure you that all will be made clear. And if we somehow survive...You'll never be the same again. Still I shall respect your decision; and press the matter no longer." Kirk would conclude as his eyes galloped toward the rocky earth. Averting his attention from her. At least momentarilly.

    Ulfric shared a similar mind set; he harbored no ill thoughts or will toward her. However unlike his mentor Ulfric gazed at her with a sense of respect. For though they refrained from seeing eye to eye regarding the matter. He was glad to see that she was willing to stand by her decision.

    "Lady Avvila,for what it is worth I am sorry to hear of misfortunes past. Though Kirk and you seem to have more in common then you can fathom. To some degree even I can relate; though not as much as Kirk." Ulfric would muster up his thoughts as his eyes left the crackling fire. Bicolored eyes resting on her as he clenched his gloved fist.

    "However in time I can assure you the locals opinions regarding your kind will change. There was a time long ago when vampires, human's and beastkin of all sorts lived in peace. And in due time history will repeat itself. I have seen this happen many times during my Odyssey. I can't even begin to fathom how often Lord Kirk has." Ulfric wished to sow seeds of hope. Though he doubted they would mature.

    Meanwhile Kirk would glare at Ulfric. His fingers drumming against the meaty portion of his thighs.

    "Aye...I can." This was all he would state.

    His demeanor shifted; his eyes altered conveying a different emotion. That of regret...

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    Avvila only looked at Kirk for a moment before she turned and looked back to the fish on the fire. She could tell that they wanted to get going as quickly as possible. However, she knew her physical limitations. If they wanted her to be of any help at all, then she needed a good meal and a nights rest. Thankfully they would stop pressing her about it or trying to guilt her into moving faster. If they continued then she would have changed their mind and turned them out of her cave without much of a question.

    She looked over to Ulfric when he mentioned a time where beasts and humans alike were on friendly terms. She was not old enough to remember such a time, only fighting and threats were what she had been taught by her parents when she was a young pup. Of course, some elders did speak of human friends once upon a time. Of course she had no clue if they were speaking the truth or if their pasts had become weak delusions of peace that had been developed during their times sitting in the huts of the clan and relaxing into their old age.

    "I hope you are right. I may be a lycan but even I find that living my life in a cave is not as comfortable as I am sure the homes of humans are. Also, I'd rather not have to keep myself hidden out of fear of being chased by hunters or an angry mob of villagers." She said as she started to pluck the fish away from the warm fire. She seemed to catch to look in Kirks eyes and decided to end it before it began.

    "Anyway, let's not shuffle into thoughts of sad pasts. That would just be the start of our downfall, such is the belief of my kind. For now, we should plan, rest and eat. gain our strength before we leave in the morning to deal with this beast. Here," She started as she motioned to the food. "I do not know if you are hungry but you as welcome to the food, there is plenty to share."

    With that said she grabbed onto her own fish and started to eat it, easily biting off half the fish before chewing it, bones and all.

  13. The need for physical nourishment no longer pertained to creatures such as Ulfric and Kirk. In truth there was no way they could easily explain what they were to Avvila. However they weaved no shroud regarding the peculiarity that is their mere existence. If anything they flamboyantly flaunted this fact. Their aura's and signatures practically screaming for attention. Some might deduce this to be a sign of arrogance. Though it was no such trivial thing. Truth be told they simply didn't care to disguise such a trifling thing. Deception was never one of their hobbies.

    With a heavy sigh Kirk would lay on the ground; his eyelids becoming heavy as the smell of freshly cooked fish resonated within the damp cave. "I'm not hungry...gotta watch my girlish figure after all." He jested. Typical of Kirk. Silence would befall him as he drifted into slumber.

    Ulfric doubted very much that Kirk was actually sleeping. In fact he was pretty positive that unlike himself; Kirk never slept. However there were greater matters to attend to other then this possible illusion. Still Kirk's comment evoked Ulfric to face palm his forehead rather loudly. It was hard to imagine that this was his mentor. One of the grandest strategist and fighters in the realms. But perhaps he relished this alternate personality he displayed whenevr outside of a fight or around strangers which have yet to emrit his trust? Whatever his reasons Ulfric wouldn't waste anymore time pondering over it. Less he come off as rude.

    "Kirk and myself never suffer from hunger. Nor are we plagued by thirst. Honestly most think of this as a blessing. And though at times it has it's benefits. I often long for that old feeling of satisfaction. Which I am only rarely blessed with whenever a woman grace's me with her company in bed." Ulfric stated rather bluntly as his eye's galloped once more toward the crackling fire. A subtle smirk plastered itself on his normally beastly face.

    "I meant what I said earlier. You will find peace and an actual home in due time. But for monsters like me; peace is a luxury not suited for us. We exist for a sole purpose; to slay the things that go bump in the night. We serve and protect the people; only to be cast out from society. We fight endlessly and without rest till the day we die. We are not buried; our corpses left to rot. And if someone should bury us out of some false sense of religious conviction. No one ever comes to our graves. I say this not out of wanting your pity. I say this in the hopes that you'd realize that though your situation is not ideal. It could always be worse. You have a distant star which may illuminate your path no matter how dark the night may be. Never lose sight of it." His voice resonated with compassion and sincerity. But it was void of self pity and regret.

    For long ago he came to term with his existence and purpose. Like all silver eyed demon; he accepted that for many to live in peace. Some must sacrifice their own. That sometimes the man for the job is the one man no one accepts or tolerates. A man with little has little to lose. But he was a man with nothing. So if he were to die the impact would be far less. a rather pessimistic and morbid view. However one that was sadly true.
  14. [​IMG]

    Avvila only gave the slightest of glances in Kirks direction, finding his comment strange and even slightly disturbing. However, it did not phase her that he did not eat, she had only offered after all. She could not force him to eat the fish. She paused for a moment in her eating as she coughed a but, soon reaching into her mouth as she plucked out a few stray fish bones that did not go down. Oh...She had forgotten about those. Then again, the past moments had been rather distracting and this last thing on her mind had been to pick out the fish bones that had still been in her meal. It also did not help that unlike Kirk she was starving, having not eaten anything all day.

    She then looked at Ulfric as he began to explain what they were, Avvila reaching for another fish and biting into it more gently, leaving behind the nasty bones of the fish on the skeleton this time around. It seemed that these men were truly strange in her eyes. Even demons needed to eat, why did they not? Also, to only find enjoyment from life while laying with another was both sad and boring. Not everyone was open about such things...and it could also get rather repetitive if done often enough. She herself enjoyed getting to eat and hunting and resting. It filled the time of her day in and allowed her to have purpose.

    His words though did give a small form of comfort. She knew that she didn't have it as bad as many, she was rather lucky in some cases. However, she had never thought that she would ever get out of the rut she was currently in. To hear someone tell her that was both relaxing and welcoming.

    "You are a wise man...It is a same that you are only allowed so few pleasures in life being what you are. I do not pity myself for my situation, I never have. All I wish is to find myself a better home...maybe even learn what ever happened to my partner. But answers are only the beginning of what can be unlocked when this monster is destroyed...So, do you know anything of it? Or only what the humans have said?" She asked him curiously.

    Well, if she had to fight such a creature then she should at least know what she would be facing right?
  15. From with the obscurity that is home of all that is ethereally swarthy. A world void and without form as we know it; where life itself is believed to cease...unable to thrive due to the extreme conditions necessary. An entity of old; whose names is only uttered by the shadows and whispered amongst those trees which remember his first coming. Through his hands were woven a plague that corrosively devoured the very foundations of our realm. This being conspired from within the gate of darkness; waiting patiently for the end of his torpor. This world was but a canvas which would convey the gospel of his message.

    There were those which sensed his presence; those which could see him despite his unusual and unnatural existence. These beings stood to contest him; with sheer will alone he gathered both living and dead souls. Infusing them with his dark and vile sorcery mutating them into higher lifeforms. In his eyes it was nothing more then the seeds of evolution. But in the eyes of most his work was unethical as well as destructive. It was this fear of progress which brewed forth resistance. And in time with that much blood drenched the earth. And many more pools needed to be shed.

    Meanwhile Ulfric would listen to Avvila; unsure on how to resolve her inquiry. There were somethings best left unknown. For as they say, ignorance is bliss. However he knew he could not sedate her thirst for answers with a simple dismissal. And with much regret he embraced the epiphany that there was no other alternative then to grant her what it is she desired most at the moment...answers.

    "It is a powerful being; though you would not guess so by it's appearance. They devour the souls of the living and lost. Harvesting them for reasons unknown. Kirk and I both travel the realms and dispose of these creatures. However the one pulling the strings eludes me. As far as it's form they can take many. Some menacing others human like. Even a few can come off as benevolent. No matter the skin they are dangerous and should not be taken lightly." Ulfric would warn. Lying down as he yawned.

    "Forgive me I need rest...I have traveled for days now without so much as lying down." Ulfric stated with etiquette as he laid on the cold stone floor. Passing out as Kirk simply continued to maintain the illusion that he was sleeping.

    Hours later...

    The sun had retreated beind the horizon; as the orchestra of the night rang it's daunting tune. The stars littered the heavens; as the full moon illuminated the narrow and foliage covered path. The strench of death reeked from a few scattered corpses. A loud shrill; almost mechanical by nature peirced the normal clamor. Carrying with it a sense of frigid dread. It's daunting tune would reverberated between the trees. As the once lviely woodlands seemed to be stricken with the msot eerie silence. It was as if the entire wild life had been frozen in time.

    Smoke drifted heavenward; as the fire of a now burning tribe of elves crackled. The scent of burning hair and flesh plagued the wind as the light from the fire infiltrated vastly into the darkness. There within the waking destruction epicenter could be seen a large monstrosity. A large beast; blade in pearl white bone. It's body that of a minotaur however it was far taller. Instead of a tail it had tow tentacles which swayed side to side. In each of it's four arms rested a large bone club. It's neck adorned with the skulls of the freshly killed elves handing from a string. Feral and beastly it's red eyes seem to wilt the courage of any weak minded fool who dared to peer deeply into them.

    Awoken from their slumber Ulfric and Kirk would jump from the cold stone floor. Standing on both feet as they yelled at the same time. "Avvila no time; we must strike now!"

    Whether she followed or not was irrelevant; all that mattered was the creatures demise. With haste they gracefully rushed through the brush. However by the time they arrived on the scene they'd find a man weakling a black shirt and plaid shorted standing in front of the beast. His hands resting in his pockets as he gazed up at it through his stylish glasses. A gentle almost nerve wrecking smile could be seen residing on his face.

    "Run!" Ulfric would yell as he drew his blade; closing the distance between them.

    But before he could react the beast would send it's upper right club toward the man. But before Ulfric could intrude or before the beast attack could connect the man would remove his right hand from his pocket. Spreading his fingers apart as he said but a single sentence.

    "Carpe....Carpe Noctem." As soon as these words left his lips the man would turn and face those which seemed eager to barge into confrontations.

    The monolithic creature simply froze. As steam erupted from the pores of it's skin. A harrowing scream parted from it's lips as it fell to the ground. It was as if it was being boiled alive from the inside out.

    "What the hell?" Ulfric asked to himself as Kirk shrugged his shoulders. Kirk understood what the man did. But it was clear Ulfric lacked the proper understanding.

    The once terrifying entity had been reduced to nothing other then another burnt corpse. How poetically ironic.

    "A silver eyed demon...an elder Kitsune...and yet I pick up the scent of a female Lycan. What odd company. The beast is dead; no doubt that is what you sought. And though I appreciate the gesture for help demon. Your services were not needed. For truthfully...you're trash; you and most your friends. Well except for one...who with the right guidance..." The man declared with a cold bluntness.

    "Shutup!" Ulfric ordered. Kirk seemed to be shocked that this man with such a low aura and prowess could sense and deduce too much. "Who do you think you are?" Ulfric inquired.

    "No; the who is a predecessor for the what. And what I am is beyond your childish understanding. Be gone I have no interest in you vermin. I wish to speak to her..." The man stated as his finger pointed toward the Lycan's general direction.


    "You I will speak with; my name is LaVance De Vante" He humbly introduced himself with a graceful bow.
  16. [​IMG]

    Avvila listened as Ulfric answered her questions, that answers both confusing and a little unnerving. A creature that could look like a demon or merge into the form of a innocent human, a creature capable of even appearing to just as kind and thoughtful as some other creatures were. It was a rather terrible picture. How would they ever know what they were to face in that case? Or if they were even killing the creature at all? Though she did have more questions for the man she did not bother him with them, instead letting him lay down and start to rest as she finished her dinner.

    Once the fish were gone she laid herself down as well upon her own bed, her body curling up as she rested. Hours passed and nothing happened, only resting and silence. That is, until the smell of burning flesh drifted into the area. Avvila did not even have the chance to think about what was happening before Ulfric and Kirk were both standing and rushing out of the cave. She was rather far behind them, having to shake herself out first to awaken herself and focus on the task at hand.

    It wasn't hard to track them though, with such a unique smell it was impossible to lose it. However, the lack of elves attacking or even following did disturb her. They were always around in one way or another, to not have them there was a little strange. It also only made her fear more about what that nasty burning smell was that had over taken the forest as she got closer and closer to the destination. Upon arrival she was frozen, a foot or two behind the men as she started up at the giant beast. How has she missed this creature!? It was large enough to tower over the trees!

    Her eyes then fell upon the man standing in front of it without any protection. Was he mad?!

    "Run!" She yelled at the same time Ulfric did, though she did not charge.

    However, the next events left her shocked. With merely raising his hand the beast was defeated with words, it dissolving to the ground just like the bodies that were burning around it. Her jaw hung open ever so slightly, only noticeable if you were very very close. She could sense the power on Ulfric and Kirk had strength though he did not seem to act like it. This man though, there was nothing even hinting at power and yet...he had done that to a beast that Ulfric had not even been able to find properly! For a moment she wondered if the larger beast was just a decoy and the man was the real creature, though that was pushed to the side as he wished to speak with her.

    What would a monster want with her? Certainly he wasn't trying to lure her close enough to hurt her? Either because of Paranoia or the fact that this man just did not sit right with her, Avvila stayed back behind Ulfric and Kirk, though she did address him when he pointed to her. His bow also threw her off...What was this man? She just couldn't figure it out, there was nothing to tell her if she could trust him or not and she just did not feel comfortable approaching a man that could kill her with a wave of his hand. So, she opted to keep close to those she knew first, especially since they were more than will to give her answer while this man only gave insults and mixed messages.

    "Speak with me then, there is nothing you can say that I will not share with them later. They are my companions and as long as they are willing to share their information with me then I will share my information with them. Spare me the trouble of repeating and tell us all at once." She said simply, standing her ground.

  17. The stranger who introduced himself as Levance would remain silent. The corpse of the fallen beast suddenly began to dissolve into ash; being carried away by nights frigid breeze. With a cold stern gaze he'd barrel his eyes upon the lycan known as Avvila. His prowess of deductions had begun to build a clear image of her person. Silently he weaved a picture of her and her friends. Ulfric was the easiest to figure out; his aura wildly pouring forth from his frame. Like swarthy tendrils dancing feral like about without reason or logic. Kirk was calculative and a free going spirit. A ruse designed to obscure his dark past which weighed heavily on his soul. The Lycan was alone; yet she lingered within these woods. He assumed she was waiting for something or someone.

    No matter their persons or reasons it was clear that they were no more equipped to understand the real evil then he was to explain it. No doubt they all assumed this simple beast was the one terrorizing the woods at night. However this creature was not the one feasting on the villagers. Nor was it responsible for the unexplained disappearance of both elven kind and man. The true culprit was far more insidious and enigmatic by nature then that brute. at this juncture in time the man's silence had begun to corrosively eat away at Ulfric's already short patience. A pointless confrontation seemed all but inevitable in Levance's mind.

    "Something about you bodes ill." Ulfric would state; pointing out the obvious. However this would evoke nothing more then a perplexed yet curious expression on his face.

    "I am not your enemy. You probably assume that this weakling I slew was the source of this land's problems. Believe me when I tell you it is not. The true culprit is still roaming the woods at night...and they are many." Levance warned. Being as evasive as ever.

    "Please, if you know the location of the vicarious soul gobbler please tell us." Kirk would implore with civility. Causing Ulfric to turn and stare at him somewhat shocked.

    "Such civility and formalities. Such etiquette flatters you well Kitsune of the frigid pale moon. However it seems you're information is wrong. This is no mere vicarious soul gobbler. Such beast are but distractions. If you wish to find your true enemy you need only do one thing..." Levance spoke as he fell to the ground. His ass slamming against the harden soil.

    "Wait..." He concluded while reaching into his pack. Pulling out a bottle of sake and a large bowl. "Care for a drink?" Casually the enigma would offer a fragment of hospitality.

    "What's with you? First you insult us; now you offer us a drink? We don't have time to play your games. The longer we wait the more innocent blood that will be spilled." Ulfric brought up a good point. However his reasoning would prove mute.

    "I was testing you. Getting a gauge for your characters. I needed to know who or what I was working with. I understand your impatience. However we are left with little alternative. Running through the woods like wild men will only fatigue us and waste time. Trust me...we'll know when it arrives. So how about you take it easy for a bit and enjoy a drink with me. It may be our last." Levance retorted with his eyelids shut. Pouring the sake into the large bowl.

    "Lycan...You can see me. Unusual for your kind. This indicates what the Kitsune already knows to be true. That you have potential beyond your imagination. You need only the right guidance to unleash this power I sense. I do not expect you to trust me let alone like me. To hand out trust freely reflects poor on one's character. And I care not for your approval or acceptance toward my person. All I ask for is tolerance.By the end of this you'll understand my meaning." Levance spoke before taking a sip from his sake.

    Kirk would sit down next to him; taking a hit of the intoxicating liquor as Ulfric seemed content on keeping his distance from Levance. Leaning against a nearby tree.
  18. [​IMG]

    Avvila did not like the silence that followed, the only sound being that of the monsters corpse dissolving before being blown away in a small breeze. She kept her eyes on the man as he seemed to observe them, taking in his own opinions as they had their stare down. He was tall, like the other two, though his choice of clothing was very different from what she knew of most people to wear. Even his expressions were unusual as he didn't seemed to react much to anything they said at all. Ulfric said it the best when he said that he did not seem right, even if he had yet to attack him.

    Her eyes shifted between the men as they conversation continued, her thoughts mostly agreeing with Ulfrics. Who offered people a drink after insulting them so rudely? It wasn't exactly something she thought was normal socially, even when she had been alone for so very long. The 'testing' wasn't all that welcoming either, testing them for what? How they handled insults to there skills and knowledge? Yes, this man was very very strange in Avvila's eyes.

    She did not like how he spoke to her either, acting as if he was some all knowing being. He seemed to think the same thing Kirk thought, that she had potential for something, though neither actually told her what she could excel in so well. For all she knew they could be talking about hunting or eating or even just being a lycan. Whatever it was, she did not are for it that much, all she wanted was her name cleared so that she could continue to live in peace.

    Slowly, she took a seat as well, though like Ulfric she kept a bit of distance between the man and herself, also not drinking that strange liquid as she did not like the smell of it. She gave him her attention though, he was being civil, if you could call it that, and that was enough for her to treat him with some politeness.

    "All I know, is that you seem to think I have potential for something, though you never specify what exactly. Whatever it is, I do not care for it. All I wish is to clear my name of the blame of killing innocents and return to my peaceful life. That is all I want. Now since we do have to sit here and way for the creature, do you think you could at least tell us what we are facing? Or do you get some strange satisfaction of being the only one to know anything about an enemy?" She asked him smoothly as her tail swished slowly back and forth behind her, her ears twitching lightly as she seemed to be listening for anything nearby.