Female Character for a Steampunk/Fantasy RP?

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  1. Hello, hello!

    Okay, so I have a sort of set plot in mind with my character and yours. Mine is a...courier of sorts, able to deliver anytime, anywhere. And that's where the problem sets in—he is lost in your character's place, and he will linger there until he fixes his problem. Now, I'm going to leave that hanging in there for your character. (:

    To be honest, my character is unable to jump to another reality, but the upside here is that you can make an almost whole new world of your own! Say, your character's place (somewhere on the other side of the world from my character's point-of-view) is totally different from his hometown, or maybe not so different at all. I'll leave that all for you to decide, you who's looking and considering my offer.

    And since this has steampunk, Victorian era London comes as inspiration. Fallen London-esque, or something like that. *shot*

    Now the fantasy part of the plot comes later—since that is up to us to plot! (:

    Also, I am craving to have a romantic subplot of sorts on this story. c: That is, if you don't mind?

    I s'pose that's all I have to say for now. Thank you for taking a look!
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  2. I'd be interested, but I'm not that knowledgeable on steampunk. All I know about it is the clothing style.
  3. Oh I am easily up for that. Steampunk is just too amazing to not say yes.
  4. So...yes? You'd be my roleplay partner for this? :D
  5. Yes! :p
  6. Yes! Thank you! (:

    Okay, I'm going to go ahead first and introduce the plot.

    Yes, my character's group are able to deliver anything anytime, anywhere. Often, the clients prefer having their treasured mementos or relics delivered to their loved ones years in the future, after their death, or there would be these...priests who just wants to get their tools and ceremonial instruments hidden from civilization years back, and would ask said group to hide their packages somewhere. Or at least, those are the kinds of clients that go to them when they get a chance.

    Now, as for my character, Wulfric, he's had a bit of a technical problem in the middle of a failing delivery job. He's cornered, his watch is broken, and before the men of the other interested side catches to him... Crackle and sparked goes his watch, and he is transported to your character's home. The only upside to his situation is that his package is intact and safe.

    But it's weird. The limits to the watch is on the locations that it has access to; it can only transport itself and the courier to places that is near a "hot spot", a sort of lighthouse (in the figurative sense), and for the watch to bring Wulfric to a totally uncharted place is just plain puzzling.

    Now, that's where Wulfric ends and yours begins. Please feel free to make your character's home as close to your liking as possible; this story is ours to write, after all! :D We'll get on with the world-building itself, if you like, after this. Your call, now. ^_^
  7. If you are looking for a third character to jump in let me know. I love steampunk!
  8. I would, if only this isn't one on one. I prefer to keep it that way. ;w;

    However, we could do a whole new roleplay! That is, if you still want to.
  9. PM me =D
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