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    Magic-realism (Think Brandon The-most-brilliant-fantasy-magic-writer-ever Sanderson) System with a D&D 3.5/Tolkien world.

    That's all you get right now.

    I hate-love you all.
  2. The world

    Many years ago, Irathas stood as the largest nation on Jaenrion. The capitol city, of the same name, was known as the city of Splendor and the Jewel.

    Smaller sovereign nations sought what Irathas had, and an alliance was formed. Uclait, to the east, aws a desert nation, and desired Irathas' fertile soils. Saskary, to the west, wanted access to the sea, and the plentiful fish and trade. To the north was Atrya. Atrya was a land of hardy folk and was mostly snow packed, though nomadic and glacial in intrests, the Atryans desired warmer climes.
    The Conflict

    In the last retreat of a fallen empire, the capitol city of Irathas is the only standing city. The Empire is in ruins, and running out of life. As the world lay siege to the town, the warriors within held it up. The siege has stopped, but the rest of the world knows it's only a matter of time before the city falls. One cannot rule a state without any imports. What little they do get comes at great cost, and comes in very little quantity.

    In the midst of the chaos, the Empress Dyril is deposed by her younger brother, Alain. In an effort to save her life, and the life of the crown, she and a small contingent of loyal men. The differences of the two siblings comes to more than just age, one, being younger is human, and the elder, half-elven.

    The party is convinced that Alain is not at fault, and there is something bigger amiss. With an intent of sparing the false Emperor's life, they have set forth a plan set on a guess, Operation Poisoned Thorn.
    the Narrative
    Operation Poisoned Thorn

    The Mission is twofold. Find the empress, and reclaim the throne. It all begins beneath the shadow of the corrupt government, in a tavern called the Broken Blade.
  3. Sounds interesting! I'd be down.
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  4. Sounds like everything i like except for the shells 'n cheese. Definitely watching this.
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  5. Looking for two or so more people.
  6. Expressing interest.
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  7. Haven't forgotten about y'all.
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