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  1. What do YOU think about SOPA/PIPA? Is stifling free speech for this nations greater good? Or are we becoming more communist (a la China), a nation that controls the people's every move?

    Honestly I'm surprised that this hasn't come up today, which is the internet blackout. Wikipedia among others are doing it. I support them (the blackout sites) in their fight against abuse.
  2. I really don't have any positive opinion on SOPA/PIPA. Hollywood is getting extremely greedy and it's really quite scary. I hope the internet remains as free as its been for as long as possible. It harbors such a different culture.

    I'm very happy that Wikipedia and many other very popular sites are doing this, it's really... awe inspiring how the internet has seemed to band together like this. That being said, I'll miss Reddit, but it's for a good cause. QQ
  3. I believe it is an abuse to the right of free speech, not just governmental but corporate. According to the wording of the law, a CORPORATION has the right to shut down any website that MIGHT have the ability to host their intellectual property.

    So not only say goodbye to Youtube, Porn, and any streaming music sites, but this shuts down game review sites, food sites.... basically the entire internet becomes one big corporate fleshlight that anyone with a decent amount of money and a hair up their ass can fuck whenever they want.

    This shit make me angry.
  4. Well, in the event no one has heard, SOPA was actually shelved when the Obama Administration came out publicly against it.

    PIPA however, like SOPA, can go fuck itself.
  5. America owns the entire internet? All this will do is stop us from listening to foreign music.. Keep us cut off from the world!
  6. Honestly, it does apply to "foreigners." Considering that all eyes across the world are on the US at this time, because of these legislative proposals, it could truly affect the rest of the world and how the internet is treated in their respective countries.

    Here's an article from Norway, which Torsty won't translate for you, but can easily be translated via Google: http://aslak.idg.no/2012/01/na-er-internett-forbanna/

    This is much bigger than just the US, this is about the entire world not named China (who already has their own DNS filtering system in place, a la "The Great Firewall of China")

    Politically, I don't see us becoming "communist," I see us becoming more fascist. Then again, political systems are more akin to a circle than a straight line. Move too far to the right, and you appear left, and vice versa. For a clear example of this, (and at the great risk of Godwinning my post), look at the National Socialist party. They were so far to the right (fascist), that people today continue to call them leftist (socialist). In truth, the National Socialists had elements of both, but were far more socially fascist than economically socialist.
  7. Governments and Big Companies fear the internet, because it's a means of Free Education and Communication. :/ So they're gonna work hard to try and corral it and conform it as much as they can.
  8. I usually don't get involved in this kind of stuff, but SOPA and PIPA are abominations. My fellow americans, call your senators and local representative and tell them as their constituent you are opposed to these affronts to free speech.
  9. The hell, man? Of course this concerns "us"! The internet is a global phenomenon and whatever the empire of the now(See: USA) chooses to do will affect the rest of the world, one way or another.

    From what I've seen so far this year in american politics, you can either keep voting for the establishments' corporate fascist takeover, or Ron Paul. I already posted a video where he stated his outrage against the SOPA and the NDAA in the first thread we had on this subject.

    Constitutionalism FTW, "you" might actually get closer to what you're supposed to be.
  10. Apparently, the VP of Communications for the RIAA thinks this whole blackout thing is funny:


    But really, when you glance at Twitter, it sort of is.
  11. I concede that it does indeed affect all the other non-Chinese nations. I've already emailed my senator. I love my country for what it was, not for what it's becoming.
  12. [video=youtube;JhwuXNv8fJM]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JhwuXNv8fJM[/video]

    A cynical British man tells us why it is a dumb idea.
  13. SOPA IS NOT SHELVED. It was extremely temporary that it was. It's back on the table for february.o

    (capslock because lots of people think this, not because i'm angry XD sorry if it comes off that way. I'm on my cellphone, otherwise I'd link the article from torrentfreak.)
  14. Mostly like what Silas said. It's not going away... Linky

    Personally I'm glad to see so much support against this bill from different parts of the internet.

    However, even if/when this bill is defeated. It'll just show up again... and again... and again.

    More likely than not, they'll package SOPA/PIPA legislation onto lower-profile bills when no one is looking.

    Anyway, another video

  15. What I find funny is that the same executives that are saying that piracy are hurting their workers...Remember in 2008, when you were more than willing to fire them all when they went on strike? That strike didn't do anything to improve their conditions because the executives refused to budge. What the real issue here is that the large businesses' set up's are vastly outdate in a world that in which technology changes nearly every 2-3 years.

    I'm more against this bill because it favors big businesses that are stuck doing the same old, same old. The fact of the matter is, that sites like Youtube, etc allow for the freedom of information and ideas to flow to what is probably the largest community on the face of the planet. It has international content. Not only that, but it also allows for new people to get noticed for their talents. But I guess that the companies like acting like an oligarchy.
  16. .... this does have to do with people outside of the USA as well
  17. "Adapt or die" has never occurred to these corporations, so they're fighting tooth and nail to keep us from advancing so they don't have to adapt. Adapting, after all, costs money.
  18. ..................... I blame George Bush.
  19. If it wasn't on Wikipedia, a lot of Americans would have no idea it was going on.

    I think it's ridiculous censorship.
  20. Sure see a lot of these lately.. Not on topic but thought Isabellas would share it..